I see what you're doing, Apple... - iPad Air 2020 Review

Datum objavljivanja: 7. Stu 2020.
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Apple made the iPad Pro into a laptop - is the new 2020 iPad Air a laptop too? What even is a laptop anyway? Let me know.
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  • A couple things I wish I mentioned in this video: - at $599, the iPad Air 2020 is $100 more expensive than its predecessor - you can obviously use it as a simple tablet and not a "computer", but then... you might as well get the iPad 8th gen for $329, it's a fine tablet. - The Logitech Folio Touch is $159 compared to the Magic Keyboard for $299 - lttstore.com Riley

    • The 1byone touch keyboard is 19€. That’s what I’m using. Very happy with it

    • Hey linus for ur fans or just help will u replay or make a vid/ content of why a 120hz cmi vs 120hz tv the difference between them i got a 50 in tlc uhd 4k at 120hz cmi for 250 and really want to know if its powerfull enuf to run it to it full potential will u make a vid comparing 120hz vs 120hz cmi so u can

    • @Luis Augusto Fretes Cuevas Single core doesn't matter and it is not slower in multi core. It's faster in multi core and in graphics. I'll say it a second time in a different way for you....My iPad Pro Gen4 stomps my iPhone 12 Pro. Plus the 120Hz refresh really blows the A14 to the moon. There's a reason the base A14 STILL doesn't have 120.

    • @ISOHaven The A12Z doesn't stomp the A14, the A14 has better single core performance and is about 10% slower on multi-core and slightly faster in graphics. Obviously, the Pro has a better display, better speakers, better mics, better cameras, lidar, but still. The iPad Pro is at a weird place right now. The Pro will become attractive again when they update it in ~March with an M1 with a different name (A14X).

    • Need an umbrella

  • Scribble is basically the Apple Newton but better or is it....


  • Noot noot

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  • What I love about iPads is that they cost as much as a real laptop, but can't do the things real working people need to do. So they're perfect for children, students, housewives, and seniors who want a big screen iPhone...lol

  • Been the most obvious thing for a decade

  • I think apple have a very specific target for this device. in my opinion, there is no better alternative to the iPad Air + magic keyboard for students. the combo offers an incredibly powerful and versatile device for a lower price. compare it to the MacBook Air ( the most popular device for this audience), it does everything the MacBook does, plus it has a touchscreen. and the App Store. and its lighter. and its cheaper. and its smaller. and its easier to use. and it works better with your iPhone if you have one. its not quite as beefy but its more than powerful enough for multitasking in word and safari. if you go to school/college/uni and you need a laptop for taking notes and getting shiz done - get an iPad!!!!

  • 69 water bottles ? Hell yeah 😂🤣

  • Loved the video, the script was so well written, good jokes! And the editing was also awesome (not to sound rude but LTT is many a times boring) this one was very interesting though :D

  • I’m a developer and the iPad cannot replace my laptop. Let me boot up VS Code and Netbeans and then we’ll be in business. Also I’m not hating. I have an iPad Pro because they’re awesome. At this point I guess it would be up to the developers of the coding software I speak of to develop a version for iPadOS.

  • Ipad won't be a proper computer untill Apple open the ecosystem and allow real applications. It is basically a more locked down chromebook

  • I hate Riley.

  • At least both the 2018 and 2020 models are easy to repair and expand storage.

  • I'd think it makes the most sense to do something like this if you expect to frequently be using the iPad in "detached" mode. Frankly the two-in-one designs are a poor substitute for doing stuff like reading PDFs; the iPad without attachments is better in that case.

  • it should be: iPad Mini < iPad < iPad Pro .... not sure what's their reasoning

  • Too bad you can't do a Memory Card deal with the iPhone/iPad like you can with a Samsung Phone/Tablet.. Saying you recorded Great Material Video Clips on your Camera and want to edit it all on Apple devices from the memory card and you can't.

  • This guy is hilarious!

  • Buy a Surface Pro

  • ~3 promos in one video!!!

