FINALLY... a Ryzen Mini PC!

Datum objavljivanja: 23. Kol 2020.
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Intel has long reigned supreme in the low power mini PC market with their NUC lineup, but with MinisForum's new Ryzen based mini PC's on the market, this might just change..
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  • Does it run Roblox? 😁😁

  • I think the first amd ryzen mini pc was Udoo...

  • linus i didn’t know it was you with that beard.

  • You look homeless, Linus.

  • I just heard about it how do you buy it?

  • But I'd be more impressed... If you hear a word from our sponsor.

  • 5:37 Rubber on his stick. I see what he did there.👀

  • How can we buy this ?

  • Dude ...

  • I would like to see the results with a light weight Linux distro and Plex.

  • The big question is will it play wow?

  • is it bad that my PC can't even run cs:go at 720p 60fps

  • So when mine arrived I popped the lid off and the hard drive connector snapped. I've tried to get it to reconnect to the motherboard but can't get it to stay in place. Could anyone recommend a way to fix it?

    • I'd recommend playing on a computer rather than with the computer.

  • NukaLaic

  • You treat computer parts like a.....

  • I have an acer aspire 7 laptop with same cpu and GTX 1650

  • When I go to the comment section to know roughly what he said in the video so I don't have to watch it, but EVERYONE uses this comment section to make a joke...

  • Where's that pn50 video

  • My budget PC ryzen 3 2200 no GPU runs valorant 114 fps

  • Try among us, but 1 gigabyte. Or you can’t do that, can you?

  • This video is using young Linus:

  • Linus meth tips

  • You lost excitement over 12nm. Man I run on 45nm.

  • 10:50 that's what she did

  • 4k direct is easy even with atmos my FX-9590 server with 4 cores enabled can do that no problem on 70Mbps video

  • can it have liquid coolant system? its would be soo nice..

  • What’s the link to buy it

  • Something worrying just happened. My son just said Dad pointing to Linus. Linus? Been over to the UK approximately 2 years ago?

  • Does this support dual monitors?

    • Watch the video..

  • Whats the title of the asus one?

  • Like por ter legenda pt-br

  • This is more powerful than my pc ###

  • I ordered a DMAF5 from this company on Nov 4th because of Linus. It is now Nov 16th and no shipping information yet. They are also false advertising Windows 10 Pro pre-installed on this machine but it only comes with Windows Home digital license. Having my doubts about this company.

    • There's something called 'E-Mail', you can use that technology to get in Contact with other people! It's like a letter but online! It's amazing!! With these letters you could possibly ask them for an Update, that's a thing!

  • still better then the ps5 and the xbox one x xD hahahahahaha

  • i like ya cut g

  • What is the name of this?I legit cant find its price anywhere.

  • Forget Indiegogo. ASUS also makes NUCs (at last). Can you review their products? Perhaps try a mid-range for starters, like ASUS PN50, with AMD Ryzen 7 CPU (4700U). Try Linux instead of Windows 10? All the very best.

  • Bruh I thought that was a power supply

  • as a company, i would cringe sending this man any product, they may just send two, one to show and another to destroy

  • I have a NUC. It is pretty neat having a tiny PC for casual/office use (no gaming or rendering, just programming, web browsing, and anime). It's probably 2/3 the size of a 3.5" external drive (it does have a power brick like a laptop, though smaller than my laptop's). It powers everything but 4k video (scaling 1080p to 4k is fine, the newer Intel integrated graphics may do 4k though). It's basically a laptop without the screen or keyboard -- mobile CPU (i3-7100U), laptop RAM (16GB), an NVMe SSD and a 2.5in SSD. I do love though that it makes you rethink what you think of as a PC, that it has to be at least a midtower ATX, dominate a space, and contain everything you want. Modularization was my philosophy for this build. If I ever wanted an optical drive, I could use a USB one. Storage is offloaded to an NAS and external backup drives. I could theoretically use an external GPU but those are ridiculously expensive. However, my next build will be a bit larger. Probably mini-ITX so I can move back to desktop chips without going back to a giant ATX or something like Hades/Ghost Canyon. But most people absolutely don't need a giant PC. It's not the 90s anymore. People can buy an AIO or a NUC (which has a VESA mount, making it effectively an AIO without tying you to a specific monitor -- I have a 32" 4k monitor, larger than the AIOs I've seen).

