AMD did NOT disappoint me

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After nearly a decade struggling under Nvidia’s GeForce GPUs, AMD’s Radeon is finally back on top - Assuming AMD’s marketing was true. But is there enough here to recommend?
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  • AMD is missing one legacy feature, theyre no longer price competitive.

  • 1:13 69, nice

  • CPU: AMD GPU: Nvidia

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  • Using DLSS is effective decreasing your game screen size then stretching it to fit the current resolution. Say you have a 1440p resolution it might render it in 1080p and scale it back to 1440p. You'll loose finer details doing so. So hell yes it is cheating. It isn't actually rendering in the resolution it is being compared in it is just up-scaling. I hope AMD never does an equivalent to DLSS because stupid. If you are going to use DLSS you might as well just set the resolution to the lower scaled image because apparently that is what will satisfy you anyways.

  • i ordered a rx6800 off newegg, but cancelled the order bc I realizes my monitor wasnt freesync capable :(

  • 12:03 sums up the entire AMD debacle.

  • Everyone complaining about stock levels are just impatient af. I went to the store, ordered a 3080 and waited 2 weeks to get it just chill tf out its not the end of the world.

  • Honestly I think amd's design looks great compared to nvidia's.

  • So basically with a CPU I can't buy, and a GPU that's paper launched.. if I win the GPU+CPU lottery, then its worth it.. ? Sounds retarded. Definitely disliking this video.

  • Looking at the links and I'm seeing Ryzen 9 5950 lol for half a sec I went holy shi*

  • I'd love to see a comparison of nvenc vs ReLive vs software x264 on OBS and x264 on vMix.

  • No wonder, NVIDIA is giving them all to you guys lol

  • My GTX 1080 is crying

  • You can argue all you want but nvidia simply has better graphics cards. Though my rx 580 wont be replaced anytime soon its awesome, unless they release 3060 with a solid price

  • Wow I didn't knew anything about the Productivity issues and machine learning hardware stuff ! I am glad I watched the video and until the very end !

  • Why is your camera quality so good lol

  • No it doesn't

  • This review disappointed me. Not because you're spreading false information. But since you're not looking at the whole picture. You used 2 games as example for RT /facepalm. Of course Nvidia is gonna have better RT in games optimized for there own implementation of RT. Games that uses DX RT (Dirt 5 and Godfall only atm) run much better on RX 6000 series. And that is gonna become the most common standard going forward as it is what consoles are gonna use. And you cant get a RTX card for MSRP. Currently 3070 is more than 6800 and 3800 is like 150-200 more than RX 6800 XT. If you get all cards for free you might recommend 3080 over 6800 XT. But if you actually buy your card there is no world where you recommend a 3080 over 6800 XT unless the only game you want to play for 5 years straight is Cyberpunk 2077. Since at 1440p 6800 XT is better. Its more future proof with 16GB ram. Cheaper. And most importantly of all, a lot more headroom for overclocking. Slap a water block on there and you will be able to overclock it like crazy.

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  • Those prizes in $. I wish we coul buy card in europe for the same prize. Shops in slovakia empty and when someone has 1 piece to sell than rtx 3080 starts at 1050€.

  • "It's only $70 more for the XT model which is significantly stronger" Well the 6800 is only $80 more than the 3070 and is significantly stronger(especially with Smart Access Memory) and has double the VRAM which will only become more and more important with time... so why is it tough to recommend? And that's comparing reference models. The 3070 founders edition doesn't even seem to be in production rn, the only cards that seem to be popping up on sale anymore are more expensive AIB models. If you compare an AIB 3070 to a reference 6800 then the 6800 looks even better, unless you're a streamer or truly care about Ray Tracing that much. Does Linus not realize that most people don't stream and don't care a whole lot about ray tracing? Most people that are buying these cards care about pure performance. These extra features of Nvidia are nice for some people, but they're not a priority for most people. Shit, most people don't have 4k monitors(especially over 60hz) so the importance of DLSS is blown out of proportion as well. Both of these cards absolutely destroy 1080p/1440p gaming natively without DLSS. Shit, my nephew saved up and bought an RX 6800 and I installed it for him and we ran some games and it's a fuckin' beast.

