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And if you're wondering, the sleeper's name is Ted
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
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Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  • I wonder why some company hasn't made a case in an old style like this with atleast a proper modern layout

  • Make a sleeper using a RTX 3090 and a ryzen 5950X

  • Ah yes, the perfect PC for my nightly “activities”.

  • Linus please do a video with a budget of 1000-1200 USD gaming PC with desktop CPU and all and no streaming

  • Another road side case find ! ! !

  • I recognize that side panel design. Dell used to use that case for their desktops in the late 90's. Rebranded of course.

  • You guys could have got one of those PCIe add-in cards to restore the functionality of the CD-ROM and the floppy drive. This way you can even show off that A drive to "prove" its "originalness".

  • every time i play linus tech tips videos on speaker, there is always a GRAPHIC PARTTT!!!!!

  • I have a windows 2000 micron pc. Still works. Actually just re-installed windows 2000 on it.

  • Everyone: God I wish I had an RTX 3000 series. Me: I need a snack tray, I need one now.

  • Do an all blowie matron fan gaming pc if possible

  • I feel like my dad's got the incognito gaming PC here. I give him my stuff when I upgrade. He still has his old beige case from like 2002, and it's gone from a P4 chip to a dual core AMD, to a quad core AMD, to an eight core AMD 8320, and the GPU has gone from something without a heatsink (lol), to an 8800GT, to a 250GTS, to a 560GT, to a 960GT. All the man does is play Bejeweled and Sins of a Solar Empire, and C&C Generals. He's pretty happy. Every time I retire a component from my nonsense, it goes into his case to enjoy its old age. When it dies, I have a replacement by that time. It's a good system.

  • God bless this man, in 2020 having minimal amount of ads, and dont spend a full minute talking about the sponsor. Thank you linus.

  • please if you've got spare pc parts and want to give them to me, i'll be happy to take them off your hands

  • DUDE S3 Virge? it was like the first ever 3D card, worth a mint now! Also that isn't AGP dude, its ISA. Fuck do you even PC? Also just throwing those cards and mobo on the floor is poor form, you might be rich but people try hard to source those as they are rare and expensive. First ever dislike to a Linus video!

  • now this is a no RGB bullshit case I'm interested in

  • Can we have another sleeper build

  • Some grandpa out there drooling over those old pc parts for their xp pcs lmao

  • They put a fan at the bottom when heat rises 0-0...

  • If I knew this was a sleeper PC build I would have watched it a long time ago

  • bro id buy that off you tho XD

  • Why not a R9-5900X?

  • Linus sounded super Canadian in this vid lol

  • That's an ISA modem. It might be 33.6Kbp/s or 56K Kbp/s.

  • 2:30 Anthony!! In the reflection on the door!

  • The candy drawer😂😂

  • Linus stop breaking their hard work💀

  • Me when I get a budget for a work PC:

  • he did not plug the merch whhhhhaaaattt

  • 8:26 what is the music?

  • The thumbnail 👌

  • That grin at 0:39 is like that smile you give your mom when you just shat on the carpet right in front of her

  • That pc is lot lot and lot faster than my pc

  • I'm gonna ask my mother a PC like this for school work, you know... Just the basic stuff

  • Friend : What on earth are you gaming on? Linus : This Vintage PC on my desk ... ( coolly ) Friend : WHAT !!!!!

  • Noot noot

  • S3 Virge Yay, my first Graphics :P

  • You kept most of the things within one brand theme but I think you missed one little detail, the metallic blue piece where it says Micron should have been repurposed as the cooling block cover.

  • Now just throw in some FOX-1 system blowers to cover up the missing plates on the back and you're golden! Single slot radial fans ftw!

  • Dell used to use that case, many many many years ago.

  • Is the tech at 4:50 working on perfecting the DENNIS System?

  • Ballistix 5100 is impractically expensive for 98% of PC builders and there's an extremely good chance your chip set won't even be able to support that high of a memory clock speed.

  • finally some PC modding that looks cool !

  • the RAM be like: YoU wAnNa sEe SOmE ReaL SpEeD ? i'L ShOw YoU sOmE rEaL sPeEd.

  • Accelerated Graphics Port - exists. Yeah, put in sound card there! - Colen

  • I can dig this.

  • These cases aren’t even stealthy anymore, Linus has done so many “sleeper” PCs anyone is bound to get sus if they see a beige PC case from more than 2 decades ago. An old Optiplex on the other hand...

  • :\ come on man, why make a sleeper video if you arent gonna show off the build process initially? starting the video with the whole thing complete defeats the hype for the video

  • "the oldest keyboard is the goodest keyboard" -linus tech tips-

  • Werther's originals storage lmao

  • Oh it’ll be on incognito alright ;)

  • Heyyyyyyyyy..... where do u get those rtx 3080s? If u have some extra can i borrow one?

