Flight Sim 2020 will CRUSH Your Gaming Rig- WAN Show August 21, 2020

Datum objavljivanja: 21. Kol 2020.
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00:35:40 *Apple supplying parts to independent repair shops (not as cut and dried as you might think) - TOPIC*
00:54:46 *XBOX Series X architecture deep dive - TOPIC*
01:04:11 *BREAKING NEWS... The RTX 3090 has been pictured - TOPIC*
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  • It's interesting that the AI aircraft that are real-world flights actually go around if you get in their way when they're trying to land and air traffic control automatically will tell you to go around if they take too long to clear the runway. I'm playing it with a GTX 970 and Zen 2 3100 and it does fine.

  • the starting price for an index is more than triple that of the quest 2 If you are looking to get into VR and not make such an investment the quest 2 would have been the perfect headset... but facebook is really trying its best to make the descision very difficult -.-

  • Microsift fligh sim requekerjjwow more storage than my pc has

  • youtube also kicks you off for politics

  • Yeah I expected as much from Oculus I don't even have a Facebook account and haven't for around 8 years and I will not be making another one it's a good thing I upgraded to the index

  • $200 graphics card? Going to need to step that up if my $800 card can't run it maxed out

  • them saying no one has taking over the reigns 4:08 me thinking about xplane 11

  • JIHAD simulator 2020

  • Flight simulator does not need high fps. Even 20fps with a 1080ti at 4k on ultra in NYC plays just fine.

  • Throwback to the laptop i had in like 2012 that could run minecraft at 20fps when I looked at the sky

  • Apple needs to be broken into smaller businesses.

  • It would be great if reviewers published FS2020 benchmarks. It’s really the ultimate test of any CPU/GPU combination.

  • Pair the flight sim with a VR headset and that would be ultimate immersion.

  • And there's me with a Core i7 2700k and a 970 gtx :-s

  • When ARK: Survival Evolved installs it's like 200 Gigs... I don't think the 150 Gigs is why they use their own launcher.

  • IDK what's with those M$ Flight sim specs, from the streams I've seen, it looks decidedly average (and some of the world detail is worse than Google Earth). With respect to the Oculus once you have it installed you never need to go online with it again ever, you've be a fool to use the oculus store (as it ties your purchases to that headset) outside of buying Virtual Desktop so you can use Steam as your VR storefront/VR renderer. I hate FB with a passion (my router even has a rule blocking their domains completely), but at the moment they have the only cabless HMD on the market, and this is shady as fk. Guess my quest is going on Ebay unless someone does a cabless HMD in the next 2 years.

  • 22:25 The thing you will be loosing is the software you bought.

  • 16:04 If it would only be a new graphics card ... I need a whole new PC.

  • 35 fps in a sim isn't that bad is it great no

  • My overclocked 1070 actually gets 40 fps in Flight Simulator at a little higher than high settings at 1080p. Yes it's a heavy game, but even at medium settings at 1080p it looks very good. What you also need to understand is that sims of this sort tend to be very, very heavy. It doesn't matter what you have, you'll probably not be able to max it at launch.

  • As a developer, 30% is nothing. Traditional publishers take somewhere between 90% and 120%, depending on how good your lawyer is.

  • omg i would have to give flight sim its own damn hdd

  • MS Flight Sim always had TOP spec beyond what people REALLY HAD. They are NOT doing what these "every 2 years we put out shit". Ultra is NOT what it CAN do - that is more. And if you see people with lower specs doing .... it's awesome. I will be getting new pc before (maybe Christmas) and will expect it to handle this NOW in my price range .BUT I expect my pc can run it if I dumb down. I have several AC games I can't run (Odysseus fine but many before don't work) And your comments about skills - yes - the real pilots say that, with a bit of guidance it would help anyone to land any plane covered. Oculus = FB = ALL EVIL CORPS - like Steam (and their 30% hit on all companies that make games FOR US). What really needs to happen is people to use other things. EPIC for games, and other things for VR Most non-retards (even young people) are avoiding FB now - my son (20) does not use FB much.

