Apple Silicon Mac Announcement - Slow Motion Dumpster Fire

Datum objavljivanja: 10. Stu 2020.
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Apple claims their new M1 processor is powerful enough for their new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini - But if you’re an Apple fan, should you be excited - Or very, very worried?

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  • Sure, the video aged like milk, but come on he has some valid points such as how reliable Apple is and M1 is the first chip Apple has made in this era for Macs. Honestly if M1 is good as it is right now, M2 is going to be insane.

  • Thank you.....

  • Will it come with a charger though?

    • @Agwuani let’s hope so

    • @Rahul Macwan doubt

    • @Agwuani maybe in the next version they will say everyone’s got one so in order to save the forest we won’t provide you one

    • Yes

  • I wonder why such a “big, well known” techyoutuber hasn’t uploaded any M1 reviews of any sorts?? 🤔

  • Was getting bored. Opened this video just to read " well this video has aged like milk" now my day is going M1.

  • Unfollowed, linus is a disgrace with his anti apple bias

  • I am still not sure if apple is making the two tb3 ports share the same 40Mbs bandwidth or if they are truly fully independent with 40Mbs each. Please test that. Thanks Also can you recommend external ssds since these memory limited internally un upgradeable machines use the fast ssd as a memory swap file, this makes "the external ssd the single most important addidtion you can make to your m1 mac" performance wide, especially since GPUS are not currently supported.

  • I just removed my like button because you were wrong

  • 😄😆🤣😆 AS, an IPAD

  • mac is shit fake gamers

  • All the M1 fan comments... My answer is: Buy as many M1s as you can! You make a great donation the whole PC community! See, Apple finances new TSMC nodes - 7nm, now 5nm is used only in iPhones and M1. They do it with your money. Then Apple will finance another node and 5nm will be free to use for AMD Ryzen / Radeon, Nvidia and hell - maybe even Intell. By buying M1 and iPhones you help pay the way for new generation of excellet PC silicon. Zen 3 on 7nm is faster than M1 on 5nm and this will carry on, so PC entusiasts like me are perfectly ok this. I'll skip the M1 for a 4500u latop because I don't have as much money as you guys, but please buy M1s! They're great!

    • @Rohan Kauts BTW, the covid isolation makes me so lonely that even a youtube comment argument is welcome... ehh :(

    • @Rohan Kauts We'll see :)

    • you call yourself PC enthusiast and doesnt know what TDP is , m1 has 10 W tdp whereas zen 3 is 65W. if apple decided to release higher tdp chips which they will with mac 16 model they will leave zen3 in dust

  • You know why their review is not yet out? They are trying their best to make it look bad.

  • What a childish and biased video. Unfollowed.

  • Apple needs communicate to the PC people so they can get more respect like challenging them to hack a Mac or something.

  • Anyone comes back to this video after seeing austin evans review the new macbook air?

  • haha the performance tests already did prove you wrong, linus; didn't they? You have also already probably watched Jonathan's video answering you. This vid aged like milk!

  • So premature!! Stupid.

  • Waiting for "I was wrong part 2"

  • What even is this video

  • Everyone is singing praise to the new Mac Mini but with only 4 USB ports and no Mic Jack one of the USBs has to be used for a Mic. This is especially screwed up when you're video conferencing because another port is going to be taken for a Video camera which leaves you with just two ports. If you're short on cash and you buy the baseline Mac Mini you only have 256 GB of storage. So, if you record your zoom lessons or do any sort of video editing, as is claimed you can, you're going to need an external hard drive to backup to. One port left right? No, you're going to need that to connect what ever other input device you have i.e. your IPhone, IPad, Samsung Galaxy whatever. You get my meaning. This means hot socketing or a USB hub or whatever just because Apple was too lazy to put in a Mic Jack. P.S. I'm airdropping but why do my movies go into photos file on my phone?

  • Apples fight to prevent repair, make their stuff break, deny upgrades and all the other ways they fuck customers in the ass is just horrifying to watch

    • @Chaos Lv99 well Some of them not macbooks but I do have an old iMac that still works fine

    • Do you even use apple products? They last forever, you don’t need to repair them lol

  • Everyone is mad at Linus for making factual statements these are the same people who don't care about right to repair

    • He said that the m1 macs were no better than iPads. That was NOT factual.