  • Dude, you guys are noobs. Many boards didn't have IDE port surrounds (depended on the manufacturer), the AWE32 card was a wave synthesis sound card, the memory simm slots were for on board "sound bank" memory, for storing samples sets used with the MIDI wave synthesis, socketed VRMs were both for serviceability and upgradability (virtually all servers and a fair number of workstations of the day were built that way, with one VRM per CPU socket) - this would have been considered a pretty high-end feature (Micron's machines were pretty respected for their quality back in the day). CPU was passively cooled because, per the ATX standard, the CPU was placed in close proximity to the exhaust fan, this was a very common configuration, right through to the earlier 2000's (yup, even an old Northwood P4 Dell box, that I have, has a giant passive heatsink that backs right onto the exhaust fan. Dell and Micron had very similar case designs, I might add (I suspect they were sourced from the same supplier). Also, even by the time that board was made, doing hot-air station work to repair SMT issues is a pain in the ass (actually not appreciably different than most modern boards, except for all the aesthetic crap they paint on modern stuff that make them a pain to trace-out). Also, whoever shouted out that the 16bit ISA slot modem was AGP was, I hope, joking.

  • I remember them Microns My old buddy had a 486 DX with a Micron CRT it was awesome back then.. All I had was a 386 SX NEC with some off brand CRT every time I would go to his house I was in Awe of his computer of the power it had. and before that I had a 286.. The good old days :)

  • LETS GO MICRON!!! Sincerely, An Idahoan

  • Why do I get constant chromebook ads when I watch this channel and anything desktop PC related. I already own a chromebook against my will and everything they say are lies.


  • G

  • Who else uses incognito for PHub and not other stuff?😂

  • Afraid the PC gets the Corona and not the guys? 🤓

  • Coincidentally I’m building my first computer in a micron case too, just not the same model it is the pentium 3

  • The modem and other items with "big teeth" is ISA. 16 bit power!!

  • Holy shit i had one of those for a computer, Serious Sam all the fucking day, but i've sold it.

  • that original pc is worth more as ewaste than as component's

  • 10:26 the ultimate incognito

  • That actually looks mega classy

  • when noctua fans match your case

  • me: mom, i want harry mom: we have harry at home harry at home:

  • unironically using a beige case from the mid 90s right now

  • 7:41 minimumamountofspace xD :D @Linus, that was hilaroius for me dude! Thanks! :Đ

  • I remember installing those ISA modems! If you look closeley they fit top side together back to back, and they saved pcb costs in manufactuing by cutting wasted space.

  • Linus is one of the few employers you can say “Damnit Linus” to.

  • Lol this thing has better cooling than my Alienware prebuilt, put that into perspective

  • Isnt this just a sleeper PC

  • can i do a Gigabyte B550M GAMING MSI RTX 3070 16 DDR4 3200mhz Ryzen 5 5600x 80+ Gold MWE 750W MSI MAG Forge 100R RGB Tempered Glass Case 1 TB HDD 500 SSD m.2 would that be all compatible ?? the mobo is the right size but I'm not sure if the power supply is good enough and i am a little worried if the mobo is good enough quality for this build ps i won't buy the RTX 3070 till I see the RX 6800

  • 9:53 Ah, I see. A man of culture. Opening an application with single click + enter.

  • Not finding a way to make the default Disc floppy drives to work in it is disappointing.

  • I used to have one of those cases

  • I am actually very impressed. Colin actually got Linus sad into a corner. Thumbs up!

  • I got that computers still in school i think

  • 1:10 when you see that ROG motherboard and the seasonic power supply

  • Why do they keep mounting their AIOs upside down? It will perform worse, be noisier and maybe even kill the pump in the long run.

  • Like you cut dad

  • If Leo Messi was a geek

  • 9:16 not gonna lie, i thought for a second that animation was some sort of RGB thing in that case, i got Jebaited

  • Did he drop it

  • Everyone: *Buying RTX 2080* Me: *Buying a Intel celeron 1st gen* :)

  • Shut up I love werthers and I'm only 31... oh ok nvm.

  • Two Zip drives is still the most impassive part.

  • OMG how does this case look soo good!

  • 5:42 who else thought that was an Xbox he plopped down on top of the case?

  • i feel some one had spare markating budget and watnted a linus video

  • It was not AGP like Linus said, but the ISA slot, before PCI standard :)

  • Oh the humanity... every time Linus drops one of those components on the floor.

  • That wasn’t modem that was dial up

  • @gamersnexus mounted his aio wrong

  • Man this video is fresh, the edition quality, the script very polished and clean, the evolution of this channel is awessome !! Congrats to all the crew that makes this videos, ur content is the most transparent

  • Linus is one of the few employers you can say “Damnit Linus” to.

  • 6:34 need this in a loop

  • No RGB?!?!?!?! Thats a crime!