Mario Kart Live Home Circuit 4 Player CHALLENGE

Datum objavljivanja: 4. Stu 2020.
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Linus and friends compete in a Mario Kart Live Home Circuit grand prix with some serious prizes on the line...but can the hardware keep up?
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  • Linus driver. Lol

  • do a 200cc one

  • Where can i by the LTT netMasks ?

  • Amazing track!

  • Noot noot

  • Doesn't look like team building, it looks like stress inducing.

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  • thats so cool! My inner Child is enjoying this very much :D

  • Well, it has to be expensive to sponsor LTT because Linus is spending $2k on Nintendo equipment. : P

  • This is like the best AR implementation i've seen... ever. Its so clever

  • Sarah does not look like Sarah with a mask


  • Officially, you're one of my favorite HRwikirs out here!

  • There's a female here? YAY!

    • @Liam oh... Don't think I've ever visited the website.. I just haven't seen them on video before...

    • There are at least four women on staff. Yvonne the CFO, Sarah a Graphic designer, Nicole an editor, Janice a book keeper (who works for Yvonne), there was also mention of a British woman that was a writer in one of the videos. There is actually a photo wall of the LMG staff on their website linusmediagroup(dot)com.

  • I hope you guys do a second championship at some point, maybe in a different location with less wireless activity potentially interfering, along with some tweaks to the course design so the karts aren't getting stuck. I think it deserves a v2.

  • 70,000 like

  • damn. sarahs last name is butt...? F

  • Everybody got a "Racer" tag and Linus got "Driver" tag XD

  • The winner is... the wired connection.

  • Nintendo could have included the Battle Mode

  • Fun. Going to pass, because that's a big investment - but I'd try it if they had it setup at a local hobby shop.

  • 0:30 you only need 3 friends. big difference xD

  • Absolute failure from nintendo, as per usual. I find it so weird that they do so well (relative) with their flagship products and then everything in between is just pure garbage. Like if a music artist makes a good song and the rest of the songs on the album are just the studio recorder breathing into a mic.

  • Dude they should do this with drones

  • milion views! nice

  • he spent 6k on a monitor, cmon

  • Looks like a really fun concept, but the lag between the video and real time kinda ruins it. If that issue gets fixed, I would definitely consider purchasing this.

  • Nintendo made a large, complex product that turns out to be a total waste of space and money? Say it ain't so! Welp, I'm sure we can enjoy playing it on our Virtual Boys while we play with R.O.B and reminisce about how great the N64DD was.

  • That's the most nerdy thing I've ever watched ... . . . . . . I LOVE IT

  • The video before this: 2.1 million views The video after this: 2.8 million views This video: 995 500 views

  • “Anthony doesn’t need our sympathy” Sounds like Linus read the comments from the mean comments video

  • RIP ChannelSuperFun I guess

  • I gave a dislike but dis-disliked cuz u went " ok wut went wrong "

  • Protip: disable the 2.4ghz band on your router, nobody uses it and now you know what band you're on.

  • Why is her face so low res in the thumbnail

  • This karts need some deep modifications lol 😂

  • Riley is th e best n videos with linus n Riley together hilarious

  • Rrrrgggggbbbbb

  • Sarahs laughing was the best :)

  • "Extra vacation time", What a cheap canadian! 😉

  • Everyone gets their full name spelt out except Sarahs, because of YT monetization I suppose?

  • Nintendo won. cause i cannot think about a work room meating. lets shit back

  • AMAZING !!!

  • I love this set up! Great job despite the buggy things!

  • At least they have subtitles in franche (français) and it’s cool i don’t understand what you’re saying but i manager to laugh by reading the subtitles XD ( written with Google translate) 😉😉

  • Boss verbally abuses employees for 10 minutes.

  • All I hear is "GET OUT OF MY WAY"

  • It's the christmas tree lights. They're a known wifi killer

  • It’s kind of cool that Sarah is becoming a active personality on the channel

  • This is my new favourite thing ever

  • "READY TO RACE, BOYS?" *Footage from the only female is lost* Pretty inconsiderate, Linus.

