The All Corsair Gaming Setup!

Datum objavljivanja: 26. Lis 2020.
Thanks, Corsair, for sponsoring this video!
Corsair’s stable of products is massive, covering everything from mice and keyboards to pc cases and SSDs. You name it, they probably have it covered. So what do you do with that knowledge? Build an entire game streaming setup of course!! Let’s see how far we can really get with an all Corsair build.
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  • Thats, Thats the almost carter PC's Case OMG BRUh

  • What does Linus Tech Tips do with all these builds? Sell them? Store them? Play with them? Donate them?

  • Noot noot

  • A

  • If you switch the o with the r what do you get? Crosair? Ofc so does it improve my aim?

  • do one nxzt next

  • Linus send me a pack of coolers for mi birthday chinese !!!!!!! i pay the plane to argentina

  • Ever budget gamer wish they have Apple Fessional gaming company that does give them all the stuff

  • You know he’s lying to make Corsair happy when he says “it’s pretty darn...”

    • Is it just me or did it seem like Corsair kidnapped Linus and forced him to make video for them?

  • Steve from gamers nexus would kill you if he saw your aio placement

  • AD.

  • thought u werent supposed to mount a radiator with the tubes at the bottom?

  • Noice.

  • Go to hell Linus, I was sleeping and your yell scared me awake. 8/10 because I still love you.

  • 0:14 linus: of course you did Me who went to get a glass of water: well yes but actually no

  • At 4:41, can Linus really sound that good for once

  • I need a Corsair RGB cpu in my life Yesterday!!!!

  • that's my case!

  • I wish Corsair had CPU’s motherboards and gpu’s

  • How does a 15 minute ad for Corsair get 1 million views?

  • "... this video's sponsor: MSI..."

  • I hate RGB so much and idek why

  • Normal people: ok let me set my fan speed to low Linus: ok let's stick my finger inside the fan to check if it worked

  • I wish i Can have this setup

  • is their a chance i can have it?

  • Logitech logitech logitech

  • i hope someone can answer my questions. I need help. 1. do the wires come with the parts 2. how many fans did he use. like did buy the 3 pack and then buy another 3 pack 3. where did the black fan in the back come from. did he buy or did it come with the case please help

  • what was the GPU?

  • at this point I'm surprised corsair doesn't make an rgb chair

  • can you do an all gigabyte pc

  • how many times do you think he's said "bang for the buck" throughout his channel history

  • Me watching being unable to afford a decent pc: ;c

  • All Corsair motherboards are out of stock in my country. Dams scalpers...

  • I swear this is one of the most quick throw together videos they've ever made

  • No b-roll shots?

  • Corsair is such a beauty like if you agreed

  • Tell me how many PC´s you build

  • how do you get all these stuff i could never get a thing in that room lol


  • For anyone wondering, if corsair wouldn't have provided them with these products, they would have spent over $3500 USD. And before peripherals is around $2300 USD. (I did not calculate taxes or anything these are rough estimates)

  • He said "11 USB ports" I went wooooow 11?? whats the name of this board it comes in at $300 oh nvm

  • e

  • ML 120 pros? Did Corsair not want to commit to this sponsor? LL 120s kits are $130.

  • AIO Radiator is mounted wrong, tubes should be at the top

  • Building a system to play Peggle :')

  • Shouldnt the AIO be mounted with the lines at the top of the radiator? So flip the radiator 180?

  • pc builds are getting a little old guys ^^

  • Every other human being on the planet, very careful and takes their time when building a pc. Linus... not so much

  • More pc builds!!!

  • I dont know why but the way linus show how long screw looks like feel like verge pc build reference

  • I will run duel gpus if possible

  • pro tip: at the beginning of this video keep slowly spamming left arrow. you'll thank me later.

  • Corsair Ring light and cannot RGB? nope, not gonna buy that. Waste of money!

  • If your looking to give away this computer I will take it!

