Remember this day… - AMD Ryzen 5000 Series

Datum objavljivanja: 5. Stu 2020.
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The last time AMD was a market leader, Intel was struggling with Pentium 4. Now, over 14 years later, Ryzen has stormed back to take not only the productivity throne, but the gaming throne as well. Is it too good to be true? No.
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  • Looks like this video was rushed a bit. Two mistakes: 1. 1:13 - Bottom Right: Ryzen 9 5950X should be 3950X 2. 1:49 - Top Right: Core i9 10909K should be 10900K

  • AMD be like: Call an ambulance, but not for me 🥴💯

  • I thought the 10600k was better than the new r5

  • The views of this video would be 4.5million if HRwiki didn't pause the views increasing..

  • I just need another 3000 but they're all sold out.

  • Me :watching this enthusiastically , in a intel and Nvidia powered PC, PC : OK, then shall we leave....

  • 1:14 let see umm,you have compared the price of a 5950x to the price of a 5950x.

  • Time for the coffin dance with "INTEL INSIDE"

  • *Don't buy the 5800X* , overpriced, barebones turbo boost behavior, lacks an iGPU. It's a pirate version of an i7. Wait for an hypothetical 5700X if you want an accesible 8 core processor with cooler, and for better perfomance, *Intel makes 8 core monolithic dies with an iGPU since the i9-9900K 2 years ago* . Another option is wait for the price drop of the 5800X with Rocket Lake's launch.

  • Does any of the experts here have any opinion on when we can see these new processors in a laptop?

    • The non H series of Tiger Lake reaches 3000 points in passmark singlethread (basically i9-10900K levels and waaay more efficient), the H series will beat Zen 3. On the laptop side for singlethread perfomance, Intel destroys AMD and has a way bigger market share than the desktop space.

  • LMAOOOO never buying from intel ever may intel rest in peace

  • Intel is talking about AMD all the time, AMD doesn't even mention Intel. That says a lot.

  • Jaysus! I was planning to build a pc with b450... Almost being not supported. (Great time to build a pc too 🙂 )

  • Wait hold on, so you are saying Ryzen 5 5600x that costs around 23k beats a Intel Core i9 10900k that's priced at 72k? Unbelievable.

  • im sorry my 2 month old i7 10700k its time to go

    • Don't, that thing is a monster, if you have a Noctua NH-12A, undervolt to -100mv and you will get 5GHz all core and 5200 points in Singlebench R20 and possibly very similar singlethread to Zen 3. Also, the 5800X is an overpriced processor that will be destroyed by the 11700K.

  • Hahaha

  • it is not worth buying more intel better ryzen cost less and have more cores i change motherboard amd m4 and a ryzen 9 and i spend 600 swiss francs. I wanted to tell you that you have been following you for a long time you are great BB

  • a ryzen 5, being better than the 3950x sheesh

  • 5950x Still crushed by m1

    • Both will be crushed in singlethread by Intel maybe in Rocket lake or Tiger Lake H. The low power version of Tiger Lake for laptops already had 3000 points in passmark singlethread or 10900K levels.

  • linus hi mate, as theirs an improvment from using 2 ram sticks compaired to 4 ram sticks getting around 9% improvment in some games, any chance you have a 6 ram slot motherboard or the x570 8 x ram slot motherboard and see what you get with even more slots used ;) cheers

  • I hate red, but have always loved AMD.

  • Can’t wait anymore my new rig with 5900x and Asus Rog x570 crosshair VIII Hero 😊

  • remember this day where a city of millions sold dozens of these new out of stock edition parts

  • I love how you feature CS:GO in your videos

  • 3:27 Dr Su Please they are already DEAD

  • kicking their throwing them in graves

  • i think this kinda stuff should be compared at the moment they are in stock, not when they are released manufactureres start rushing stuff before they can produce any meaningfull quantities.

  • This is how money changes people, Linus is a lesson for human kind. You can change title to "how to sell your soul for money".

    • He lost his mojo long ago I don't watch his trash anymore he's all about money and nothing else BTW this is a joke release from AMD you can't even buy it. Remember this day "the day scalpers celebrated" lol

  • What's an Intel?

  • You should give me a spear of GeForce graphic card I can’t afford one ig:fernando_jr142 pls

  • bruh thats all i have to say

  • I liked the bit about the AMD phenom II... I still have one in my desktop lmao

  • Noot noot

  • please give me ryzen 5 processor

  • Excuse me did you just use a timetravling Meatloaf to sell a shirt.

  • when he says team red. i got tf2 vibes

  • Japan video

  • Linus: Corona Renderer YT: DEMONITIZED!

