The Nightmare Build - Pyramid PC Pt. 2

Datum objavljivanja: 29. Lis 2020.
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We meticulously planned the placement of every component in the Pyramid PC to make sure it all would fit. It would really suck if someone released the largest and most powerful graphics card ever halfway through the build...
Part 1:
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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  • The pc can be a reference of illuminati!!!!

  • why not build this out of aluminum to save weight? For such a well equipped small shop its surprising you guys dont have a TIG welder available. Heck even a spool gun and some Argon. Why make this out of steel?

  • Can someone tell Linus and Alex that is very dangerous to have things above the spindle? With the vibration those things could fall from there easily.

  • The day LTT tries to send the PC the guy he dies from a cocaine over dose

  • Plot Twist, Anthonty won the Canadian Lottery and is forcing Linus to build this.

  • what a shit case. not for my room

  • 6:30 - DeadMau5 called Linus "my friend" 😅

  • I would have done a plexiglass window behind the eye. Pretty cool overall.

  • Noot noot

  • Those edges are really sharp 0.0

  • Just out of curiosity, is Alex a mechanical engineer?

  • @4:12 That is not a thread cutting tool.

  • illuminati spotted

  • يخربيتك تدعمهم علنا

  • Do you actually build computer for people?

  • Soooooo when's part 3 being done with the finished product?

  • most tedious project ever...really is..

  • Soooooo...... That is not a thread cutting tool. that looks to be a 55 degree center cut DC diamond tool. Actual threading tools come in a couple different forms but for the most part they are 3 sided triangle inserts with obviously 3 edges. They can either have a specific thread ground into them or have the standard 60 degree angle of a threads root cut into them so you can make different threads with them. There are threads that use 55* angles like the Whitworth and British Pipe Threads but all ISO standard Thread use a 60 degree form. Look into company’s like Iscar, Sandvik, Seco, and Sumitomo. I personally prefer Iscars tools because most of them use generic standards and not proprietary inserts.

  • Astera tubes for the lighting? Are you nuts? What a waste using them for indirect lighting. I use them professionally and can Tell you, that those tubes are exspensive as hell, as they are normally used the professional Eventindustry.

  • why the freemason symbols?

  • I bet it's Logan Paul

  • is that Destiny 2 themed?

  • use a sliding rail they use for cabinets weld that to the gpu mount so it can slide out once you take the side panel off

  • anyone see the Illuminati eye on the laptop?

  • why we cant buy em cus linus tech buys 4 to 8 of them to make a video smh can u save some cards for us buddy

  • what a stupid case

  • where is the final build? this vid almost a month ago.....

  • costumer see's the vid and is like you called me a what now..... hello yes linus media support, i would like to return my piramid pc

  • put a gold plated cap on top.

  • ذفاك،🌚؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

  • if ur guys are going all out of the way to do this thing.. why are u making so many compromises?

  • Linus :I SPENT SO MUCH MONEY ON THIS ... (trying to be flex his money) Normal guy : it wasn’t that expensive (compared to all the other stuff you like to buy an flaunt ) Yea I like the tech building but this guy pretty annoying

  • Don't watch this channel

  • Guys, don't you see, illuminati

  • Is it just me or is the workshop always... not a workshop?

  • I recognize that side logo (not the eye) on the pyramid... is that from 2b2t?? The Spawn Masons?? I think I am crazy... Maybe it’s for FitMC

  • is it just the plastic peel that is dirty?

  • imagine spending 20k on a system that will be mostly obsolete in 5-7 years

  • Linus, every time Alex hands him a janky tool: "You had a blank check!" Linus, every time Alex hands him the correct tool: "Why'd you use the blank check?!"

  • When I saw the panel gaps, I thought they're building a Tesla. 😂😂 #kappa

  • illuminati confirmed

  • Whoever made the subtitles just assumed Lay for Lathe XD

  • Who thinks the Client is Linus? Lol

  • Didn't think multi gpu setups did anything ayeeeeeee Linus. Is it not you who helped kill multi gpu ya fuck.

  • And before the client is anthony or something

  • Who the client? 😉

  • When you work for LTT and you still use solidworks at 10fps on a Dell laptop

  • illuminati

  • so its logo that looks rly similar to Alan Walker logo... Hmmm

  • It's definitely Deadmau5.

