I'm DONE covering for NVIDIA - RTX 3070 Review

Datum objavljivanja: 27. Lis 2020.
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With the RTX 3070 launch, Nvidia caps off the third of its high-profile RTX 30-series releases, but while performance has been outstanding, few can get them. Will the RTX 3070 be any different?
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  • I thought you were asmongold for a second

  • What graphic card would you recommend for rendering and home office?


  • I'm just enjoying my 2070 super while people who told me I was an idiot are busy crying about scalpers.

  • I was very lucky on getting the RTX 3080!

  • mine is on the way

  • scalpers should be hanged

  • 0:17 looks like there's a crown on the card.

  • I'm on 2 RTX 2080 TI's running SLI with Velocity liquid-cooled manifolds and can overclock stable easily to 50%

  • I hate you Linus

  • This guys a dweeb. I'm done covering implying he has been. Lose the stud bud.

  • i'M willing to buy yours please ;_____; can't find it anywhere

  • well with everyone scrambling for this new card, it drove the price down for my new 2070 Super I got for 100 dollars off - which runs great compared to my old vid card

  • Title: I'm DONE covering for NVIDIA Video : Buy the RTX 3070 right now ! Me : i hate you linus tech tips

  • my friend bought a prebuilt with his parents money and now he is bullying me cuz i got an 1070 ti...

  • I'de be super interested in machine learning workload comparison of various GPU. As it's my main usage for GPUs

  • Just wait until Xbox improves it's Xcloud, don't have spend on hardware then, especially on these big graphic cards.

  • waiting for the day linus is done covering for AMD as well to piss everyone off

  • Is 3070 fine for editing

  • Man telling me to buy a 3070 when I can’t afford one 😤I’m good with my 1050 😁

  • You want me to buy a card when scalpers buyed them all ? Very smash Linus

  • id put my money on hes receiving checks/deposits from nvidia.

  • cant find one these cards anywhere unless you are willing to get shafted on ebay, cant find a ps5 either. absolute shambles from these companies.

  • i will be just fine most likely until the 4000 series comes out with my 2070 super. unless it explodes and dies

  • I wait only almost two months (pre-orderd before premier) and today I have 3080 :D And even yesterday I get Ryzen 5900x. Going drunk today!

  • 5:16 My mans had a water bottle thrown at him and three super expensive graphics card. I wish I had that must trust in my catching ability.

  • I'm done sub'ing to all these influencers that get free product from Nvidia to "review'

  • I don't have money bruh. Can I get a free pc?

  • Im glad I grew up with the old LTT intro But damn the new one is better

  • Annnd AMDs sold out immediately too... and are worse than the 3070.... but also more expensive.....

  • i want a 3070 founders but finding one that isn't scalped is impossible and i refuse to buy it for any price higher than the retail.

  • Shockingly. I got one! :)

  • Scalping is bs but what's truly bs is people being wasteful enough to drop the money scalpers are asking in the first place. If people weren't willing to pay the insane price just for the sake of not waiting, scalpers wouldn't have a market in the first place

  • i5 10400f paired with the 3070, is that a good deal. the bottleneck tester says they work together fine but in my regoing of Australia, 3070 costs $800 and the i5 costs 230, 3.5x more, does that sound like a good deal

  • It’s pretty sick to be a gamer when you can acquire the products. This year I have hopes of getting no new electronics. Neither console or for my pc. EVERYTHING IS SOLD OUT!

  • Damnit when is the 30 range coming to the UK!!!

  • If I spend £100 on a wallet, I'm not going to have anything to put in it. JS

  • I'll be getting the 6900 XT myself. Gonna make a full AMD setup for once.

  • It's getting to the point that you can buy a prebuilt for a just a bit more than what scalpers are listing the card for.

  • My stepdad's gc died 2 weeks ago and I tried to find a 3070 for him since his old card was just a GeForce 580. Sadly, I looked everywhere and I could not find one. So, I had to just go with a 2060. :(

  • What do you mean covering for nvidia you've been taking a shit on them for months

  • The initial projected prices on any/all RTX 2000/3000 and these Radeon 6000's, did not age well....lucky to get an RTX 2070 Super for much under $800, retail even, before scalp...I don't think black friday deals will be much better. Curious when the next batch og the 3000's and the rx 6000's will drop with the original pricing. Not so good time to be a pc gamer late 2020...

  • AMD will take over the market. I rather buy 3 amd gpu then 1 Nvidia founders fanboy edition

  • Hugh Jackman stunt double from Swordfish

  • they should let senior gamers get them first i may die before they actually start shipping.

  • 2:12 love memory bandwidth.

  • Here's the solution, we collectively stop buying from scalpers. Contain yourself and do not buy from anyone listing well above MSRP. These scalpers wouldn't do this if they weren't successful and they are only successful because we live amongst dumbasses. Don't be a dumbass.