  • Arm chips have already killed intel, they're an obsolete company now

  • "So do you want the iPad with no touch screen, the iPad with no screen at all, or the iPad with a touch bar?" That's gotta be the most brilliant line you guys have written. By the way that whole episode was really well written. One of your best. The bottom line is that Apple doesn't listen. Who asked for a touch bar? No one. Who asked for a touch screen? Everyone. Consumers want to be able to upgrade their own stuff and Apple keeps going down the wrong road. The 2015 MPB is the best computer ever made in my opinion and the 2016 MPB is the worst. A professional computer without ports ruins the portability because now you have to carry around a bunch of adapters (not to mention thermal throttling and crappy keyboards). And the MBP was literally designed for "Power and Portability". The M1 is sick. But they did ruin the Mac Mini and the 13" MBP with this roll-out. All they had to do was release the Air by itself and like you said - label the fucking graphs bro! 3 times..... something fast!! ???? Apple is losing the culture and if they don't start listening to what consumers actually want, it doesn't matter how much money they have in the bank, they will fail. People are catching on to the fact that all they're selling are products that are shiny and have the Apple symbol on them. Its unfortunate because they've done so many innovative things. But their closed-mindedness, elitism, ego, sacrificing function for form, removing standard technologies before their consumers are ready (meaning never ending adapters), over pricing, etc. will end them. So I guess I will continue to use my 2015 MPB as its still the best computer out there for what I need and just hope for the best. Well done Linus. I love your show. You're brilliant not just in reviews but as an engineer and I appreciate your honesty, humor and intelligence. Keep it up :)

  • Also what is the encryption on that chipset?

  • Hope Apple not going to send updates to the device that will make you have to buy another device as battery life deplete with each update.....then again you could make it stand alone but how do we know that the software doesn't have a time limiter on it for working without being updated or needing to call back home to a server....Its a process they will have to be more transparent with if I invest and they making the products they sale possibly worse....I say that becasue they've been caught doing these things with their mobile devices. So the software may be cheating in the testing is what I believe but proving it may be difficult.

  • Damn bro hating hard

  • I liked LTT because of their objective analyses on a wide range of technical topics. This video was a major disappointment and frankly embarrassing. Unsubbed.

  • Here is a suggestion for your next video: I was wrong, again!!! I jumped the gun just to be a hater. And a got burned! Just to be clear, I have never used Apple products, not even once. You screwed up Linus. These days you are so arrogant that you can't seem to be objective, patient or even fair

  • Credibility evaporated

  • What would you buy? 2x competition hardware or 1 Apple Product which has many many years software support? I think in the end it's cheaper to go with Apple. For Instance Samsung/Google phone every 3 years or 1 Iphone for 5-6 years?

  • stop being hostile to apple only because YOU don't like them. these should be non-biased.

  • What a shit take

  • and this is why i stopped following you. you’re just an apple hater

    • we don't care migga (n)

  • Linus will never command the kind of respect that most other tech HRwikirs do bc he just can’t help himself from wording and delivering his thoughts in dumbass ways where he has to address controversy after the fact. I mean think about it, how many other tech HRwikirs do you see having to regularly clarify and address their own words after the fact? Almost none, because they think about not just what they want to say, but how to say it most optimally. Linus’ ego is no longer in line with his relevance

  • I am gonna stop watching this guy’s weird comments on every different device without testing it. Unsubscribed!

  • linus shil tips - 9 minutes talking crap about apple with 3 adverts as filler

  • What a lame and uninformed attempt of an apple hating guy to embarrass Apple. Only to make a fool of himself. Too lame.

  • Love linus but damn is he the biggest low key apple hater. Loool

  • Why does linus have an hardon for ripping on apple? M1 is a huge leap in performance yet he is still whining? I guess he is saltly because he does not receive bribes from them like he does nGREEDia, SHILLtel, samscum, lg to showcase and hype their products..

  • Ahahah this was managed by MKBHD-TLD-LINUS to broke the web once-again 😝😝😝

  • Can't wait for your cocky face to eat your own words. When is the M1 Macbook Pro video comin up?

  • Your bias and your blind hatred is jarring. I want to see you review the Macbook Pro M1. Wanna see what you have to say after you unfairly bashed the chips before using the laptop.

  • Who came here after Rene Ritchie's Hot take? 🔥🔥🔥

  • Try 8K RAW. I'm not joking!