  • that is a badass description

  • Yes peggle

  • Definitely not sponsored

  • peggle, i am getting nostalgia from playing this on xbox 360

  • "coirs you did"

  • Wow at least I got a pc that has 6 fans preinstalled

  • Attach the modular PSU cables before screwing the PSU to the case and attach the power cables to the motherboard before the fans!

  • We better watch out for the new Corsair Motherboard and CPU

  • I want Corsair GPUs and Motherboards. Then you could build a PC with ONLY Corsair other than the CPU.

    • Intel does license x86 to 3rd parties, so, why not a Corsair CPU, too? :D Anyhoo, I just got that case in black and I love it! Well, except for the single USB 3 front connector. Other than that it's a really well built sub-100 case with lots of room to hide cables.

  • This is what I like to see. I am a Corsair simp

  • Linus Tuck Tips

  • I wish corsair made their own graphics card

  • how much did this cost?

  • 3:01

  • Whole video.. Linus: Oh I am always a corsair fanboi

  • Corsair does motherboards RGB levels 100000000000

  • What do you do after you build pc's? I'm looking for to get a pc but I don't have the money for it.

  • Linus didn't say in this!!!

  • where the fuck are they getting all the 3080's and 3090's for their vids i dont get it, i fell like linus has 80% of the launched stock

  • Did Linus install the AIO wrong? From the AIO, the tubes should be on the top?

  • This is how many times he said bang for ur buck | | 👇

  • Welcome back to another Episode of... I can't afford this

  • Is it water cooled? nah of corsair.

  • Apple: *makes Pro branded products* Linus: why does Apple call their stuff pro? I don’t like it it’s stupid. Corsair: *makes Pro RAM, Fans, Fan/RGB hub, etc.* Linus: ...

  • I have had that 275R airflow case for one of my builds and I could not recommend it more to people for their first builds, or even any other build if you don't mind the looks, it can run my whole system full tilt with high thermal load equipment inside, and is cheap enough to not break the bank (especially if you find it on a deal like I did). If your build is light enough you can definitely get away with just the 3 included fans, but I do recommend upgrading fans later on, but the case is true to its name in that it won't be your limiting factor for airflow.

  • *This costs 3x the price of my setup*

  • I have a question i have 6xql120mm fans and the node pro does the commander pro need the corsair smaller node in order to work ?thanks hope this makes sense

  • isn't the rgb stick supposed to be facing the wall as a backlight? to not shine directly into your eyes. that way, you also have the headphone mounting in the front and 100% of the rgb. btw., what gpu did you use in this rig?

  • Linus Looks Handsome When he has. A beard

  • I once saw a picture on redit where someone had put the aio tubes through the cable management grommets. ( I cringed so hard.)

  • peggle is the MOST intense game idk what you are talking about

  • Witch game is in the end?

  • Anyone know what the total cost is for the of build?

  • you didn't tell us a thing about how good the case was, the airflow, how quiet it was, how good the keyboard, the mouse, the brightness of the lighting, how well the mic was.... what did you just do??

  • Remember the keybord from corsair haha

  • 6:16 that's what she said

  • Linus look like the viking that Kratos face from start to the end of game.

  • Why didn't you get a corsair one?

  • AIO on the top with tubes down!!!

  • How about making the biggest in size pc

  • hey linus I want to see a crazy thing * boot windows on rog phone 3* * run cinebench on that booted rog phone 3* I want to see the scores****

  • so that ring thing on the keyboard is a direct rip off of Surface Dial?

  • Those AMD clip mounts suck so bad. Why are they even still a thing in 2020?

  • How many 3080's do you guys have? WTF?

  • Kudos on proper mounting of the AIO Rad with tubes down. So many companies show them tubes up on front mounts, and that not good for fluid circulation. You get water trickling and gurgling sounds. The only thing tricky about front-mounting rads with tubes down is you have to make sure the top of the rad sits higher than the CPU.

  • can i buy the pc from you for $1,800?????? i really need a new pc