  • Been a fan for a long time, but something's shifted in your videos You've quit focusing on substance, and have veered towards sensationalism. Linus acts as if AMD announced full RT support in launch, which they did not. The 5700XT cards took a bit to work out the kinks, but now they perform better than originally advertised,and the rare driver issues they did have were overblown by those with an agenda, who largely couldn't replicate the issues of complaint. Now, you expect their very first foray into RT to be butter-smooth? As if Nvidia's first attempt weren't a total letdown for over a year? Same for DLSS? AMD has all these other software enhancements in the works, but it's impossible to work out all the hitches when the silicon + PCBs were only ready for testing a couple months ago. I hate this sort of misleading crap Linus pulls just to get views, then contradicts himself several times in the same video. Also, it's clear his system wasn't properly configured to use SAM, in 3rd party tests I've seen there are at least 3-4% improments across the board, not a regression like I saw in some of his #s. I'll wait for Hardware Unboxed and Gamer's Nexus to release thorough, non-incentivized reviews, where they actually consider the fact that game creators have had no way of implementing this 1st gen AMD RT in such a short span. Linus, disclosing your sponsors and your company revenue stream in the aim of being transparent doesn't make you any less of a corporate shill. Calling this product or release a disappointment without giving anyone the chance to try it out, fiddle around, work out bugs, like is normally expected if a major hardware / software release of this sort, is absolutely disingenuous, and you all know it. At the very least, AMD actually lived up to their performance promises. They haven't promised anything in RT yet, it was just a little tiny square at the bottom of a slide. It's not ready yet. Quit expecting it to be. RT will only be the deciding factor for perhaps 15% of buyers for now, unless they buy in too heavily to what you're selling. How many stream? And you completely diacount all the DLSS complaints as if it's just nitpicking, while you can definitely tell the difference and even when you can't, Nvidia only just now got to that point after years of fine tuning. 8 year fan here, out the door, done wasting my time and YT click revenue.

  • I feel so much better getting the 3090 it will be a sin if I don’t use dlss and ray tracing. Otherwise it wouldn’t justify the price of 3000 aud (2200 usd it’s worth in Australia) that I paid for it!

  • Bottomline: pay those extra $50 and get an RTX3080 in 2022.

  • So what should i get if i want the best gaming performance and maybe best streaming and gaming performance Nvidia Or AMD

  • Linus didn't showed AMD optimized games like RT Dirt 5 only nvidia optimized games for RT so he's probably an nvidia fan boy or he was told how to review this card by nvidia.


  • sounds like a bad value and a very specific use case... if your thinking is not everyone cares about ray tracing or DLSS or workstation use case but specifically needs enough horsepower to push 4k. You will save 50 bucks by going red, assuming you can get the card in store... That is a very specific use case.

  • For me the feature to save the last minute as a video clip in shadow play on Nvidias side, is really the feature I can't get out of my mind anymore and amd doesn't have such a good ingame overlay and recording software, so I did also go for team green at this point with an rtx 3070

  • Omg Linus your Bias is very apparent.1080TI owner here by the way.

  • So basically, same thing as every year. Slightly comparable to unoptimized nvidia options that will sore far higher with time, and the big L with all other modern gaming technologies that AMD is years behind on. Why anyone would buy AMD GPUs is beyond stupid. Their CPUs and console hardware are the only products they have worth a damn, and a bicycle.