  • Good Luck too y’all getting your 3070! 😅

  • Living in Switzerland and using the Digitec store, it was relatively easy to get my hands on one. It took a while due to stock problems but my MSI Gaming X trio arrived about a week ago. Hopefully y'all get one

  • Literally just bought a prebuilt since I couldn’t buy a 3070 because it’s sold out

  • There isn’t any deals in Black Friday all gone.

    • Yep, there will be no "black friday" special deals whatsoever.

  • I bought a 3070 this weekend... Last I found left in the country 😂

  • If you buy a $400+ card with only 8GB in late 2020, youre an idiot. Congrats.

  • Uhm just wait for this day next year. They will be in stock and will be cheaper. Probably save 200-300 and games are not going to require any thing so special. Everyone is behaving as if we double our resolution every year. Most games still run decent at 1080. 4k will become a bench mark but not yet. Maybe in the next 2 years it will.

  • still cant buy one 3 weeks later

  • Can i buy yours?

  • I W ent into the shop and found out that the 3070 I got was the last in stock

  • Thought That asmongold Now reviews graphic cards as i saw him

  • We will all know that both team green and red will both be completely sold out to scalpers...

  • 2080 ti users when 3070 exists

  • You guys fucked up giving this damn clown 12 million subscribers. He won't be safe forever though.

  • segways are segxy

  • Not only are the 3000 series cards all sold out by scalpers But the 2000 series cards have all disappeared too. Even the 1660ti went up $200 in price. Maybe in a year the price will go back down, but for now I'll enjoy my 2070. I play in 1080p so upgrading is meaningless for me, I'll be maxed out in settings regardless.

  • Here I am 3 weeks later and I still can't get one.

  • I didnt understand a fucking thing this guy said

  • yay

  • Noot noot

  • I'd subscribe if you didn't flip flop on every product

  • That 4K vs 8K wasn't different at all.

  • My poor ass seeing all those sick cards in the background makes me want to cry

    • Same man same

  • Every video you’ve ever made was the same, the new cards come out and are faster blah blah blah, computers are a scam waste of money. You need to upgrade every few months. There still isn’t a gaming computer that can play Crysis original well. My gaming rig from 2010 is still fast as hell I have up PC gaming.

  • Would somebody please explain to me, how to get this fucking Parasite off of my recommended page!? I have blocked this channel and clicked do not recommend hundreds of times, but it still infests my eyes whenever I open HRwiki.

  • Give it to me for freee

  • I'm going to get a RTX 3080 anyway. Oh wait, there aren't any of those available either...

  • Why compare a 3070 to a 2080ti which is the most expensive card 2 years ago, that they even compete is incredible, seems awfully negative for how well it does. Looking at 2070 vs 3070 would be more interesting, thanks for the video.

  • 3070: *sells out* scalpers: *it's free real estate*

  • I just bought a 3070

  • only have to wait for the 4000series to come out, so I can find a 3070 retail. 2022 baybee!

  • If I could find one on stock i would by..BUT..its been2 weeks now and cant find one

  • Snagged the 2nd to last one on Amazon thank goodnessssss

  • My gt210 run gta vc en 20 fbs "good"

  • "I'm done covering for Nvidia" "Tells people to buy their cards immediately without justification." That's some real objective approach you got there.

  • 5:02

  • I have a question if anyone would know the answer I know it could be a inconvenience for all purchases but what if newegg and amazon etc. Made you do that I’m not a bot verification to checkout when you have a newly released tech product like this would that counter scalpers?

    • Why would they? Scalpers actually help them earn money.

  • Why would you put the 3080 between the 2080ti and the 3070 on the graphs if we're meant to be comparing the 3070 and 2080ti?

  • got one and im complete

  • imagine buying 200 graphics cards in an attempt to resell them for twice the price just for no one to buy them

  • 5:27 yeah

  • Tbh...I dont care if its not a 2080ti. For 500 bucks it currently kills anything at that price

  • Finally admitting to being a shill?

  • Mine was delivered this morning

  • It's sick to be a poor gamer these days all right.

    • I beg disagree, me poor but having a blast with i3-10-3f 1650s b460 mobo on most current games 1080p high settings. Of course, if you are "poor" and you wanna go 2k/4k, then that's a different story.

  • who cares we want to see the new amd radeon cards perform

  • Sheep sheep sheep sheep. Grow up. Its been proven the masks don't work.. Or do you like being controlled... 🤔

  • My left ear is highly annoyed by the background music on this video, is it just me?

  • Go buy a 3070 fe Newegg we don't have anything

  • I'm in the market for a new card and need it to be able to run 3D programs and rendering programs such as Maya. What mid range card would you recommend? I love your videos ^. ^

  • Walmart has PNY GeForce RTX 3070 8GB for $999.00, so walmart scalping...

  • Gotta admit his reviews r the best

  • So what happened to "the RTX 3070s performance increase is 30% better than a 2080ti for half the price!"...???