FREE performance for Ryzen! - 1usmus ClockTuner for Ryzen

Datum objavljivanja: 24. Kol 2020.
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Ryzen Master offers automatic overclocking, but it's long been known that underVOLTING is king for AMD - And 1usmus' ClockTuner for Ryzen is coming that can do both...
Check out 1usmus' Twitter: 1usmus
DRAM Calculator for Ryzen:
A how-to on DRAM Calculator for Ryzen by Hardware Numb3rs:
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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  • 1usmus has changed the name of this software: It's now called CTR - ClockTuner for Ryzen! We have also received updated guidance on ASUS motherboard LLC settings - It should now be 3 to better catch errors.

    • @Kazukamichan and tell us why it’s so badly optimised!

    • And For MSI?

    • well I started it PC crashed and after it booted again, i can not get it to start again CTR 1.0 and CTR 1.1 neither of them

    • is anyone watching this after the software was officially release i sure do!

    • It is now out.

  • On my pc it just crashes before finished and does not apply :(

  • We need this for Ryzen 5000

  • Did anybody here try it yet?

  • I need an Anthony

  • Did anyone do this with an AsRock board (mine is the b450 pro4)? Where the heck is CPU Load Line Calibration Located?

  • Anthony lookin good!!

  • Anthony=pure Gold

  • I do not have a master degree in IT so I guess I won't be using this program.

  • No at that time Ryzen didn't reach its full potential.

  • hi, I did the diagnostic on my 3900x and it lasted more than 1 hour and 30 minutes bringing the VID to 600mV then I stopped everything for fear of damaging my cpu, now I kindly ask all of you if I have seriously damaged mine 3900x thanks

    • @Virgo Bro thanks, will the cpu be damaged with that low VID? (600mv)

    • YOU accepted the agreement, not LTT

  • This actually works and is stable by new release as of writing this comment with a 3800x. Wtf? The ONLY crash I have in all games is no man's sky for some reason. Now I just need a RGB tuner to get maximum speed in life.

  • IMPORTANT: Make sure you copy all Cinebench r20 files into the CB20 folder within CTR or you will get an error saying Cinebench R20 is not found!

  • yo this shit is the shit !!! must have. works better than great !! been using it all day, to EZ,,, a 9 3950x on a taichi x570

  • Is it better to overclock the CPU or RAM first?

    • @JayVee Rodriguez Thank you for the answer!!

    • You want to get a stable cpu before you try to dial your ram. As unstable ram will stop your cpu from being able to be tested properly.

  • Has anyone used this utility on the Ryzen 3 3100?

  • so you're saying this can't be used for Ryzen 7 or 9? Guess we'll have to do with Ryzen controller.

    • @Kanishk Singh I'm not sure what part of the vid that's from. This clearly works on many of the zen 2 chips and the more ccx's the better. My r9 3900x is getting 4.5ghz on the best ccx's and 4.25 on the worst 2 I'm getting better performance overall. I'm getting better temps especially when idle at only 32c compared to 45c stock. It works for sure.

    • @JayVee Rodriguez and what about the temps though

    • @JayVee Rodriguez he said Renoir CPUs are not currently supported. And Ryzen 9 has Renoir architecture 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Huh where did you get that conclusion from? Just used this on my r9 3900x and went from a 7100 cb20 score to nearly 7800 cb20 score.

  • 2:20 Linus: which is why....I brought 1usmus.....uhhhh I mean Anthony....edit this part out....the world is not ready to know.....

  • Linus: Free performance for Ryzen. Me: Should i try this with a Wraith Spire cooler... Nah probably will explode.

  • CTR told me i had a bronze CPU and my 3700x ended up running slower than stock sadly.

  • Seems like AMD is trying to give us CPUs/tools to tweak the CPUs to run them forever until they die out on us. S U P E R C O O L ! ! ! RIP Intel 😵

  • I was so excited to try this till i heard you say i gotta download Ryzen Master, and im here because im on linux, annnnnd wine doesnt do Ryzen Master sadly enough. if you could do a video of how to do this on a Linux based OS im all for it

    • Maybe install windows temporarily, run this software, write down the parameters so you can apply them manually in the bios and finally come back to linux ?

  • I tried this and it crash my pc. it won't post anymore. If you encountered this same problem, try flashing your bios to the latest one. Hope it helps.

  • Could you maybe make a video on how to convert the results of CTR into direct bios settings?

  • i keep getting error running ctr that bios is out of date along with ryzen master. they're both up to date, no newer versions. bug in software? using ctr beta 7 version

  • Dang I just want to undervolt my 3700x in my Bios but nothing seems to be working right

    • I am struggling with this as well, I have the same cpu.

