Remember when AMD was on top??

Datum objavljivanja: 14. Ruj 2020.
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Do you remember way, way back, when AMD and Intel were trading punches in the CPU battle? We thought it would be neat to go back, waaay back, and build the sort of machine I would have built back in the day - so we did!
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  • One of the reasons why I watch this channel is all the tech jargon that I learn like "Thumb pressy thingamajiggy"

    • @Linus Tech Tips If I tell you that you can get all these used components in China for less than 200 bucks. You may not need so many sponsors for this video.

    • @Linus Tech Tips cringe

    • The Last of Us Part 2 Soundtrack (Full Album)(8D Audio🎧) :

    • @Linus Tech Tips the note 20 5g and the 20 ultra 5g records at 8k and 4k

    • P

  • Tiem MachinE

  • After my Pentium III with Voodoo 3000 died in 2006 I've been an AMD guy. The year after the computer I built was in an Antec case as well, an AMD Athlon II with Nvidia 8500~ 8GB ram, and Foxconn MOBO. I got everything for around 150$ after haggling on Boxing Day.

  • What is this

  • but can it run doom?

  • my case still the same old atx casing that have double back exhaust


    • But not in fx era 2011-2016

    • m8 calm down and intel was the leader until 2018


  • Can it run Crysis

  • My cousin has a 480 lol

  • I have an intel cpu that is pga You know how old it is

  • In Germania id would cost 50€ for everything

  • Old enough to remember when you could run Intel, AMD and Cryrix on the same motherboard... Was over the moon to be able to replace my 286 running DOS 6.22 with a 486 SX-25 - was good fun getting the old ISA MFM hard drive controller card / drive working on a much newer system whilst 14 year old me saved enough money to get a VL Bus multi I/O card and suitable IDE drive :-)

  • Canadian rubles lol it’s true that us Americans have zero awareness/understanding that other currencies exist. Some of them even having a higher value 😅

  • oooo am' tooo old.. :D

  • Yo I still use that monitor. It's a samsung syncmaster 920nw 1440x900 75hz monitor. It's an oldie.

  • Remember when Intel was no. 1 lol

  • Man imagine intel being a bottom.

  • Late to the party but I actually still have a PC with this VERY MOTHERBOARD AND CPU layout! That to this day still performs -ish with a more mordern - ish graphics card. These layouts where rad back in the day and are STILL surprisingly useable if you can pick them up for free lol.

  • 4800+ X2 was the one I owned. I also used the A8N SLI Premium motherboard too! I went with Corsair XMS Platinum series by my bro had OCZ Gold. So many memories.

  • well that didnt last well amd is top now lol

  • Remember ?

  • Imagine showing someone from back then an SLI 3090 pc. “Oh, what are those two blazing hot bricks glowing a rainbow the size of my forearm?” “*OH THOSE ARE THE VIDEO CARDS*” “Bruh”

  • The part you have been waiting for 4:38

  • That young linus voice, hahaha, I remember the original ncix videos before LTT I was just finishing an apprenticeship in IT around 10 years ago now and building my first gaming PC with the money I earned, I stopped watching for a while but like a stray cat I came back home.

  • You would’ve had a heart attack if you saw my old Windows 98 micron computer’s lack of a lot of cable management, there was one zip tie used on just the connector from the drive to the motherboard, and that’s it

  • Hmmm, I wonder. When was this thing made. A long time ago is my answer

  • good memories

  • Remember when Intel was at the top.

  • I still use that Samsung syncmaster 740n lcd monitor. Its 75 hz with 8ms response time, with 4:3 screen ration.

  • Yeah, 2020


  • why were old parts so expensive

  • Order something from ncix on the way back machine

  • Oh this took me back... to the good old days. Thanks for the memories.

  • who else is here watching this after the ryzen 5000 launch like, of course I remember when AMD was on top, it was a few days ago lol

  • 6900xt release: Threadripper:

  • 2005 was the year I built my first PC. 9th grade. Beige box. Similar mobo (non SLI, slightly older socket). First CPU was an AMD Athlon 3000+, follow up build upgraded the mobo and got a X2 dual core (which was pretty new tech at the time). Wild seeing this created now.

    • omg and the logitech g15... I had a that and a m510 mouse

    • I had an ati card though... I had a 9600 Pro that I had gotten as a bday gift a few years prior. I had Kingston HyperX ram too, although I think I did get OCZ at one point down the line...

  • Overclock!

  • That Antec power supply was one of the most reliable PSUs I ever ran. Should have kept it! It could actually run current ryzen 3700xt machine without issue. Unlike the current crop of "premium" PSUs that seem to die within a year (no matter how little stress they actually see)... I'm looking at you, Thermaltake ToughRGB...

  • Yes I do. It is Right now

  • Remember when intel was on top

  • Holy shit I had exactly that cooler on an athlon 64 3200+ and later on an opteron 175. Oh god that mx518, I worshipped that mouse.

  • 2006, got my first AMD (usually i was an intel user from 2000-2006) First with a Sempron 3200+ in a biostar mainboard Later, fitted an Athlon x2 64 bit 5000+, topped the ram to the max that board supported (4gb) and it lasted me (still works) until 2019 Now I'm with a Ryzen 7

  • dude this computer is nearly as old as me. i was barely even alive in 2005 and it doesn't seem that long ago.