  • Dave2D, Jonathan and now Rene - Every one is slapping you on your face ... Shame on you Linus Feeling bad for you - Stupid collection of sentences

    • Report this video guys - he is abusive !!

    • Linus is dead inside after the stress of marriage, multiple kids, running a business empire, $20 million net worth he has become a jaded dis-interested joke. He should be a man and make a video apologizing for this train wreck video

  • A dumpster fire review!

  • This did not age well Linus!!! Your point is now the dumpster fire. They actually delivered! I have never used Apple products, but damn was this wrong. I guess I know why I am no longer watching a lot of LTT videos lately, obnoxious reaction rather than professional opinions and educated guesses. I couldn't put my finger on it, please correct this Linus, don't go down the Unbox Therapy route

    • Give him a break , hes a a jaded hack more focused on adding to his $20m+ wealth to care about journalistic integrity(!) This is what companies get subjected to when they dont cough up 'sponsored by' money to his empire. He did the same with the Sony PS5 ripping on it before making an apology video.

  • Linus is definitely anti-apple biased but he makes a lot of good points in this video. People who call him a shill clearly don’t even watch his videos.

    • My exact thoughts, I have been watching LTT for the past 4 years and people who are ripping on him clearly have no idea how carefully he and his staff reviews products. This comment section is seriously toxic.

  • He Sounds So Salty 😅. Must be the "bash Apple" channel!

  • Dear god. When is apple gonna take Face ID from iPhones and throw it into all laptops and them at $5k monitor??and the iMacs? Fit it right into the bezels??

    • @King Arthur Pendragon they might but I doubt

    • @Agwuani wait what ? You highly doubt they’ll update their computers to state of the art tech like in their phones? Why? If they took the time and effort to put this piece of tech in their phones why wouldn’t they do it to their computers ? I’m confused. I think they’ll do it it’s just a matter of time. I’m thinking next year for sure starting with the 16” mbp.

    • @King Arthur Pendragon I doubt apple will do that tbh cause apple is money hungry and that is same for literally every other company

    • @Agwuani nothing other than it should be done already. Hoping for it. Longing for it

    • What makes you think apple will do that

  • I’m confused about the rant about lack of 10gb Ethernet? What in the world would that be used for or needed for on an entry level tiny computer? Please educate me I’m sincerely asking. Is this a huge mistake to omit this on the Mac mini??

    • Networking is very important, you might not need it now but suppose later in future you setup a plex server or a home server you definitely need that bandwidth.

  • It’s weird that Linus always talks against fanboyism and yet seems to be a “apple basher fanboy” if that’s a thing?

  • Sick transition to SquareSpace.

  • Ngl honey is never working for me even tho the shops are compatible

  • sad youtuber

  • This essentially an Apple version of a raspberry pi.

