Did Samsung Fail Me Again? - Note 20 Ultra Review

Datum objavljivanja: 13. Ruj 2020.
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I gave up on the Note 10 right after I reviewed it for a number of reasons, but can Samsung's latest Note 20 Ultra change my mind? Let's find out.
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  • That dance gives dirty dancing a new name. Lol

  • Samsung note 20 ultra is amazing but sucks that samsung are so cheapminded selling this phone with Same exynos chipset but in America they using the latest snapdragon 865 plus chipset but using the same s20 exynos chip on the note 20 ultra and plus the chipset of s20 was inferior to s20 snapdragon making the gap even wider and sell phone more expensive in some country than America for smomething that inferior to the customers meanwhile They using snapdragon in south korea because they no it sucks exynos is slower and hotter and drain battery faster and lower quality photos than snapdragon 😡😡😡😡 RIP SAMSUNG

  • Ya I am still using the Note 9 when I saw the Wing from LG coming out I was like ya that would be great because LG always puts a 3.5mm jack on them. Ya still have my Note 9 I have had Samsung S500, MM-A920, S1, NOTE 2, NOTE 5, NOTE 9 and now I think its time to look at another brand but not Apple.

  • Beard or no beard?

  • Dude u live in surrey

  • Technically a Dbrand package is just a microfiber cloth with a cool sticker that comes with it

  • Dbrand needs to incorporate side rails for the camera bump because of how big they're getting 🤣🤣

  • 4:40 I don't think this should be in a monetized video...

  • im still using iris scaner ,helps a lot when wearing gloves and mask 😅

  • I still rock an iphone 8 and unfortunately, it still works great for what i use it

  • Pixel are horrid looking phones, IPhone is just for fanboys. Samsung for the win this year and maybe again next year

  • 13:06 were you trying to do a Morty impression?

  • Me daily driving a S6 Edge. And that was because someone forced me to upgrade from my Note 4.

  • You look like the villain in mission imposible: rogue nation and fallout

  • 9:20 pause and you can see Linus' search history.. "population of india" "Indian dance." "goodbye in hindi" I think Linus is trying to date an Indian girl

  • 10:05 lmao "that's not illegal"

  • im stil l with my s9+

  • Hopefully covid brings back the iris scanner

  • Samsung needs to listen to the customer... I love my Note 8, but upgrading from the Note 4 was tough. I lost my beloved removable battery AND the edge display has been terrible... Cracked 3 times in 2 years with a case and screen protector. With the Note 10, we lost the headphone jack... prices are up but lifespan and features are being stripped away. No thanks. I'll my note 8 until it is no longer usable.

  • its too heavy and too expensive. Get the s20 FE, less then 1/2 the price

  • Linus "That disgusting Punch out notch" Linus "iPhone is great" It nearly doesn't have a notch. Just dont look at the top part of the phone (Linus is not an apple fan ofc not)....😉 Linus ahh it's very annoying that you can't anabela 120hz with QHD iPhone we don't even have a 90hz display onca flagship phone but to compensate we introduce widgets!🧐

    • As a former long time iPhone (and current iPad Pro) user let me say... getting widgets and the App Library is huge. However I can tolerate a 60Hz display on iPhone since it gets at minimum 5 years of OS updates 😉

  • Black friday dropped it by £250 to £930 now, still worth it?

  • honest comment by linus... he should have criticized samsung provind the weaker version of chipset of rest of the world. so linus still likes his note9...

  • samsung phone prices drop by 20% in 3-4 months since release date...its not 1300$ but less than 1000$.

  • 9:20 man likes india

  • The influence is strong with this one.

  • I've got a note 8. Other than running out of space on it, it's just fine.

  • Base version was 999 with Atnt trading in note 9 got 800 dollar off so new note 20 5g ultra was only 200 beans and monthly 10 dollars compared to 33 for note 9 when it was new

  • Samsung should’ve stuck with the note 9 design

    • no. note 9 looks outdated with thick bezels

  • I like my new Note 20 Ultra, it is an upgrade from my S8+ and from my previous Note 7 that could explode at any moment.

  • Now i think that u don't know what are you saying most of the times

  • Is it just me or does the last minute feel like Rick and morty?

  • The note 9 is the perfect phone

  • The best phone would be a galaxy Note running IOS

  • I highly think you talking shit i have all those phone and they have work great

  • your smartphone reviews are going to my cringe compilation .."oh , no headphone jack and ir blaster" we get it that you like your note 9 but do you get it that nobody cares about those in 2020 ??