  • did you say, it's a nuc-a-like?

  • Papa Linus

  • What about ningmei rubik's cube mini?

  • 😂

  • I saw a sata ssd flash ram on the shopping app in my country it's a 16gb of ssd ram card you find this website

  • T-Bao TBOOK MN35 AMD Ryzen 5 3550H 16GB DDR4 512GB NVME SSD

  • T-Bao TBOOK MN25 - AMD Ryzen 5 2500U 8GB DDR4 256GB NVME SSD $280

  • i honestly just watch these for them sweet sponssor segways

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  • this can replace my pc

  • Can it run Crysis?

  • I really hope that ryzen finds its way into the Microsoft surface tablets

  • If those shoes are waterproof can you walk in water?lol

  • its it the same processor on the Nitro 5 A515 -43????

  • Linus go check out the Asrock a300 series desk mini pc which can run up to a ryzen 5 3400g(in the current market). its been there for quiet some time. pls do a review on it :)

  • watercooled

  • This mini comuter is literally twice or thrice as fastt as my pc

  • Still, the Mac Mini is the gold standard in Mini Computers. It might not be the best (Except in build quality) but it nails all the criteria and does so wonderfully.

  • I found the same mini pc at and it was great for Pfsense, Sophos UTM home edition, OPNsense, Windows OS and Linux. Very convenient for me as I can easily move it to anywhere I want.

  • When I play 4k my cpu gets 100% bussy and starts to give smoke.....😟

  • Shave your face that beard is an embarrassment

  • Do you guys think this could handle editing videos and photos?

  • I'm not sure why, but I feel Drunk watching this video.

  • Oh yeah I definitely """rip""" my blurays to my Plex server for sure

  • this costs as much as my gtx 970 i5 6500 and my pc is still worse

  • Watercool this pc

  • Dose he have a ryzon 3 3300u

  • When is the linus sex tips channel going up

  • When Linus leaves Motion Blur on lol

  • I want that mini keyboard. Anyone?

  • All I heard was "just like you have" then I blacked out for 30 seconds...

  • I run a Plex server at home!


    • indigogo link in description, it's already closed but you may be able to buy it soon

  • Linus looks like he's crazy

  • Hi Linus, can you build same thing but your own design for a gaming mini PC the fastest it can be and you may call it "LINUC". Please can you do it? serious request. thanks.

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  • after building in a velka i can never be impressed by a mini pc anymore ;(

  • wait why is that tiny thing stronger than my pc?

  • Mine just arrived and I'm impressed so far. I'm typing this on the DMAF5

  • "Nobody likes a rubber on their stick" dead lol

  • first amd based nuc..Asrock DeskminiA300 what am i chopped liver? Yeah I know not a nuc but a way better pc not much bigger and you can build it alot cheaper then that!

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  • This palm sized pc runs valorant better than my full sized one

  • Computers are the opposite of penises apparently, because people like smaller computers for some ungodly reason

  • linus be like "lets see if i can break the computer before i even turn it on" and thats exactly what he did

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  • Im gonna be honest i really dont believe this came out 2 MONTHS ago it swear i watched this last year

    • But then. Again the 🧔 beard says it all

    • Was thinking the same too

  • I wonder if it can be modified and put an external VGA on it.

  • could you also review a Asrock mini pc with embedded ryzen cpu ? thanks!

  • always sponsors can't you have a video without any sponsor? it will make linus angry 😡

  • Way to get #1 comment on LTT just quote Linus. "I don't like rubbers on my stick, well they have an operation for that"

  • "Well, they have an operation for that." Yeah, you'd know all about that, wouldn't you Linus?

  • It's easy to get a lil carried away and end up not knowing what screw goes where, A sign that theres something interesting

  • This runs faster then my laptop

  • Nice hairstyle took only 90 years

  • I would not recommend this product, as there has been issues with the delivery date and customer are extremely disappointed, please take a look on their website to understand how people are frustrated.

  • Are we just going to ignore the fact that Linus' fingers are actually magnetic?