Do you have a SLOW PC?! - ROG Rig Reboot 2020 Announcement! (ENTRIES CLOSED)

Datum objavljivanja: 18. Ruj 2020.
Thanks to ASUS ROG for sponsoring this video series! Enter at for your chance to build a new computer with Linus.
Video Requirements:
1) 30 - 60 seconds maximum.
2) Show us your current Rig
3) Tell us why you deserve to win!
4) #ROGRigReboot20 in the video description
5) Be Creative!!
2019 Winner Examples:
We're back with the 4th annual ROG RIG Reboot!!! Three lucky winners will have a chance to win an ASUS ROG gaming rig in this year's competition. One local winner from British Columbia, Canada will be chosen to visit the Linus Media Group HQ and build a PC with Linus in-person while two additional winners from all other eligible regions (USA, Canada) will participate in remote building sessions with Linus as they help him build their dream PC!
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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0



  • Well it's sad that I couldnt enter,even tho I dont have a PC, I still entered to try win Newegg's 3090 PC giveaway, But congrats ot the winners who won,

  • Make a 60 second video me who has a PC who cant even turn on in 60 Seconds... I m not joking and i m in europe soo sad

  • Why they think that only the US exist and not other countries?

  • Nobody: Me watching this in December: come own mannn dis some bull shiii

  • I wish they can they can doo it in asia tooo

  • Well I live in south America so....really don't have a chance

  • I did not even notice :c. wait till next year

  • if it was going to be made remotly,why did you keep it exclusive to usa and canada?

  • I got late!!!!

  • you know, I feel I could win one of these. Next year, next year.

  • Wow the one video I missed

  • b-bb but im an indian stuck in ksa

  • Love to enter and i have a deffenitly dont have a 1500 dollar gaming pc

  • Any1 from ISR? Sad a f cuz cant get a new rog rig reboot

  • I Cannot Get The Pc Because I'm From Poland ): And I Wanna Linus To Buy plane ticket to Poland My Dream Is To meet Linus tech tips

  • Can Macedonian join the Rog Rig Reboot

  • I want to cry because I missed this after losing my phone and while my laptop was literally shitting itself everytime I tried to launch Chrome

  • I am in Germany :(

  • are they still doing this?

  • I’m from Bangladesh 🇧🇩, Can I participate in the championship 😭 😭? Please 😭 , give me a quick reply....anybody ( hey #linustechtips # ijustine #video editor of linus )

  • Do i have to come to the USA i live in Finland and now we have this Corona

  • slow, what do you mean slow? my i7-965 extreme can handle intense tasks, such as: calculator microsoft excel windows 10 notepad microsoft edge and my exellent gtx 560 can also handle high detail games, like: minecraft roblox solitaire and my 8gb of hyperx blue ddr3-1333 ram is more than enough for high intensity gaming. wait, what's an rtx?

  • I live in asia, specifically southeast asia so i clearly can't participate (im also probably too young so uh yeah)

  • Od have to upload via cell phone as it works better than my pc 😂😂

  • I feel like I'd win.... my computer sucks 😂😂

  • i have a crap laptop

  • Of course when I figured out this contest exist the entries are closed :(

  • I have a computer from schoolll

  • No even overseas

  • did legendary Mui win bc that was me i lost access to my gmail

  • i live in morocco

  • couldnt u make it worldwide smh....

  • The ASUS... FREEE PC (Reference to EEE PC)

  • I was going to enter because my sister has a Dual Core i7 Ivy Bridge Processor, 4 GB of RAM, and runs 100x less frames per second than me in fortnite (I run 400 FPS) But I missed the contest because I saw this one month later

  • WHEN

  • Linus, please ask ROG what is the difference between me and another guy from Europe or America. they don't even give Iranians permission to visit their site. WE CANT EVEN VISIT THEIR WEBSITE. let alone rig reboot. but Im still watching their products, and Im still a big rog fan.(I also wanna cry for being borne in Iran :*( )

  • Do someone who never had pc

  • Still waiting for winners announcement....

  • I dont really have a potato pc i have a vivobook flip and i dont like it cause its not for gaming and also i dont know if its also in indonesia

  • Me not having a pc and I still want to enter cuz I don’t have money

  • Now is the time where I wish this had started this week since my computer has decided to start killing itself. So far it started with the pump dying, which was followed by one fan in the front and one in the back, which was followed by the secondary hard drive, which appears to now be being tailed by the graphics card lol. I can only salvage so much from the last computer so here's hoping this one lives until some hopefully great deals of black friday because money is short lol.

