Don't spend too much on computers!

Datum objavljivanja: 28. Ruj 2020.
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  • With the year closing out, it seems like Roddy Ricch, Lil Baby and DaBaby dominated the charts. Who had the biggest song of the year in your opinion? Check out all of the number 1 songs from 2020 so far:

  • Linus: About to die Bad guy: Any last words Linus: This death w-was sponsored by Tunnelbear!

  • I have that GPU

  • saw someone on chat asking: "should i get aryzen 5 or 6" LOL!

  • Processor & Memory: 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-10750H Processor 16GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM Drives: 1TB 5400RPM Hard Drive + 512GB NVMe Solid State Drive No Optical Drive Operating System: Microsoft® Windows 10 Home (64-bit) Communications: Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201 2x2 WLAN + Bluetooth® 5.0 Integrated 720P HD Webcam Killer Gaming Network E3100 (10/100/1000 mbps) Ethernet LAN Graphics & Video: 17.3" FHD (1920 x 1080) 144Hz 3ms Display 6GB NVIDIA GeForce® RTX 2060 Graphics Audio: 2x 3W Giant Speakers + 2x 3W Subwoofer Keyboard: Steel Series RGB Backlight Keyboard with Anti-Ghost Key + Silver Lining Ports & Slots: 1x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C 2x USB 3.2 Gen 1 1x USB 3.2 Gen 2 1x HDMI-Out 1x Media Card Reader 1x Mini-Display Port mDP v1.2 1x Ethernet Lan (10/100/1000 mbps) 1x Mic-In/Headphone-Out Jack Power Supply: 6-Cell 51Wh Li-Ion Battery Additional Information: Dimensions: 15.63"x10.57"x1.08" Approximate Weight: 5.75lbs is this a deacent laptop?

  • anyone have any feedback on the 2020 msi raider gaming laptop currently being sold at costco

  • Fast forward to November 2020: MacBook Air M1 for $999.... bam, done.

  • Me: carefully moving every PC part like it’s made of ultra thin glass Linus: coloring on his mobo and cords and melting his PCI and cutting with a butter knife

  • LINUS IS SO getoff my lawn you lil whipersnappers already haha

  • Within 5 minutes, he's already talking about melting the back off a PCI-E slot with a blowtorch and butter knife. Classic Linus.

  • Omg i have the same screren, a beast :D

  • There's such a thing as too much slot talk and a fella should be aware of it.

  • No one gonna mention Jake is wearing a Finnegan Speed and Marine shirt?

  • "We do not discriminate based on size." Right on, Linus!

  • Just using an Os, courtesy of grandpa Linus. The other Linus i think. In short words i am a penguin user. XD

  • If you open the end of the PCI-E slot won't it lose its clamping ability? Could you end up with poor contact or even shorting?

  • Is 500 watt really enough??

  • Anything better than a non k i5 needs a z board. Why not amd you could literally buy a 3600 with a b450m board

  • Don't spend too much Previous video-" building a bathroom setup with a 3090"

  • I've torched butter knives too. But for other recreational purposes

  • linus calling out sponsors on live streams makes me trust his word even more.

  • I just bought a $1000 pre built Pc. It’s my first pc. I wish I had watched this video. I wish I built it myself.

  • Oh, I had the same fail once, I even thought the CPU could be broken so I tried another mainboard. About Tesla: great EVs, but poor when it comes to basic constructions points and worst in customer service. They try too hard on inventing stuff again, that already work just fine and solutions were already found.

  • He is speaking a lot of negative things about this MSI Tomahawk Board. There is a lot of negative attitude about this build

  • I am not a fan of MSI, my favorite was gigabyte, Now using ASUS rog. I think is much better, the MSI is much cheaper then a ASUS ROG board about $40.00USD cheaper but it is worth it.

  • "No one's gonna get that close." I know, Linus. I know.

  • About the video editing point. I fill up 16gb with 1080p 60fps heavy editing.

  • Bleu cheese dressing?

  • don't spend too much on computers - "Sponsored by MSI"

  • So true about the open back pci-e slots

  • yo that free love interface line almost killed me dawg. - B.Rabbit

  • Damn the Covid induced Nihilism is setting in even at LTT...

