Tech Support NIGHTMARE - $1500 PC Secret Shopper 2 Part 3

Datum objavljivanja: 14. Stu 2020.
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It's finally time again for PC Secret Shopper - where we document the entire experience of ordering a gaming system from your favourite PC system integrators. In this part, we trial their tech support with a routine memory issue.
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  • LOOOOL, in our country we DO NOT get Indian tech support firms but people who actually talk our own language natively and live in our own timezone and have grown up with computers .... stuff like a farmer who went into tech support like in india doesn't happen here... that's why Dell has such bad support in this clip, that guy does not know anything about computers as he's not familiar with them. That girl (also indian) is probably from a higher cast and has had the luck to have more experience. I'm so glad that my language is not a top3 language as that would also mean our techsupport would get exported to lowcost countries... I'm not saying we don't have any horror-stories, but on average we fare a way lot bettter here.. Most tech support here is actually staffed with people that actually have a minimum amount of experience in Tech and they get schooled at least a few weeks before they are answering any phone.

  • Is it me thinking they are in paint booth

  • “Hello my computer refuses to boot” Dell: “Are you or have you ever been pregnant.”

  • Best trilogy

  • F 😂

  • When does the final episode finally come out?

  • I have had a dell laptop with a total warranty of 5 years including extended warranty and I have had keyboard, display, motherboard, hard disk x2, wifi adapter replaced free of cost and on time. Dell after sales in India takes on an average of 30-45 mins of call time but they get the problem resolved. Cheers Dell India

  • F

  • Look at Miss Butt over here

  • Wholesome Jakkuh

  • Where's the last part ?😂

  • Part 4 when

  • After how badly IBuyPower did the last time, they got way to much help this time. Also, you should always leave the power cable connected, as it grounds the chassis and allows you to discharge yourself before handing expensive components. If the PSU has a switch on the back of it, just turn that off if you're worried about turning it on, as the earth connection will stay connected regardless.

  • Waiting for Part 4!

  • So where when is Part 4 coming out?

  • 20:25 And I thought Linus was rude to graphics cards

  • Well done to MAINGEAR, Origin, and (surprising) HP. When they get it right, they really get it right. And Sara(h) is the hero of this piece. What a pro! Dell was...exactly as bad as I expected.

  • Maingear - Tech Support Grade S

  • Missed opportunity to grade them as B Linus.

  • Hah I got 40 min on hold with ibuypower

  • When are we getting Sara's review of the calls, seems more valuable to get her input as a non tech person, how she felt about the overall support experience

    • I understand what you’re saying but not really because then you might as well just go by online reviews. We shouldn’t care as much about what the average person thinks they got, as opposed to an expert knows was actually gotten. For example, we heard how much Sarah loved her experience purchasing the computer from Origin. As far as she knew everything was great, under-budget, the person was helpful. However, with her limited knowledge in this are she had no clue she was being shamelessly ripped off in the performance department.

  • As a former level one tech support rep at an ISP call center, I get the sentiment that "all their techs should be trained to the same standard," but that's just not realistic. There are always bad employees at any job. You could call 100 times and your bound to get at least 1 person that has no clue what they're doing. My old job had a range of people who were anywhere from reading the script verbatim and knew nothing to working on their CCNA and gunning for a NetOps job. I eventually made it into the NOC, but I really hated talking to customers who assumed I was some idiot reading a script.

  • Where is part 4?

  • Please do these types of videos every year. Not only are they funny, but they are incredibly helpful. We need these companies to do better.

  • Part 4?

  • What did you expected from that outsourced indian tech support

  • 35:02 Is that Cowboy Bebop music in the background?

  • 7:42 What's with that spacing? Looks like there is a problem with the mem ory.

  • I work at Hormel didn't know we where given bacon sented mask lol will have to look im to that. 😅

  • I'm thinking that maybe part of the problem with the first call is that the computer is facing away from her and she can't see that there is a blinky light. Maybe they think that she would mention it.

  • The techs that would not stay on the phone are a great example of how chasing call center metrics create a poor customer experience. You can definitely tell here which techs are working from a script compared to the detailed instructions of the techs who actually have done it themselves and have taught the process to inexperienced ones before,

  • Lol, are you guys in a car paintbooth?

  • I hate that they say to remove the power cord. Turn the switch off at the back and hold the power button for 30 seconds but leave it plugged in so it's properly grounded.

  • F

  • Part 4 when?

  • soooooooooo was there a conclusion who was the BEST in this list?

  • Linus, please shave, + not all can use info on net. and not that knowledgeable as you. If was, then no repair shops would scam

  • F

  • Is there going to be a 4th part with the conclusions like your previous "Secret Shopper" ?

  • At least there wasn't a chicken on the background this time, probably eaten? lol

  • Every time Linus speaks the captions say "Man Wearing Grey Suit" thats great.

  • Where is part 4?

  • MainGear gentleman brought a tear of happiness to my eye with his level professionalism. Bravo good sir

  • If HRwiki actually starts putting ads on non-monetized videos by creators who never asked for them, that just goes to show how greedy this corporation can be. This thought is disgusting. HRwiki is essentially making free money off small channels and not paying them a single penny. Yes, these are small channels, but since there's so many of them, HRwiki will still make a huge profit off of this new policy. I don't care if HRwiki hates us now, it must be said by someone. I urge to our subscribers that we spread the message to all creators, and urge HRwiki to immediately repeal this new policy. - Father

    • this isn't this black and white, youtube still has to buy set up and maintain their servers and storages where the small channels upload their content, and because there are so many videos uploaded, youtube still fails to break even, let alone make profit for google. so if you want to blame someone, blame google for pushing youtube towards getting a profit margin, when googles income is astronomical as it is, and the loss on youtube realy doesnt hurt them. but hey, there's no real competition so they get away with it.

