Can Lakefield Save Intel? - Samsung Galaxy Book S

Datum objavljivanja: 20. Kol 2020.
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Between ARM Macbooks and killer AMD CPUs, Intel's in trouble... but the first Lakefield laptop might change that.
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    • So does sunlesskhan get a refund now lol

    • @Toy-Yoda begging is illegal in most places, just rarely enforced.

    • Is that khan like dark lord khan?

    • I want to buy a convertible of Samsung, where i can play light games and do some light video editing. Which should i buy ??

    • Nah, Musty is better

  • Compare it with M1 macbook

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  • I’m Just Here For SunlessKhan :)

  • So, in the Intel version we don´t have the same problems with programs that we have in the snapdragon version?

  • i want geekbench scoressss

  • didnt come here for the vid, but for the sponsorship. weird, fair play sunless. fair. play

  • I didnt even need this sponsorship to sub to him hehehehe

  • i love the ending

  • Well, i'm more confused. in his web of tech. So if you want a battery lasting laptop as thin as a tablet, in.stead of a tablet with a detachable keyboard. for media,social, homework,docs. Its a: - Qualcomm; Arm ($$) - Lakefield; Arm,x86 ($$) - Amd; ? ($$) - Apple? ($$$) Was i close?😥😥

  • amustycow is still better!!

  • Does it make sense for a regular student workflow if I can get my hands on it for 700€?

  • Wait untill amd releases its own big.little processors

  • I watched this video just to see the sponsorship lol

  • Sir linus?

  • 5:08 you guys are hilarious!

  • 7:12 lolllllllll

  • ARM is just better. I hope Quallcomm Samsung or ARM introduces big.little x86

  • Now the only readon i watched this specific video was for the sponsor. I love most of the ltt videos tho but that was the best prt

  • sunless: *sponsers this video* linus: skiddadle skidoodle their is no views you dumb noodle

  • Which laptop today to edit videos and audio/music and photos and to surf the web, and is not too much expansive, and durable?? THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  • Just watch the video in 1.25x speed. Riley sounds so funny 😂

  • You came for 7:10. Here you go

  • I love him, he should start his own channel 😂

  • This is the first time I actually watched a LTT video not for the content, but for the shout-out. 😂 And to think Sunless still didn't win the race to 1 mil subs, man that's got to hurt. 😆

  • This can save intel

  • What the Rock is cookin’?? It’s gotta be what the Rock is cookin’. Dang it! I thought it was what the Rock is cookin’.

  • Guys, I realize that flashy, clickbaity video titles sells video views but lets get real. Intel doesn't need "saving". They are a huge corporation with a market cap of over $200 billion. In Q1 and Q2 of 2020, they had a net earnings of 5 billion each quarter. They are valued at twice the value of AMD, which has been in the gutter for over a decade. Last year they had a net earnings of over $72 billion. They are doing just fine.

  • you couldve gone with "on desktop they're getting hammered by amd, and in thin and light laptops they're getting hammered by amd."

  • A bonus with weird core count, is that the core i5 name finally makes sense

  • nah x86 still have some inherited efficiency problems that ARM solved

  • pog

  • Poor Sunless still sitting at 977K after 4 weeks. That didn't go well xD

  • i was cofused at the beginning of the video and then I noticed it was from a biggie song

  • Don’t mind me just looking back after Musty beat Sunless to 1 mil

  • This guy is so funny 🤣

  • Surface pro x with lakefield plz microsoft... or a surface pro intel core with pro x design..

  • Intel Lakefield - Intel bull shit technology!

  • Now nvidia is buying arm Intel discrete gpu What is going on I can't understand:-/

  • The last channels Linus promoted was tech quicker or shortcuircit

  • love this dude

  • Agreed. Fuck ISO key layouts. I'm curious how the 'Tiger Lakefield'? Would payout since the graphics would be much better.

