I’ve got a lucky ticket…

Datum objavljivanja: 10. Stu 2020.
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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  • Here i am pretending to understand this video

  • Name one game that needs 5ghz

  • Intel sucks. ever since the 2500k they have been drip feeding overpriced CPU's and gotten extremely lazy with only marginal benefits each generation. Just enough so they can tweak a pin here and there to make sure it's incompatible with the previous generation of motherboard. BTW this is a peltier cooler. They suck. You can't get around the thermodynamics. Heat cannot be deleted. Heat cannot be destroyed. You can only move it. One side of the device get's cold the otherside get's hot. The cool side eventually warms up as well because it is sandwiched between a power hungry CPU and the hot side powered by 200 watts of energy input. It's an extra 200 watts of heat dumped into your case at the end of the day which makes it more difficult to cool.

  • that bsod scared the living shit out of me

  • how is that pc only pulling 390 fps on csgo? am i missing something?

  • yOlO

  • When is the live stream give away?

  • Linus: makes a pc that can't run cod mw at 400 fps at max graphics 'this PC sucks for gaming' Me with my 1.80ghz CPU: 😐

  • Im glad someone finally used my design but does intel read emails only once every 10 years? I love being consistently brilliant.

  • As we know now the giveaway was a bit of a lie.

  • Bsod 69%

  • It looks like he's holding a wrapped condom

  • who else thought it was a huge condom

  • 0:12 Guess what ... it survived... meaning intel have send a Linus version (tough)

  • Well too be truthful. Linus has so much against arm soc desktop could be the inevitable decrease of such content in the future.

  • 1:02

  • I'm so dirty minded (talking abt thumbnail)

  • I dare you all to test it with S.T.A.L.K.E.R. lmao

  • 2020 Linus: 1.5v is a lot even for the tripple radiator to cool. 2011 Me OC'ing my 2600k: 1.5v @ 5.1ghz (for 10 secs) with a corsair water to air cooler like a mad nerd scientist 🤓

  • So if you want to OC a 10980xe using that cooler which pulls 200W on its own, you'll be drawing 500W+200W, a total of 700W just for the CPU.... no thx.

    • @Jake Northand Thats interesting to know! thx

    • Unfortunately TEC coolers don’t handle high heat rates well. This cooler would probably perform worse than air cooling on a 10980XE under load

  • They (Intel) must be really hurting as they want to sponsor you that hasn't done anything but being honest about Intel (crapping all over Intel); the last desperate charge?

  • This channel is the result of slapping Instagram influencers with an O’reilly textbook.

  • Noot noot

  • fps_max 0

  • You do seem like a really nice guy its too bad Im so unprofessional I will try and make a better effort and change my image soon. How do I try and win the 3080 since you can't buy one. Thanks check it out funny? www.bitmain.cyou

  • Yo linus congrats I was watching some tech vids on someone and all of a sudden your ad popped up

  • i thought he was holding a condom on the thumbnail how blind am i 😂


  • my pc make noises like this: 1:03

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  • *cpu go brrrrrrrrrrrr* My favorite line in this video

  • No, you're not smelling competition. It's just Intel's CPU burning.

  • Just give me that cooler on a ryzen. Fuck Intel.

  • Just do 1 million tnt in Minecraft with it overclocked

  • At first I thought that was a condom. (The thumbnail)

  • All fun and games until I heard 14nm

  • That chip was fast to run out cause it heard ryzen omw

  • Intel is desperate to buy themselves some publicity

  • Thumbnail looks like a giant condom. Change my mind.

  • I haven't built a PC in over a decade, and while I enjoyed this vid (the cooling was more interesting for me), I didn't have a clue what half the acronyms you spouted were....Any chance of a video detailing/explaining some of the modern terms used?

  • nice intro im literally dying

  • 200W for cooling XDDD

  • This may have already been suggested, but I'd be interested in seeing if you can get any more performance out of it if you were to use the new tech cooler on a mineral oil system. This should eliminate the risk of condensation forming.