    • Ryzen master gets my temps down but my bios just does t work right... everything has been updated bios processors and everything

  • my r5 3600x gave me reference voltage 1250 mV and diagnostic Voltage 1225 mV is it safe to use?

  • 10:43 I love when Linus doing that.

  • Tried to use this once, immediately got a BSOD. 10/10

    • You need to set some bios settings to get better results. I had to set a LLC of 3 or lower for better head room. I had to remove some power limits too.

  • imagine if the comment section talked about results

  • where do i download this ???

  • I just did this on my ryzen 5 3600. Default with pbo enabled it run at 4000mhz 1.35v and now I got it running at 4275 on one ccx and the other 4250 at 1.25 holy cow Edit: temp are 10c down Edit: undervolt got me to 1.175volt at 4.175mhz

  • I'm a little concerned about setting LLC to 3 or medium without dropping the voltage in the bios immediately, or at least have some numbers using the multi meter to determine what the Voltage and amps are doing.

  • Segway was actually pretty good this episode

  • Excelent

  • Imagine having a Linus video without sponsors or segways HAHAHAHAHA

  • I wish i wouldve found this video before I blew out my cpu smh. I've been using my old Athlon x4 860k "quad core" (its really only 2 cores) with my R7360 "OC" since then xD I'm just glad this time next month I'll have so many choices between CPU's, GPU's, or just get an Xbox X in time for Cyberpunk 2077

  • Linus got a drug problem... 2 ads per video now

  • Manscape discount not working.

  • My cpu dont support ryzen master

  • 2:22 - oh, Jabba the Hutt. I liek.

  • ended up getting to 4.6 ghtz all core on my r5 3600, can u say golden chip?.....

  • From Linus's permission, I want to say that we with 1usmus made a guide for the Clock Tuner for Ryzen, explaining everything and going through all steps that will help to ensure that you get most of the performance from CTR. If you have any questions, you can ask it as well 🤓

  • Mines a Ryzen 5 3600X I don’t know if that’s been tested yet

  • Would be really nice if I could find what Anthony was talking about in the BIOS...far as I am concerned this is garbage. Software doesn't DO what they show. Errors in log. Cannot load or see log. CTR software demands over and over that I download Cinebench. Uninstalling this junk.

  • did all the stuff. But in CTR my ryzen 5 3600 showing only CCX1 and CCX2 Running. The other cores are off ? Why is it like that ?

  • Wow that Segway was sooo bad - you lacking in your Segway game man :D

  • It's a brute force over clock! That is amazing!

  • Could I use this on my R3 3200 though? Or, maybe I could, but it would be a total waste of time for me? xD

  • If it BSODs does it remember where it got to? or do you start from scratch?....i can just picture running it for half an hour, walking out of the room and it crashes.

  • Anthony is cool. I want him to accept Coach Greg into his life so he can overclock himself.

  • KEK I got a 3700x and the best core quality is 145

  • Useless, testin methods are hilarious, results are heavily unstable, manual tuning OC 100% better.

  • Now how do you make a FPGA perform like a Ryzen?

  • Can you make a guide o hw too use use this?

  • The only reason to dislike this video is if you are stuck with intel processor.

    • @Chrisabled I tried it and it works for my 3700x

    • Did you try that tool? Doesn‘t give stable overclocks for a lot of users...

    • or with a Zen/Zen+ processor

  • Anyone else having a problem where CTR just never loads a UI?

  • I love Anthony. He's so clear with his wording and I vibe everything he presents. 10/10, someone I'd like to share a beer with.

  • Tried CTR, found a stable setting, then applied it through BIOS. So far, so good. Got 5% performance boost, even though I massively undervolted my CPU (from 1.35V LLC1 to 1.265 LLC3).

  • Using CTR will get you a 3-day ban in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. I learned it the hard way.

    • Imagine getting banned cause your PC performs too good

    • Proof or it didn't happen

  • So where in the description is the program you have to run next to ryzen master ? Its nowhere to be found. thanks linus... ! NOT

  • great! now where can I get an anthony?

  • Would this work on ryzen renoir mobile?

  • fuck yeah Anthony!

  • On my 3900x, I got a 10% boost in multicore and a 1-2% boost to single core. Power draw is down 20-30 watts, and my thermals dropped 5-7 degrees C. This program worked insane for me.

  • If CTR camt see your core quality and just displays 100 next to each one then clear your logs in event viewer.

  • how is this for ryzen 5 3600? worth trying? I'm going to buy one.

  • Why is not something like this just bundled with the cpu?