  • Noot noot

  • im waiting linus licking his words back

  • 0:19 An iPad that runs MacOS, has a trackpad the size of an iPhone 12 mini, and a translation layer that allows you to run x86 apps. What an iPad ladies and gentlemen. 1:15 It’s not an ARM CPU, it’s an ARM SoC (system on-chip), which integrates the CPU, GPU and sometimes even RAM, along with other hardwar blocks dedicated to specific tasks right into the same microchip. 2:11 “Who wrote this crap?” that’s Mahatma Gandhi’s quote. 3:10 They’re not calling it ‘Apple Silicon M1’, they’re calling it the Apple M1. 3:52 Why don’t you mention the benefits of soldering down the RAM & baking it into the SoC like more efficient energy use and being able to make thinner & lighter devices maybe even after you mentioned the downside of the inability of after purchase RAM upgrades? Oh I guess you just want to be a HRwikir influencer that tears certain groups even more apart thanks to your ‘opinion’. 4:01 Yes, they are intenitonally vague because they’re comparing their chips to the ‘latsst PC laptop chip’ that is an INTEL chip. And they’re still selling Intel Macs & Macbooks. In fact, the majority of Apple’s Mac lineup still consists of Intel Macs. So, if you tried to use your brain a little bit, you might have guessed they didn’t want to bash their partner AND the rest of their OWN Macbooks. 4:07 I’m not arguing about how useful the comparison you’re talking about is. But as you might imagine, the “most popular” laptops aren’t usually the fastest ones. But being 3 times faster than a not-so-fast Windows laptop probably still puts them in a competitive place compared to other ‘low-power’ (which are all HIGH-power compared to Apple’s measly 10-15W M1 chip) silicon, like Tiger Lake and Ryzen 4000. 4:32 Even the hottest running Intel Macbook is not even close to being a laptop that’s in the ‘one of the most uncomfortable laptops to hold because the surface gets too hot’ list. You’re a guy that’s held countless number of Macbooks in your hands over the years, what’s the point of acting this prejudiced about the surface temperatures of the Macbook Air? It will perform about as good in terms of the surface temperatures as you might expect from a bigger iPhone chip. Meaning, virtually no heat felt whatsoever. 5:02 You still got the “This makes no sense” look in your face, even though a Macbook Air with a fan makes all the sense that it does. It has a fan, therefore it will be able to sustain its boost clocks indefinitely, and it has a bigger battery. What doesn’t make sense about it? 5:06 ...And also a bigger battery, longer sustained clocks, a 100 bit brighter display, and a bigger trackpad. 5:26 have you paid attention to how thin the lids of Macbooks are, as opposed to the thickness of an iMac? How are you expecting them to be able to put a 1080p webcam in a lid that thin? 6:35 Again... how are you expecting them to be able to put 10GbE networking with basically an iPad Pro A14X chip inside? You’ve said in your iPhone 12 coverage, “2020 has been a rough year so I’m giving it a pass on them for still not announcing the date for the announcement of the new ARM Macs”, and now you’re mad at them for not being able to add 10GbE. Alright. The Intel-based Mac mini that DOES have 10GbE networking option is still being sold by the way, so it’s not like Apple abandoned 10GbE lovers by wiping out all the Mac minis with 10GbE option from their website with these Mac minis with 1GbE. A little bit more patience till next year, when the supply chain turns a little bit back to normal and Apple can make an M series chip taht specifically supports 4 TB4 ports, HDMI 2.1, 10GbE, etc. 6:54 They didn’t change anything with these new Macs as the first gen products because the change on the inside is significantly risky enough that you want as little changed parts on the outside as possible. Pretty clever of Apple, if you ask me. This will result in better user experience thanks to them putting these chips in their well tried and tested enclosures. 7:00 IMMEDIATELY after you say something positive about Apple in this video, you do a follow-up with negatives. Just shut the fuck up, man. I doubt you’ll even miss having eGPU support on these new Macs as the iGPUs inside have dangerously close performance to dedicated laptop GPUs from Nvidia and AMD (if there’s any from them, lol). 7:41 Till EARLY 2021, not 2021. 7:42 Why are you saying something like that like it’s Apple fault? Of course that’s the logical and right thing to do on your WORK computer. Apple isn’t forcing you to upgrade to a new hardware platform immediately. 7:57 Apple has ben SCREAMING this whole time that they WON’T lock developers OR users in to the App Store on the Mac and they’ll be able to distribute & download apps exactly the way they did on Intel-based Macs. See 52:57 on this video. 8:45 The problem with those first gen Apple products you mentioned that caused them to get dropped from software support relatively quickly compared to the 2nd and 2rd iterations of them (even though they still got as much software support as the longest supported Android devices do) was their performance. Do you REALLY think performance will be a problem with these M1 series chips (M1, M1X, M1Z, etc.)? Early benchmarks have already shown the single threaded performance of these things are head to head with the frickin Ryzen 9 5950X, a 105W CPU vs. a 10W CPU. 8:53 Saying they’re not environmentally friendly because they don’t make their devices easily repairable while ignoring the TONS of things they do for the environment like using 100% recyclable/recycled materials for their products, using almost 100% recyclable packaging, donating for the Californian wildfire, etc. isn’t a very non-biased take. TLDR: Delet dis video.

    • @Daniel Hu, this is for you ;)

  • Linus the pc genius is wrong about the M1 chip bit will never admit it. The problem here he is analyzing the form and not listen to the content.

  • biased video 🤦‍♂️ M1 is scary good

  • FAKE NEWS video from a GIGAHAIR with amazing view count. Just wow!

  • macOS 11: Big Surveillance

  • Pcs are better i have a 11 year pc that is currently great at photoshop and Adobe video editor and Adobe illustrator

  • Also, Apple is a founding member of ARM. They didn’t license anything-they [co-]own ARM.

