DON'T buy AirPods… yet

Datum objavljivanja: 18. Lis 2020.
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Think Airpods are the only option? THINK AGAIN. Here are some Airpod alternatives you should check out before you give Apple your money.
Mic Audio Comparison:
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  • Until most of these products are on their 3rd gen, it doesn't seem worth it. I'll stick to my Jaybird X3s for now.

  • I have regular AirPods and they’re worth it for £120 atm

  • My replicas are from and they are awesome. I love them because they are same as apple ones. Great sound and quality.

  • Apple said AirPods Pro has auto switching that is a lie

  • except airpods refuse to stay connected with windows 10

  • Should i get airpods pro for like 190 euros?

  • Linus ur talking to the CEO of broke

  • it just doesn't fit my ear :/ I tried using the master foam. so i have to return the air pod pros

  • Your conclusion is why I am leaving a comment lolol

  • I literally wear my Galaxy Buds Live backwards!!! Wearing them the "right way" makes them sound quiet and unclear and you keep trying to push them further in while questioning yourself at every push. But! When you flip them, as in the speaker faces away from the ear canal, they sound amazing! Or at least better than the "right way". You look stupid but at least they sound good then. Or maybe I just kept wearing them wrong :l (I swear I wasn't) They're pretty but they're not for everyone.


  • Linus looks sometimes more high as before, whats the name of the earbuds youre smoking?

  • Living in a country with consistent rainy weather, I have difficulty looking for earbuds. Great options like the Galaxy Buds+ are perfect, until you see their water resistance rating that only has enough protection until you look up or down more than 15 degrees just makes me scared to buy them. It doesnt mean there is always a high chance of a droplet of rain to hit the bud (depending on hairlength and/ headwear), but there is a higher risk.

  • So what im hearing is that linus loves the one+ buds, and is telling us to buy it.

  • Wait whats an airpod. I have been living under a rock. (The rocks name is warthunder an awesome game). Also why so darn expensive for something that does the same as a headset or headphone

  • Airpods are junk please don't buy so many glitches. Just search" airpods dropping out" and be prepared for a title wave of complaints.

  • The galaxy beans are disgusting it takes like an hour to place them in.

  • *_Dank pods say don't buy the BEANS_*

  • How'd you get Phillip Seymour Hoffman to wear those earbuds?

  • me with the wired earbuds i found on the floor in freshman year: 👁👄👁

  • Nope for $165 you can buy the Sony wf-1000xm3 which is much better than all of the mentioned earlier!!!! Even nicer than the Earbuds for Android users!

  • Only will buy pod style earphones when the ones with wire in between become to crappy.

  • haha the tips are trash tf

  • Someone inside Samsung must have thought “beans”, and had to try really hard to not mention that to the design team

  • why is this earphone video so... sexy?

  • Realms buds are good too

  • I got the LG Tone Free's and they're actually awful I genuinely hate the audio quality and I have no idea how you can even *tolerate* them.

    • Oh yeah. I actually got them after seeing your review on them. And I will actually never take your advice when it comes to audio ever again

  • I’m sometimes jealous when I have the pros

  • Why do I watch this when I already have AirPods Pro and use them to watch the video

    • because you want to feel good about your purchase, or feel like ass if they're ass

  • Linus: these are better than 20$ airpods knockoffs Me laughing behind my 30$ airpods knockoffs: THE FUTURE IS NOW OLD MAN

  • Would like to request for Huawei freebuds pro review please

  • RIP Raycon

  • The beans are legit for people that can’t stand the sealed ear designs

  • Id still go airpods pro. Nothing beats airpods pro when it comes latency. The only competitor that comes close is razer but it doesnt have and ANC.

  • I'm searching for normal AirPods / OnePlus Buds-like Buds. Because I can't stand the feeling of something penetrating my ear canal. It always sounds like I'm under water if those are in my ear canal.

  • In all these lineups, I never see any skullcandy products. Very interesting. I hope to see some of these products in lineups in the future. I curious what you guys think of them

  • Finally this weird little pockets in jeans have a meaning! :D

  • Samsung is like a good chili. It’s better without beans.

  • Amazing how many years Linus had this channel and all it took was one small pandemic to figure out his hair style.

  • I wonder why you haven’t tested the Jabra Elite 85t earbuds or their brand yet. They make fairly good quality headphones but I’m curious on your input.

  • Thank you so much for not actually completing the phrase "OK Google" and making all our phones go off. That was very considerate!

  • No sony?, yeah this gonna be quick

  • EXACTLY 2020 DISLIKES LOL (maybe this is the sign of bad luck...)