  • bro you look like luka lol

  • This guy makes me buy everything 😁😁😁

  • As a pilot, I love this new iPad Air. Maximum use of real estate by the screen, dont have to rely on FaceID to unlock in case i put on an oxygen mask, and none of the useless cameras/lidar stuff that i will never use. However i would love to have ProMotion too tho

  • So tired of the iPad will replace your laptop line. I can’t do crap on an iPad except read email and watch youtube. Everything else is annoying. Multitasking is a joke.

  • Apple: the iPad is now a computer Apple: who cares the MacBook is 10x faster Apple: so is the iPad noob Apple: A14 bionic chip iPhone Apple: Why get that when theres a new watch Apple: track pads on ipads Apple: 1TB ram computer Apple: shut up we don't need that we have silicon Apple: homepod mini with huge sound and siri and intercom and- Apple: iPhone 12 pro max fast and big They're beating themselves before the competition doe

    • basically you got it in one buddy my ipad pro is now my macbook 😅 bit apple be like i think you should hey both Just to be safe

  • our man lookin' like *Edward Snopes* in that thumbnail boiii.... *-aight, peace-*

  • This guy is hot, everyone think it, I just said it!

  • Waiting for the A14X... A 15inch one would be nice!!!

  • Can it replace your laptop?No..No..No..No for the foreseeable future.

  • These kids are so fucking dumb, the Ipad itself is excellent. As a replacement for a latpop for someone who only browses the web, answers emails and watches movies on it, it's perfect and far better than anything else on the market. Low key getting an equivalent quality display would cost you a grand. Anti-Apple resentment is dumb. Just because the device doesn't fit your needs (for most here it's gaming), does not mean the device is bad in any way. Also if you're smart you could just use steam link to play games on your Ipad assuming you have decent internet. I do CS work so I can't use a locked system, but if I were a business man or a lawyer, I would 100 percent use something like this.

  • I am a medical student and I am confused what to go with ipad air or samsung galaxy tab s7? My requirements are for taking notes and some daily stuff. Help!

  • gotta love Riley. Some real top blokes at LTT

  • Got me to rofle 4:31

  • LTT D2!!!!!

  • 2020 and Apple still doesn't use expandible sd memory card slot...

  • Right to repair! Down with Apple! Rotten to the core!

  • Everything they show on the iPad is either Linus’s face or lttstore.com . I can’t decide which is better.

  • What's that music on the speaker quality bit?

  • Btw the standing lamp in the back has their holding wires uspide down so you can see the bulb from underneath :D. I have the same lamp.

  • My Apple Air 2 still doing the job for me. Will wait until Apple gets a clue and puts the standards based USB4 with all options on into Apple products. The USB4 Specification complements and builds upon the existing USB 3.2 and 2.0 architectures. Based on the Thunderbolt™ protocol specification contributed by the Intel Corporation, USB4 doubles the maximum aggregate bandwidth of USB and enables multiple simultaneous data and display protocols. USB Implementers Forum, Inc. is a non-profit corporation founded by the group of companies that developed the Universal Serial Bus specification. The USB-IF was formed to provide a support organization and forum for the advancement and adoption of Universal Serial Bus technology. The Forum facilitates the development of high-quality compatible USB peripherals (devices), and promotes the benefits of USB and the quality of products that have passed compliance testing. Some of the many activities that the USB-IF supports include:

  • It sure is a laptop. A bad one.

  • I'll stick with my iPad 2, thanks.

  • Hey linus for ur fans or just help will u replay or make a vid/ content of why a 120hz cmi vs 120hz tv the difference between them i got a 50 in tlc uhd 4k at 120hz cmi for 250 and really want to know if its powerfull enuf to run it to it full potential will u make a vid comparing 120hz vs 120hz cmi so u can

  • He looks like Dieter plus Linus. Lol

  • Who is he ? Looks like some one has come for this channel

  • We want Linus. Not you.

  • Please do a video on error 14. Apple needs to fix this hrwiki.info/plane/video/lbONtMTHeI6v0II&ab_channel=iPadRehab

  • Don Draper doesn't seem so great anymore.

  • And yet I would rather have a Pinebook or a Raspberry Pi then this for a laptop wonder why.

