The All AliExpress PC

Datum objavljivanja: 5. Lis 2020.
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We constantly make videos of weird stuff we find on AliExpress, but we've never built a computer completely out of AliExpress parts. Today that changes.
Full parts list in the forum like below, but maybe just buy a PC from somewhere that will get it to you fast:
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  • Well in india i think this is the normal amazon price if i convert the price of all the items in inr and believe me or not at this price you can get the product of worldwide reputed companies easily and even more cheaper at place called NEHRU PLACE in delhi( just google it for info) and many other places like that in india

  • This video is the only thing most profitable with alliexpress, Linus you just a genius 😎

  • 11:44

  • Give me the same budget, I will order same or similar components off Aliexpress and I will sure get a working PC.

  • Why this guy is always complaining about Chinese products!!???


  • The battle axe brand I’d back from the Chinese shopping mall video

  • somebody please give the song name form 11:36. PLEASE!

  • how du you now if a matherbord is amd

  • i brought a LCD surface screen from Ali express, i hope it is not a scam

    • @Mohamed Hassan Abu hussein 7 day counting, they say i can get my money back 90 day

    • Update plz I got feeling you got scammed lol

  • You don't need to buy on Ali Express *laughs in everything but American*

  • Love u too :>

  • They bench CSGO and don’t even know what’s on that mousepad like bruh

  • i have the same keyboard im broke lolo

  • Give er the old reach around lmfao!!

  • next do the xeon extreme build

  • i lov ur intro

  • Atleast make that pc run. Dnt end with cliffhanger.

  • Linus : "You don't need aliexpress" 🤷‍♂️ Me in Africa : Like i have other choices ? 😂😂😂

  • i have watched so much LTT that i now have a 6th sense when to hit >>>>

  • "You don't need to buy in Aliexpress" **Alicompare, Aliprice, "Does Amazon Ship to", package forwarding services deal hunter user.** With generous customs. Me: (*Laughs in Peruvian*) One doesn't need to... until one tries. But please avoid PSUs and motherboards.

  • Stop dancing. I dont think you want more clips on the cringe compilation videos than you already have.

  • How Mant pc ur gonna make ur gonna give them AWAY?

  • "they included gloves so the glass doesnt get all disgusting" *doesnt use them at all*

  • Where to get that case tho?

  • nice video man its a fire video

  • Where can I find a case like that?

  • that case is actually really cool

  • This is what Linus gives to his bad editors... The nightmare workstation.

  • Alex: puts glove only on his left hand Also Alex: * IS USING HIS RIGHT HAND TO SMEAR HIS FILTH ONTO the acrylic case*

  • So why is this in the HOLY $H!T playlist again?

  • The mat reminds me of a hipster best knife

  • It’s not a good all aliexpress PC until you buy a Xeon combo for your build.

  • Ya guys had to put that song while i was on full volume in my mom's room watching this

  • I know I'm 1 month and a half late, but the 2 extra wires from the CPU fans probably are for getting the RGB synchronized between them

  • 9:01 my bet is on that psu will melt the case ^^

  • even when the video is just a build video I learned a possible reason my pc is also black screening and rebooting Thanks Linus and thank you AliExpress

  • Linus - I know your North American brain cannot understand this. CERTAIN PLACES DON'T HAVE AVAILABLE MICROCENTER, AMAZON, AND/OR NEWEGG. And even if we do, shipping is absolutely stupid amounts, upwards of 400 dollars.

  • Does linus own LTT Studios? So like i he the boss

  • AliExpress is amazing. I buy all my fake designer bags from it

  • It definitely can go one of two ways. I was one of the guys that took this risk back in 2018. I bought a gaming laptop for $900 from an Aliexpress supplier and went all in with the upgrades. It sounded too good to be true in all honesty GTX1060 6GB, i7 7700HQ, 2TB Storage (1TB of that was SSD), 24GB Ram DDR5 etc and was actually surprised when it came that everything was exactly as described and the parts were branded. I'm typing this comment now on it and to this day, still get decent performance out of any modern title.

  • 11.36-11.57 w*f just hapend

  • Alley Express?