  • 6900 xt series should out performed the 3090

  • dlss is still no good. i dont use it on my 2080ti, and i wont use amds version when they finally release it. sure dlss 2.0 is 1000% better than the original, but just look at the fans @ 4:52 it is noticeably worse than the orginal. while this is a neat trick it just doenst compare to native resolution. me personally id rather put shadows on medium than use dlss

  • rtx 3090 ti boys... get ready for detonation

  • Title: AMD did NOT disappoint me Video: AMD did disappoint him

  • im buying a xfx rx5700 xt thicc iii, i have a xfx rx590 so a jump

  • 11:03 "if you were hoping for some extra dazzle" ??? this is AMD we're talking about, everyone was saying they wouldn't stand a chance a few weeks ago now they match their performance you're all hmm meh.. firstly this is a case of get what ever you can because they won't stay on the shelves for long and secondly I'm sure we'll see some price drops when the market stabilizes, competition should ramp up giving me the opportunity to build a high end gaming pc that doesn't break the bank.. tbh I don't even need high end I'm running a i7 4770 and a gtx970 and it does be fine for 1080p 60hz gaming but I want to move to 1440p 144hz some time next year. my question to anyone that sees this is what gpu would give me best bang for buck while also being able to run games at 144hz at 1440p? also I typed this comment a mile away from my monitor without my glasses on so I can't really check for spelling mistakes cuz I can't make out a word from here.

  • I have a amd Radeon in my Toshiba Satellite

    • It disappointed me jist like nvidia you can't get them, can't buy them. :-(

  • Noot noot

  • As AMD fanboy, i hope AMD can beyond Nvidia RTX 3080 series or even future RTX 4XXX series Especially gaming and streaming features That would be great

    • It doesn't really matter what brand you go with so long as you get good bang for buck.. and currently AMD is making that a thing so I am also a fan of AMD.

  • Nvidia features might be great but then you remember you have to use that shitty shadowplay software that requires you to create an account..... I was using the legacy version of shadowplay on my previous nvidia gpu just so I didn't have to deal with that. I don't think I'll upgrade anything this gen, my ryzen 3600 and 5700xt are more than enough for1440p, especially seeing as I play mostly older games (the most recent game I have installed is nier automata....)

  • I will still go with AMD cards only because of how Nvidia treated Linux users for the longest time.

  • linus pls i want a nvidia geforce 3080 so bad bless me with luck to get my hands on one

  • NVidias RTX is not DXR ( its mostly DXR but not all ) , look at Dirt 5 , AMD optimised Level 1 Tech shows 100 FPS with RTX on , the 3090 just 78 ... -> Maybe its a bit hasty to damn AMDs RT , most Games will be DXR ( AMD ) optimised because of PS5 and XBox . Not to Mention , the drivers , they will have worked on Stability , not Speed , Speed will com with more Mature Drivers , maybe 10 % avg . Its AMDs first RT Iteration , there will be optimisation Potencial i guess.

  • With open source drivers AMD is also going to be much nicer to live with for those of us on Linux.

  • AMD trying to catch up with technology that they had lagged before

  • I saw similar ray tracing results on another video. To me, these results are so low on AMD side, that I wonder if the ray tracing is being offloaded to the CPU or something. I wonder if the driver is even working at all for that feature.

  • Gonna get 3080 because of that sweet Minecraft RTX.

  • Since everything is unavalible, is it worth to get a 3000 series Ryzen and a RX 5000 series GPU?

  • 0:36 "they didn't" Nice, all i needed to know! see ya!

  • To bad AMD makes it next to impossible to buy their stuff for Canadian consumers

  • too bad it's next to impossible to get any relevant graphics card for less than twice is msrp

  • It disappointed me jist like nvidia you can't get them, can't buy them. :-(

  • Rage mode is enabled for people trying to buy the cards.

  • I would think someone like Linus would know how to properly use "light-year". Just because it has "year" in it does not mean it's a measurement for time, it's a unit for distance. It measures the distance light travels in 1 year. 1 light year is approximately 9.46 trillion km.

