Linus Reads Mean Comments 2020

Datum objavljivanja: 1. Stu 2020.
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The LMG staff read and react to mean HRwiki comments from the community. You guys are savage.
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  • dont put the fucking ads in the middle of the video pls. not a good timing for skipping.

  • We just proved Linus is gay.

  • but i like james

  • Sorry there are jerks Linus Keep up the good content!!!

  • Anthony is amazing and would do a better job running Linus media group, or should I say Anthony media group

  • They just laugh through the pain

  • i love anthony

  • You are awesome Linus. F the haters. I remember you from way back in the day. I commend you for your hard work and ingenuity.

  • I like you linus but im 13 and have a deeper voice than you

  • linus is the best :) no going to lie

  • Can we just get a video of Anthony reading nice comments

  • everyone is acting like we are making things up

  • Brilliant ahhahahha

  • I love Anthony! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Linus...Dont worry...You and your team are doing great...Keep up the good job...

  • Anthony is best girl in ltt

  • i think he was about to cry lmao!

  • i love dennis why people mean to him :(

  • i just unsubscribe to Linus Tech Tips main reason I hate people who ego is just to high and tread employee's as not equal

  • What we learned: everyone loves Anthony.

  • me mums car

  • I love your videos

  • Plot twist: Anthony has lots of fake accounts and posts his own rev--- no I can't even finish that, Anthony is awesome he needs more camera time!! MORE ANTHONY!!!

  • Linus with beard, is like a caracter from 300: This is Linus!

  • Wait, how is not disclosing your sponsorship work? How would the advertizer make money. Could someone please explain this to me?

  • This video was a pissing contest and a monkey shit throwing contest

  • Missed this when it came out, but I need to make sure you know that Anthony is a pretty cool dude.

  • make a video roasting linus

  • anthony is like my nose, great

  • Anthony, we love you ❤️❤️

  • btw i hate those 8 year old thumbnails

  • New branding 😂

  • I laughed so hard when Anthony came on. It was just perfect. We all love Anthony

  • YT is an interesting place. Sometimes it seems like a video has nothing but mean comments in the thread but the actual content has over like 100K likes. I just go by likes.

  • I agree. I didn't like Inception. I didn't like Dicaprio's constant tough guy face.

  • I was hoping my comment on a video with iJustine was going to be on here. I made a comment that said I thought it was her talking and not him.

  • Change the channel name to Anthony Tech Tips. It's the will of the people.

  • We need the roast but with Brian the Electrician, Anthony, Taran, MKBHD, Colton, A Prime, and others. Comment below others that would be good

  • linos you are the best youtuber in computers

  • Put your name dhinchack Pooja 😁😁😁😁🙄

  • in the uk you have to legally disclose a sponsorship . thanks for not being a criminal

  • Next round of Mean Comments set up a thermal camera for Linus's red face. Also, give Anthony a channel so we can learn something useful.

  • Are you my DAD

  • Not enough Anthony

  • I love the bits when Anthony is on camera

  • Anthony is awesome

  • H

  • Anthony

  • Noot noot

  • As far as Anthony goes, I absolutely HATE...that he isn’t in more videos.

  • Fuck, why u all insults almost all LTT workers and treat Anthony like a god? Anthony is boring af (insult me if you want suckers)

    • Il be fair here he is a bit lacking in personality but he seems to be the smartest one there, definitely smarter than your ass

  • who wants to play Terraria ?

  • 0:49 how does this work

  • 2 totally different looking Asians: exist comments below: YOU TWO LOOK THE SAME

  • Hahahahaha that one commenter called his wife an "Asian Product". Who comes up with that shit?

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  • I don't have anything against Anthony, but am I the only one that doesn't really care for him in videos? Maybe it's just me lol.

  • hello😂😂😂

  • I gotta admit, linus' son did seem dead inside in the hot wheels episode, but I think it was mainly just disappointment and confusion lmao

  • Dennis is fun, Luke pretty cool, and Anthony is great .... so there and I like your machinist type stuff

  • I'm pretty sure they couldn't include some lmao, because those aren't THAT bad..

  • I have hit so many of these guys with the butt of my gun while they were standing over my baby's crib. :(

  • It's actually funny how all youtubers just assume they make more money than their viewers and their commenters... little did they know

  • lets admit it, they laugh coz they die inside...

  • Ok the guy with the black hair is actually kind of annoying (in my opinion), I love all the other guys tho!

  • I actually prefer the the way linus does advertising to other methods. He runs an awesome company and He's transparent about it.

  • Wow he's handsome.... lol

  • How is Linus gaining subs with his shit content Like wtf He doesn’t do anything He has so much money It’s really starting to go to his head Seriously Annoying Orange makes better videos

  • WoW! Anthony got NO Mean comments!!! That tells how much he is loved among the viewers!!! :D

  • Such a piece of shit. But i did help you beat the youtube algorithm by commenting

  • "40 year old low testosterone virgin girl" that's a sentence that tries to make sense.

  • I don't know who's pissing me off, Linus or James...

  • Last year was more funny than this year's. Sorry 😜

  • I love Anthony

  • Linus: “I read tons and tons of comments on our videos” But does he read this one?

  • I still fuckin hate the new intro 3 #bring back the kitchen set

  • Anthony is a God

  • I miss the old LTT intro

  • Alex riley and james are infact so weird, bad, dumb, annoying and should get fired

    • but jake and alex are the worst of em. hate them dummys

  • My username is more annoying than anybody at LTT could ever be. Anthony is amazing btw.

  • I really do like Anthony with his superior talent and knowledge along with his ingenuity. But after he got only love and positivity, I will try to say something negative. Anthony's humble demeanor is holding him back! -That was seriously the most mean and honest comment I could make, I think his humility and being down to earth made me think he lacked confidence at first.

  • Linus rhymes with virus aka coronavirus Jk love ya ass

  • Lol the ak had me dead

  • Who could hate Dennis tho?

  • ig unpopular opinion, anthony is too nerdy and annoying and i like literally everyone else more. ig yall like anthony cus yall also mad annoying and big since thats what all pc gamers look like

  • Love this vary funny. But I feel I need say something nice! I love all the Chanel’s and it has helped keep me sane during the vires . All so ltt seems to give the people involved quite the dream job . And I don’t need to say keep it up!

  • Everyone who is mean should just poop in a bucket and then eat it so shut up and just stop or else ur bad

  • im sorry anthony but james u are my favorite :D

  • 6:29 Now Deal with "BUTT"

  • I want Linus to tell us about his high school life.

  • Anthony is great. My favorite. Always puts a smile on my face.

  • Taran is my favorite presenter by far. Passion is never "sick and disturbing", at least in my book.

  • Glad I found this channel! Your videos are so good!

  • did he say "vsoon"?

  • It's cute that they undoublty know how much everybody loves Anthony :3

  • This is great content, make fun videos from haters.and that's what made me think, how to make money from haters XD, just read them comments and uploads .. lmao XD

  • I dunno guys, he seems pretty cool to me. I'm an office fan so I kind of see a bit of Michael in Linus.

  • Am I the only one who thinks linus is the best? 😂

  • Can we get more of these in the near future. I like watching these a lot.

  • the 1.1 thousand dislikes are from the people that posted comments like that