  • Im honestly going to be more excited in zen 3 ryzen 3 processors

  • Quick question to yall my friend built a pc with 5600x a b550 aorus elite mobo 16gig ram kit from corsair vengeance lpx 3600(yeah I know 4000 is recommended for 5600x but that was the only available back then in good old corrupted bulgaria) and a 3080(we still waiting on it cos u know paper launches etc.) for now we are using my good old 1060 to post video but something strange happened. When we installed windows I went to MyPC and properties to disable some stuff I noticed that the pc is only running at 8gigs of ram went onto task manager and what do u know 8gigs running at 2133 so I turned off the pc went into bios and I see only a2 is reading a memory so I go ahead and switch the ram and again only the a2 is reading ram so I proceeded and put ram in a2 b2 and again only a2 reads ram. The ram was then tested in another rig and it read 16gig 3600 soo is it possible that both slots are dead oh and one more thing CpuZ under the SPD tab reads ram in slot 1 and 2 when ram is installed in a2 and b2 but bios only reads that ram is in a2. If someone can help I will be really thankfull.

    • @F-22raptoryeah we found out what was it faulty b channel pins on the socket of the mobo... 2 times in a row rma and again well never buying aorus ever again... asrock it is at least they are built like a rock may be ugly but are strong af

    • @Joe did you use the right ram slots?

    • oh yeah and one more thing when ram is only in b1 b2 it doesnt post at all

  • stil waiting for this to actually release where im from

  • Someone ring the bell! Intel is KO already!!!

  • wt actual fu@# after all the research I did you say me that I need to change my mother board and cpu 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬. I don't care I'll be playing in 4k with my 3090

  • The raise of the red army! Come on together comerades!

  • *Superior Ryzen Noices* I'm kinda offended how people look at AMD Ryzen chips, but here I am now laughing at most of intel users.

  • I jusr watched some game test and not really big difference even intel is better at most games howw

  • Is this a review?

  • so what's better the 5000 series or a threadripper? (if price is not an issue)

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  • Lmao even civilization IV

  • XD R.I.P Blue, I'm waiting for this moment tho lmao

  • i just bought my lenovo idealpad slim 3 ryzen 5 4000 series AMD radeon graphics is this ok on gaming?

  • AMD, Supply and demand? Nope can't keep up because of scalpers I'm guessing. Should make that shit illegal.

  • Well, time to buy the 5600x Bye 5600x... Wait... No stock... Sh/t...

  • I just had a dream where the ryzen 7 6700X with 10c/20th and 5400mhz ddr5 ram was 30% faster in gaming than the 5800X

  • spid

  • I'm just about to buy a 3600. It's a bad time to buy one isn't it?

    • here in Italy on Amazon R5 3600 prices went up a lot i paid it 182€ several months ago now its 227€

  • Yep already out of stock RIP :c

  • 14nm++++++++++++++? Me with my Ryzen 1600: They laughed at me, they all laughed. Who’s laughing now?

    • im still gaming on fx8350, maybe time for an upgrade.

    • @Mr Locorio 1300x?

    • @Mr Locorio I'm on a 3600x too. The 5th gen jump is nuts

    • Same. Built my PC with a 1300x then started playing CS:GO a few months later and realised I'd made a mistake, upgraded to 2600x a year later and only get circa 150fps av. I cannot fucking wait to get the 5600x

  • its 800 bucks to 500 bucks amd still loses linus get good

  • So does this mean I need to rethink my "new" gaming PC build? I was going to build on a secondhand ryzen 7 2000 series, should I now wait a bit and get a second hand ryzen 7 3000 series and a MB with 400 chipset to allow for upgrade to 5000 ryzen later

  • 3:17 the nice part

  • There's no buyer's remorse if the lack of hardware availability forces you to wait for the next best thing before buying.

  • Gee man... it sure would be great to be able to buy some of this new hardware that has been released recently! I've been stuck on the i7 5930k and a GTX 1080ti...

  • 2:54

  • please remastered the 16K gaming video with 3090/3080 ^_^

  • 3:23 damm Ryzen 5 5600X is summoning the devil

  • AMD: "Call an ambulance call an ambulance!" "BUT NOT FOR ME"

  • alert alert alert 5800x is on amazon right now go go go go

    • @Star masterc or honestly the best right now is the i9 9900k for 328.00 and yeah im starting to really the new ryzen is kinda over hyped i mean its not like they beat intel like crazy if anything there pretty on par with intel i suppose intel is the bargain now haha fun stuff

    • @win one soon If you want a really good 8 core, go for Intel, in the budget segment, the 3700X exists. The 5800X should have 5GHz singlecore turbo, 4.7GHz all core and an iGPU to justify the price, for now, DOA or a pirate version of an i7.

    • @Star masterc yeah it is over priced should be like 350 300 really

    • I rather buy a 11700K, 10700K, 5600X or the 5900X. The 5800X is overpriced and the turbo boost is kinda barebones.