  • I wold love to work with people like you and a damn boss who is all about goofs and work... Why are there not more like you linus?!???, why?!!!

  • can i get a pc

  • The only guy after Sheldon Cooper use the word onomatopoeia. 😁

  • 7:37 I Lost The Game. CURSES LTT Media Group!

  • Lopo Bono batter ono

  • lmao, the laser etching being the wrong way just makes this MORE ali express if anything

    • They did the lazer etching in house. That was explained, the case was sent with no customization but with a full refund.

  • 11:35 I don’t even know But I think it is a grown-ass man in a wig twerking on a crappy PC with a song made by Belle Delphine playing in the background

  • 11:40 xdddddddddddddddd

  • Lol there are better parts in AliExpress, like AIGO PSU and GameMax.. that PSU won't work. Also there are better heatsink RAMs and well-known brands like Kingston.. SSD? There is Samsung there, and there are packs of Gigabyte MOBOs and Ryzen CPUs along with 2 sticks of RAM.

  • hey LINUS just ship that trash ali X press pc to my address... if you dont used it anymore.. -from poor stranger

  • Next video- all bnh pc

  • Linus starts shaking the case furiously me and everyone at LTT sweating profusely

  • 13:08

  • I think that A BOOT describes it. Ehhhhh ehhhhh how about a leg up? Noooooooo!

  • Oh

  • mrbeast:always sponsored by honey pewds:always sponsored by nord vpn linus:GLASSWIRE,DBRAND, OTHER PEOPLE

  • Omg i have the same mouse pad 😭😭

  • This was the best LTT video ever!

  • keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep the bearddddddddd

  • i wonder what that wire was for. i guess we'll never know

  • his expression on the thumbnail is impossible to tell if he is disapointed or imlpressed

  • For AMD Ryzen lifetime guarantee?!?!

  • I kind of want more of this video Please do make more videos on parts from Ali express

  • Thicc and smooth, waterproof and comfortable.. just how I like my women..

  • i got my parts from mike hunt

  • Hi i am a relativly new suscriber a love your videos and i would like to sugest a review of the aigo wind tunnel cooler it is also a product you can find in Ali express and i think is an intersting one Hope you read this

  • My 320 euro computer performs better 🤣

  • Covid has reduced the amount of air travel, so we really have to up our ordering shit from overseas quota to get back to same pollution levels as before. Don't let me down! Oh and definitely try to get parts that are shipped to China from somewhere else, then they slap a sticker on it and ship it to you.

  • That looks like some Brock Hofer art!

  • 12:07 succesfully insulted the hyper beast

  • Literally just built my pc for $150 cheaper and it runs miles around this thing 😂 I can’t believe people actually buy off Ali Express

  • Amigo, vc precisa seguir o canal do guiga games. Aprende a comprar no ali express. obrigado

  • did they just get sponsored by two companys?

  • What do you do with those pcs after a video?

  • the intro is so cool!

  • I'm disappointed it's not a xeon.

  • Did anyone notice Linus dances like Trump 😂

  • bet you wont build a free BEAST pc for me :)

  • 11:35 is the best!

  • Hi, since you think the PC components made in China are so despicable and bad quality, why don't try to build a PC that without any components from China, can you do that ?

  • This PC looks like it belongs to some teen hacker in India who is hacking the NSA

  • lmao this entire build is about $300 more than my own pc. and i got my stuff from newegg and amazon

  • Just bought more RAM for my notebook way cheaper than buying I'm Brazil

  • well still better than my pc xD

  • loughed :D a lot

  • 7:50 that's cute , Linus .

  • still twice as expensive as my pc

  • sponsored by: little asian children

  • 🇵🇰


  • I just started watching him again and what the fuck is this intro

  • It would be nice to see a low power consumption PC working on a 12v DC input that can run on solar panels and/ or batteries for off grid applications!

  • 11:10 before you have a decagon because it had 10 sides no wonder that fucker was wobbaly as hell

  • Im sort of disappointed that Linus doesnt know the hyper beast

  • LMAO Love the dance

  • well lol cuz i have same headphones but from Genesis not aliexpress. and they're 2/10

  • 12:00 its hyper beast from csgo.