The Fastest Gaming PC in the World! ...For now

Datum objavljivanja: 3. Stu 2020.
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The fastest computer is always the fastest temporarily, then the new shiny faster part comes out at the worst time. The next day.... For now we use some super secret cooling to get our Intel i9 10900k to 5.7GHz and push as many frames as we can.
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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  • 🔥

  • I got a 10700k and new amd cpus are coming, am I sad yes, do I care yes, did I cry yes, but what’s done is done

  • if you go on a trip anywhere feel free to use my air bnb

  • M1 was better

  • I'm about to buy this just able to play Minecraft above 20 FPS

  • Pa like and follow naman ng page

  • Hello everyone! can someone please redirect me to the video where they talk about this super secretive thingy? I can't find it :(

  • beautiful Deep

  • Imagine having money, losers. This was made by GTX 950 gang.

  • Noot noot

  • I hate life almost my whole life ive wanted a good pc but ill never get it so yea

  • why not the second gpu MAN THAT SUCKED

  • Linus

  • Shout out to your sound engineer for the background music 👌

  • Its gaming PC for Elon Musk?)))

  • some SSD in amazon only says that have "DDR3 SDRAM or DDR4 SDRAM" like the WD blue or the SU800, that means It has DRAM or It is completetly other thing?? drives specs are comepletetly useless

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  • Unfortunately, even this couldn’t run paladins at a stable frame rate.

  • I feel like LTT, NG, and Jayz are the new Clarkson, James, and Richard of the tech world..

  • Just wondering what was the size of that case ? I have an 18 in trying to go ultimate pc lol

  • I'd be happy with a budget pc, took me over a year to save up to build my own budget pc and its not that good at all

  • "It's in. It's right next to it" - Linus

  • For 5mintues it'll be fastest

  • Make the same replica and send it to Heatherstone Apartments at 18950 Marsh Lane, Dallas Texas 75287. At apartment 808.

  • I want it!

  • I watched this video in 1.25x speed because I had to go FAST

  • 2:46 Hypercar manufacturer motto

  • SOOOOOO....we gonna get a part 2 after the i9 10900k was dethroned in less than a week.

  • "Find how how RidgeWallet can help keep your wallet buldge down!" Well, if I were to buy this monster of a PC, I doubt that's gonna be an issue for a guy like me.

  • When i ordenstandet, that every component on that pc, is in my pc

  • Wow Linus! That's some cool tek. Wonder what the power draw is.....

  • You look like a woodsman lmao

  • That build was 3,580.93 and there are people that waste 10,000 on a pc

  • h

  • *11:12* Linus - Let's do some more gaming Windows - *NOPE* Linus - 😐😁😂

  • finally something that can run gta 4!

  • please remastered the 16K gaming video with 3090/3080 ^_^

  • Bruh this computer costs more than my grandfather's hospital bills and my friends prostitution costs combined!

  • My 10 year old computer is faster than this.

  • Wait wasn’t the ThreadRipperbnot better than the i9

    • Not in core and boost clock performance lol

  • dude his acting is so bad.. hahah but you still good

  • This didn't age well...

  • U should try the TKL PICTECK MECHANICAL KEYBOARD ITS ONLY $27!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Currently running a ryzen 3600x b450 tomahawk 16gb ram @3400 1tb m.2 1tb ssd 4tb wd blue and an rx 5600xt it took me months to build up enough money to get this what upgrades so you recommend

  • People in 1980’s: tHaTs sOrcERy

  • some random person: YoU fOrGoT tRi SLI

  • Can it run"Crysis"?

  • Your channel definitely deserves my subs!

  • Funny that a small tiny CPU can cost alot.

  • quick question! do you have any suggestions for a case that can easily move back and forth between two rooms? I don't know if there is a decent case with handles that exists that is sturdy and can fit all the parts I plan on putting into it. (if it's ugly hopefully I can just paint it for a better aesthetic)


  • Is it a bad thing that my phone and laptop have the same price point? My phone is an iPhone X and my laptop is a dell inspiron 15 3583 with 8gb of ram and an i7 8th gen... got it from Costco.🙁 it can’t even run fortnite... why????

  • Can you do a review on the VIOTEK NB32CW 32-Inch LED please?

