PC building SPEED challenge!

Datum objavljivanja: 19. Lis 2020.
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Ladies and gentlemen, we have a race! Who’s faster: Linus building a PC, or Anker’s new nano 20-watt charger bringing a dead phone to 69% charged. Place your bets - and watch to see who reaches that finish line first.
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  • idk how many likes has this when u see this, but rn 69k

  • Why 69% and not 100%?

  • linus really loves ratchet screwdriver

  • A durian bubble tea is actualy pretty good

  • I watch LTT for entertainment not computer tips. That is a compliment! I bet he enjoyed the tea after too!

  • I have the Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 5 and it is a pain with fan mounting!!

  • Still a better build than verges

  • Anker is a solid brand, I've been using their cables and chargers for my iPhone since the beginning

  • wow he going fast

  • Love the Gamers Nexus reference.

  • “I never plugged in my pump, for the AIO cooler”

  • Anthony in the video. Quality! And may I add his Name is Tony Young. That is super model name

  • Moral of the story : Linus is as fast as fuck boi

  • The Anker challenge made me watch a little longer

  • Hope I get one

  • Linus: "Where are my fans?" The fans: "We're right here, watching the video!"

  • What's wrong with Linus? Durian bubble tea is amazing... Just ask Yvonne

  • He didn’t say “nice 🙁 (Edit) all is good. He did

  • Nice intro

  • The title really should be “ Linus rushing and struggling to put in the aio cooler”

  • This comment has been deleted because of overused memes

  • How do you even have durian Boba in Canada?? I lived in Malaysia for 3 years and have not seen durian boba in all the boba shops

  • 0:51 You claim you're scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas, yet I've been attempting to share with you an all in one sleeper build series idea for a few months now. All I want in exchange is a high end gaming rig...

  • If it does it that fast my charger is 999 trillion wats

  • Video called "speed building a pc" starts with Linus talking about the iPhone and is sponsored by Anker. I was so confused.

  • 5:38 me building my friends pc

  • "Why apple does this? We'll never be sure." Uhhh huhhh..

  • you should of did 100% for the phone to charge, why 69%? lol

  • * Him Speed building it in 30 minutes* *Legit takes me 10 minutes to only out in ram and SSD* *Him putting in ram and SSD IS LIKE 2 MINUTES!

  • Yo where do I get that motherboard that comes with the ram loose in the box tho?

  • I'm dropping a challenge to Linus Tech Team : Build a fully functioning Bombe computer. I dare you.

  • intel core i3 7th gen vs 4th gen i7 who is better off

  • **Laughing with no Power Brick in iPhone 12**

  • "included iphone charger" ironic.

  • when you out of skits/ideas for your video and ad introduction and they are paying you alot for the ads.....

  • Why would you need that charger? It's £17 on Amazon here in UK but for half that price you can buy a USB charger, From Amazon, that has 3 slots, 1x@5A, 2x@2.5A. And, the currant doesn't decrease no matter how many slots are used. They always give out what they're supposed to. And that 5A slot will charge my VITA from 0 to 100% in less than 20 minutes and my 6000mah battery bank in about an hour. And, it does it for under £10 (inc shipping).

    • Dude, they are particularly targeting iPhone users. iPhone 12 with No Charger means more sales for Anker due to super small familiar Power Brick to iPhone users yet delivering 20W power for $3 less than Apple's 18W Charger. Again, they don't want people with a VITA and 6000mah Battery Bank to buy this, they want *iPhone users* to get this.

  • Did I just watch a 17min commercial?

  • Speedrun any% 39:55 (With Peneltys)

  • if i was building my pc and i plugged my display port cable in would i just plug my vcable into monitor and turn on?

  • 0:17 the amount of exaggeration in the "20" was hilarious

  • meanwhile i just built my first pc and it took me 6 hours

  • I just wonder. Why didn't Linus used an electric screwdriver? There was no rule saying you can't use one!? I want a rematch with an electric screwdriver!