  • Lienus is a bad person, but with good reviews

  • Iris is so nice it's so much better in the dark

  • iphone does not beat the s20 Ultra I have both and prefer the samsung any day

  • They're bad people, very bad people... But good stickers tho.

  • Linus moves his hands while talking even more than italians do

  • i got my note 20 ultra for 950$ bc i work at walmart LUL

  • What is this review

  • I just noticed that the Samsung Galaxy S20 has a 560 something ppi while the ultra has a 512ppi. LOL

  • The Galaxy Note 9 was truly the last 'real' Note in the series...imo

  • Linus, you should try to get your hands on Sony Xperia 5 mark II. It has pretty much everything you love on note 9 and better

  • He's wrong

  • **Label of tech companies** Samsung: Competitive god tier technology that i can't afford and basically owns south korea Apple: used to be awesome, now falling down to sony level and selling expensive yet worthless products, and owns millions of underaged toxic fans Sony: used to be good, pushed down to hell by samsung and apple Nokia: used to be god tier, pushed down by samsung and apple. But still is the daddy of all phones Huawei: the new cool kid in town but gets bullied by multiple countries, but also snitches data Oneplus: new kid who's really cool, and here to stay Oppo: midrange normal tier Vivo: midrange normal tier LG: used to be good, pushed down by samsung, and now rising again with phone designs no one's ever seen before Google: possibly the best software ROG: *super fast gaming phone* Motorola: Samsung's only competitor when it comes to foldable phones Lenovo: used to be into phones, now just makes laptops T-mobile: they made phones??? Duracell: made a *THICC* and *BIG* battery phone that looks like a brick Hotel: trivago. Obviously.

  • This dude: bruh i dont like note 10, and all new phones are noobs. eww. Me, who CAN'T buy it, looking at him NOT buying it: bruh. My 4 year old A8: bruh.

  • The only place on earth where it sucks to get a Note20 Ultra is here in the Philippines (and some other Southeast Asian countries where Exynos variant is the only thing that has been released) not only they didn't released a 512GB model here but the RAM size is basically inferior to Note10+. If you're in a region where they only sell Note20 Ultra (non-5G Exynos with model number SM-N985F/DS) not only you don't get larger RAM but it's not the 5G variant. Atleast here in the Philippines of you want the 5G model of the same phone you have to get it under a postpaid plan or a carrier subsidy for the next 2 years which SUCKS cuz for all I thought that they'll only have a non 5G Note20 which is not very understandable given the >US$1000 local pricing they have here. Not only is the build quality feels cheap in the hands because of the plastic ehem POLYCARBONATE build quality but it doesn't have both 5G, 12GB RAM and expandable storage which SUCKS! Don't get me wrong I LOVE SAMSUNG Galaxy phones but man their marketing is a total CRAP for 2020 especially if you live in the Philippines or other Southeast Asian countries. Honest piece of advice here... If you feel like buying a Note20 Ultra consider these things first hand... 1. Make sure you get the 5G variant of it (model number SM-N986B) 2. Make sure that it's not from carrier subsidy/phone plan unless you don't mind being in a 2-year contract. 3. You badly needed 120Hz screen and you're willing to settle on FHD+ 1080 resolution. 4. You badly needed the 9ms S-Pen latency and the air gesture gimmicks that Samsung put on it. 5. You can basically afford it cuz in the Philippines the price of the 5G variant (which basically is only available on telcos) is crazy US$1460 (₱72,990). But if none of those matters to you Save yourself some of those headaches and just get a Note10+ which basically is NO WAY a bad option and basically has had a price down all the way to the price lower than an S20 FE (which is also non-5G and Exynos variant if you live in basically everywhere except Europe and North America). #RealTalk #JustSaying #BeTechSmart not a #IdioTech

  • I am still using the Note9 as well. Almost similar views.

  • Who will win the NFC South?

  • No headphone jack means that I'm not upgrading; guess I'll either stick with my Note 9, despite its cracked to hell screen, or get something that's not Samsung.

  • Love the Iris scanner on my s9

  • It's great and all, but still can't forgive to ripping off their customers in EU with inferior Exynos chipset.

  • Note 20 ultra rocks... Simply love it !!!