  • Can I get some customer support on a Sunday? I just received my 6800XT and nothing is detecting it. It's seated properly and the PSU cables are connected. The monitor, BIOS, and device manager doesn't detect the card even though the card does light up with fans spinning when the computer is on. When I try to install the drivers using the onboard graphics it says there is no AMD Graphics Hardware detected.

    • Put in your previous card back in again and restart. See if everything is running normal. Download the drivers. Do not install. Do a proper shut down. Re-attach the 6800XT again. Check if the connections are firm. Check other connections are firm. Boot up your PC on safe. Install drivers. In case there's no detection, restart PC again. You may have to do it twice. All the best. Hope it works.

    • @dueeh nyyu That doesn't answer my question....

    • You have not tested new games,( assassin creed Valhalla, dirt 5, god fall) AMD just destroying NVIDIA. Also 16GB is big deal too

  • Disappointing stock levels are a must for every new computer part this year.

  • What's with the biased titles to these vids? Does supporting the underdog generate more clicks?

    • @Eddie 5 AMD review title: "AMD did NOT disappoint me" ADM review content: it's shit. NVidia review title: "Nvidia, you PROMISED! - RTX 3080 Review". Nvidia review content: best card ever but marketing material slightly misleading when taken out of context. Not just these two videos. Almost every NVidia graphics card vid I see has a critical title (only 1 positive title looking at the top 10 after typing "linus tech tips nvidia"). Typing in "linus tech tips amd", 9/10 are pro-AMD. Channel obviously harbors bias, even if just for marketing purposes.

    • How did you arrive at this determination that the title is biased? There's nothing in the title that even alludes to this.

  • I almost watch your video... Then i am tired of your bias comment so i decided I don't

    • @Eddie 5 It's because I think AMD fans were pretty desperate for AMD to win this time around even though I bet half of the "He's Biased" comments are probably using an Nvidia GPU in their system, I'm happy I managed to get a 3080 for 689 UK otherwise if it wasn't for AMD these would probably be 2080ti prices but they should be happy not insulted, I'm actually quite insulted with AMDs prices to be honest kinda taking the piss to be honest.

    • @Adrian That's exactly what I've been saying as well. Having these two fight it out is just going to drive them to improve the tech even more and lower the prices. The consumers are the ones who win. Better tech. Better prices. Linus didn't even thrash AMD. He complimented them and acknowledged their progress. He also noted at this moment, despite the cards are now closer in quality, NVIDIA, at this moment, gives you a bit more depending on your requirements. I can never understand why is that supposed to be taken as an insult.

    • @Eddie 5 Agreed, Just because it's not what you want to hear just be happy AMD has released something to drive Nvidias prices down, Competition is good for every consumer for prices and availability (Except the availability for the time being lol) It's not just about gaming with a graphics card these days, People use them for all manner of things so they should be reviewed correctly as Linus did, If you bought that card with some misleading reviews floating around regarding its poor raytracing and no answer to DLSS you'd be pissed when you got it home when you realise it's unplayable in your favourite game (Cough cough Cyberpunk lol)

    • How stupid is that approach? How would you know he is biased or not unless you watched the video? Yet you decided to make a comment based on zero knowledge because apparently you didn't watch the video and thus not not how it actually turned out. Excellent. Basically, you stuck your head in the sand for fear of hearing your favorite card was not thought of the way you wanted it to be thought of. Classy.

  • sapphire rx 6800 xt niro+ Price How much..!! $649+30 ...? & Sapphire RX 6800 nitro+ Price How much...!! $579+20....?

  • Where is the guy justin🤔

  • Idk if this is the right place to ask but I’m considering upgrading from a 1080ti and I was leaning towards the 3070 because I just want some nicer performance and don’t really care about anything above 1920x1080 but I mean I’m open to suggestions

    • You can go for the 3070 but if you can find a 3080 that's pretty close in price range with the 3070 - might as well go for that. Since you're TI user, then perhaps the 3080 is where your game sensibilities lie.