  • Great soft ;)

  • Do you think that Intel will get something similar?

  • All my cores have 100 next to them 🤔 Ryzen 5 3600

  • This are my results. Test made with this setup - Ryzen 5 3600x + RTX 2070 Super + Motherboard x570 Asus Crosshair viii + 32gb Ram + Custom Watercooling. I must say i have an amazing temps with this OC witout performance loosing in games... yes, my cinebench and clockspeed are lower but the tems test in and witout games are much lower. NO OC ⦁ clock - 3800 ⦁ Tem min - 42 ⦁ Temp Max - 73 ⦁ cinebench - 3343 ⦁ max fps control -92 ⦁ max temp game - 52 ⦁ Voltaje: 1.43 ASUS OC AI Suite 3 ⦁ clock - 4200 ⦁ Tem min - 44 ⦁ Temp Max - 79 ⦁ cinebench - 3373 ⦁ max fps control - 91 ⦁ max temp game - 53 ⦁ Voltaje: 1.35 OC CLOCKTUNER ⦁ clock - 4000 ⦁ Tem min - 42 ⦁ Temp Max - 66 ⦁ cinebench - 3162 ⦁ max fps control - 92 ⦁ max temp game - 48 ⦁ Voltaje: 1.25

  • For anybody still on zen or zen+ I would highly recommend in still following the setup as I was able to push my ryzen 2600 non x to 4.1 at 1.375 volts whereas before the setup process I was lucky to get a stable clock at 4.05 at over 1.4 volts.

  • This software is just crashing my whole computer. No optimization. Hahahah....sounds good tool, but just crashes.

  • Can I use clocktuner with an Asus a320 motherboard? My cpu is a ryzen 3300x, I don't want to increase voltage for overclock, I mainly want it to undervolt without losing much performance

  • I get it, but does it means that it change the setting in BIOS for you thorugh this software? uhm, we gotta have it up and running everytime we start computer? Else where back to start.. right?

  • it crashes for me :(

  • Can i use it on my ryzen laptop

  • MSI MPG B550 GAMING CARBON WIFI MB Ryzen 9 3900X ....all other settings are set as suggested ...started @ LLC 3 as suggested and it kept saying reduce LLC ? same on LLC 2 & 1 ?? so put it in auto & now it says increase ??????

  • This tutorial is already out of date

  • it's out finally on GitHub

  • Every time I run CB20, press Diagnostic or Start, it fails and tells me "there is a need to reduce LLC". I only set the first LLC option to 3, but there was an N/B option too - do I need to do anything with this as well? Is my OC RAM to blame? R5 3600 Patriot Viper 4400Mhz 16GB kit > 3600Mhz CL14. Would really appreciate some advice if anyone can figure out what's up. I know very little about this sort of thing, and what I do know is just from trial and error.

  • Downloaded and ran CTR (public release) today after work and first game I launched (COD Warzone) crashed. It's never crashed for me before. Not very impressed! I noticed my CPU wouldn't clock over 4200 mhz after the profile was set and applied. I have a 3900X. I did gain 100 points in Cinebench but what's the point if my CPU is crutched from high clocks?

  • I really hope 1usmus adds support for zen3 to do pr-core tuning. That granularity should allow you to squeeze out even more performance. Does anyone know if that is in the works or planned? Feel free to drop me a reply :)

  • Guys the software just came out today , take a look:,1.html


    • Hey I cant find the download link....

  • releasing in 1 hour. looking forward to it

  • Where is the download link?

  • alright, I went to the twitter link (I don't use twitter) and looked for a download link ... nowhere to be found. A new version should be available by today but what is the point if no one can get it ? edited : all right, on guru3d.

  • Is this out to the public yet? Where can I find it?

  • so it's almost the end of September... is there a launch day

  • Is neuromorphic computing not the next step? Would appreciate a vid on that.

  • Was going to use this, but Ryzen Master needs me to disable virtualisation, which is something I use quite a bit. Oh well

  • Really looking forwards to this

  • thought 1usmus was pronounced "loose moose"

  • 28SEP release!! Cant wait

  • Imagine running cooler and faster than before. Insane. Usually when u want to go cooler, it will get slower. Big ups !

  • So does this work for ryzen 5 2600?

  • Can this be done on zen 3 ryzen 3 3100

  • shhake

  • So basically AMD has all those cores and threads and still isn't as stable as intel for gaming and overclocking. All that trouble and still can't run a stable 5.0ghz. Thanks for the video. I'll stick with intel after watching this.

    • 5ghz is a marketing meme.

    • Ok mate have fun with your terrible financial choices