How Could They Mess Up This Bad... Again - $1500 PC Secret Shopper 2 Part 1

Datum objavljivanja: 8. Stu 2020.
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It's finally time again for PC Secret Shopper - where we document the entire experience of ordering a gaming system from your favourite PC system integrators. Let's see how they did.
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  • michael dell is a government ai invented to piss everyone off

  • WOW... Dell was awful !

  • LOL... I wish her name really was Sarah Butt !

  • D H I C O C M N

  • Never thought that Dell's sales representatives would have such aggressive marketing tactics. It's highly likely that they make a percentage of revenue from selling AV, Financing and such. Still doesn't justify being a total asshole to the customer though lmao

  • ''Speaking of taking your money...'' lmao

  • So HP was the best overall.

  • Sounds like Dell representative located somewhere in India. Outsourcing for spend less... with known result.

  • 2000: DUDE YOU'RE GETTING A DELL! 2020: Dude, you're getting financing, warranty and maybe a computer.

  • I hope they cancel the purchases. Its kind of insane to get ripped off that hard.


  • "N Zed X T" threw me for a loop, ngl

  • New egg does the same thing on "Gifts" If you buy a $200 item with a "free gift" it REDUCES the $200 item and adds ther gift price as a SALE, not a true "GIFT" falsifying GAME and hardware sales which effect the game and tech industries such as Gaming awards, etc... because as you did not SEEK out and "PURCHASE" said "FREE gift" it's cleanly wrapped up as a SALE. This is so illegal in so many ways especially for business and taxes....


  • Anybody else notice the music sounds like cowboy bebop?

  • The cringe factor when he says "we really don't know what you need" from the Cyberpower rep, I almost had to close the video >_

  • Ahh man this was painful to watch! Dell were just chucking prices at Sarah and seeing what sticks!

  • Add in Xidax for the next one!

  • 1500 usd just got 8GB? lol

  • She is so cute :3

  • Fly... on briefcase laptop... driving me crazy...

  • Wow... Never buy at Dell. What a rip off! Almost sounded like a scam call.

  • It would have been hilarious if you added apple to this list. Like you have her call apple looking for a gaming pc😂

  • I feel like im this type of shopper 😂


  • I know Linus prob already know this, but it is A BUISNESS!!! they are trying to squeeze EVERY PENNY THEY CAN FROM YOU!!!

  • All the comments: DELL!!! Me: THE INTRO!!!

  • Caption: "This is clearly watered down Diet Hep-C..."

  • Why should I buy the warranty? If it breaks we'll fix it. If it's going to break, I don't want it. Oh no, these are well built, it won't break. Then why do I need the warranty? In case it breaks...

  • Noot noot

  • Most places have that "three times" rule. You HAVE to get three "no"s or they will mark you down on your QA for the call. Which is ridiculous. If a customer says no, that's a NO.

  • Maynard James Keenan

  • Dell was so so so bad, how can they exist when that's how they service people?

  • Dell got Fucked Raw NO LUBE. QUIT OUTSOURCING!

  • Dell needs to stop outsourcing their calls.

  • Too bad about NZXT, they pretty much match up dollar for dollar value with pcpartpicker. 3070 too!

  • Where’s part fffffffooooouuuuurrrrr

  • Fk Dell is shady AF.

  • Sarah has gorgeous eyes. She should have been in the 007 intro as we all know Linus could never be a secret agent since Canadians could never be secret agents.

  • I had good luck a few weeks back with Microcenter and their Powerspec brand. They hooked me up with a really nice spec’d machine cheaper then I could have done building it myself. Should be able to run Cyberpunk 2077 at 1440 with Ray tracing at a could FPS, which was my goal.

  • I have a 1660 ti laptop for which I paid like 1200 dollars a year ago... how the fuck are they still in business? you can build a rtx 3080 build for 1500 if you tried.

  • I love how the 2000 Dell gaming Pc comes with Windows 10 home edition. You don’t need pro but seriously, you are dropping 2 grand!

  • Linus. I want to let you know. Corsair is absolute dogsh*t for customer support. Their tech support and customer service is absolutely terrible.

    • @jayaddict evga was great, corsair was a nightmare. two different occasions it took me 2 dozen emails and being escalated to a manager to handle something the initial reps were ignoring my questions and just giving bottled answers this was also this year (around june-july and now sept-nov) during COVID, so maybe their staff has been adjusted in the meantime, but it has been a mess

    • I've actually had fantastic support from Corsair for both a power supply and my RAM. I've had amazing support from Corsair, EVGA and Logitech.

  • im a gamer and i stream... who the fuck does that

  • I took no worries to canada.... and here we are.

  • that girl is a model!

  • Wow Sarah has the patience of a saint, I would have rage quit with Dell. It was infuriating to hear omfg.

  • 24:59= LOL

  • This is what you get when you send all of your customer support and sales calls to India. Never had a good experience talking to anyone in India.

  • dell legitimately sounds like a scam call, bizarre for such an established brand.