  • First time ever commenting on video, but I wanted to share how this video just saved from spending a bunch of money. I have the HP Omen desktop, it blue screened earlier and when I reset it, it started power cycling. I went through my troubleshooting methods to try to isolate which part was the issue. I somehow came to the conclusion that it was the motherboard. A few hours later after searching for a replacement motherboard, I remembered this video. Tried putting the PC in diagnostic mode, 3 long beeps 2 short. One of my RAM sticks was dead. Lucky, had a spare RAM stick! So, this video saved me some money and entertained me! So, thank you! Although, I guess I could've called HP support myself and had this problem fixed earlier, but, I had convinced myself it was the motherboard. Oh, well! It got fixed in the end.

  • Can we put some respect on HP for all aspects of this entire PC secret shopper series??

  • 9:40 Why would Alienware support be any different? I'm sure they overseas it to the same company.

  • you guys should do a giveaway for these! I'd love one!!! Cyberpower please! 😁

  • when are you guys going to post the 3 part? I need to see the end of this series linus please

  • Customer: My PC isn't.... Dell: Burn it. Customer: What? Dell: DID I STUTTER?!?!

  • Why haven't you released the performance video on these systems

  • So when should expect episode 4 ?

  • Bruh you should give me one of these pc, i'm running a dell inspiron one 2330 with intel hd 4000

  • 33:15 If someone calls you with all four RAMs loose it's either a prank call or there's visible carnage. Can't blame the guy for thinking the GPU's at fault.

  • I love the guy who stops by and watches Linus get slapped through the window at 5:05

  • Quick question linus, if you do a secret shopper 3, could it be possible to include xidax?

  • Soo no part 4

  • lol, I use DP out alllllll the time with Dell monitors. Linus, your GAMER is showing.

  • Wish to see how Lenovo do with phone services, hope you guys can try to put Lenovo on the list next time

  • That Dell call is making me so angry. Absolute I D I O T S

  • Where is part 4?

  • I hope one of them sees this video

  • I bought an Ibuypower years ago, paid extra for cable management and so on, got none of it, paid for a custom soft tubing loop and got the worst looking watercooling job I have ever seen on a pc missing most of what I had paid for, overpaid for almost all components just to end up needing to replace storage because it was faulty and they expected me to wait 6 weeks plus shipping to and from to fix it for me, redoing everything in the end and basically building a new pc out of the wreck this one was. Might be that I live in Germany and they had some other company do it for them here, but this experience is quite literally what made me start building PCs by myself and doing it for people around me.

  • When’s part 4 dropping?

  • I have a PC every part is (in my opinion) high quality and PSU and Mainboadr is not even one year old. I still always press the button after unplugging and jeah normally it is not necessary but i had one time that i saw like in old systems, that the fans are spinning again real quick so it is still necessary (in my opnion, if you dont wanna okey but i think it is still important)

  • MAINGEAR is at it again, crushing the customer experience! Even though LTT viewers might mostly consist of power users who try to get the most bang for their buck... Guess whom, in their social circle, the less tech-savvy person will ask for PC purchase advice ;) No question what brand I will be recommending to my family and friends!

  • google autotranslation / subtitles : "man in gray suit claps" I dunno why but i found that SO funny xD

  • OK. Mandatory every LTT employee builds their own workstation.

  • Why are you in an automotive paint booth?

  • I really DON'T agree that pushing power button after unplugging is outdated idea. I had situation that unplugged PSU electroshocked me after unplugging it and touching power AC prones. And it was not like old piece o crap PSU (2YO 80+gold ect). And it is like not uncommon that after unplugging, your can still like turn on LED's and fans for like half second. I think overall pushing power button cost's nothing, is fast and easy and possibly can make work on PC safer. Or maybe it is great topic to check by LTT team :P

  • How do you like the acoustics of an automotive paint booth?

  • i love auto captions

  • What's up with Part4 ??????

  • F

  • "So yeah, you can press the key to enter setup, and then once you're in setup, you can go ahead and connect the keyboard".... 🤨🤨 How can you enter setup with keyboard disconnected? Now I undertand why this error exists: Keyboard not found, press f1 to resume. 🙉🙉🙉🙉

  • why does linus look like the father from far cry 5?

  • Dell just lost so many potential customers

  • Where is part 4? This has me in such suspense!!

  • Where is part 4

  • Oh, bless her heart.

  • This is easily my favorite LTT series!

  • Absolutely love every part of this, when is part 4 coming out?

  • HP Business & Premium Support is amazing, End Of. Worked in the workshop of an MSP for 9 years. They are the best.

  • Customer support for my custom built PC is Linus tech tips

  • where is the last part ?

  • What is ridiculous on the DELL section is that she first said 2 orange 5 white and regardless of 2 orange and 5 white or 4 white both error codes relate to MEMORY so where in the world did the motherboard problem come from. What a joke!

  • Part 4??

  • Hey? Where is part 4? And will be there Sarah? Will be? Pleeeeeaaaase... :-)

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  • their reactions are so entertaining lol


  • I was a Dell tech for more than 10 years but this is like pulling teeth for me. The tech should have recognize the issue if it was no power/no POST/no video.

  • eggplant emoji

  • Isn't it time for the new video?

  • This series is part tech and part customer service. It’s great. I wish they’d linked to parts 1 and 2 in the description.

  • Wheres part 4 at?

  • When is Part 4 coming...?

  • I was listening so closely to the tech support call that I almost didn't catch the Seatbelts playing in the background.

  • 5:14 you got some rebels floating by outside the airlock... this was filmed on Leia's corvette, right?

  • where is part 4???