How does Linus make money? - 2020 Update

Datum objavljivanja: 3. Lis 2020.
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A LOT has changed in the last 4 years... so we thought it would be best to give you the 2020 version of "How does LMG make money"
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  • He is a cool guy and a cool dad who spend some of his earnings to buy products for us to see again. Can we have a minute of appreciation for this guy to teach us about technology?

  • Imagine watching this with LTT underwear

  • Ok whats the point of knowing what is the income if you can't know the expenses. Staff, location, hardware. You need the spend money to make money. Its alot more complicated then it looks and I really appreciate Linus and the great people at Ltt media group doing there best. Watch every video. And every Segway. Talking about Segway... bottle🥛.

  • Linus takes home at least $1.

  • So where do I send the resume?? Actual question

  • @9:28 whole 9 minutes hyping your transparency and then the video was clickbait. Oof Edit - for reason 3, yeah, I agree with you, but by promising it, you kinda made it be. Lol

  • Wait techlinked is you guys too??? Wow.

  • @5:39 always happy to hear the Canadians are doing something successfully. Such an overlooked bunch.

  • I like how he's showing us how he makes freedom currency in units of freedom, in Canada.

  • Why do people want to know how much money does linus get? I just see that he and his team have been working hard day by day making this possible.

  • They currently have 20 000 floatplane subscribers. In a very recent WAN show they told that with apples 30% cut they wouldn't lose or make money of the platform. On floatplane there are 2 payment tiers. A $5 one and a $10 tier. Assuming around 10% has the expensive tier that would mean that they make $1,80 per subscription. 20 000 x 1,8 = 36000 dollars of floatplane income per month. 12 x 36000 makes for around $432.000 anualy of money truh floatplane. As shown on 2:55 FLoatplane is 6% of there income. $432.000 x 16,667 = $7.200.144 of revenue per year.

  • Even Jayztwocents used it on his RIPGN LTTstore bottle

  • Like 15.2 Million USD this year.

  • I feel like we're entitled to know, if it weren't for us, you wouldn't be making any money at all

  • My wife in the background as I'm watching this video. Did I just hear him say UNDERWEAR?!?! YOU CAN GET LTT UNDERWEAR?!?! I got a good guess of something ill be getting for Christmas 😅🤣🤣

  • We're is the part linus talk about gear

  • "it's none of your business" "Buy my water bottle" lmfao ♥️

  • I’m guessing 2.2 million

  • Linus you're an inspiration... I'm definitely getting the undies if you get them back in stock and remodel them 😱😉🤤😋

  • He made $69,420 in 2019

  • I never knew why people cared about how much youtubers make. Let's say you said your salary. Then what...? I wonder what they'd do then

  • Went to go and buy the GPU T Shirt from LTT Store after seeing the little LTT plug at the end of the video, but shipping costs to the UK is too much, sorry Linus ;c

  • This is actually a pretty awesome video. Cheers to you for being so honest.

  • Just did some maths and considering he gets 1$ per 1000 clicks (its probatly way more like 3-6) he would make ~4.000.000$ this year. I dont know how much he pays his employees but he should have at least 2 milion leftover to pay for everything else, what should be more than enough.

  • Well Linus has an asian wife. He isnt broke

  • Around 10 mill per year in total?

  • Ok now we need to know the amount of money LTT sets aside for dropped products

  • Nice way to plug the merch lmao xD

  • That ltt bottle costos about as much as 4 days of work in my country

  • I would assume that the LTT channel with adsense alone makes about 500k to 600k usd a year alone as net profit (final takeaway salary). If we add up the sponsor money then it goes up to around 800k/900k a year. So basically the sponsor money covers for some of the youtube cut.

  • I'll actually take a while to drop a like and comment here as sharing this kind of information is something that only channels that care about transparency do.

  • He pays himself in rtx 3080 trust

  • Seriously, you look tired, mate. I look at vids from a year ago and you're fresh faced. I cannot tell if it's covid, stress of a very successful channel, or other never-to-be-disclosed-personal thing. Take time for yourself. You deserve it. We'll be here when you get back and thirsty for more. (Kevin McAllister voice)

  • You could’ve not put a black rectangle over the number.

