Dell’s Most Expensive Laptop

Datum objavljivanja: 4. Lis 2020.
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Have you ever gone on a computer website and cranked everything in the configurator? Well we did, and then asked Dell to send it to us. What we got is the Precision 7750, and it's a beast.
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  • plottwist: oil engineers dont watch linus tech tips

  • and enough power to make you go: MO POWA BABY

  • I love it when Linus goes off-script.

  • Bad cameraman in this episode

  • “She is a heavy boy”

  • I have a precision. Not this one, a Precision 3551 that I got as an engineering student. For an 512GB SSD and 16 GB of RAM it wad $400 more. I did it easily myself for $150 ish

  • bruh riley is wishing he had a better laptop when he already has an xps 15/17. Spoiled af.

  • Quadro cards are not usually meant to be used for gaming. I use a Quadro P5000 in my CAD workstation, as they are usually meant more for precision work over speed

  • Btw, this beast is starting at $1200, not $13 000 :D :D You can top it very very very high tho. Just something that I think should have been said from the beginning

  • I feel like the Precision 7740 was a way more of a beast, way more cooling. Way more sophisticated internal reinforcement, the pointy stick is actually a nice thing. Idk, feels like a downgrade except for the new CPU options. Btw how the hell did they max this to $13 000, its not that expensive :D I mean it is with the top gpu, but not this much expensive.

  • It’s just built different

  • invest that much and not get atleast 60fps on 4k..!! going bankrupt this evening .. live..!!

  • he: i have 16 gb of graphic in my laptop me: 16 gb oh.. thats a lot of ram man😔😞

  • What software was the engineer’s simulation running on? Was that MatLab?

  • Anybody know the laptop in the beginning of the vid?

  • "she's a heavy boy!" xD

  • Here I am still rocking a Dell Precision M6600 7 years later. Just upgraded the video card to what I could to support 6 monitors! And soon will go to 32gb and it's mSATA

  • 0:15 im confused

  • Oooo she’s a heavy boy... bruh

  • What do you guys do with all these computers after you review them?

  • 0:16 she is a heavy boy... Thailand reference..

  • Yet got beaten by macbook air.

  • Even both my kidneys seem to be cheaper than this

  • Petition to send Simon this laptop.

  • Great to see real Engineering workloads as part of the benchmarking of the laptop. If you need large FEA models with absurd mesh densities i will be happy to provide files. I primarily have Abaqus and Ansys models.

  • I'm not from the US, and tech brands are priced differently from country to country, so correct me if I'm wrong, but the Macbook Air and XPS 13/15 cost roughly the same, right? Then I don't get how are you holding the XPS and Macbook Air to different standards, when they cost the same? If they cost the same, and one performs better, its just inherently better. Why would you allow more room for poor performance, just because of marketing or branding? Even if Apple are too optimistic about their computers' capabilities for professionals, their computer still has better performance in relation to price, which should be the primary factor. Unless you are claiming that Apple are straight up misleading and scamming customers, it just seems biased. Feels like the judgement for Apple and PC laptops are set different, and when Apple outperforms PC laptops, that are priced similiarly, you change the criteria. No hate btw

  • no rgb? huh

  • $13K laptop...Well all I can say is Dell’s the first company to price a laptop up that high.

  • Dis he just say she's a heavy boy

  • I have a Dell Precision and it's a hefty mf'er...

  • Imagine someone added this laptop in a budget video 😂😂

  • Thank you for doing this so I never have to.

  • Linus, please do a video on the dgx A100

  • “She’s a heavy boy” - Linus 2020

  • To be fair to the MacBook, a maxed out 16’ MacBook costs less than half of that thing. And it doesn’t look like it’s from 2009.

    • Like all things considered, MacBook pros are the best mobile video editors on the market.

  • Hey Linus I am looking for a good laptop under 2000$ but good enough to program and game on the side from all the ones you have encountered which one do you think fits this criteria ?

  • 1:18 - the one on the left felt the pain

  • 0:17 “oh she’s a heavy boy” says Linus

  • Wait, you didn't try gaming. Why?

  • Any Wows players watching?

  • my laptop is also under 13,000 dollars btw i failed at maths class

  • I get slating the MacBook Pro but I mean for the maxed out MacBook Pro it’s less than half the price of the Dell...

  • i would still take this laptop even if this looks kinda old

  • 1.1k apple fanboys and counting

  • you know what'd be super cool! If they donated that beast to the Mechanical engineering student trying to run simulations like that with 4GB of RAM. Poor guy has enough to worry about with the curriculum, much less waiting for his crappy computer. Great video LTT!

  • looks fresh out of 2012

  • Cheaper than my phone

  • 10:27 Good editing lmao. "goodbye" cable

  • How can SHE be a heavy BOY?????

  • " She's a heavy boy " Don't joke with me Linus

  • She??? A heavy boy???

  • 10:27

  • I miss chunky laptops, atleast you could replace the battery in the thing. Love how 7.7lbs now a days is heavy but back in the day I lugged a 12lb desktop replacement to classes. Man I miss having a strong laptop.