  • I bet that I could build a pc at least 5 minutes earlier bcuz I am a kind of natural at this kinda stuff

  • Lmaoo android users had fast charging for ever, thats another reason apple sucks and i woll never go back to ios

    • lol this video is made for iPhone users who dont get Power Brick i box lol

  • linus can i havs computer thx u

  • Yay that's the exact Cooler Master case I have! I just want to point out it's very much possible to have your AIO watercooler mounted on the top, cause I have it mounted that way. Either way, fun video!

  • I wish I could afford anything remotely close to the PC's Linus builds 😓

  • Lol thanks for the explanation. I was like wow what a shitty prize

  • Hi, this is dream, today im gonna speedrun pc building. Can i finish building this pc before this phone is fully charged?

  • No hate, but working with Linus looks insufferable.

  • I live in Modesto CA and we have one of the VERY first A&W’s ever (2nd or 3rd) and (unlike the very first in Lodi that was converted) ours still has all the original kitchen and decor and drive in as it did in the 50’s. It’s independently owned, while the first ever is corporate owned and theirs was modernized and bleh.. At ours, it takes a while for food to be prepped, but their burgers are EASILY one of the best anywhere.

  • Am I the only one who noticed his joke at 4:53?

  • But Durian is tasty

  • Next I'd like to see a speed run against a Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra 0-100%. At 120W charging with the INCLUDED brick it'll be even more entertaining.

  • Nice.

  • As a Malaysian, I would kill to have that durian bubble tea.

  • give this pc to me pls

  • why does he look so stoned 😏

  • Ugh soo rich

  • Plot twist Its a pre build pr

  • lol i plug mine into the "2.4A" port on my power strip, and i can go from 0-100% in 25 mins. definitely not 2.4A lmfaooo

  • 31% in 15 mins? my charger could do better

  • 2080 super "basically just a prop now" I'd love to have that "prop"

  • %69

  • Without the water cooling, I can have a system assembled in 15 minutes or less and installing the OS.

  • I think my charger is faster

  • "which comes first... Me.... Or this iphone reaching 69%" Who wrote that inuendo!?

    • which comes first... The chicken... Or the egg?

  • ahhhh i knew there was a kid still in him :)

  • the funny number lmao

  • Those AIO hoses have me triggered...

  • 14:33 That is the most Michael Scott thing I ever heard Linus say lmfao

  • i got sent here after amd release

  • i have to watch ur vids in 144p im sad

  • Dude Anker is so clever sponsoring all these big channels right now, jumping into the gaping hole Apple made for themselves

  • This Case lookslike a rebuilt of the CM Stormtrooper ..😊

  • "69 percent"

  • American A&W is absolute garbage. 100% accurate.

  • What case does he have on his iphone?

  • It takes me about 40 minutes to plug in my monitor

  • 2 days ago i've upgraded my PC, so i decided to completely unmount it and reassemble it back again with new pieces to clean it up. It took me all the time from 10:30 am to 3:00 PM

  • Give me a pc please my pc is older than my nephew its pentium g630 i just want to play valorant on 60 frames stable

  • In kitchen

  • this why i pay extra $150 and get custom prebuilt by actual professionals

  • Linus take a vac day my guy LOL

  • When you need to go to your grandmas house in 40 minutes but you want to build your pc before you go

  • jesus iphones charge so slow lmao

  • Is it really counts as 4x times faster charger? Really?

  • Yep.

  • only LMG buys a whole prebuild as a paperweight.

  • I just built my first pc 3 days ago and I broke a pin on my cpu

  • 69%: Nice!

  • 0:47 nice

  • Linus has what like 4 3080s and I cant even get one.....

  • to be honest, Linus deserved to win! Because in those 40 minutes he also had to remove all components from boxes! With all components ready he would have been so much faster!

  • That was the most fun video I've seen in a while!

  • I cant even build a computer. *sad noises*

  • Who came 1st

  • what is the phonw case for the iphone 11 linus is using in the video?

  • Woah, Linus comin in with the big boi stance. Bro, I love the content and your channel, but let’s not gate keep fast food. It’s all absolute trash. No matter the country

  • my PC builds are always filled with hiccups and crap not wanting to go in or working right the first time. Guess im an idiot LOL