  • Buuuh, you got the cheap CNPS, mine was full copper, Linus.

  • I do believe ATI/AMD was on top then too. my 2k5 build. Graphics Card ATI Radeon X850 Series Memory 256 MB Clock frequency 620 MHz Memory clock frequency 667 MHz CPU AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 2,200 MHz) Memory 2,048 MB 32-bit Microsoft Windows XP (5.1.2600)

  • :O i'm using my grandmas syncmaster 2253BW for gaming, have to say, except the 16:10 aspect ratio, stands up nicely

  • AMD is like the letter N went up and down but up again

  • Linus: Do you remember OCZ? My boot drive: OCZ Agility 3

  • Amd be back on top

  • Yes, I remember today.

  • Yes I do remember because it’s right now

  • Omfg, how could you neglect to mention that ATI wiped the floor with NoVideo in early 2000-s???

  • *Slaps a ryzen 5000 series on linus's kitchen table*

  • F.E.A.R ftw!!

  • 3:25 Linus nearly dropped the case.

  • More like remember when amd WASN'T on top

  • r/agedlikemilk

  • My first CPU was the Athlon Quadcore 3.0ghz

  • 15 yeahrs ago, in the Year 2005 i was born

  • Back when motherboard manufacturers still bothered to spend an extra few cents on COPPER HEATPIPES instead of just throwing some crummy milled aluminium heatsinks on even their most high end products.

  • Yes.

  • me watching in November when amd is again, on top

  • I had the Asus A8N SLI Premium as my first mother board with a 7800GT and AMD Athlon. Built the whole rig just to play Battlefield 2 and CS and DoD Source.

  • Remember when AMD was on top?? yeah right now

  • Remember when AMD was going downhill?

  • I remember like it was yesterday

  • I almost fell out of my seat when he unvailed the motherboard on, most of those parts are the same ones I used in my first PC I built on my own :D Oh the memories :), Thanks Linus! :D

  • November 2020: yes

  • Who else came back after zen 3

  • This aged well

  • I'm so sad I have a 9800gt he could've done sli

  • wait this is just now

  • This got old so fast.

  • my first gaming pc was a 8GB OCZ memory quad channel clocked at 1333Mhz. had the Silver head spreader. M4A79T Deluxe motherboard from Asus. Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition. clocked at 3.2Ghz. and a 4870HD 1GB GDDR5 Toxic Sapphire Edition. Fastest GPU in the word back then and also the first GDDR 5 GPU on the market. faster then anything Nvidia at that time. Was a nice pc. it ran everything i wanted. Gamed as 1680*1050 resolution. played Crysis 1 at Ultra Settings 60FPS lol. was a good pc back then.

  • They should have tried wow classic with this, that would have been hilarious

  • my first build was 486DX, hard drives were so bloody expensive

  • Lol, this is almost the same as my current build.

  • I had exactly THIS motherboard! The memories! :') Same for the MX518. I had like 3 of them for over a decade :D

  • I love this. What a throwback - this was the era of my first gaming PC as well. AGP 6600GT with the Doom 3 graphic on the heatsink, Athlon 64 3200+, maybe 512 or a gig of I think I had an FX 5600 or something before that because getting DX9 support was a big deal for me

  • No FX-60???? Whatt??? I had that board, the A8n32-SLI Deluxe with an Opteron 185 (FX60)

  • Oh 6800GT, I used that one for a long time. It's still somewhere in one of my boxes :)

  • You should find a Dell Optiplex from 2003 with the original mouse, keyboard, and crt monitor and remake the alimentary school computer experience. That's what I was going to do until realizing mine has suffered the capacitor plague and that the power supply that blew out smoke needs to be repaired to along with moving so doing it myself isn't going to happen for a long time.

  • My daily driver in 2017 was a year older then this with a pentium 4, 2GB of DDR ram, and a Nvidia fx card that went into PCi. If it were only one generation newer like the one you built, I would have had so much of a better time and would be able to watch this video on it.

  • Why does the MoBo have 2 ethernet ports?

  • A 6800 gt? A 6800 xt? Hmmmmm

  • My 1400 MHz AMD Thunderbird K7 still runs with Windows 2000 on it. I got it in 2003. Intel did not have a Pentium above 1000MHz at that point, and AMD was smoking them.

  • Still more powerful than my pc

  • AMD rn:*the return of the king*

  • Until this day I have very similar rig in my house: AMD 4400+ x2 socket 939 FOXCONN NF4SK8AA-8KRS and 2GB of DDR 400 Back in the day it was crazy gaming computer It's still works but no one using it. My daily PC is not far from that, a s775 CPU.

  • Oh, how poorly this has aged in barely more than a month.

  • you mean next month?

  • AMD be like after the new GPU launch: Remember when Nvidia was on top??

  • Wow I was born in the same years when Linus graduated from High school

  • Will Intel try a dirty tricks campaign again to try to stop AMD taking advantage of this, like their dodgy deal with Dell?

  • Aaaaaaand we've gone full circle

  • aaand its back on top babyyy

  • I remember when AMD was on TOP.... is right now


  • "It was dead on arrival" Translation: Linus dropped it