My doorbell may shock you… - Ubiquiti G4 Doorbell

Datum objavljivanja: 10. Lis 2020.
Thanks to Ubiquiti for sponsoring this video! Check out the Unifi Protect G4 Doorbell and get video security without paying a monthly subscription from Ubiquiti at US Store:
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Tired of paying for subscription services? Or perhaps you want to keep your data under your own roof for privacy reasons? Today we show you Ubiquiti’s G4 Doorbell and talk about why keeping control of your own data can be good for your privacy, and your wallet.
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  • Shock you? Low voltage....maybe very lightly buzz

  • Please do more smart home stuff linus

  • lol @ 07:31 - he just needs to give up his man card!

  • @ 04:39 - why don't you print that out and attach it on the inside cover of the breaker panel? That way, you do not have to have your phone with you or pull it up!

  • Jesus linus you are still terrible with tools.

  • Huh... cable companies always seem to charge for the box, and when they also handle your internet there is a modem fee.

  • imagine he had a dog while installing the doorbell

  • How is the software/app support in comparison ?

  • 2MP wow

  • Cable companies charge for the equipment (rental fee)

  • Thank you for sharing how to keep away from annoying subscriptions services.

  • Linus have more expensive door bell than my pc

  • Ubiquiti has the problem of stopping support of their cameras rendering them useless at a point. I just had to toss several older ones because they aren't supported on newer versions of the software, and I can't add new ones to the older software. So you're stuck.

  • You're not *required* to pay ring monthly. You only pay if you want storage of video.

  • Yeet

  • Dude you are hysterical! But I am as clumsy as you and still get it done

  • Linus, can we watch the live footage on google nest displays?

  • Sent mine back. Still missing too many features like needing the existing doorbell ringer, no remote ringers, etc. when compared to Ring. Hopefully, in a bit, they will add these features and more. Everything else at my home is Ubiquity (Access points, routers, POE switches). Also, we have a UDM Pro with a drive bay for security, so it would be great to use the doorbell.

  • Linus: ''The best neighborhood ever totally by accident, There's so many kids here'' FBI watching this video: ''HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM''

  • Ubiquiti is long as you have a freaking server rack.....ring doorbells still work if you are not paying the subscription its the data storage you are paying for!

  • I thought a doorbell was a buzzer , why are there hard drives?

  • Product is still not available in the eu store, very disappointed

  • Time to change that CFL lightbulb, LTT style.

  • Most people install the doorbell boxes vertically, it means the ringer solenoid isn't having to fight gravity!

  • Who will win the NFC South?

  • Anyone waiting to get to the part where someone gets shocked? 12V of course...

  • I'm an industrial electrician/automation technician and this was painful. You should get with AVE and have him teach you some basics.

  • Ring and Nest = monthly subscription fees for the privilege of sending my frontdoor to Amazon and Google. Not fun. There are plenty of free cloud services that a camera like this could backup data to on a rolling basis. These startups have chosen not to give users that ability. So I will not buy their products.

  • Hook up a wifi router in every room then stand at the panel with your phone and watch what router goes down when you flip what switch

  • I was going to switch my network and security system to ubiquiti but right now I have 4k cameras and ubiquiti only has 1080p cameras so it would be a down grade for me

  • "Cable companes aren't even that evil" *MODEM RENTAL FEES WOULD LIKE TO KNOW YOUR LOCATION LINUS*

  • Ring doesnt need a subscription.

  • Can we take a moment to appreciate that Linus actually dropped something and caught it for once at 6:48? "Not a word."

  • Why does he have resistors on the doorbell and the chime box?

  • True video showing a simple montage by an intellectual being.

  • Drop at 6:25, 6:49

  • "Ring Recalls 350,000 Video Doorbells Over Fire Risk; Injuries Reported" You apparently made the right choice for other reasons.

  • Hey Linus, I came to your house exactly 1 day before you did this video, and your door bell shocked me. I wasn't on your home cameras, so I wouldent bother checking, because I was wearing a prototype lizard man skin suit. I don't wanna do a liability claim however, I hear yall got them 6900xts....

  • Your doorbell can't shock you because there isn't enough voltage running through it. It may tickle your tongue though! :-)

  • cable companies charge per box

  • Note: Ubiquiti came out with an update to fix issues with chimeboxes

  • those are NOT just adapters 🤦‍♂️

  • Uh you don't have to pay a fee to have a Ring

  • In other video: "I'm not going to show my camera angles so noone can tell which way they're pointed" This video: editors don't blur out the live camera angles on Linus' phone


  • Ubiquiti and Uniiiiiiiiiiiiiifi for the win!

  • The only thing that isn't noted, getting support with Ubiquit is a nightmare.

  • Linus is finally starting to look like a grown-up. Love ya buddy.

  • Is it possible for you to make an app for the Apple Watch to see your nest doorbell feed and other nest product status

  • 00:00 playstion plus, you buy a game but you have to pay monthly to play online .... thats why im a pc gamer

  • “Lets see if she picks her nose” my fav linus quote

  • Watching Linus trying to install things is just pure PAIN.

  • first time ever saw a thief needs this much security

  • That thing is Shit then if its 2 meg a pics 2:44

  • cut the bricks a masonry blade is cheap and i bet you have 5 or 4 inch angle grinder! come on man

  • Why wouldn't you install a patch panel in your network cabinet?