  • I'm loving my Note 20. It's an upgrade from the Note 9. Huge difference. The screen is much better than the Note 9. Every time I use it I am reminded how great the screen is. The pictures I have taken are incredibly beautiful. It's fast. Many new features. I use the pen a lot because I use it to take notes at meetings and when I meet clients. I couldn't be happier. I thought the price was appropriate. It's the top of the line. It's worth it.

  • Don't worry , Note 40 ultra finally beat pixel in pictures a apple in videos but price will rise to 5000 $ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 9:19

  • Am I the only one who thought the simpler intro was better and more transformative than this 3D version?

  • Christ people need to get over the headphone jack

  • Linus people want a true review that is not a 40 year old canadian that is always saying eeeeehhhhhh wannt beeeeezzzzeeeeelllll on the sccccrrrrreeeennnnn eeeeehhhhh wwwwaaaannnnttttt ooooollllllddddd

  • tt

  • Just ordered my Note 20 Ultra, got it for less then $1,300

  • "Sure it costs a pretty penny" More like a pretty bar of gold.

    • What a copy cat.. it's kinda funny because you copied another dudes quote exactly... Some intelligence, you might as well delete this for the world to not see how bad your originality is.

  • Can this thing be set to 90hz?

  • You can literally get the note s20 ultra for $1000 to $1100 rn on amazon so i don't wanna hear that its overpriced.

  • You missed "Speaking of pocket..."

  • to all the non-native English speakers, how many of you know the meaning of "exorbitant"?

  • no jack 3,5 mm, no samsung in my pocket

  • Time for a new Note. Goodbye Note 3. Sammy take my money!

  • Note 9 still the king, waiting for the note 9+

  • First of all the iphone takes a better videos only in specific situations (hdr) and the galaxy have more flexibility in videos and pictures, also it takes better photos, and its camera is more flexible than the pixel, so if you're reading this and you're interested in camera phones, go with the galaxy

  • LG v60 master race

  • Dude😂 i have a super pathetic budget phone and i don't complain 🙂💔

  • hey linus have u ever bumped into the aptx HD support on samsung devices? As written in here, there is non (eu.community.samsung.com/t5/galaxy-note9/aptx-hd-support-for-galaxy-note-9/td-p/688333/page/10 ). At least on our favorite note 9 phone. Is aptx HD support on Note 20? thank you

  • Seems 2020 is the year of the mid-range device. $1500 for a phone is borderline silly, when there's options like the A71, Note 10 lite, S20 lite.....

  • I'm pretty sure everyone would choose a brand new phone over a two year phone that doesn't get os updates anymore

  • after so many ads of dbrand.. i bought my self a dbrand.

  • Just curious seeing that I have a higher single core score on a 2 year old phone than the 2020 Ultras... multi core definitely looks better on the newer ones though. Competitive with last years phones.

  • You would rather have the notch than a hole punch?! loved the ad at the end probably watched a few couple times. keep up the great work

  • I’m curious about your older daily driver. One of the most common iPhone fanboy arguments why iPhone/iOS is better than android is that your android device is not going to get software updates as long as a iOS device. How do you feel about this? Is it even true?

  • 8:13 who dat

  • No 3.5 jack pisses me off but ill give.a pass cause the wireless power share

  • “Side bezels to small and a obnoxious dot thing” LOL

  • They just added the wireless Dex capability to Note 9.

  • i lvoe my note 20 ultra. im gonna keep it for at least 3 years

  • You look like Captain America

  • Exynos isnt that bad...

  • Or just buy an actual pen and notepad...

  • Just baught this a couple of days ago and loving it

  • Intern: What is my purpose? Linus: You pass phones Intern: Oh My God.

  • Kane Williamson😂

  • So eh what phone was reviewed?

  • My mind: s20 ultra My heart: note 20 ultra My wallet: Samsung A20

  • I wish samsung would fix their lineup. The note 20 ultra does seem cool but everything else needs to be fixed Even me a samsung fanboy doesn't understand their own lineup lol.

  • I mean, I have the all-in-one solution: Sony Xperia 1 Mark II, same camera, except made by the people that also invented it.

  • headphone jack is given in laptops but hell its forbidden for mobiles.

  • I don't get why it can't switch between the higher resolution and higher refresh rate between what content being used. I'd kill for a button in the options bar to quickly switch between the two.

  • Iris scanner ftw