  • I'm using my 1000 naira ($2) earpiece and I'm satisfied, I won't let you oppress me 😭

  • Look up Whitepods Pro, They're the best 1:1 clones for $95 Also 8:24 - wtf

  • Jabra's offering is really solid.

  • The only nice part of the video: 4:05

  • A.I Pearl earbuds are king, dw about the rest

  • This is the funnest video so far lol. The moment with the One Pluses in the end. Keep it up LTT Team!!

  • Dammit i own the sony wf1000xm3 and they arent even featured here :/ I also dont get why manufacturers dont have more of the find my buds option. They have proven useful for me with my bose soundsport free.

  • This guy hates on so much

  • Spatial audio on the airpod pros - Beastmode while watching movies nothing comes close

  • Why no Jabra?

  • Plot twist-lg caused the pandemic,so that they can justify their uv light earphones.

  • Linus: *talking about the best airpods* Me: *listening with earphones* 😒

  • i think he hates samsung lol

  • And the problem with this type of earphones are you cant connect 2 Bluetooth device in one phone Simultaneously

  • 3:48 😂😂😂


  • I bought them a day before this video...

  • And what about Anker/Zolo Liberty in ears?

  • Still waiting for the day where Linus makes a video dedicated to promotions and doesn’t cover the subject

  • AirPods Pro the best for the best This comment was made by AirPods Pro Gang

  • 4:36 One could only imagine what manner of crazy girl music, the man with the bright pink earbuds was rocking.

  • Bean pods

  • But what if I wan't them to be a stand-alone music player? Laughs in Gear Iconx 2018's

  • air pods non pro, wired charging case on sale for a hundo. worth?

  • Mpow review?

  • Please keep the beardddds

  • "Thicker, longer, girthier, strap-on" I'm detecting a theme here

  • If the Sennheisers would have Aptx LL i'd buy them in a heartbeat, but they, just like all other ones, don't have Aptx LL, for some reason. Truly wireless earbuds would be great with long battery life and Aptx LL for PC users. Razer Truly Wireless Hammerheads are close, but not close enough.

  • Jaybird Vistas sound great, fit great, and are waterproof and sweat proof.

  • Thanks for letting me know my oneplus buds have an app lmao. Got em on sale for $59. I don't really care

  • Just went for the MW07 Plus, got a nice deal on them, close to a month in, not missing any other pair of buds.

  • You might want to try the uGreen HiTune TWS buds. They sound delicious and mine run me for 8 hours. The experience is much better than my Mi Dots (meh sound, light and comfy) and my Lenovo Live (meh sound and unable to pull from case)

  • Thay BEANS

  • To be honest hoped that you will include Jabra ear buds but I guess it's not crucial

  • WF-1000XM3 gang

  • Meh video.

  • “I’m sorry I haven’t told you about our sponsor...” 😂

  • If Michael Scot watched this video: “thats what she said...THATS what she said... THAAATS WHAT SHE SAID!”

  • Who's hearing this with a earpod is a legend

  • Galaxy buds kick every other true wireless earphones´ ass!!!

  • Love how shitty raycons are not on here. Garbage 🗑️

  • Blackpods pro the same as airpods pro yeah

  • WHY EVERY HRwikiR SAYS "DON'T BUY ******! YET Max Tech included

  • Imagine using wireless earbuds This comment was made by speakers gang EDIT: Spelling

  • I'm gonna buy them now haha!

  • video on whether series 3 or aorpods....please!!

  • Bought the Galaxy Buds+ as a backup to my Sony WI-1000X's (neckband) which are starting to wear out and the buds+ audio is significantly worse - weak and slightly muddy bass that just gets muddier if you use the bass boost equaliser pre-set and midrange lacks a bit too. I'm sure the Sony WF-1000XM3's (earbuds) sound similar to the WIs so just get them, it'll be worth it.

  • antennas vs beans vs mentos ultimate standoff

  • Just got the buds live. Like it so much, the sound is great, fits fine in my ears for hours. Just love it.

  • table is a in desk pc

  • I use inpods

  • You could get the airpods pro renewed/refurbrished for 180, and I have one of those uv cleaning things so I dont mind that they might have been in someone else's erars

  • Just got the buds live on amazon for 130

  • why is there no XM3?????

  • wireless 30 dollar headphone which are way better than anything (JLab Studio) 30 hours of battery life (but lasts for longer) WALMART noise-cancelling Gang!

  • And what about the hat/cap test? I believe this aspect and low temperature performance should definitely be discussed because you and your viewers experience winters.

  • @Linus Tech Tips What is the Best 3 True Wireless Stereo Speakers Bluetooth? Sony, Sennheiser, Bose, or others?