  • The intro hahahhahahahahahaha

  • Did you see Linus's face at 2:26

  • intel = 14 nm litography superhot cpus big power consumption

  • AMD All Major Dump

  • This shows how devastating the lack of competition can be.

  • l love how linus uses f1 2020 for the sim racers like me

  • So linus. I hear you're gonna grind up babies. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • linus sex tips

  • Compatibility motherboard for Amd 5000 series ???

  • to all of you in the present, i just wanna say nice jacket

  • Linus: Corona Renderer YT: DEMONITIZED!

  • Hey can you compare both core i7 and ryzen 5 5600x in both video rendering and autocad performance?

  • I think he has a partnership of amd

  • He only fevors amd I have both ryzen 9 and intel core i9 in some cases intel is better and in some cases amd But he only fevors amd not geniven

  • Keep posting interesting contents like this!

  • Ladies and gentlemen.................. They got it!

  • 3:40 is Anthony doing his best badger badger impression?

  • sadly the computers in my school still run on intel Pentium i am used to a i7 8th gen and yea i am poor so use a stupid i7. i mean when i use those PCs at my school i feel like someone gave me a geforce 256 and said play modern warfare 2019 on it.

  • Leave it to Linus to make a video about the best CPU series thus far being AMD, and still managing to make 80% of the video about Intel.

  • Republican or democrat?

  • omg. These blabla commercials inbetween are sooooo bad...

  • Is it better to get a high end 3000 something, or a low end 5000 something?

    • Well if the OP has no urgency to make a PC the best thing is to wait for the new gen CPUs to come out of course

    • @LifegameThe best Ryzen 3000 series processor is the 3700X, lacks an iGPU but only 10-17% slower than the 10700K overall and has a cooler. Is good in console emulation (not intel levels but still great), struggles a little compared to the Intel in streaming but it's very good for the money. When streaming, consider using GPU acceleration because Zen 2 kinda has CPU latency issues. The 3700X is 270-300 dollars on amazon right now or 100-70$ cheaper than 10700K, but i rather have an Intel equivalent because they are more well rounded for future proof.

    • @Lifegame The best 8 core right now for the price is the 10700K but Intel will release the 11700K, so that will be the best 8 core processor. Another option is wait for the hypothetical 5700X (it should have a cooler). Don't buy processors with insane core counts (more than 8) or Ryzen 9 or i9, that is wasted money. At the end, insane high core count CPUs will be obsolete by a jump in singlethread perfomance, also kinda pointless in rendering ( *GPUs are way faster* ) . 10700K has an iGPU and is very close to the 10900K in singlethread or gaming perfomance, basically the same thing and insane turbo behavior and is cooler and cheaper too. With an undervolt and Noctua NH12A, you can reach 5GHz and do a 7-10% improvement in perfomance, very close to the singlethread for Ryzen 5000 with the memory latency advantage, it's also a well rounded console emulation beast that can handle PS3 very well, the Switch too (while more optimization is needed here).

    • @Lifegame Thanks! That makes sense.

    • Maybe a CPU with more cores and threads is better then, so in my opinion an high end 3000 is better

  • I keep my 7700k until ddr5 is out

  • me who really doesnt want to change to amd:

  • When did you switch over to anamorphic lenses?! Looks so much better!

  • Now I can put a smile on my face when I see all those people boasting about Intel and there's me who always said AMD > Intel

  • Hi dude My laptop processer is ryzen 5 3500 .. it's working in ssd and 8 GB ram I change in to ryzen 5000 . it's will work.....

  • Ryzen 7 5800X on a ASRock B550 Phantom Gaming 4 motherboard with a Gigabyte RTX 3080 and absolutely no video output. Tried it with 3 different monitors, pulled out the 3080 and tried an older GPU (GT610, i know it's s*** but it works) and no video output whatsoever. Did some googling around and apparently a lot of people have had the same problem with the B550 and any Ryzen 3000+ CPU. From what I've gathered, the problem is the BIOS. The motherboard does not support newest Ryzen CPU's if the BIOS is not up to date, and the only way to get video output is to plug in an older Ryzen CPU and do the BIOS update and then plugin the CPU that did not work and hope it does now. Just got another person contact me with the same B550 Motherboard and a Ryzen 7 3700X and he said the PC worked fine for a few days, then it started restarting first every half hour, then more and more frequently, and it is now at a point where it restarts as soon as he selects an OS on grub (he is dual booting W10 and Ubuntu). All the components I mentioned were completely new, store bought, assembled by professionals with 10+ years experience. So it would seem the B550 motherboard is not a good choice for newer Ryzen CPU's

  • Intel has left the chat... Apple has joined the chat

  • Lisa Su to Intel: "You're done. Nvidia is next!" If you don't play Horizon Zero Dawn, you probably won't get the reference.

  • Inter fans gonna hate this :D