  • RX6900XT?

  • How about supercomputer?

  • My google history: Sports: who is the fastest person2020 Gaming: what is the fastest pc 11/19/2020 11:37- 26 seconds...oh wait 27 seconds

  • can you do a cheap PC build that cannot play games or have some kind of game blocker on it because its rotting my brain causing too much dopamine focus on that !!

  • yeah ok

  • Okay so AMD beats Intel in the benchmarks but still the fastest gaming pc is built with Intel? Why?

  • its.... fast

  • Word of the day is fast! XD

  • 11:12 :)))))))))

  • it looks like the intel cryo tech cooler by EKWB and der8auer runs it on a Ryzen 5950x, quite tricky

    • They haven't uploaded the follow-up video yet?

  • Can it run gta v?

  • PlayStation 5 Xbox series s/x Pc 2

  • this is The Fastest PC nasa pc : hold my beer

  • I have that case it's really nice

  • No more pc builds plzzzz

  • But can it run crisis?

  • If you can please give me any video card 😊😊please please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • I hope that you will read this comment. This is not related to above video but a problem which is bothering many users like me who use dell devices. I have a gell g5 5500 and i'm facing an issue with adaptive brightness in which brightness changes on bases of color and not due to ambient sensors. If there is a light background showing on screen it will go bright but if there is a darker image on screen it goes dim. I f you could just check it on a G5 you would understand what i'm saying. Help would be mush appreciated as dell is acting real like A*S. Thanks

  • On the topic of "there's always something around the corner", could you make a (or a few) video about the next update for different standards are in their development, what'll change and how much of a difference (if any) they'll do for consumers? E.G: Next gen Bluetooth, RAM, PCI-e, DP, HMDI, VR (also, which gen. of VR (going by the original Occulus Rift being gen. 1 and not the really old VR stuff),mice (as in, what'll be the next thing for PC mice (mouses? :p) etc.

  • Use a deskmod for more space

  • 10900k: "The fastest gaming cpu" 5900x: are u challenging me?

  • I need help. So I built my PC and I noticed how he installed the radiator for the cpu. I have mines installed at the top but the fans are in the bottom. The way he installed it is with the fans at the top and rad at the bottom. @3:55 does it matter which way? Also is there allot of a difference if I put the rad in the front as intake rather than exhaust? Thanks

  • What was the point of all that?..pathetic

  • @3:02 I got a cheeky-beeky little sneaky on that thingy, but still can't figure it out what that is... a controller unit for the cooling ? " Mystery music intesifies "

  • Me with a pc that can't even run minectaft classic

  • Not bad

  • 1:24 nah, ma penos

  • I'm just watching this to make up for my 32bit windows 7 with 4gb ram.

  • Linus: fastest gaming PC Linus a week later: amd fastest gaming PC

  • Bruh I’m not gonna even ask the price

  • 8:19 why that thing was blurred or hidden, in his hand? Answer plz

    • maybe its the warranty card? im not really sure though

  • "Now it's fast, speed holes!" 🤣

  • I miss the days of fretting over which modem card, sound card, video card to buy.

  • linus explaining computer things: me who doesn’t understand: *i like your funny words magic man*

  • Man first af all Take my love and second of all i have a request for you i want u to do this " Highest Airflow PC EVER - SUCCESS! " experiment with todays high end every things

  • You also need some RGB for more fps

  • ooeorr rueuvoo ruruv kvooki u dudue

  • Now it's fast. _S P E E D H O L E S ._

  • So were just going to skip over the 2 other videos he has done completely bashing tec cooling and now act like its the next big thing?

  • Me: knowing nothing about PCs Linus: fills wierd tank with liquid In order for better performance

  • Everyone knows about EKs Peltier Cooler. But...too much problems with it. Condensated water will destroy your pc - and it will. and u need sooooo much power for it. Take a good watercooling solution - and u will save muuuuch money - e.g. for power...

  • Do you have to return all this stuff back?> or you buy?

  • Didn't know this was a magic show! 1:13

  • The way you pixelated that cooler made it look more like something you’d see on anime

  • the fastest week !!!

  • wow i never expected intel to even make it

  • How much did it cost?... EVeRyTHinG