  • And then the NVIDIA 3000 series came out

  • I need some clarification with a Mac Pro 3.1 running Catalina OS. It has a graphics card Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 3GB GDDR5 in it but can't get to display 3 monitors, although am using all the direct outputs (Mac) to the corresponding monitor inputs. With any configuration or by using adapters, I only get 2 monitors to work simultaneously. My question is, can this card display 3 monitors at all?

  • Good video but waste of time coloring the cooler and wires

  • Linus just confirmed nvidia told the media bout the 3060

  • His children watching this in the future

  • Me listening to linus talk about paint 🤪

  • 10:05 "Wow that's really tight from the factory!!".... "OC Homebuild-community: Oh c'mon you pussy!!!!" ;)

  • 17:42 - No Linus! FPS is gained by adding RGB... All you did was take the B away! 18:47 - And now you're taking away the rest of the B and some G too. Don't you dare take the R on the audio jack.

  • Disgusting!!! INTEL!!🤢🤮

  • Lol i saw that guy in a lambo, he live in a casle LOL

  • Ooof on the Tesla lol. Why I'm glad I got a fuel efficient Honda Civic Si

  • The way Linus slaps all his parts and pc and monitors around makes me feel like I baby mine too much...😅

    • Eh. He just handles them so much that knows exactly the stress that they can take. Surgeons do the same thing... If you ever have any surgery where your intestines need to be moved out of the way, they'll literally just take them out of your body cavity and plop em’ down on a table next to you like a pile of water balloons, then put them back when they're done... Most fragile things are way less fragile than you'd think

  • 1:09:25 It's the industry standard for companies to loan out a press car for 7-10 days. Doesn't matter who you are. Watch any car review publication.

  • The QA on those defect shirts are far above the shirts I wear on a daily basis

  • Linus sex tips 2:50

  • There is better electrical tape Just saying

  • "Boring business boners."

  • how bout some Black heat shrink tubing

  • Has anyone actually priced this build? I am not getting close to $1,000 US dollars more like $1,600 without monitor, keyboard, or mouse.

  • Where is the sponsors spot? I already told you, it's brought to yuou by MSI, speaking of MSI this viddeo is brought to you by MSI. Me: aha, MSI

  • Just priced this PC here in Australia, $1,700.20 .. with no power supply no keyboard, no mouse no headset and no monitor.... Australia is so expensive for PC parts.. it sucks hard here..

  • New clean room for the shirt short, sponsored by drive savers?

  • Where can I get a Nitrous and Blowers and Turbos and Bacon shirt???

  • I also HATE electrical tape.

  • 22:30 aged well. should've just bought the card if they needed it 😅 30 series is fake. won't be in stock until Jan


  • Brings back memories - Pin out molex connectors, sleeve cables and install groovy new connectors.

  • “Don’t Spend Too Much On Computers” Me Over Here Paying For A 5,000+ Gaming PC

  • there is absolutly no reason to recommend the rtx 2060 s over the 5700 xt. save some money for better performance, friends.

  • "LTT defect, discounted shirt" = Basically unnoticeable printing error, still better quality print then most shirt retailers.

  • Did msi scalp parts for you?

  • does the standard intel cooler come with thermal paste or did he just forget to put it on?

  • 25:48 ....

  • one does not believe in jinx when one does not believe in magic. lolz

  • A boring business boner is what I got from Jay's Radeon review

  • Linus: "Star Track" Me: *peeved* "Star TREK"

  • That babies line lol

  • MSI: "Could you not say B is for boring while handling our products?"

  • After reading the title... Me: Look who's talkin

  • I dont know alot about computers but i want a good gaming,recording,and steaming (might use for vr) and i plan to use 3 monitors setup for about $2000-$5000 what do i get

  • can someone give me a gift desktop gaming pc?

  • The rest of the slot on a 4X slot is used for extra bracing. If you think GPU sag is bad with a 16X slot, then with a 4X slot with the back open is going to be horrible. Perhaps THAT'S why they don't do it.