  • Slow motion dumpster fire...derp

  • I had to go back and watch this a third time with the mind set of "linus hate'n apple". And, no, you were fine. People just take anything that questions what was unknown with skepticism as hate and "bad". They fill in the blanks in their own mind. Like reporting at an accident. You never said bad. You just questioned emulation efficiency. Everything is open to being inferred. Large groups of people will have suckage! Oh well.

    • He wasn’t just skeptical of m1. He said they were no better than iPads. It was a bad hot take.

    • Lol, how does it smell that far up?

  • I love how sheep in the comment section are here to criticize this video without any background knowledge. They use TLD's, dave2d's, the verge's, MKBHD's reviews. Reviewers who are clearly either bought by Apple or biased to them. There is a reason why Lew from unbox therapy does not get any Apple review device and neither does Linus or even zoneoftech or any youtuber who speaks the truth about apple. Just open your eyes you sheep and see how many of those who get early review devices speak badly about apple. None. *NONE* . *NO FREAKING ONE* . *NONE* .

  • Of course you can criticize anything for its shortages, as everything has shortages. But it should be when you truly have one instead of just showing prejudices when you even didn’t touch it.

  • This video has to be one of the biggest misses I've seen all year.

  • This happens when your arrogant and run your mouth with no actual data... just making a useless video for HRwiki algorithms.

  • waiting for M2 only lol

  • I enjoy Linus a lot but this video is just silly. They weren’t even released and the criticism seemed premature. Now that they have been released and people have had time to test them, it looks even worse.

  • Crazy to see Linus take shots at Apple every single chance he gets in this video and then deny it every time someone brings it up to him,

  • This video is not going to age well. As much as Apple frustrate me with their walled garden i must say: Wow Apple. Good work!

  • If I were to predict the future. I think that NVidia and apple will partner up. I think AMD will continue to developed in both graphical and CPU spaces. And I think that Intel, has realized they need to develop their own GPU's, to be competitive in the console market. Later on into the future, I see arm outperforming the x86 chipset.

    • Nah Apple has a grudge with Nvidia, and Apple’s not a company known for forgivenesses. If Apple partners with Nvidia one day, I’d expect aliens turning up at Earth the next

  • From what I can see from other wise tech HRwikirs you are wrong.

    • at 0:44 Mhmm come back with time stamps please

  • This is an important Right to Repair milestole for Apple and their users (a bad one), goodbye, right to repair.

  • … This is a channel for apple haters after all. Linus has to rely on the applehaters, his channel finally turns on that.

    • Bruh what determines an Apple hater? How many negative reviews do you have to make? And how many positive reviews do you have to make to be an Apple lover? Not everyone is a sheep like you that follows the whims of corporation; it's possible to have independent thought, you realize that.

  • Foot in mouth Linass!! 😂

  • Why would Linus, of all people, make this video on a biased assumption that Apple is just shoving an iPad into a computer when it's clearly more than that? I'm not an Apple fanboi or a technical person on Linus's level, but even I could see what Apple was going to accomplish before they revealed the hardware. It actually kinda makes Linus, who i know knows better, look pretty amateurish.

  • How can I know what games I can run on mac m1 if they say m1 have gpu of 6 core wtf that mean? How much gb is it?

    • Bruh you need to watch some more videos about what gpu specifications means; the vram inside a gpu does not directly relate to performance.

  • Linus needs to be a man and apologize

    • Linus has done apology videos in the past. And what's there to apologize for?

  • Linus you were wrong

  • Way to go making an "ASS" of yourself.

  • I admit Apple is doing a bit of posturing about being an environmentally friendly company. “We’re taking the charging block out of our phones to save on plastic but also changing the charging cord so you have to buy a new block to charge your phone”. It’s a small but annoying bit of advertising . I’ve never been a huge Apple fan but I’ve just got my first iPhone and I have to say I’m impressed. It’s faster than any of my Samsungs ever were and the interface is for the most part better thought out. Yes some of the Apple claims seem a bit overdone but how many times have people said the same about PC hardware particularly video cards? I think Apple is probably moving in the right direction. I still don’t think their laptops are quite worth what they’re asking. But the price point for performance ratio is shrinking.

  • if modern games will be supported on Mac ill buy but not for me. congrats for those who need this

  • This is disrespectful. You reviewers are able to make yourself a public figure and build a career because these intelligent companies create amazing products for us. You don't even know how hard it is! I would've still appreciated if Apple Silicon could reach fastest Intel chips but surpassed it like too much! All in all just shut up if you have none nice to say.

