Here's why I Didn't Buy a Tesla

Datum objavljivanja: 12. Ruj 2020.
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Everyone keeps telling me I should have a Tesla... but I think they're wrong. Finally, after two years, here is my review of the Chevy Volt.
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  • Why not go with the Bolt? Then you could have done all your driving on electric and used ones are pretty cheap.

    • @Linus Tech Tips you should do a motorcycle video

    • @webcomment hey there. I just heard that Chevy is doing a recall on the bolt due to battery fires. There's also an OTA update being released on 11/17/20. I hope you're safe and all the best.

    • @Linus Tech Tips Just got a 2017 Bolt. Love it. We have a Toyota Highlander for long trips but I suspect the 200+ mile range on my Bolt will be fine as well even if it may be slightly inconvenient at times. Thanks for the great video and information.

    • Tesla will fail:

    • yoo you got pinned

  • When Tesla can make a reliable car I'll consider it. But bumpers that randomly come off when you drive, is just the latest in a long string of issues that completely eat away the no paying for petrol... I can't wait for an all electric Honda.

  • Isn't most electricity generated by burning coal

  • Yes do more. I know you'll never beat the likes of Top Gear or The Grand Tour, but from a Tech perspective you've got it covered and that's the point. In general most vehicle reviews focus on speed, power, handling, space and comfort. And that's fine people want to know those points when it comes to comfort for commutes and utility for a large family. But as we are moving towards electric vehicles tech is becoming more and more important. I believe if you review enough vehicles and their 'Tech' you could lay down a standard for all future reviews by others. If you get there first and set those standards over the next 5-10 years when Top Gear becomes Top Volt (haha), they could end up following your standards when breaking down, comparing and recommending future cars.

  • Cheap

  • I think Linus bought a Chevy coz is cheaper, thats 95% of the reason, the rest is just "i don't want to pay more for what Tesla offers"...

  • more cars and motorbike shit! Think nerds would realise how much fun they are when specs etc are similar in understanding to a pc.

  • As a car guy, I personally hate electric cars for many reasons, but Tesla’s in particular are overpriced and overrated garbage. If you’re looking for an electric car, the only plus Tesla’s have is the range, but their horrible build qualities, high prices, waiting times for repairs, and the fact that it’s electric so it’s heavy, doesn’t handle very well and you also need to plan out charge stations and wait that extra time for it to charge on road trips. Also, for the price ($80,000+) you are starting to compete with luxury cars like Audi’s, BMW’s and Mercedes where the Model S cannot even come close to competing.

    • Also, with the Model X as an “SUV”, on paper it may have the same storage capacity as bigger SUVs but when you actually try and pack one. Since that luggage space is split between two different compartments and the awkward shape of the roof line causes most of that shape to be useless in most cases and makes it so the Model X only has barely much more usable luggage capacity than the Model S

  • 10:22 ? Just look outside the window and please, please someone explain me what happened!!?!!

  • I'd rather have a self driving car but thanks for the concern

  • The title "Here's why I Didnt Buy a Tesla" is a bit misleading because you mainly talked about the Chevy Bolt - huh?.....

  • You used all of your money on motherboards

  • Am I the only one still waiting on the tesla review?

  • I mean tesla still has massive panel gaps and are anti repair

  • Not gonna lie. I disliked the video cause you’re talking about another vehicle 🤨🥱

  • did I just watch a volt add?

  • Yo Chevy bolt probably has a battery hazzard recall now, lol

  • This is why you didn’t do something? Cool I didnt drink a beer. And I didn’t buy an pet pig. Maybe I’ll do a video on that.

  • Chevy Volt is discontinued in 2020. Sad

  • If u get a Tesla put a flipping gaming PC into it

  • You missed the fact that Tesla cars are basically always connected to Tesla and because of that they detect some third party spare parts (that do exactly the same as the factory original but half the price or less) and the car wont start, forcing the consumer to buy Tesla's overpriced junk. That is more important than all points on this video together.

  • This guy really bought a chevy volt

  • 3D print a seatbelt clip for the passenger seat alarm. Bluetooth seatbelt 👌🏻

  • This title is very misleading

  • 1:12 Be fair now! Discounting the Suzuki, every other vehicle you've owned in your life also cost more than all previous ones put together!

  • Because they suck ball lol dont get a tesla please dont waste your time on garbage

  • Cuz hes cheap?

  • James must be paid too much.

  • First video I dislike of Linus: a clickbait.

  • Beta Male Alert. crap ass car.

  • I won't ever go to an electric car until they can get ranges over 1000 miles, and preferably, 3000. I drive a LOT as a landscape photographer so I don't see electric cars working for me any time soon.

  • you can use the limiter on the speed instead of cruise control, thats a other way to control...

  • Linus is sponsored by dji!?

  • Great video! I hope you plan to make more automotive content as cars become more and more tech focused.

  • I think the automatic window thing is put in a safety feature

  • Bad video. Wayyyyy too sponsored

  • This is such an ugly car. I will just go and get the Model 3 performance

  • Oh you copied Casey Neistat´s Intro

  • More car videos

  • $70k is cheap in Singapore

  • short answer, he bought the volt when the model 3 was not out

  • I'm sorry but this is such a typical american car, disgusting looking interior, such an awful use of materials and the design is horrible, hard to even look at not to mention live with

  • Mr. Krabs: "Money."