  • I don't wanna spent $13000 which will not worth even half of it at the next 3 to 5 years I wanna grow my money not burn it This is garbage and waste of money and time

  • And my laptop struggling to run this HRwiki video

  • I have to admit I don't get the love for gigantic trackpads. Don't most people 'reset' their finger to the middle when using one? I tried the big MBP and i just kept having accidental touches. Free the nipple mouse.

  • I want that so bad just so I can go to my friends and say hello peasants.

  • “She’s a heavy boy” 🤌

  • It is a quadro gp.

  • Tech tips, your in the wrong lane. Stick to computers with the keyword of “gaming” and “”rgb” (edited)

    • @James Tomato real quick is what is Alex doing with 100k of machine shop equipment?! Could easily open an aftermarket Linus tech tip computer parts and hardware... dm me/ let me know I’ll be chief product engineer

    • @J Yay, nice!

    • @James Tomato you right, it’s fixed

    • @J Nah, I just wanted to point it out irregardless. Even if I got the point of your comment, there's no harm in writing things out the right way.

    • @James Tomato but you understood what I was trying to say so it really any different? or did you really want that brown point?

  • 10:28 i was so distracted by the cable unplugging that i didnt hear what he said

  • Flow sims are run on clusters. No one runs flow sims oN tHe gO!

    • Yup. The cluster at my job has about 350GB of ram & 96 CPUs, and some complex sims can still take days

  • Everyone joked about Alex making the 10k laptop video because Linus couldn't help but drop it at least once and here's him trying REALLY hard to prove 'em right. Good going linus. Good going.

  • Contradicting yourself be like: 0:15

  • Just gut HP advertising on this vid 😂

  • "She's a heavy boy" nonbinary laptop😌

  • 0:00 to 0:13 - Yes, yes I have

  • SHE’s a heavy Boi

  • More than $12700 🙏 , oh my god

  • Linus's voice sounds like Steve Carell's bastartd son!😂😂

  • as soon as Linus said "she's a heavy boy" first of all everyone got confused is it a he or a she? second the whole lmg studio got scared and took out their phones for recording linus dropping it

  • Please shave.

  • thi laptop weight as much as my 2005 old laptop

  • I rarely comment videos I watch on youtube but I have to admit this video is exactly what I was searching. I've just ordered one boosted to 128 Gb and your video gave me the moral comfort I needed! Thanks a lot and I'll push the thumb up, Greetings from France.

  • We needed a small silence after the 128 GB ram reveal 6:13

  • Or u could buy a cheap audi😢

  • you're being way too easy on this thing. For $13,000 I expect nothing less than perfect lol

  • Oh my gosh! 😍 The sexual object of the desire... for only 13000 dirty money!!! (more then I can get) 😲

  • I have 256 gig of ram on my office desktop.....still cannot run a dns simulation.....and a LES fluid simulation takes a month......dual 12 core xeon processor i understand the pain.

  • That’s exactly what I would like to do, but Dell isn’t offering the model and specs I want to be available here in Hong Kong... and Dell does not ship the product from other countries... seems I need to go for Lenovo now...

  • *Shes* a heavy _boy_ w h a t

  • 0:19 SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lol, great laminar flow explanation there

  • A $2500 desktop will smoke this laptop.

  • Who tf would buy this

  • Then it will become outdated in two years

  • Who else had a seizure cause of the intro

  • to get this laptop when everyone is so desperate about it for their job...I want to die

  • Woohoo! Hi, my new writing laptop in 5-7 years! After it has turned from a $13,000 powerhouse into €400 antiquated equipment (which can still kick the ass of an average business laptop). Seriously, my current writing laptop is an old Precision M4700, after i bought it, I turned off the GPU switching, replaced the hard drive with an SSD, replaced the battery, put in 32GB of RAM and installed a fresh Windows 10. I use it for writing and occasional video and proto editing. Also, for self-defense, because it is so heavy and has corners so sharp, I bet I could crack a skull with it. It has never overheated, and with my use it rarely even gets hot.

  • What a waste of money!

  • “Today we don’t have to imagine” well that’s for you and not us linus

  • Damn lol

  • "She's a rock" ok then, if you say so...

  • 0:14 I thought he'd say "Well ha we can!!"

  • what do you mean by "suck you in visuals" at about 9:15 to 925 ish. This is a Linus edited and scripted video isn't it... Linus should do the admin stuff and let the people that actually give a shit do the videos.

  • 8:17 "while during our gaming testing our CPU got as high as 100 degrees C" nothing on the video shows 100 degrees C. Why make videos, just write articles if you cant find footage to backup the script.

  • 8:08 error in the subtitles. Guy who cares about his hair said flippity-floppedidy. the good haired guy did not say flippity-flopping as written in the subtitles.

  • 6:25 Which part of that text shown indicates that Simon does not have enough 'system memory'? No wonder no one wants IT consultation from you guys.

  • Does Linus wake up and show up for videos with his hair like that? or does he actually get it styled/style it his self, like that. cause damn boi, you need a barber.

  • Nothing is perfect so it’s not the best, I’m expecting more