  • How Much nvida Paid You Dude ? To Describe the Features of the RTX 3000

    • @GamersDen Context. I don't think you understand how this thing works. He's already addressed what the card is and what it does and how it performs and then he has to provide contextual evidence of what he's talking about by doing a comparison for the integrity and fidelity of the cards. These are the 2 major cards - it would negligent not to do any comparisons. That his job. Also, what accusations has he made? Can you prove that they're mere accusations and not data derived from both informed opinion and benchmark & testing? Can you back YOUR accusations up? Can you provide any proof that there has been some sort of foul play here? You're are the one throwing accusations and getting triggered and emotional. You're coming off as a butthurt triggered child who is deeply hurt his favorite toy didn't get the praise you think it deserves. Seriously - are you teenager? Please tell me you are because if you're not, it's such monumentally embarrassing and childish behavior. These are both great cards and just because the one you support did not get the praise you envisioned does not mean it's time throw a tantrum or the card itself is not worthy.

    • @Eddie 5 Really !!! It's a Radeon Xt review Not an RTX 3000 Review Comparisons Can be Made But its a total number of Accusations over and over Fail LINUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ah yes. The obligatory accuse without proof just because you felt personally shamed. I hope you understand what context means and how it figures in this review when you watched it. But apparently, you don't - seeing how simplistic and cliched your viewpoint is.

  • imagine actually be able to get a 3080 for 700 dollars, oh how one can dream

  • Can you include autodesk inventor in tests please?

  • I wonder if its so much the AMD hardware or if its more the fact that games with RT are made using what Nvidia tells them to use, it was the only option. Maybe future titles can be build more for AMD's approuch and can yield better performance.

  • In Norway, the starting price for the RTX 3080 is about 8700NOK (or 966 USD roughly, 815 euro ish, 1262 canook dollars), but the Norwegian tech-review sites projected the price for the RX 6800 XT to be around 7400NOK.. and if that's indeed the cases, say what you will about price to performance, but the 3080 doesn't deliver $144 worth of more performance. So it'll remain to be seen what's worth getting. If the 6900 lands even close to a 3080 price-range here, then that digs it all further down into the ditch of consideration.

    • MSRP prices were MSRP prices at launch how can you compare 6800xt prices when no one has them, The prices will rocket like the 3080s did because of crap stock, You can thank AMD for that, Prices have already risen for the 6800xt in the UK you can bet your house if stock is low for the 6800xt the same shit is going to happen everywhere, And I got the 3080 at MSRP so this review is spot on.

  • The extra dazzle is I almost got one and feel I have a chance to get one. I've not been able to get a 3080 so it doesn't matter how good it is, it doesn't exist if I can't get it, also AMD has way more memory.

  • Seriously this is the ONLY TIME EVER you will catch me on a guys channel sying things like "Daaamn"... and "That thing is huuuge!"

  • Both Amd and Nvidia screwed us over. Seriously Amd charging 580 for the 6800 while its just minimally faster than the rtx 3070. the only reason are the 16gb. Now Amd is pulling an Intel with its monopole

    • Completely agree here however while everyone was laughing at Nvidias launch who's laughing now because stock is becoming available here in the UK and from what I'm seeing in the US is consumers going to MC's and walking out with 3080s, Some would call it Karma I'd call it your loss AMD for not releasing closer to or before Nvidia. And yes here we are with a more inferior performing card not to mention the rest of the features and AMD fans are happy with that price lol, It's what you would call Hypocrisy and I've owned AMD cards in the past.

  • So... If I want to just play games (without Ray tracing, which I am not interested in), I am good to go with AMD GPU-CPU combo?

