My CRINGIEST PC Build EVER - feat. Twomad

Datum objavljivanja: 27. Ruj 2020.
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Twitter demanded we help fellow creator TwoMad out with a computer build. On a whim, Linus agreed! Now here we are, we have no idea what's in store for us.
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  • "Not much glow through the underwear hole"

  • you didn't link twomad bro, what the hecc man. gonna subscribe tho

  • "nah it brokey" - twomad 2020

  • when someone finally makes a collab with my boi twomad

  • 0:57 lol look how he tried to drink his water

  • 10:38 lmfaoo

  • The legendary dropper and the legendary phone stabber

  • Dawid does Tech is in Vancouver as well, would love to see him on LTT

  • Fortnite fans when they saw the code "gotta get on rn"

  • this dude is a good meme like dam vbtw i am drunk af sorry xD

  • Anyone else saw Linus wash his gloves instead of his hands

  • Linus helping charity, thats wholesome

  • lol his graphics card is bad, funny joke heheh

  • pomegranate

  • twomad should be an LTT host


  • this is amazing

  • RTX 2080 Super is old ? uhm... Yeah, sure...

  • pc does boo boo on fordnide. new pc go brrrrrr on fordnide

  • Wtf Linus. Use a Canadian domain for your website.

  • twomad is severely liked by 27

  • This is low key cringy

  • baba

  • What games you playing , runescape. Two mad 2020

  • the ultimate sleeper pc build

  • An RTX2080 is old... le sad gtx1660 super noises

  • i wonder how many comments are just *good night girl i see you tommorow*

  • wait, thats bubbles from trailer park boys? 8:12 x)

  • Watching twomad’s vid on this vs Linus’s gives off two completely different vibes lmao

  • so when is part 2 coming out?

  • 6:46 The sheer pain in linus's face 🤣

  • K-Pop stans when they watch this video: U PARTNERED UP WITH A RACIST U CANCELLED

  • i missed the "grade 9, so 14, about your age" comment the first time i watched this

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  • omigod i uant dis

  • oh shit why did i click on this

  • It brokey.

  • This is like watching the special-ed kid and the tech nerd who sits by himself at the lunch table get paired together for a school project

  • Is it just me or is two mad drunk

  • He do be fortnite

  • "My CRINGIEST PC Build EVER - feat. TWOMAD" And the viewers loved it

  • Linus got scammed damn.

  • This is a thing

  • i feel bad

  • lmao its like twomad isn't even supposed to be there

  • When a Canadian says "nice to meet you" but really means GTFO... 11:58

  • Laughing while saying: "my (over the top) computer just broke", to a guy who grow up repairing computers and make his career from it can be really frustrating.. After seeing the full video, I think I can see how much stressful Linus is. He even scream to the BIOS and pretty much slam the keyboard keys, more than he normally does. Much respect to Linus, still manage to continue the video..

  • im so hyped for this new runescape game!

  • Lol thats me i kill twomad lmao

  • My guy didn't remove the protectivs sheet of his face shield

  • Linus doesn’t know Travis Scott

  • Their interactions were worse if not as bad as a middle school "couple"


  • Collab of the year no cap, best duo I’ve ever seen in a video

  • it brokey -twomad 2020

  • “Pomegranate”

  • nah it brokey

  • Linus' video: professional, nice and sympathetic Twomad's video: mmmmh! glue!

  • He should have said the signature: “Goodnight Girl, I’ll see ya tomorrow” at the end

  • i wonder who twomad gave this computer


  • Toe mad funny

  • 4:42 Linus Sex Tips

  • nah it brokey

  • Only legends know that he renamed this video

  • Gen Z makes me think Boomers are actually pretty ok.

  • 6:11 BIG MOVES MAN

  • yo linus i also live in vancouver bc please send me a pc thanks man (this wasnt as funny as i thought it would be)

  • We just gonna ignore the fact the guy tried drinking water with the face cover over his face?

  • while u were talking about the graphics card twomad is litteraly struggeling to get out the gpu

  • the more videos of linus i watch the more i get the impresion that linus actually hates everyone

  • This got demonetized oof

  • gaming

  • Wow. Yall are 9 minutes away

  • two mad is like: i like your funny words magic man to Linus

  • did it freeze when he said fortnite freezes.

  • Well, he has a capture + rendering PC in the back he just needs to fix. And he can play with the new one. But I would switch the graphic cards. :D

  • Does that guy know he's Black?

  • This was very funny

  • it brokey

  • It's like ROG rig reboot, but not

  • Linus actually hates twomad

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  • Clueless wakandan and Linus sex tips make a yeezy-pc

  • More videos like this please

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  • Idk who this dude is but he's annoying

  • I need a ltt video were he does not have a paid promotion or someone with him, anyone give link pls

  • This was the greatest anime crossover episode I have ever seen


  • HRwiki is brokey rn

  • this reminds me of the ROG rig reboot

  • Why did linus put hand sanitizer on latex gloves that is not gonna absorb and maybe even break the gloves

  • I thought it was too-woah-mad

  • nah it brokey

  • error can't seem to find any presence of maturity.

  • My head, when i saw the video: NO FUCKING WAY 😂😂😂😂

  • is there such things as father boards?

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