Riley's SICK Minimalist Setup - Intel $5,000 Extreme Tech Upgrade

Datum objavljivanja: 6. Lis 2020.
Thanks to Intel for sponsoring this series!
Riley recently renovated his minimalist apartment, but didn't quite get to upgrade his tech setup before the arrival of his BEAUTIFUL baby boy. Now, he's got $5,000 from Intel to spend on a tech upgrade - so how does a minimalist spend it?
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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  • I love Riley, he is so uniquely funny.

  • I love the minimalistic look, but I could never do the apartment life lol. Got to have my own house and some property to explore.

  • Lol, complains about 70+ inch tv owners, but has a massive 65 incher hangin' there (coughs....) *looks into his tv-less livingroom* . . .

  • My teacher is Riley’s brother, he teaches at Johnston Heights Secondary, shoutout to Mr. Murdock!

  • I think they forget to get a pair of headphones

  • Riley, get rid of the Google home, your Sonos Beam has it built-in, go minimalist!

  • All those jokes about Riley maybe being a psychopath killer back in the day make so much more sense after seeing his place..

  • matt d'avella vibes xD

  • I really like this guy minimalist thing for real

  • 🍊🧃

  • Linus: could you shill less hard please Earth: stops spinning....

  • It's not "minimalistic." It's IST. I, S, T. Christ you guys do a bit to the point of annoying.

  • Goals: PC next to the fridge.

  • Worst idea of minimalism I saw in a person..

  • And his WIFE? I'm starting to think Linus doesn't hire gay people

  • I feel like depression goes to hang out at his place

  • Linus was totally cut off talking about his closeted high school years.

  • Can I play Rocket League with Riley please

  • 19:15 Linus talking about being in the closet. I wonder when he is going to come out?

  • Linus: Lets move the Decoration. No one: Riley:Noooo!

  • dis dude loves minimalism but he is so chaotic. just like me sadly ;-;

  • I love the 275R, GN didn't like it though because it didn't perform as well thermally as the 270R and had a few issues in the early cases but most of the problems have been fixed... unfortunately its now being phased out and replaced by the 4000D and the 275R has been diverged into the 275R quiet and 275R airflow

  • 4:32 I have had this same experience with my parents lol 😂

  • intel: sponsors that someone: buys a AMD cpu

  • an i5 with sponsorship, are you stupid?

  • Is that in a cupboard.....?

  • Can you tell one of my eyes droops down? - Riley

  • That's a really small apartment.

  • White things and a toddler don't mix. Trust me.

  • now I know how much dirty my monitor is because the video is so white

  • Laughed soo hard, when Riley said "It's crying!"

  • 18:05 WASD FRVR!

  • Didn't realize Riley was so talented!

  • Love the house man wish my house looked like that

  • Your Ikea Besta TV cabinet doors are crooked. It's an easy fix and I know you're probably mad that someone spotted it. I would be if left something glaring like that.

  • *pipeline riley* this video was sponsored by Justin Trudeau.

  • Minimalism + baby = does not compute

  • Linus - bum slide on new pc gets a thumbs down. I feel for Riley

  • That kid is going to destroy all that white 😂😂 good luck bro

  • I love how you randomly have the Moldovian flag on the RL car

  • I don't have a TV, haven't had one for probably close to a decade now. Even then I used a TV/Monitor combo that doubled as both my monitor and TV, which I didn't really use the TV part once HRwiki and Netflix etc took off. My content comes strictly from online on my monitors now.

  • I'm very concerned. I'm noting similarities between Riley and myself, especially with the monitor mount. This is a call for help... hahaha

  • It’s crazy that 7 years ago, I actually started to game with my setup in the closet just like Linus lol. Playing on the living room TV was horrible...

  • Should have bought amd😂

  • Riley’s kid is gonna be saying this in the future “Dad you were friends with Linus Tech Tips?”

  • 10:32 vEnTs I laughed a good 30 seconds on that

  • 🤢 nano90 has such bad blooming. Trade it for a 900h

  • The random laughter in the background is my favorite

  • "it's got 30 pounds carrying capacity... and the monitor's 25!" daniel, off-screen, "hah! exactly!" fucking killed me lmaooo

  • Riley reminds me of my cool crazy uncle, more with that ending look after he plays the piano.

  • When the kid can walk, that piano is in danger.

  • That's the TV speakers hahaha

  • I'm a bit concerned about the cooling abilities of the computer

  • Linus is the boss we all want to have.

  • Where did Riley get his mask!!!

  • I really like this series! It's nice to know that LMG employees are normal people who save dough and upgrade their gears as they go along, just like the rest of us xD And I approve of Riley's Casio digital piano, fully weighted, hammer action keys! Dude done research alright

  • Riley: opens Sonos speaker Vibrato: intensifies

  • >$5,000 PC >"minimalist"

  • Where's ep. 3?

  • Yikes. Looks like he life's in an ikea brushure

  • I get 1000 ping every game of rocket league

  • Hey, Riley is so minimalistic, he's got minimal back support on his chair, too!

  • Linus changes colour at 0:13

  • I always liked Riley, I knew he was weird, but i5? Also he is super frugal, like I connect with that. I am rocking 2011 pc still.... Ppl talking about 3080,I'm like what? 560ti and rx 480. But yeah Riley is weird, in a neutral way. Minimalist ftw

  • *Tickling* the ivories. Tinkling the ivories gets you kicked out of music stores, and registered as a sex offender.

  • Who was he in my little pony

  • This man went from a better setup than me to a better setup than me

  • So you could close the closet and what Linus?

  • Oh was expecting i9 But waite i5 ? Lmaoooooo

  • 2080 super is minimalist bro

  • Waaaaaait aaaaaa minute 13:29

  • Riley made another human? How horrifying.

  • 30 pounds limit, weighs 25 dont want to use it cuz its only ~ 17% within limit Puts up piano in toddler height, priceless. For everything else, there's mastercard.

  • Why did I click the info button. *why*

  • ? So did Linus pocket the rest of the 5K ?

  • Riley was too good for his tm8s. I mean, such a great pass, and awesome saves.

  • That poor computer at the beginning inside the cupboard, no airflow

  • I swear to God when these two are on screen.. They are the most entertaining Duo.

  • he reminds me of tubbo

  • I can Relate with Riley !

  • MY LITTLE PONY!?!?!?! 🤣

  • "The problem is your ping, you've got 80 ping there" *cries in Australian*

  • You didn't have a T.V? What did you point your furniture at?

  • 15:55 For google home mini

  • Whats wrong with not having a TV ? i havent had a TV in Years :O all on my pc

  • 6:12 which episode I wanna watch bc my little pony is cool

  • Aaawww my lil ponie . Rieley sending a hug through the intranet

  • "Riley's off looking for a square" I'm watching two XD

  • why are you fkng wearing masks

  • Just one look at riley's house and the way he acts as a person I can just smell the "my wife controls my entire life" stench radiating from it

  • That’s the ugliest living room I’ve ever seen

  • “Minimalistic” is not minimalistic. “Minimal” is minimal.

  • (☞ ಠ_ಠ)☞

  • Arrested development!

  • So linus spend alot of time in the closet in high school?

  • I eagerly await Riley's son's criticism of his dad in 10 years

  • Weigh-in Faceoffs 🔥 #UFCVegas14

  • *Tinkling the ivories*

  • Really dope.

  • I love Riley........... not in a gay way tho