  • Great vid and good entertainment.. :-)

  • for 1500$ you could build now significally better PC build

  • buying 2070 super now when you can get almost for similar price rx 6800 are pretty bad deal for buyer

  • Wow this was painful to listen to.

  • You been Delled!

  • Personally, I'm fine with being asked for warranty, financing and antivirus. But only if they ask me once and leave it till the end. What that Dell employee was doing was sort of making my scare-mongering scam senses tingle...

  • No need square type cpu joint in screen it cpu computer processes unite🤔

  • My first gaming laptop was the g7 from the dell, however I did not call them instead I looked on multiple sites and their own and ended up buying a rig with a 9th gen i7, 2060 maxq and 16gb of Ram, with 1tb of hard drive and 256 ssd. All of this for *£1000*. Original price was £1400 but it was on sale, comparing this with the service I saw today I feel dell rigs arent that bad

    • I should mention, this was around 2 years ago

  • Is Linus, Jimmy McGill???

  • I've tried decoding the morse code played during the title cards, it says "AA783"?

  • omg, i'm about to skip the Dell portion, this in painful

  • Man, Alienware has gone way waaaay downhill since getting bought out by Dell.

  • The most Linus thing I've ever seen, insulting your previous sponsors merchandise.

  • I'm so happy this series is back! Also: the intro was fabulous :D

  • Soooo. Let me get this straight. This is common practice for decades and these dudes are just realizing it? Interesting

  • Dell is standard upsell target based employment at its finest. Some genius is out there screaming at people to get finance deal!! Sell sell sell sell or your fired!!

  • HP's CSR sounds like he's from the Philippines. It's just a gut feeling that I'm having because of the rooster. lol

  • Oh, Linus… you just *happened* to have the most beautiful top-model-grade girl in your merch dept.… ah, the irony… Now I have to watch the whole thing end to end…

  • Is Sarah single because I am crushing so hard

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  • What would be the best place to buy a gaming computer from ??

  • Is it just me or is their GPU sagging at 24:02?

  • Dell sucked so bad nobody is talking about other companies that did poorly.

  • Y'all got anymore of that financing? I just need a little man...

  • What a horrible customer service. Lmao .

  • but how about financing? No but how about a monthly payment? No but why don't you pay with little interest every month? No but how about financing? No but how about a monthly payment? No She's following a script. And the only other thing she does is browsing the Dell Website, just like a consumer would and selecting > Gaming > CPU > etc. They should get sued for this crap. how much did the phone call by itself cost?

  • It is a basic sell of softwares. Overpriced and useless recommendations.

  • I once got a Dell Laptop from work, was worth about 600$. My Boss payed 1200$ for I know how that works.

  • the poor lady sits in india and makes 1$/day - her % of the upsales are her only income...

  • Man that Dell.

  • 34:20 LMAO

  • Nobody gonna mention the machine gun on the table.

  • Having over 5 years of experience with working in call centres, I can say that everyone except Origin had horrible customer support experience, and even lesser knowledge on how to handle a call. The only thing with Origin was, that he was obviously limited by the selection he had to offer, therefore had a knock-on effect on the accuracy of his advice.

  • I did not even know we could still call a phone line to build a PC , this is great haha

  • Can we talk about the great background music aka Cowboy beep bop

  • I'm new to Secret Shopper. That Dell desktop was obviously the biggest scam ever so why did they go ahead and purchase it after seeing the invoice? Is there a testing phase after this?

    • Yes. They order the systems, unbox them, benchmark the tech support, and then review the systems themselves. The final episode sums everything up.

  • 2000: DUDE YOU'RE GETTING A DELL! 2020: Dude, you're getting financing, warranty and maybe a computer.

  • This was great. Bravo!

  • when is Part 4 coming?

  • I feel sorry for non-tech savvy users that call Dell's Indian call centre.

  • Dell ... if you're watching this ... shame on you, absolutely shockingly bad.

  • Good luck with Origin's tech support. We had a handful of laptops from them that were ALL unstable (constant BSODs), and every person who picked up the phone sounded like a high school stoner. Their only repair center is in Florida also, so it'd take close to a month to get repairs done. I hate Origin.

  • When you wait ages to see Janice the book keeper star again in Secret Shopper. 2020 truly sucked. Sarah smashed it out of the park to be fair though.

  • Lol. 006.9... NIce

  • Next time mix it up with like different needs like under 800 or video editing or something like that

  • I want to thank you for bringing informative quality entertainment even in these times 😉👌👍

  • Sarah was really good at all of this. Super nice, super good at almost guiding the sales reps to chances for them to shine... Even though some of them failed all of the chances she gave them. She gets top marks on all accounts

  • How you gonna get paid to do this and not sip on some of that whisky in front of you? Come on now lol

  • imagine i can build a pc with way better specs than dell for 1700-2000 pounds

  • Holy crap that Dell was the worst call I’ve ever heard. How can dell even accept this level of service? I have the new Alienware laptop but thank god I didn’t call in for it.