    • @Daniel Hu oh man. U seem so free to reply (n oops now u’ll probably say same thing to be. That’s what u r doing). And that’s not poor argument. He hasn’t worn the shoes of engineers (with so much pressure to deliver the best quality product) and walked in it. Just leave this conversation right here. You just wanna win this no matter what fact I state. And it’s wrong to judge a product (Apple gave more than we could expect from a little machine like we deep learning researchers can train neural networks for medium sized models and it’s very very impressive) before consuming it. Same holds for food 🥘. And it’s fine to criticize if the product doesn’t live up to the users’ expectations or claims made by company. Simple as that.

    • @Rahul That's a really poor argument. So? That doesn't make him any less right. And as consumers, are we not allowed to criticize? By your logic, if you go to a restaurant and get served food that poisons you, you're not allowed to criticize it because you've never been a professional chef who's run a kitchen or a restaurant. Is that what you're really saying?

    • @Daniel Hu you are taking side of guy who hasn’t been a programmer even let alone being a hardware engineer. He doesn’t know what it takes to build something and just criticizing it.

    • @Rahul Your “this is pointless” is just a cheap cop out cause you can’t face the truth. How about you watch at 0:44.

    • @Daniel Hu I noticed it all clearly. The point of video was to doubt the best engineering practices and diss Apple. PS. I m not gonna respond to u anymore. This is pointless.

  • Amazing! Never thought I'd be finish watching this video!

  • Trolls warning content ❌❌

  • Any thoughts now ?

  • That moment when you know Linus speaks truth. And im the queen of england.

  • Apple fanboys *really* taking this personally huh. kinda funny to see them taking this one thing and calling Linus an idiot for it. To be fair to him the actual presentation itself was absolute trash, vague and little to compare to.

  • how 100% wrong is this video. Linus is getting arrogant

    • how 100% wrong is this comment. You are very arrogant

  • I have never upgraded my ram before so i dont see why thats such a big fucking deal. I dont use 10gb, this is a first gen anyway that can be added in later. I dont know why you hate a SOC mac mini, ive seen the m1 chips play raw canon video flawlessly in a few reviews, obviously its insanely fast vs the shitty intel crap they were using so why is the M1 mac mini so bad? Oh yea, because you dont like apple. Well I like a good cheap reliable video editing computer, not a fancy ass rgb gaming computer with a billion parts that can break on me. I know the comment section will be pissed, but if my computer is down i lose money, so i need that apple care.

    • Go watch Linus' podcast about why playing raw canon video is misleading. Yes it works, but only in certain scenarios and outside of that, it breaks.

  • This is what happens when people don't know how to interpret figures in presentations.

    • @Daniel Hu There are 2 major factors in a presentation: the data and the target audience. Judging from the data presented by Apple, who do you think is the target audience?

    • Wdym? What figures were there to determine from an unlabeled graph? Did you ever take a science class?

  • My bad... The Intel site for ThunderBolt 3 was not updated to show the USB4 specification was released on 29 August 2019 by USB Implementers Forum, based on the Thunderbolt 3 protocol specification. Still feel that feel Apple needs to change spec page for Mac M1 products to read "ThunderBolt 3/USB4" for the ports as it is the ThunderBolt 3 part that is backward compatible with the new USB4 standard.

  • Guys remember Linus didn't have any of the M1 macs before embargo and has to wait for his orders to arrive With all the stupid graphs and performance claims lacking actual system configuration and device model there is nothing wrong not to believe what Apple says This isn't even a proper review with the final conclusion, which he certainly will publish after proper testing

    • @Toto He didn't even say "I was wrong." It's funny; you're mad at Linus for supposedly bullshitting, yet here you are, bullshitting. What a hypocrite.

    • So what did he inappropriately claim apple of

    • @Anthony Wong He makes a last ditch effort to claim this video is what your comment is saying. But its done really poorly because he says "i was wrong BUT" and tries to make several excuses while yelling at his critics. It's like a child getting caught doing something and trying to save himself last minute and say it was all a misunderstanding.

    • Wait what did he actually say I'm confused

    • If you watched his live show, he goes public and makes a terrible excuse for this video while telling everyone to shut the fuck up. It shows how much of a child he is.

  • How does that foot taste Linus LOL.