  • You have not tested new games,( assassin creed Valhalla, dirt 5, god fall) AMD just destroying NVIDIA. Also 16GB is big deal too

    • @Eddie 5 and i cant understand half you said

    • @Eddie 5 you doing one mistake, i dont know English that well and use vocabulary i had. "destorying" woed i knew was to much but i could not remember other less aggressive word

    • @irakli Mgeladze And you resort with an ad hominem attack which puts your position and you, as suspect and on check. The moment you did that is when you truly reveal yourself and your psyche as brittle and prone to disingenuousness and not to mention, that your whole argument on a rocky foundation. Also, of course I'm right - I didn't need to be disingenuous nor hyperbolic.

    • @Eddie 5 you right smart ass

    • @irakli Mgeladze I have. Destroy is way too enthusiastic and disingenuous. They're close. The parameters where it is ahead are limited to certain options. AMD has excellent cards, but are generally behind NVIDIA for a complete full gaming experience as designed. They go ahead when limited to narrow confines of options. It also seems to fall behind when playing in 4K.

  • I wait until they stop with making improvements to sell more then competitor.

  • 1:12 ‘nice’

  • be sticking with geforce me thinks.

  • So WHERE TF is this magical place one could get a 3080 for $700???????

  • Linus: "AMD is going to ship a lot of these because you can't get an RTX card right now," You can't get either card right now I'm never gonna buy from a scalper

    • Plenty 3090s available here in the UK, No 3080s yet but there will be and don't buy from a scalper it's just promoting the crap they're doing and the more people buy from them the more this is going to happen with every release unfortunately.

  • Why r u happywith AMD if theyre failing to beat NVIDIA IN EVERYTHING

    • Because that's not the premise of his review. His expectations were met because the cards are able to do what they claim to do. The premise is not if it can beat NVIDIA but can it do what it claims to do. And in that regard, it is definitely NOT a disappointment.

  • Man i still don't like how DLSS breakes some vectors inavedibely and makes the picture look like a painting

    • @Gaenox V. ବ୍ଲେଣ୍ଡର Just for fun - I stumbled across this and I thought you might want to take a look at this: . It is an NVIDIA video, though - so some grains of salt might be needed. Cheers.

    • @Eddie 5 tnx man :)

    • @Gaenox V. ବ୍ଲେଣ୍ଡର Haha. Maybe. Luckily the tech is getting cheaper and the DLSS implementation is a software solution rather than a hardware one so 3.0 might come out anytime and work just as well with the current gen of cards. Good luck.-

    • @Eddie 5 The AI is getting better and faster as the time goes. Maybe i wait for rtx 4000 for perfext DLSS?

    • @Gaenox V. ବ୍ଲେଣ୍ଡର I agree. I prefer native most times as well. Control does, however, look really good with DLSS 2.0. I couldn't tell, really. And in Death Stranding , it look better than native. But not all games are optimized as well as those 2 games.

  • 6800 & 6800xt needs lower prices

    • When your only talking 13-14fps difference between the cards and manufacture its just going to come down to which game you more play and the cost of the card.

  • If Linus said he did not disappointed with Radeon GPU, so I do too

  • Mark my words.... microsoft is being helped by amd and intel to kill the home gaming rig.... with their damn chip

  • poetic that AMD will be here to help put the pc as we know it in to the grave... smart of them to get in on consoles.... when microsofts new chip will help lock down pcs even harder than modern consoles... thus finally killing the pc for anything but work point in buying an expensive gaming rig if it will be even more limited than a console that costs half as much

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  • 2010: "Minecraft basically runs on anything" 2020: "We MIGHT have had playable framerates in Minecraft"

  • finally they tune down the volume of the intro audio XD I was release from pain

  • Too bad the cards are still vapor ware despite all the flak NVIDIA was given for their launch. AMD made it actually

  • Idk, Linus It kinda sounds like AMD disappointed

  • AMD doesnt have good raytracing support yet cuz its still new. But how come the same amd RDNA 2 gpu's run raytracing on both ps5 and series x ?