  • Idk this, to me, looks like a good buy! Using my old iPad 2 right now and it’s kinda beat up. This looks like a great upgrade for 600$... I mean 256 gigs would be nice too but I’m at 32gb right now so anything more than that is just gravy and I believe the iPad I’m on now was 800$. I just prefer them over laptops for hanging out at my house watching/editing videos, talking to friends, or playing degenerate phone games. I just couldn’t imagine lugging around a laptop no matter how thin to watch videos when I’m trying to relax, iPads feel... amazing

  • "can it be your laptop replacement" Well, does it run Siemens NX (CAD) and Windows games? no? then no.

  • Ios is a toy

  • Yo lemme get one of those bottles bro?

  • i'm fine with my ipad pro 2020 12.9 in 8 core 6 gb ram thanks :)

  • Tech meets satire! Not up to worth: Adobe fail not Apple.

  • Nothing about an Apple tablet/netbook without keyboard makes it even close to a real PC or a laptop.

  • This dude sounds like Jerryrigseverything and it came in a box had a baby.

  • I like this guy

  • Only reason I got the iPad 12.9 is due to the screen size. Writing on the 12.9 with Apple Pencil in my opinion is better than air or the smaller pro.

  • I'm going to go crazy. I honestly need help. I'm a student going into university and I'm trying to figure out if I can use the Ipad pro as a laptop replacement and what size should I get. or i was thinking that i should buy a mac and the iPad air 4. (kinesiology major) (please don't say I should go off my preference I want a for sure answer.)

  • I'm still using an Ipad 10.9".. like the first one.. I draw on it every single day in procreating.. Is it time for me to upgrade yet or should I still wait?

  • If an iPad is a computer show me how I can put xcode on it.

  • Just got the new iPad love it it’s great


  • "creative" HAHAHA DBEZT! 03:45

  • Does is support Adobe Illustrator latest app ?

  • Why does he sound like Steve Carell ? Especially here 3:48

  • I'm a professional telling you about tech. That's why I'm showing you my tablet discharged at 11% and generally well below 50%, which is guaranteed to shorten the battery life dramatically, for no reason whatsoever as I'm at home or in the office close to a charger.

  • That subtle lttstore.com....

  • Hey Linus i love all of your vids but the only thing is i can only watch these vids and satisfy myself for the fact I could not afford such pc can you build one for me to game and send to me please love you

  • Great Reviews bro🙂

  • 2:59 Pff... Pathetic

  • cant wait im getting it or the 12mini for my birthday its in 10 days

  • But can I run Android Studio or Netbeans project on ipad pro ?

  • It's not a computer, Do you have access to the terminal? No, Can you actually program on an iPad? no, so it's not a computer, stop talking about cosmetic shit.

  • Nobody’s gonna mention the “what the heck was that Riley?” 😂😂

  • Im so glad riely is doing these

  • Way too easy on this garbage device. Paid advertisement is my guess

  • Apple is great but can they fire the person who pricing these things

  • Real Caption: Ipad air 2020 still can't fly why?

  • Apple will never let them become laptops . They want to sell those MacBooks also......

  • Watch this at 4:03 Apple suckrs

  • @5:05 ... Nice

  • The OS may be a work in progress, but so is Windows . . .for decades.

  • Regardless of its short comings folks will flock to it.

  • The debate is far from over. I'm a coder, and this has little to no functionality for this.

  • I thought dieter worked for the verge

  • it a iPad dump shit i use my computer

  • My lenovo tab can do that and much more not imprest

  • 5:12 - Nice.

  • 5600 vs 3700?

  • Apple: Ipad is your new computer. Me using my ipad pro 2020 just to watch youtube and draw cause you can’t even connect it to a second screen: Yeah....

  • just get a laptop

  • Apple would love it if you stopped buying their poorly engineered laptops and bought iPads instead. Rather their App store/bottom line would love you not being able to purchase (easily) software from someone other than them. IMO the iPad would make a fine laptop replacement for the type of person who doesn't really need a laptop.

  • If you don’t run virtualbox, modify operating system and BIOS, Dose your computer even have the thing to use?

  • Im just here because Riley is so handsome.

  • Linus sex tips

  • Linus has became the Fox News of reviewers where pc is Donald and apple products are Dems to you guys :)))) be unbiased!

  • Apple could sell my 10 year old desktop for 2000 pounds and no one would know.

  • They don’t have a full UNIX development environment, instantly ruling iPads out as a main unit for me.