  • Arm can’t run photoshop. You really should have watch the full Apple announcement, the A12Z did just that, plus 3D graphics

  • The problem is: if I needed a laptop and I wanted to do photoshop, that is not the laptop I would buy...


  • Watching this video with galaxy book s (intel) :(

    • How is it? I've comments on another video where everyone said they returned the Intel version and bought the Snapdragon version and it's better for them. So how's the Intel version working for you?

  • great video, i just ordered the intel i5 L version and after this video i feel reassured that i made the right choice

  • Is Max back??!

  • 'being an arm powered laptop it has a fatal flaw... its an arm powered laptop'

  • This intro is wonderful. Can we get a longer version of it? I don't know why I like it so much, but I do.

  • Ron Burgundy. That's who Riley reminds me of. It's the way he talks. If he plays a mean flute, I would not be surprised. You stay classy, sir. **twirls moustache**

  • I think this type of processor for intek better suits the tablet segment. The problem is, windows 10 sucks at touch freindly UI and apps.

  • I have a man crush on Riley. Dude is hilarious. He's killing it in his role.

  • Never have i ever expected linus to actually sponsor a HRwikir I've known

  • Intel making a phone cpu lol

  • me who is just here to see sunless

  • Great video, horrible moustache. No offense.

  • Yeah don't get me wrong, you guys make quality videos but there's several inaccuracies that's too glaring to ignore. First off, the x86 to ARM translation layer only gets used for x86 apps. The reason why Adobe ones ran fast was that they were compiled natively for ARM. Secondly using Cinebench to find a score and compare it with x86 laptops is kinda not a good benchmark. Cinebench isn't even compiled for x86. Thirdly, ARM isn't "weak" in a sense compared to x86. There's lots of real world scenarios that show ARM can do things just as or faster than x86. There are ARM supercomputers and Apple has shown that with the right software you can make ARM chips fly pass Intel ones.

  • Those pretty Riley intros are AWESOME

  • Mans just said “what is this” to the tilda

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  • Is it just me or did every one only come to dis vid to see what Linus tech tips said?😂

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  • question how does this compare to the galaxy tab s7+

  • sunless, the marketing genius

  • HEY IM PART WITH MUSTY AND IM NOT PLAT I'm bronze... I'm just kidding I love both youtubers and I am actually and plat in rumble, gold in 3s and 2s and silver on 1s

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  • 5:08 - Riley got me!! Love it!!


  • iz dat tash real?

  • Hey yaay

  • Imagine this in a gpd pocket or a gpd win.

  • As I'll say to pretty much any fancy laptops, which come out this year, "A shame it's not running with AMD 4000+ APU/CPU inside". Intel and their shady practices just gotta end.

  • they must rlly want sponsors

  • Awwwwwwwww SNAP!!!!

  • "The average Bezos or Beyonce"

  • Hear me out laptop designers just layer the processor for better thermals that way you can fit a mega papa cpu in a very portable laptop

  • Can I use this for Premiere Pro??

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  • Anyone else agree Riley need to be in waaaay more videos?

  • finally dark mode

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  • NOOOO you can't shill for MSI yet ...too soon bro, too soon.

  • why he use that long nails? so uncomfortable to type

  • So small cores for small tasks but big cores for big tasks, while keeping x86, great idea intel, if only you could be smart like this and go back to destroying amd like you used to. Don't get me wrong, I like amd, but only for value and multi threaded stuff, for pure gaming, I am intel forever

  • You got to be kidding me might as well buy a full fledged notebook if your gonn be paying near 900 bucks

  • 10 threads is ok

  • Tyler the creator reference at 0:00?

  • Does anyone else like the old intro theme, the simple one?

  • this dude is so funny on so many levels, the way he speaks is so hilarious also.......... I don't know.......something.

  • So it'll go down the same route as the atom and intel's mobile processors?

  • That is obviously the superior design for the Enter key. International will prevail

  • 3:53 so what is your problem with the pound sign, pipe, back slash and tilde?