  • When will the winners be announced?

  • Me : *cries in indian languages*. Cause I cannot participate

  • JOIN ROG RIG REBOOT 2020! Me: Would have been damn nice to know youtube notifications!!!!!!!! Has your game ever crashed on the MENU WITHOUT YOU EVEN DOING ANYTHING?!

  • Team Europe anyone ? Cry with me... 😂

  • how about from philippines mr linus? i want one🥺

  • damn it, I missed the closing

  • I wish I was in us or canada

  • I wish I had a rig

  • I’m just gonna wait here until he tells us who won...

  • Ok so what if I don’t have a pc

  • did i ask

  • when will the winners be announced

  • I am an Indian. Therefore ,I can´t participate in this.I am so sad..I have an ancient laptop with 1gb ddr2 , 256mb gpu and a intel pentium dual core processor.😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢I am fed up with my LIFE!!!!

  • ah yes so no australia

  • Why can’t Hardware Unbox do the same thing here in Australia 😭

  • Why not Europe

  • I wish I was in one of the places but I live all the way in Africa pepehands

  • I don't have pc or laptop so I'm first.

  • Asians let's mourn together

  • I’m a bit curious when the results will be announced. It must be hard during this pandemic.

  • when you hear "America and canada only" YEETS PC OUT OF ROOM and writes on it: asia sucks.

  • I got excited at first then I clicked the link and there's a big sign that says "Sorry, this promotion is not available in your region" that shattered my dreams... Oh well I'll just stick to my crappy pc and work hard to earn money

  • I'm sad because Philippines is not available I have like the most crappiest computer the graphics card is amd 6410d and Btw it can't run among us. I'm not lying lmao the monitor is like hanging and the keyboard is freaking 2 years and the mouse too. And I have a genius (brand) mouse Btw and the desk is pretty small.and Btw I have windows 7 on my pc.

  • Linus:Na Only Me:Sad Crying noises Over from india

  • how can i show how slow my pc is when everi launch some games it crashes like, i got the fastest back to desktop in the world

  • when will the winners be contacted? LETS go buddy

  • What's the update? I submitted an entry

  • Me: Realises that I missed this years announcement and got sad. Also me: Lives in the UK. Me Again: Still sad. That said, my rig's not bad, I'd have to be REALLY spinning a yarn to convince them I'd NEED an upgrade, I just like one... If anyone is interested in my moderate setup, feel free to head to my channel to check it out :p

  • dang it ended guess I gotta wait next year ):

  • How long does it usually take for the results to be announceed?

  • Linus: “Who wants a free gaming PC” *Me looks at my crappy PC My PC: It’s your chance boi

  • why cant people from India participate

  • How long does it take normally that it takes for rog reboot to be done

  • Me: Missed deadline by 3.5 weeks

  • i would like a PC i had subbed to your HRwiki account, i would like one because my home computer can't even run steam and its about 16 years old, it would mean a lot if i won a PC, linus if your reading this thank-you for listening.

  • Nice Video

  • I didnt get the notification for this vid...gotta wait another year 😭

  • so u pick people with working pc’s i have a ipad from 2014 it crashes when running yt

  • South America gang, let's be sad together

  • I am from Europa ...... God damn it.

  • Me:*cries in pain because I don't have a pc i have a laptop which gives 3 fps and also lives in asia*

  • I want a pc but i live in pakistan

  • My bad can't win anyhow 😭😭😭😭

  • Lol. Tears from India

  • when is the results coming

  • Indian Gang let’s be sad together Yes’s we also..

  • So rigreboot is not available for Indian'n contester's?

  • Brooo I'm too late :(

  • do you have a slow pc me:ummm its from 2013 cybertron hellfire x

  • Well my time passed, two weeks late 😢

  • I didn't get in on the link but I made a video before the deadline. Am I still eligible?

  • Linus do a international pls I have the worst rig I guess gotta wait another year

  • How about Africa?

  • So, no asians allowed? Hahaha

  • I couldnt enter so long ago due to my region i wouldve had an amazing video! I really hope i can get a free one!

  • I have been waiting pls see this comment Linus Tech Tips have been watching sine you guys posted your first video! really want to wion!

  • I don't think this is fair. I want to participate in the rig reboot every time but I can't because I don't live in those countries. So this is not fair at all

  • I was like. Fuck!! Entries closed already and almost cried. And then he announced that winners will be one form Canada and one from US. Me from Philippines be like: ~.~ Hmkay Goodluck guys.