This $10,000 laptop ISN'T overpriced...

Datum objavljivanja: 18. Kol 2020.
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What do you get when you flip convention on it’s head? Well, you get the Asus Studiobook One - one of the most powerful laptops we’ve reviewed EVER.
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  • Ampere: no

  • Why does Alex have such a "forced" and fake-ish smile?

  • I am sorry for the man who bought it.

  • I think he was mad that he wasn’t able to get the tool lol hahaha

  • you can look away from the camera every once and a while yk

  • The more money it costs the harder Alex gives it a smack

  • 3:39 Asus: there's a special tool for prying open the clamshell back. It's called: crowbar.....

  • wow perfect for my work.. wow I can't afford it lol

  • When you don't have good life choices:

  • gpu: 4000$ cpu: 500+$ ram: 200+$ where does the other 5k go to?

    • There's maybe $500-1000 more worth of components in there like the screen, battery, keyboard, etc but everything else is just pure profit

  • well for spoiled americans it isn't overpriced...

  • loved that smashing intro😃

  • What if you want to use it closed and attached to an external monitor.

  • wow its so not overpriced and its even more expensive than my car

  • Hopefully it isn’t using liquid metal on the CPU. My Mothership became a brick in a year. Opened it up and found liquid metal outside of the containment area of the CPU.

  • This laptop is the definition of overkillllllll.

  • 6:53 Americans really never use the metric system. Bananas! LMAO

  • 8:52 "get, give, or recieve"

  • 0:44 I feel like I am the only person here that knows that is a reference to forza horizon 2 when you get a combo above 9000 points and then it would proceed to give you 1000 more points, making the number 10000

  • Yo bro, you can blink

  • This sounds more like an ad😒

  • it bought 2 for little timmy and his friend! what? is this man an engineer?

  • Huh..!! This is what workplace abuse feels like.

  • Does Alex ever blink?

  • do you blink

  • Alex is always a treat

  • finally, a decent laptop to run my "hello world" program

  • ok wait, so the model to advertise the boxers is linus himself?

  • So how many kidneys is this? Cause I only have 2.

  • ...aaaaaaaaand now it's just an old hunk of metal. LOL.

  • Alex is one of the best Linusmen

  • Is he acting like Linus as a bit or...?

  • I wonder how the thermals would perform in a docked scenario with the laptop closed and plugged into a monitor?

  • no gaming benchmarks? You do know that the GPU is based on the 2080 TI right?

  • Bruh, you smack that USD10,000 laptop like it worth IDR10,000 (~68 cents)

  • lmao imagine losing it

  • That rtx 6000 is a beast. I have an rtx 5000 16 gig and its badass for game design and development, and shatters games like warzone.

  • W.O.W.

  • Linus looks a bit different today

  • ME!... I NEED THAT 24GB VRAM. :( Daz 3D characters are so VRAM thirsty. :( ... But this pricetag is way beyond reasonable. I'd be better off getting a desktop with a 3090 RTX.. Same VRAM. Then just keep my GTX 1070 8GB Laptop for portable missions and gaming. I wanted a laptop with a 1080TI when i bought this one, but sadly nobody made a reasonably priced laptop with more than 8GB VRAM at the time... I swear when I save up, there better be laptops with a 24GB RTX 3090 GPU on the market. I WANT TO RENDER without resorting to classic Resident Evil pre-rendered backgrounds tricks that ruin the Lighting and shadows/Reflections. :( (And my workflow efficiency for that matter.

  • I just booted up my Laptop. What did I miss?

  • Having the cooler where it can't be blocked ? Why is it not the norm?

  • ".... at 6.4 pounds or.." hmmm what might be it in kgs? "18 and a half bananas" 6:55

  • He looks so uncomfortable and awkward in this video


  • This guy is smiling and speaking with that creepy look in his eyes like he is being forced to do this video I mean he looks scared or cried just 2 minutes ago

  • He looks like a telemarketing agent that comes on tv

  • Anxiously awaiting any info on what settings are available under the hood. Lots of power in this baby but will we have access to it?