  • Anyone who has tried to road trip in a Tesla knows how annoying it is. It took almost 9 hours from Vancouver to Kelowna.(that's about 5 hour drive in a gas powered car) That includes time to wait for a super charger(2x 45-60 min) and actually charge the car(2x45). Also the distance estimator was really off. I made it to the Kelowna super charger with 11km left when it initially said I would have 40. Also this was during the summer of 2020.. I cant even imagine how bad it would be(of if it is even possible) in the winter with the cold weather range loss of 30 to 40%. I also done like that Tesla doesnt include a buffer in the battery.. you lose 5 to 10% of your max range after the first year or so.

  • why is he driving in reverse in 10:20?

  • chevy volt sux this post made by ford cmax gang

  • Tesla car can be unlocked with a card. Clock overlay has someting to do with an icon on a mac PC.

  • Oh Mr. Tech Tips ... how you have missed out. I did buy a Tesla Model 3, and it is simply fantastic. I bite my thumb at your little Volt. Life is good but it's better in a Tesla.

  • i like the black version of intro than the white one

  • Tesla owners are pretty used to only charging to 80 or 90% usually but it's nice to be able to push it to 100% on the rare occasions that you really need that extra bit of range for whatever reason.

  • why do tech people think they have to have a car with all the damn driver aids and electrics in it . a car can be just a car wth

  • You know Linus would be a great actor

  • I still prefer to hear the engine in my car when i’m driving. I won’t be getting electric anytime soon

  • His computer is literally more expensive than his car ! around 1.4x if we are talking about the 32,000$ computer

  • Linus Car tips

  • ME: Pays for HRwiki premium Linus: Here's come commercials anyways, sucker

  • Why there is an Tesla app notification in almost every new videos where u show your phone?

  • Linus, I don't think you have any idea just how good you are when it comes to talking about products. But nevertheless, keep up the awesome job.

  • Video title: "Here's why i didn't Buy a tesla" Video: "Here's why i bought a Chevy Volt"

  • Why not go with the Bolt? Then you could have done all your driving on electric and used ones are pretty cheap.

  • Ah yeas the inside mind of a car being filmed by a drone

  • My mind was telling me that that bike was a joke, Linus aint going anywhere..

  • please tell me this 10 minutes comercial of Chevrolet Volt is not monetized

  • because he didnt sell enough merchandise

  • you should make a channel called linus car tips

  • damn 35000 USD for a brand new, it’s pretty cheap...... for car tax in Hong Kong, if you buy a car that is worth 26000USD or above, it’s tax will be 115% and up

  • why would you buy a car with no sound

  • Your "clean" electric cars cause massive environmental disaster where rare earth metals needed for the batteries are dug up, along with massive greenhouse gas emissions. So they are neither clean nor "climate friendly" and the same goes for "clean energy" production, which also causes environmental destruction where it's implemented. It's all a con designed to create an excuse for and acceptance of destruction of free market capitalism/economic freedom.

  • I cant believe that I missed this video. The camera work is so well done!

  • Odd , I had the exact same car (color and all lol) and I switched to the model 3 earlier this year. I loveeee the tech in the model 3 over the volt

  • I would love a Tesla so the company can monitor and sell all my data all the time.

  • You don’t have three engines. You have one engine and two motors

  • Video title: "Here's why i didn't Buy a tesla" Video: "Here's why i bought a Chevy Volt"

  • It's clear the camera team was really enjoying trying out a new style of filming...

  • Linus really tried to make a chevy volt sound cool

  • im just watching this because of the cinematography

  • Why I didn't buy a Tesla. They are a scumbag company and very anti-self repair. It sucks to see so many people quickly giving things to scumbags the fastest!

  • Do you really want to be 'that' guy who drives a Telsa?

  • just buy a Model 3 and forget the kids! lol

  • Heres why i didn't i live in a very cold place. The tesla battery range in the cold is crap

  • Says the man that put a tv above a bathtub

  • This man made an 11 minute video explaining that he is too broke to afford a Tesla. Lol. I feel ur pain man.

  • obviously chevrolet sponsored this video in the backround

  • Im just here to learn how to segues

  • LTT dark mode opening is best prove me wrong

  • Why this "batteri in landfill" thinking? A car battery is expensive, therefore it will most likely first be installed for a second life application with less demanding power needs. After that it will, of course, be recycled becouse no one like tossing money away. And a modular battery pack can be repaired or refreshed simply by changing the faulty or least capable modules. Second life: Repair:


  • 10:20 why are you going backwards?

  • Can you overclock it?

  • yk tesla has a battery problem but you'd think they would a solid state battery

  • As a long time LTT viewer who is also into car and bike reviews, this felt like a weird crossover video. A great one though.

  • Imagine the previous owner watching this In a Tesla on the built in web browser

  • Linus should check out Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid. It's the same as his Volt but better and $10,000 cheaper.

  • wait ....but can it run CRYSIS???

  • I also appreciate that instead of collecting all the money you make, you instead hire more people to better your business while also providing livable wages for over 20 people. You could have just hoarded that money for yourself instead and gotten by with like 5 people.

  • nice car linus. I appreciate that with all the money in the world, you still buy reasonable cars.

  • LinusGearTips inspired by top gear

  • Linus your opinion was somewhat respected till I saw this Volt video SMFH plug in hybrids are old technology thumbs down 👎🏽

  • what is LTH? Linus Tech _Hips_

  • Good to see you are still riding the SV. I like the safety tshirt you had on there.