  • All right, time to modify the carts.

  • Could not handle being in the same room with Linus for too long. 🤦‍♂️🤯🤬🙄

  • 6:08 Smash Bros hand exists irl

  • Couldn’t each one used their hotspot for their switch

  • The host device is bottlenecked even harder than the guest devices, so wiring them up helps the host device the most.

  • Attack on titan be like : 6:28

  • That was awesome!!! Do it again :D

  • Linus you should talk to a youtube channel that does micro pov tiny whoops they are really cool

  • Just a correction from a Physicist: If your microwave is interfering with a 2.4 GHz connection (no issue with the frequency overlap) then you should be rather worried, because your microwave's Faraday cage isn't working properly! Get a new microwave

  • I hate to see ridge wallets cheat on my boy Anthony like this

  • The best video of this game by far is on Penguinz0 channel!

  • Run it again but replace the switches with switch emulators so you can use lan and better wifi. (May require rebuilding the karts with better motors and 5ghz)

  • The immediate screaming and cheering, like there is some intense close fought race going on, attached to the video cycling between pretty much stationary carts for at least the first minute or two of "racing" really ruins this video. Even when Linus is yelling how it "actually works" at 7:46, the accompanying video is of stationary vehicles occasionally lurching forward together with lag...why pretend like this works if you don't have any footage of it doing so?

  • Just a note to new players wondering about the cart design for this game. The carts have a built-in governor Which prevents them from going max speed ( very similar to what go carts have in most amusement parks,) so when you’re doing the test lap before the race starts the cart will not be traveling at full speed and thus might not be able to make it up certain ramps or inclines. This is so that power ups will have an actual effect when used in game. So for example, let's say you’re racing at full speed and you use a mushroom 🍄. The car will then begin to accelerate much faster in real life because the governor is disabled temporarily. The reason this is useful knowledge is that this will allow you to make courses with bigger ramps if Place strategically where speed boost can be applied.

  • Thank you for doing something original with your tech budget. This was awesome to watch! I would watch a video dedicated to only the equipment and setup. Reminds me of the air drone races

  • To take the game reality, How much dollars you need? Linus 2020: Yes

  • Linus is Simpin for that broad!!!

  • I clicked for Sarah and her footage was lost. :(

  • Lol, her last name's "Butt"

  • her name is actually sara Butt

  • 4 friends with money hahahahaha

  • I thought Lana rhoads was in the thumbnail 😂

  • Thought 0:42 was about to feed me a sponsor message lol

  • Anthony rages.

  • whoever plays like that, 100% arthurites

  • You all look like a Nintendo commercial! Only thing missing is that you aren't playing on a rooftop. :-D

  • 4:35 Barney and Shrek's Live Circuit gameplay

  • Every single Mario Kart game has been amazing fun. This one will be in a lot of Christmas stockings this year! 😀

  • Terrible Product.... Fantastic Video.

  • "The keys is to"

  • next step is hacking the cars to produce MOH PAWAH BABY!

  • You made a point of saying you had webcams... but did you actually use them at all?

  • This should get more views, truly entertaining, way better than simply build a PC

  • You should modify the RC cars

  • That course is so bad

  • They should keep this up and let people play.

  • This is Mario Kart alright LOL LOVE IT

  • I think the biggest lesson here is that LTT sucks at designing Mario Kart courses.

  • Anthony is the type of guy that would eat you if u got stuck on a deserted island with him

  • Why does Linus sound like Michael Scott...?

  • HRwiki notifications are broken! I've seen this video 4 days ago!

  • oh man that 4 friends with money line really hit the spot hahaha

  • and again Linus complaining about spent money...

  • I was here for fun but "Four friends... With money..." hit me hard...

  • "4 friends...with money" Linus went from Hard Mode to Insane Mode in one sentence 🤣

  • Gaming with 500 ping

  • LTT needs more Sara. Anthony and Sara are the future, old Linus man.

  • That looks so stressful. I'd have smashed my house up if it was that annoying hahaha

  • How long until Linus tries water cooling these?