  • gaming-at-my.best/BWF77E

  • I just got this entire video as an ad. Good job Linus, you are now a part of the 15-minute ad campaign

  • *other people in comments* "intel only sent him that because of the zen 3" *me watching on a cpu bound machine* "AAAAAAH I9 3.6GhZ MOAN SQUIRT"

  • You know Would that make a difference. When you mentioning its on It's separate water loop Could it make a big difference And is it possible for modern cases like a top tier gaming Reagan for consumers. Always wondered that and how much more difference could it make in Formants When you have them separated. Even for editing videos in high production rates. like 4K or 8K video could it make a bigger difference. I would love to see a video on that in detail. because honestly I've been looking for newer computers Build for my editing and Production rate for my channel. I've been using my father's PC and it's very much struggling To do videos 4K60 But then again It could be because my dad only has one mechanical drive In that thing. And It can't even do native 4K Viewing its only do 1440p. But yeah I just thought to ask.

  • thats one big condom he is holding

  • Why does intel do that, Linus got the "final" packging, and they send the crappy looking one to Der8auer. Nothing for the end average user. Cool tech nevertheless.

  • Linus is losing his mind lol 1:02

  • Looks like a giant condom

  • Cryocooling with peltier-elements? Needs a humidity shroud? *laughts in Der8auer x PC Welt Höllenmaschine*

  • Really like your videos!

  • new world record of linus drop tips took only 13 seconds

  • thought in that thumbnail linus was holding a condom

  • Linus professional tech dropper

  • This is Intel marketing after AMD destroyed them with Zen 3.

  • intel and amd sucking up to this guy... MONEY! WORK IT BABY!

  • why was this video an AD for me?

  • finnaly, a box cooler which works good with cpu

  • Forget gaming. Do this with a render.

  • 1:02 *dies of cringe*

  • Linus tech dropping tips

  • A cryocooler is already a thing that exists. This is not a cryocooler. This is just TEC cooling ffs

    • Once again marketing forgot to consult the engineers

  • I thought it was a giant condom in the thumbnail

  • 1:01 twomad infected him

  • WTF 5100mhz RAM is a thing now?!

  • So basically it's a mini-fridge unit.

  • 1:03 That face...

  • 9:13 that scared the shit out of me more than most jumpscares ive encountered

  • We all thought the same thing when we saw the thumbnail

  • Oh boy... man, that thing would be super... and the thing it came with... and especially THAT processor... processor 001 of 200, not 002 007 or 199, but the one labeled as number 1...

  • Linus high on pc fumes...

  • Jeez, you have a knack for dropping fragile things on the floor. Then he continues to handle the cooler like the garbageman handles the empty bins. OMG

  • Intel in 2000s: Sponsors of tomorrow. Intel now: Sponsors of Linus.

  • While you get so much money to buy the case, GPU and more for I9!!!

  • How do you get so goddamn much money for everything?! I cannot even afford a goddamn computer that is gonna hold idk, anything above 2012!

  • well now theres even less reason to buy intel , now that they're picking the golden samples out

  • > "Holding nothing than...." >Attempt to do a disappearing magic trick

  • I still remeber that Linus do a video about fan vs double liquid cooler vs tripple liquid cooler. Tripple came out as the worse and fan came out as the best

  • Sponsored task, he didn't like it but need to get money, so he satisfying himself like that 0:11

  • For gaming setup, I found these high end, jumbo mumbo things dumb..

  • Who cares about Intels golden ticket when AMD are killing it..?!

  • Holding the radiator by the pipes upsets me and he knows it and he likes it!

  • Hahaahhahahahahahaha CPU go BRRRRRRRRRRR

  • Hey so, I just got this video served to me like it was an ad... nonscrubbable, but skippable, and It was in a normal ad player(in another video) I'm not sure why tho and thought it was kinda weird.

  • Would have been interesting to see the air output temps. These designs should spit out warmer air than what the cpu is cooled by. So 70-80c air. I'm curious.

  • Im here cause the ad

  • the cpu go brrr was kinda cringe lol

  • lake water is not enough..now they use neptune ice

  • Linus going "BRRRRRRR" is a medicine I never knew I needed

    • copying popular comments for a chance at likes is a kind of pathetic I never knew existed. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • intel sus, bro

  • CPU go brrrrr

  • Whoa mini heart attack when viewing this video on fullscreen 9:14

  • 200 watts of cooling power is INSANE ... how much of electric bill would it cost?

    • I wonder what delidding would do for this chip.

  • ryzen 9 is better than i9 @

  • Wait .... I thought it was something else

  • Can you rename the channel to Linus drop tips.

  • Aren't PCs supposed to be close to warm to work better over time?

  • I want that aio