  • not me linUS

  • Linus built this channel up from a garage and turned it into what it is today. Considering he’s a pretty active boss I doubt that he’s exploiting his employee’s labor any more than is normal in a capitalist society, and it seems like LMG is a great place to work. I couldn’t care less what salary he draws from it. As long as he and his family are comfortable and his kids have a good nest egg for their future that’s all I care about.

  • Sponsored link for windows?

  • Thank you. I love your sweatshirts 😍😍

  • So on average youtube ad revenue generates 2000$ per million views. If there were 1.2 billion views throughout all of the videos that would put the total to roughly 2.4 million in overall ad revenue. HRwiki takes 45% putting tech tips take at around 1.32 million. That equates to apx. 26% of the net income, putting the total at apx. 5,076,923$. The real question is is that US dollars or the colorful plastic monopoly money

  • I'm a avid silent watcher of your channel, but don't say "thank you covid, because you don't know, how many casualties and until now are sufferings because of that around the world. Instead, say "thank you fans". That is my opinion. Please respect.

  • Kappa

  • I’ve heard enough- when y’all dropping that IPO? 👀

  • At least $4

  • “ i really do not make a lot of money. So anyways , intel is way better than amd”

  • I wish LTT store was easily available in India

  • Next video plz show us thre numbers!

  • Is this really a topic of controversy ? This channel is the best growing project on youtube, it kept its integrity while making better content. Everyone seems happy in that deal.

  • I went to just watch yt vids of products i dont have, to buy parts and build my pc 2 weeks ago, so, thanks a lot, u also help me with my englisg, im from Brazil :) so, that is wonderful man, keep going!!

  • Your putting food and a roof over alot of people's heads and that's all that should matter.

  • If anyone wants to actually know the amount they make it's basically for every hundred thousand views you get about $100 in Revenue ad. So that means if it's only 26% of the revenue that almost comes out to be 4 million linustechtips gets alone. then you add the other two channels they have which is probably another million each and they're bringing in six million dollars a year. You're welcome

  • Yeah but you have like 10 channels lamp

  • How LTT makes money? This video alone has 3 ads and 2 sponsor block!

  • I love premium

  • I'm not even here cause I care, just cause linus is a cool guy

  • I'm not even here cause I care, just cause linus is a cool guy

  • great video.

  • Even if he’s rich he’s cheap hahaha he drove that car they spray painted for a while

  • For those who are seaching for real numbers: In 6:37, Linus showed in the Pie Chart that Floatplane constitutes 6% of their total revenue, so I went on their floatplane page and saw he has around 19500 members which charges them $5 for 1 subscription. Therefore, LMG earns $5×19500 = $97500 approx. Alone from Floatplane. As I told earlier it's ONLY 6% of their total revenue By Doing some basic calculations, LMG earns around $1.625 millon. Thank You.

  • Why dont you start a tech bussines ? I mean parts and stuff ?

  • Slow clap really amazing

  • Hey Linus I’ve been watching you since the beginning but I’ve notice lately your Eyes are Glazier than usual.could it be because of All the time you spend in front of a Monitor or is it due to something more Natural maybe Herbal?🧐🤓😜 Love All your content!!

  • since youtube pays about 2-7 dolars for 1000 views, it has a bilion views a year, and it's 25% of it's income you could estimate it with a margin..

  • Don't know why, but the transparency, the adherence to ethics, and the thanking got me emotional. Damn you, Linus.

  • even if he earns a cent per view than he made 8 million just from ad sense this year

  • I'd buy the damn water bottle, but overseas shipping cranks up the cost by over 50% so I just can't quite justify it

  • blue balled

  • At least offer a discount on the water bottle for people who thirst for answers :) PUN Intended!!