    • @Fantastic Chaos No worries. More competition means cheaper and better tech all around for everyone.

    • @Eddie 5 I see. Well, thanks for letting me know.

    • In reality, it's about the same on consoles and perhaps a little worse, only the games and expectations are vastly different. When running in RT or Quality mode, the FPS in consoles drops to around 30 FPS which is something expected and playable on consoles since a lot of their normal games have been running around those parameters previously anyway. We expect at least 60 FPS when gaming on PCs as default usually. You can check this Digital Foundry video for more about this: . The exact time-stamp where they talk about this is around the 17th minute mark.

  • I just want to play games at Ultra for my PC at an affordable price... God, this stuff is so complicated lololololol

  • I called it They will F this up one way or another. Seems they decided to do an Nvidia move: Forced Scarcity A nother M ajor D isappointment

  • I don't really get the amd shill that always goes on this channel... "amd did not disappoint" entire video talks about how the cards for basically the same price are worse in every single way but still goodjob amd! ask a question to amd about ray tracing and get a scum reply nahhh it's fine thanks amd! If that was intel who gave such a nothing reply I seem to remember an entire rant video about how their behaviour is "disgusting" when talking about the nvida cards you literally pull out any petty ass reason you could to try and talk them down. "yeah the cards are much better performance and much better pricing but they are hard to buy so uhhh yea terrible cards! At first I thought you just hated intel so you simped for amd cpus way too much but you even do the same with the graphics cards. I seriously have huge doubts that you are not sponsored by amd without announcing it which would be illegal. There is no way a channel of this size would simp so hard for a company that isn't even beating it's competitors. Or is it some kind of hipster complex where you think cheering for amd and shit talking intel and nvida is cool and more to the people because they are less popular lol? I really just can't understand it. For the cpu argument side I could at least respect it because amd have some decent price to performance but on the graphics side they are still trash. They are aiming at premium priced gpus then knocking 50 dollars off. You really think the kind of guy to buy a 700 dollar graphics card is going to care about 50 dollars off for a worse card in every single way???? That's not aiming for budget spenders or high spenders it has no logic. Then you price your second most powerful card 80 dollars above a 3070 which further pushes absolute idiocy from amd. God I wish this channel would stop being amd shills one of these years. Praise them when they do a good job fine. Praise them when they do things you have made rants about other companies doing though????? Really does sound like a suspicious illegal hidden sponsorship when you think how hypocritical that is honestly.

  • LTT D2!!!!!

  • i always get wheird feeling seeing anyone touching sensitive computing equipment fans, putting stress onto the mechanism... even if they're magnetic suspended ...

  • When your only talking 13-14fps difference between the cards and manufacture its just going to come down to which game you more play and the cost of the card.

  • "AMD did NOT disappoint me".....Until you decided to Enable RayTracing.

    • And DLSS And Streaming And Encoding And Shadow Play And I could go on.

  • Was caught so off guard when I looked up from my work to see atrioc on screen

  • Summary: NVIDIA is still a better option (( ESPECIALLY for streamers and content creators )) and Linus would go for it because: 1) 8:13 , 9:53 , 10:10 more features (background noise canceling, AI camera background removal, etc.) 2) 4:17 better ray tracing accelerators performance; 3) 5:32 better rendering performance; 4) 10:23 NVIDIA is better supported by developers in games. If you are looking to buy 6800 because of some "extra dazzle", you'll be disappointed. But 6800 does deliver as promised. "rx 6800 tx gets you roughly similar performance (compared to rtx 3080) in terms of traditional gaming with a big L in almost EVERY other area."

  • "AMD is going to ship a lot of these because you can't get an RTX card right now," Proceeds to show sponsor segment with shelves of RTX cards

  • The DLSS on Death Stranding is actually better than native resolution which was strangely wonderful news. Check Digital Foundry to see it at work. It is definitely better looking than native.

    • Guess what, I am waiting another year to buy my gaming pc.