  • Timestamp 1:17:58 - "I learned everything i know from you about how to build computers!" - I hope that doesn't include dropping them ;)

  • What about X-Plane?????

  • Damn graphics cards are like a different language

  • bunker branding for making clothing. also a huge youtube channel. demolition ranch

  • If you believe, for a second, that Epic did this for the community, then you're drunk. They did it because fortnite is an extremely profitable business, and they want that 30% too. The fact that they planned this lawsuit from the beginning shows that they are just as bad as apple, and this time, they were on the losing end. Obviously can't have that. This is one instance where i am for apple, simply because fuck epic. Atleast apple is well-known for being a cunt company, while Epic is not. Time to tarnish their reputation too.

  • I just fast forwarded through your entire show because there was some ad banner across the bottom the entire time. Good luck with your show; I probably missed some quality content there, but I’ll get over it. Unsub

  • Kids if you want to become a pilot this is a good way to sell the idea to your parents

  • Most consumers won't care about the Oculus Facebook information, when they should. Since we've become numbed to the issues. They take our information, they sell it. Zuckerberg is no good, but too wealthy and powerful for anyone to do anything about it.

  • Old and busted, will it run Crysis. New Hotness, will it run Flight Sim

  • Ock YOU, Faculus!!!!! :-(

  • Valve is simply the good guy when it comes to costumer service

  • hey ummmmm, Lockhead Martin's Prepar3D (P3D) is based off of FSX jsut a heavliy modified FSX and rebranded, and the recent pioneer was Xplane 11 with there outstanding defualt scenery, and outstanding flight model, Xplane 11 was released in 2016 and has been the best FLight simulator since 2016 and up until now.

  • nvidia was too scared of not being able to run flight sim 2020 at 4k 60fps so they made the rtx 3090

  • The 3090 was born for Microsoft Flight Sim 2020, I can't wait.

  • FS2020 live weather,but with at least 28 YEARS out of date satellite data.So the London eye is missing.I can run it with adjustments on:-Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 mobo,Nvidia 1050 TI,32 GB 1866 DDR3 ram,2TB SSD.So they lied about the minimum specs...............................

  • Almost all the features they are awing over were in fsx real weather, ai aircraft, and 1 to 1 scale and just like fsx the game is not using all my hardware theres worse aspects just get close to a tree in a strom and the trees are crap the water is basically a giant wading pool if u land gear down with a 747 and the wheels dont even go underwater the camera is crap in my opinion every plane has a single livery theres a whole host of problems when u ignore the shiny graphics i will give the flight model the praise it deserves it is really good but back to bad when it snows it doesn't look like snow as much as fog it is a ok game it IS NOT worth 80 Canadian dollars it has good side but theres parts of the game that scream knock off 5 dollar game some things are good and some are bad plane interiors arent finished theres lots of inop button

    • This is coming from the point if few of someone who has over 2500 hours in fsx

  • RTX3080 and RTX3090 ♥ NVIDIA ALL THE WAY yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  • While your doing that can I just do the sponsor for the show.....sure.......wait that's not it...that's not it...nope that's not it...there it is....oops.thats not it either😅😅🤣😅🤣

  • Everytime someone says their high-end pc has a hard time running a game at ultra settings, there's always idiots going "might as well just get an xbox then" An xbox would run the same game at like medium settings. And you can't change them. And your xbox can't do all the shit my pc does. And my PC is upgradable. And my PC won't get a RROD 3 weeks after I bring it home.

    • To be honest for $500-600 you can build a PC that gives you the same performance as a console and gives you all the other stuff you mentioned However, some of the cheaper consoles (like the Xbox One S) can be had for $250-300 and even though you have to pay a multiplayer subscription and then play games at a lower quality, it's still the cheapest way to just get into playing games for the next 3-4 years. I mean $250 spread out over 4 years is $5 per month, add another $5 a month for multiplayer and $5 a month for games, and that would be by far the cheapest way to get into playing games without having to worry about hardware.