  • I really like Alex's contributions to the channel. It's nice to see him lead an entire video :)

  • Im not quite sure you people maltreating electronics is funny...

  • Even From my shitty screen I can see how superior studiobook's display is.

  • *slaps top of laptop* this bad boy can calculate all the things

  • No

  • this guy is def a Irish man

  • Alex smacked the laptop harder than my mom slapped me.

  • i love this guy's voice.

  • If I ever need someone to make look sth very expensive as if it was a budget waste of money thing, I will pay you 10k to smack it in front of a camera. You are the man.

  • This dude has no idea that we can see (or better yet, hear) his adderall habit. lmao

  • go cool on the laptop man that is valuable

  • yeah of course 10k isn't much money for a laptop

  • Hello, please which laptop do you recommend under 400usd. For office work and traveling? 🤔 Thank you.

  • Laptop breaks easily Never gonna buy because you smacked it

  • This man didn't blink one time

  • this laptop is not only laptop but it also have a fan blowing infront of your face. wow

  • My kidney cant handle this..........

  • Man, this video could be better called 'meme compilation by LTT'

  • Does no one notice linus modelling an underwear?

  • The best way to play among us

  • Wow finally a laptop to help me play minecraft

  • you forgot blinking bro :3

  • Pretty cheap really for what it does..most people forget about the 90s and how much laptops cost that wouldn't be able to do 1/10000 th of what this does..sad thing is as a CGI artist most artists I know wouldn't know what to do with it lol...

  • Wow I was thinking editing editing plus chrome plus gaming but chrome is what we worry aboutლ(´ ❥ `ლ)

  • I was mad that you smacked the computer

  • Is Alex trying to show us the durability of this laptop?

  • nice banana

  • Is it $10G's because it is in a tiny package? How much would the same performance cost in a Desktop tower for comparison?

  • 7:07 No deck flex?!?! are you blind or have no feeling in your fingers!?! It's flexing like a circus contortionist!

  • Thank you I can now cry myself to sleep now.

  • It stressing hearing him smacking a 10k laptop 🙃🙃🙃

  • How many of you are watching although you cannot buy it?? 😂

  • 4k for a quadro... k buddy i'll just spend 500€on the 3070 and blow that shit out the water

  • pretty cool but the lack of a headphone jack on a content creation machine makes no sense

  • Ok but what happens when someone wants to use the laptop with the lid closed with external monitor and keyboard?

  • Were is Linus????

  • 7:44 thank me later

  • Banana for scale, i sense a man of culture...

  • somebody get this maniac a laser pointer

  • So, a GIANT, HEAVY laptop WITH a large external box dongle..and no headphone jack? This has to be a joke. There is definitely room somewhere for one, they just didnt want to add it.

  • No sale. I'll hold out for the i9-9999KK. Hey. Maybe I'll save $8000 if I buy a NOT LAPTOP for pro work.

  • Rtx 3090 make the rtx6000 useless?

  • The Apex 15 will defeat the Area 51m with double the desktop cores

  • So its the most powerful laptop ever with cooling and power delivery that ACTUALLY keeps up, but it has no ports??! ! What a piece of shit🤮

  • It performs great, looks good but sounds a bit cheap. You could hear that from Alex smashing that poor thing from all sides in an almost satirical way.

  • so remove the keyboard and you have the most powerful tablet.

  • It's smack proof

  • You know what I'm thinking? I know there's a lot of barebone PC's out there. But they're too small to be carrying a dedicated GPU and are poorly maintained thermally for the sake of portability. But, let's the form factor of the Xbox Series S. U can easily slid it into your backpack. Then, consider the motherboards in gaming & productivity laptops. They could be easily fit into those Xbox cases & there will still be room left for I/O, internal power supply & an even better cooling system. That would be my ideal cross between a desktop & a laptop. Don't even know what to call them.

  • soy face thumbnail

  • Gota say Alex needs more wiping

  • Nvidia launches RTX 3090 for 1400 usd better than RTX 6000

  • why does it always seem like theres a gun to his head