  • Linus: were gonna make a pyramid pc Amazon:

  • is that the spawn masons icon

  • I laughed so hard at 10:10 when he calls out tesla for their panel gap problems 😂 got a like from me already

  • Dual 3090s but this cpu cooler

  • media offline?

  • it might be just me but does the side panel look like the 2b2t's spawn masons symbol

  • As someone who has worked not only in Aerospace industry but also ITAR and medical grade part inspection/assembly, I'm not surprised the engineer here (probably a machinist) was alright with a .100 thou difference on a corner haha. But I will say this isn't a manufacturing environment, and if he did in fact do it all himself, good on him. I'm sure that 60's lathe works just fine but someone his age not using a more modern mill with G & M code and doing the shop math himself, not to mention all the welding to accompany, this was no easy task. This...will probably be a very hefty bill for this person.

  • Alex: "This is the thread cutting tool" Alex: Shows Linus the OD finishing tool.

    • actually depending on the angle in which it is mounted and as you might have noticed the angle of the insert itself this could be an insert with neutral cut direction

  • If anyone wondering what is up with a arabic comments there is a stupid ticktocker who is saying they are supporting the illuminati انا عماني و هذا شخص طالب لا تصدجو فصيل الكذاب

  • ngl I kinda feel bad for Linus now that he has to deal with this Shit of a client

  • I'm a little late but I wanna say "it's built different".

  • Saber aproves this case.

  • When I win the lottery and get to pay them for my rhombic dodecahedron computer, I'm going to try my damndest to not be this annoying.

  • They are working for illuminati

  • Never bought a case since test benches came out. Easier to clean.. no overheat issue

  • Going to go to all this trouble and couldn't get matching GPUs...

  • Every single LTT Build: "..well it's not perfect"

  • I feel like you could build a much nicer custom pyramid PC case for some reason lol, I have seen a real PC case like it before on a youtube channel.

  • i like the eyes dude

  • So what does the overclocking button do!? Just takes your media offline?

  • Hiring an engineer to work at linus media group must have been a weird idea at first, but it has paid dividends

  • The freemasons and illuminati are not affiliated in any way with each other. They should have done the Eye of Osiris symbol.

  • Costumer sounds like a spoiled rich brat that cries when he doesnt get what he wants

  • Why none talk about illuminate on the comment sections :)

  • 2:31 "Media Offline" lol If you need an editor, contact me ;)


  • Should have told client to pound sand when this ridiculous order was made.

  • I’m convinced the client is a good friend of theirs, otherwise they probably wouldn’t be so comfortable roasting them alive

    • @iToxSin Deadmau5 might, it would be a great DJ rig!

    • @Michael Moran I don't think either of them would want a pyramid pc

    • Maybe Deadmau5???

    • @Wuyang Zheng that’s not destiny 2 that’s Freemason and the all seeing eye 😂 which is probably in destiny 2 but it’s way bigger than that.

    • I think the Client is Bungie. The logos are from destiny 2

  • *Lmaoooo this dude really just got sponsored by a fuckin rug, my life is complete.*

  • The Client must be some oil baron's kid or somethin

  • I find it odd there is no 2b2t references in the comments considering the free mason logo on the side of the case

  • Pyramid pc, more like flex pc

  • Illuminati confirmed

  • Illuminati Confirmed ✅

  • Why is this case so ugly?

  • Wearing masks, but still breathing down each others necks.......... or one off one on................. LMAO

  • im over here thinking 4k that's it cuse i work on lathes and mills and they cost about 30k per one and that's base model for the ones we have but the ones i work on are a lot newer then that XD

  • I think alan walker,

  • Soon every DIYer should be able to weld once they have learned plumbing

  • What’s the point in a 30k graphics card

  • 17:01 the moment when linus just had enough LOL

  • Holy shit that is the exact same make and model of lathe i used to train with in school 20 years ago. It was old even back then :D But its a quality lathe and properly maintained will easily last 100 years.

  • Alex is one intelligent guy.

  • We have a contender to the Obama Prism

  • Gpus look crooked through the eye.

  • Is this kanye's new pc?

  • You support Masonry, why don't you say it publicly

  • You'd think a real freemason could assemble this pyramid build himself... honestly do freemasons even build anything anymore?

  • after this build this guy might be able to run rust on max gibs at 20 fps

  • Go take the Bill Kill vaccinatie. 🤪🤢🤮