    • You sound pretty defensive lol You aren't wrong but once the Series X comes out that definitely won't be the case, unless you upgrade

  • 737 max damn that burn hahahahha

  • Good job Z U C C

  • Why does this channel keep unsubscribing me!?

  • I'm stoked because this will hopefully cause competition to keep up

  • now that 8 gb nvme drives exist could they possibly be set up to emulate a gpu humm

  • Epic should focus on their buggy, featureless desktop store before they try and create a mobile store.

  • Is MSFS 2020 really that bad? I've not noticed any issues myself and I've got a 7 year old CPU. Specifically I've got an old I7 (4770k) a gtx 1080 (non ti) and 16gb DDR3 and seems to run pretty well at high 1440p

  • The specs don't sound accurate. I fly at a stable 60fps on ultra settings with slightly nerfed shadows using a measly 2060 Super. It looks fantastic and runs smoothly.

  • So Linus, I know you're a smart dude when it comes to PC stuff, but MSFS 2020 has a way to go with flight modeling. It will get better with time, but the default aircraft are very lackluster once you get past the glossy paint and into the cockpit. There are so many buttons INOP that a person can't practice the real world procedures needed in an emergency with this sim. Should have been retitled MS World Simulator which they did a great job of.

  • i just had to build a new pc for ms flight sim. g.skill trident 8gb x4, i9 10900k, 2070 super. if i'm lucky i might be able to put a couple of settings into ultra.

  • JFYI, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 runs very well in 4K on high and even ultra on my i9, iMac 5K Radeon Pro Vega 48 8 GB, 64 GB RAM running Windows 10 64 bit in Boot Camp. Just as well as my Dell XPS i7, GTX 1080, Dell 4K monitor PC.

  • This guy in the right gained some serious weight since las I saw him...

  • Well they are learning. The best way to build a better console is to build a pc.

  • I remember reading once that reading ready player one was heavily recomended if not required read if you were going to work at oculus. Well if feels like they sold out to ioi

  • So..... when will be required to use a facebook account to use frickin whatsapp?!?!?

  • One thing to point out RE Apple vs Epic and the question of why Google wasn't targetted, Google Pay (which takes a cut per in app transaction) is OPTIONAL. An app can have in app transactions and NOT use Google Pay. Therefore there is no lock in.

  • Flight Simulator has NEVER been FPS friendly.

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator is bested by X-Plane 10 or 11 and P3D. So to say there wasn’t anything there and they were and now back, like they are the only game/sim in this racket is absurd. X-Plane and P3D have better and more realistic physics and ability to be sims than MS Flight Sim.

  • I am selling a brand new AMD Ryzen 9 3950x for $630 shipped. Message me if interested. 5

  • I am selling a brand new AMD Ryzen 9 3950x for $630 shipped. Message me if interested. 4

  • I am selling a brand new AMD Ryzen 9 3950x for $630 shipped. Message me if interested. 3

  • I am selling a brand new AMD Ryzen 9 3950x for $630 shipped. Message me if interested. 1

  • I am selling a brand new AMD Ryzen 9 3950x for $630 shipped. Message me if interested. 2

  • I am selling a brand new AMD Ryzen 9 3950x for $630 shipped. Message me if interested.

  • Sounds like I have 2 more years with my oculus rift cv1.

  • MSFS crushing gaming PCs? Mine runs on ultra and MS suggested in during the install. I flew over central London too and it was amazing - so is X-Plane on my PC. PS it's about a 95GB install.

  • So.. um.. my 2200G isn't going to cut it?

  • Flight simulator is the longest running Microsoft software product line in the world. It predates windows. I'm also from the lower mainland so I can tell ya Vancouver looks amazing! A 70 GB update is coming within the next 7 days. It has some performance enhancements, fixes sim crashes and installer updates. Flight Sim weather is run by Meteoblue. You can see how the weather works in the sim here: Discovery series: hrwiki.info/plane/video/Z6Oftqmjb6Js2oI - The answer is yes. You can fly through a hurricane. Went into Hurricane Laura yesterday lol.