  • 6:17 what lmao

  • "Cable companes aren't even that evil" *MODEM RENTAL FEES WOULD LIKE TO KNOW YOUR LOCATION LINUS*

  • shouldnt trust showin people what your cameras are looking at.. just makes life easier for shady people :/

  • Ubiquiti is trash and everyone who deals in networking knows it. It’s overpriced garbage.

  • 6:01 did no one just see something fly and hit the door?

  • Another episode of "Linus tricks companies to pay for his house renovation"

  • Can you use this to stream?

  • Tip: Those gel packs are good for camera bags to keep the moisture out

  • If you're like me and using the 20 degree mount adapter on clapboard siding (or anything else that'd point the camera up instead of out) I designed a 3D printable adapter (thing:4637067) to tilt the camera 4 degrees forward to bring the camera back to vertical.

  • That indoor module or "box" doesn't ring your doorbell, its designed to prevent your doorbell from wigging out or buzzing which is a common problem with modern video doorbells.

  • Just got my Ubiquiti G4 Doorbell hooked up today!!! Had it for a month or two.

  • please please please try WYZE equipment, so incredible.

  • I just came from Linus's house. His actual message is

  • Does the doorbell work with my amplifi?

  • Imagine being stupid enough to pay a monthly subscription for your DOOR BELL !!! What ever next ?!?!

  • No the cable company RENTS you the box

  • Ok, that's a Ring Pro Video Doorbell with a different tag on it. You can't fool me, I have one on my front door.

  • Linus house: a dream house to steal 😋

  • What all would I need to run, and use a single UniFi Protect G3 FLEX Camera? I have been wanting Ubiquiti products for years, but I can never get a clear answer as to the extra equipment I may or may not need to buy for my setup. I have a mobile phone, and an old computer.

  • Most doorbells are 24v ac some 12v unless your a mosquito I doubt it will shock you enough to hurt you! Your PC PS has more power than the little Transformer for the doorbell! Now if the transformer dies do you know where it's hidden in your house???

  • They are running out of ideas aren’t they.

  • 6:18 In the best neighborhood ever totally by accident *whispers* there's so many kids here. Pedo energy lmao

  • Im gonna save this video, when I buy my own house and have a family in about 10 years, I’ll have a HRwiki channel that will have taught me everything I needed to know

  • What is on your shirt near your neck Linus? Cannot wear a clean shirt for the shoot? Linus techtips needs more money so Linus can wear clean clothes everyone!@!@

  • 13:20 "You can disable your microphone, just in case you're not comfortable with that"

  • Finally, a video doorbell I can steal and use and not have to worry about the cops finding me.

  • I recognize that brick pattern. See you soon.

  • You may want to check out the HDR setting for the doorbell camera. It made a big difference in the image quality.

  • 3d print a case/box for the ring

  • Do not throw away silica gel, put it on your drawer or whatever place to absorb moisture.

  • lol thought it was a video about how this product could electrically shock you

  • Note in Canada, recording audio is a criminal offence. So make sure you are not recording audio to your NVR.

  • Any chance of a list of devices you use to run these things? looking to do a setup as well with a few cameras, doorbell, etc and would love a list of what you use to run your camera setup so I get the right stuff.

  • "Blah blah blah ad ad ad MONEY" -Meatcanyon 2020

  • Instead of paying monthly fees with Ubiquiti, just pay the extra money to replace the whole system after 2 years when they drop the entire product line with no warning!

  • I love UBNT they always throw in those little blue levels

  • Most cable companies here in the U.S. charge a monthly fee to use their equipment if you don't have your own, so yeah they are THAT evil. Do yourself a favor and go buy your own equipment because over time those fees can add up to a lot of money!

  • Linus, what you said about paying for a subscription from a cable company and then they drop off the hardware, is literally the EXACT same thing as buying the ring and then paying for the subscription but in reverse. Cable companies do the exact same thing and you even proved it yourself while saying they didn’t.

  • nice! but 200 b's??? no. dream on!

  • I looked at the thumbnail and thought he got a doorbell that shocks the person every time they press it

  • Catlike reflexes at 6:51 - natural 20?

  • im rather tired of companys spying on private gounds all the time with the excuse of an "userfriendly" setup. every device is sending data to their cloud while the p2p connections poke through every firewall - "but you can access your cameras from everywhere". there is not even a possibility, an open source project or even one, ONE product on the market that allows me to setup my own media server which collects the streams and gives me a simple http interface to connect to with my clients. yet even they are using all the same chinese chipsets distributed by 3 or 4 big players. not a single word about privacy in this video and this from one of the biggest tech guys on youtube. what a shame.

  • I got a Ring. HATE HATE IT HATE IT. Fucking thing stopped working and all I got from those losers was excuses like I had to disable my cell phones features. RING SUCKS~!! But the Ubiquiti G4 Doorbell is EIGHT HUNDRED FUCKING DOLLARS AND IT PROBABLY COST 3 DOLLARS TO MAKE

  • Yeah i used a wireless door bell, and a blink camera system around my house including one around the door. No cloud service payment needed as well. Although it does store on one. I have 1080p on each camera as well there Linus.