  • If there is ~100k subscribers on Floatplane, so 2020 revenue should be ~100 millions. Not bad LTT ! :)

  • "from the bottle of your heart" hahahaha

  • 6:23 (as CEO of the company) Hhmm Yvonne was right, she never gets any credit for what’s she’s done 😂

    • @Fart Soundeffect have you ever seen the Linus roast video?

    • She hasn't done anything and never will, all credit goes to linus

  • Very cool growth and transparency! Congrats :)

  • My guess is you guys make around 12 miliob a year

  • His old boss must feel soo stupid

  • This video made me finally visit for the first time. Nice Holofoil shirt guys!

  • All these growth metrics are the direct result of growing out the beard and no longer looking like a child 💕

  • No way you guys are in Vancouver... and Surrey... even closer to my house. One day I'll come by to say hello.

  • just stop showing me Linus in his underwear.... please for the love of all that is good... stop it!

  • Every time I take a drink from your water bottle on my twitch stream I say LTT store partially because I think it's funny and I legitimately think it's a great product.

  • He makes money with this segue to our sponsor.

  • My attempt at an educated guess: They probably make somewhere between 2.5-3million / year but the vast majority of it goes to expenses. Meaning overall profit is probably around 350,000

  • For all of you wondering, Assuming one view equals .005 cents and that the channel got 1,000,000,000 views in 2020 LTT Netted 24,230,769 dollars in 2020 (I got my number from knowing that ad sense accounts for 26% of their revenue)

  • For all y'all reading these comments, check out shopify's (SHOP) stock. That's a nice company sponsoring this video. Wish I invested in them back in March.

  • Seen you grow a fair bit Linus. I am pretty sure that if there is at all any HRwiki channel worthy of being sold it's yours. Meaning, I think you really have done a great job. And that one day maybe you will sell. The amount of joie de vivre you express in doing all this for us viewers doesn't go unnoticed! haha pas mal! I think the best achievement is all those jobs you created.

    • Oh, and can you have caps made with the orange LTT on black? haha

  • Of course they’re nice and transparent, they’re Canadians haha

  • The first video I watched was one on techquickie, while trying to understand wtf is a DisplayPort. Really a long long time ago

  • Hey! I’d love to support LTT but I don’t use insulated water bottles. Are there any plans to add plastic bottles to the store as well?

  • I’m pulling this number completely out of thin air, but judging the house Linus lives in, the technology he are keeps in it, and the upgrades hes made to it. I’m willing to guess he takes home around 135k USD a year. From what I’ve learned about Linus after watching since 2015, is that at the end of the day, hes humble. He’s put ALOT more money into building his business than into his personal life. He cares more about his company, his employees, and the quality of his content than his own pay. Thank you for being such a good man, Linus. :)

  • 2:29 That's too specific linus, too specific.

  • Non of your beez wax !! 100% agree !

  • SELLING the channel was a good thing back in the years, but in this algorithms... I ain't that well good. So things are all good when their affordable, however, are they worth their prices. Are the people at INTEL or AMD overpaid? details...

  • What's actually really respectable is the Merch... It's high quality and very cheap for what it is. The 40 Oz. Water Bottle thing looks great and is pretty cheap compared to other vacuum sealed bottles of similar sizes.

  • I can’t afford a $30 water bottle, but one day I will, and will buy one

  • Linus is basically telling us at the end that he is fucking rich.

  • 8:25 COVID: You hindered my work by keeping many people inside the😀ir house.

  • It says "" on the goddamn plant. I think I'm going to have to buy a water bottle, finally.

  • Has Linus been doing crossfit and i haven't noticed?

  • I don’t buy merch but I am glad my HRwiki premium gives you more money

  • Hey Linus! What do you do after your done building your computers? Do you guys sell it off or just keep it in your office? Also, thanks for this Video Linus and team. Watching you all the way from Bangalore, India since 2013... Dad recommended your channel so I'd learn about computers and not just play video games. :)

  • i lowkey wanna buy some cableties, but i dont got a job so, when ill get one, you can bet my cables are gonna be tied

  • Linus Is clearly poor because Canadian Money is wet paper.