  • 30% is a lot but that pays for us to have free services. I left Xbox to get away from the damn memberships.... It's been the one thing I flat out refused to pay for threw my Xbox at Microsoft and bought a new PC and installed steam. 150 games later and not a single scratched CD!!!! 🤣

  • Jay did some testing on the game and noticed that with FPS at 50 the GPU was not maxing out, it suggested an engine issue.

  • Love it, it makes sense with the LTT talent to do more of these videos.

  • You're an enthusiast if you spend $200 on a graphics card? You cant play any new games on a $200 graphics card.

  • I have a rift and refuse to go back to Facebook. I guess I'll have to get a Vive pro or something. And I can't justify paying for an index cause it's way too expensive for how little I play vr. Facebook is only doing it to get more users on their site. This just makes me hate Facebook more.

  • Luke looks like my Computer science teacher 🤣🤣

  • 40fps for flight sim is actually pretty good. Obviously, 40fps for Gamers sounds ridiculous but for simmers, it's pretty much the norm.

  • damn luke has put on some weight XD

  • Don't forget Microsoft Flight. That was born in 2012 and died in 2013.

  • If those prices are accurate, it's the beginning of the end for Nvidia. All AMD needs to do is offer 2080 Ti performance for $600 and there will be no reason for Ampere for anyone that isn't trying to play games at 4K 120FPS.

  • I have the Oculus Rift S and do not have a Facebook account nor do I want one.....

  • is there any update for flat-earthers??? :D

  • hope Jake has his own house now or he'll have to get rid of his bed to fit the chair in the room we saw years ago

  • Flight Simulator 2020 for Switch when?

  • What Microsoft is saying about the minimum requirements is not true. You need a high power pc to be able to run this game. Nothing works if you don’t have one. And good luck trying to download it after uninstalling it.

  • 10:15 NVIDIA sitting there dumbfounded: We made the fastest graphics card in the world... RTX3090 was supposed to run any 2020-2021 game at 4K@60FPS, hugh/ultra settings, RTX on... And now it is puny...

  • FlightGear (old opensource sim) had real world weather and live aircraft for years ;)

  • How long until someone punches in the MH370 flight data and finds the plane.......thanks to a computer game!!!

  • Welp, time to sell my Rift S Stay away from Oculus!

  • 9:17 Someone watches the Loot Lord!

  • It is interesting that I had ZERO issues with the installer. The ONLY issue I had was the lack of Premium Deluxe content at initial installation. That was rectified by 1700 CDT the next day. I am running an R5 3600 16GB ram and a 1660Ti runit in 1080p and see a minimum of 35fps ANYWHERE. The only airport that hits me with micro stutters is Tokyo, but that seems to be a global issue. Visual setting are high to OMG and it glides. SO how can I explain that? I dunno, lucky I guess.

  • I just tried to fly in the hurricane and all I got was some clouds

  • Fuck those data mining trolls over at Facebook. Thank god I bought a Bestbuy warranty so I can return my Rift S for a Steam Index

  • Fuck Epic

  • I love to see a game future-proof like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Flight Simulator 2020 that means they're just going to get better with the Hardware advance

  • Steam gave me my money back

  • Honestly, I have a msi GTX 970 and an Intel I7-4790K and I can run it comfortably on medium to high settings with about 25-30 fps, about 15-25 over cities like Paris, London or NYC. I built this PC back in 2014 and have no problem, I don't get all the fuss

  • Why are people saying this about MSFS2020? I have an 8700k and 2080 super and its crazy smooth on high settings. You'd be completely fine with less than I have. That and for people who aren't used to flight sims....30fps is totally acceptable. Added to that the lifespan of these games are so long that future tech grows into the game. Same exact thing happened with FSX.

  • I need about tree fiddy

  • Flight Sim 2020 - BRING BACK SLI!