  • "Wait, this whole operation was your idea"

  • My nipels hurt

  • Linus paint tips😀

  • It's an Intel hotdog. the blue comes by default

  • Guess someone told you this but euhhhhhhh ya talk to much you know you talk WAY to much ..... keep your attention on what you doing perhaps ?

  • There are many different brands and tiers of electrical tape and like most things they are not all created equal. 3M Super 33+ and Super 88 are what I always use in the automotive field. It sticks far better than all of the cheap electrical tapes you find.

  • Aight, imma have a boring business boner....

  • 12:31 blue, that weird coleslaw that KFC has

  • my newest supper gamer is hp z800 one, make shure mouther board support newer cpus, was two kinds of motherboards for this, then find two of fastest and most core cpus,. now u have upgrade the power supply do this. get nvida card dont madder one takes no power as this is not what we targeting, install nvida telsa card,. and 4 sas harddrives with new raid card, once telsa card drivers is loaded will alow os to access the card as cpu.s in short u now have 200 some odd cores, so size of video card now mote as u have all the gpus needed off the telsa card, and to note this will even off load data from network, unit price any one care ask, well under 500.00 and dose it freaken fly, now i discover that the tela cards can be installed in anything has power, these cards will make any out dataed server or pc far more able to run fastest games on market if they even load , but u need find a 1000 watt power supply the old 800 watt dose not have enouf power to run all this as u want max out the ram in this, or put ram in each slot as each is part of a independed ch. that gose to cpu so each slot must have memory in it to get most out this

  • i buld high end pc under 300.00 and would be faster then what most here can buy, but i found huge probem, each busness ibm, hp cisco, all rest all the software was move now being built in china, to provent us from useing older servers now they locking down the drivers, in short there is no way get such server online unless u find what u need on dark web, now i have never apove of this way but under this condition they leave us with few choices, i also found something odd, i have a ibm 3850 m2 it has 2018 bios update wich now has disapear and now even the olded update u can not get, as once i get all these drivers and firmware now i can get none, now this is not end of this story, bitchain used in bitcoin has been hack , how china again got there hands on it put back door into it, in short they now have abuilt to break and take all bitcoins, as now they have back doors in to the program we must see this as ack of war, and china is more willing take us on at levle we never seen, quistion is are we better hackers then they are and steel back what is ours

  • MSi motherboards sucks donkeyballs

  • For AI learning in game - software based - Look at Hideo Kojima's games like Metal Gear where the NPCs learn your style of play and adapt to it. Stealthy player picking off NPCs with headshots - NPCs roll out ballistic helmets. I know there are other examples but I think it's important to acknowledge that software based AI learning has been in place for a while - as I'm sure you know! :)

    • Alien isolation has 2 ai's Both learn. Alien learns where u hide. Other ai learns how scared u are and lures the alien away. No joke. Also quake 3 has ai that learns player patterns.

  • Latterly said "blue Sticker" & "Silver Sticker" a second before you haha

  • HAHAHA Linus is human! Who new!

  • Every MSI board I have used to date takes an absolute age to POST 1st time. I'm just so thankful the newer boards have the CPU / DRAM / VGA/ BOOT LEDs so you can see it's thinking! lol

  • Also forget sleeved PSUs, remember the old AT connectors - Black to Black in the middle!?

  • Latterly said "blue Sticker" & "Silver Sticker" a second before you haha

  • Could I use a i7 ?

  • “Budget” system *uses intel instead of AMD*

  • on the comment on power supplies mounts i will say 2 words Thermaltake cases

  • Re: Blue Things On Hot Dogs™️ In Cleveland we have Happy Dog which is a pc gamers dream for a hot dog joint. Fully customizable hot dogs with all toppings free and they range from alien relish to chili to froot loops! (The blue, lol)

  • Kinda sus how linus cant remember what among us is

  • Was anybody else screaming just unplug the damn fan cooler cables and wrap them in black electrical tape already???

  • I’m just here watching a 1000$ build, while building my own 2000$ system. But that’s us 1000 not Canadian so I’m really only over budget by 300

  • Hey I’m gonna build a computer!-spends 20 minutes coloring.

  • imperfect, imperfections?