This MONSTER Video Card has 4 GPUs... and it's from 2004!

Datum objavljivanja: 25. Kol 2020.
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Evans & Sutherland aren’t a big name in computing today, but that wasn’t always the case - Meet the simFUSION 6500q, a QUAD Radeon 9800 XT GPU from 2003!
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  • We've received several requests to release the driver package we used in this video, and we've received permission to do so from Layne and Collins Aerospace. As far as we know, this is the only driver now online.

    • Im sorry guys, but ATI had an Card which called Rage Fury Maxx with two Rage128 Pro Chips... and they didnt call it Crossfire at this time. in 1999 they called it Multiple ASIC2!!!

    • *History has always been the most interesting subject to study, for just about anything.*

    • @Techburn That card is (was?) used in the F22 Flight Simulators, "The Green Lady" and the Pumpkin Seed/SSTO Spaceplane (don't ask, just look them up!) flight simulators. so copyrights and licences are STILL in effect (plus 50 or 70 years AFTER the life of the authors!) since those simulators are PROBABLY still in use! If I remember correctly Evans & Sutherland partnered with 3D-Labs at one point which then gave rise to modern GPU based graphics cards. V

    • Asus offered a 2 agp board many a year ago. Last home built system I did had it.

    • Hell yeah preservation

  • who is from czech republic like!

  • this vid had potential for like half a second , Thumbs Down Reason : talking without having any experience with/about the product

  • he said bios not bios, uncool Anthony

  • Smashed like once you said it would run games!

  • Linus, I liked the subscription bonus you mentioned. More channels should mention why you should sub. AND what Easter eggs viewers can expect as a reward. Well done!

  • Yes ATI the real competition against Nvidia

  • I feel like an archeoloogist

  • archive the driver for the world. don't let it vanish with the video in a few years!

  • first and foremost, Nvidia bought the SLI technology from 3Dfx, when they went out of buisness, among other things from them.

  • Try this with an 3090. 4 3090 GPU's on one card

  • Multi GPU and today dont go together... my SLI simply isn't working with modern games... RIP SLI

  • Linus: "Speaking of the past, we're going to be building a PC from 10 years ago...." Or you could just borrow mine

  • At the 5:00 mark, Linus talks about a 48u of 'no pcs' - what's a 'no pc'?

  • you need to use foot pedals

  • Single silicon chip is the best to made and we can use it as single as well as multiple gpu

  • Am I the only that likes these videos but has no clue most of the time what they're talking about

  • U guys look stupid wearing masks !!!! COVIDS fake!!!

  • Make them SLI.

  • Seeing Rape without consent, an innocent virginity taken... Linus, you have no shame!

  • Crysis?

  • 6:02 Wonder how many times he has showered a part with that.

  • You sure 2004? This shit straight from 2077.

  • The way you guy's are tsking on and off the masks... Just leave it off🤟

  • What is this Witchcraft?! O.O I remember drooling over the first consumer available 1GHZ Single Core Processor. Now it's like "1GHZ? What is this trash???"

  • Hey... Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world? 11:39

  • Is he doing okay? He looks a little dry eyed and bedraggled?

  • why is that guy bigger than average?

  • I remember my first motherboard with an AGP slot. Athlon XP 1600+ with a Radeon 8500. That felt like such a monstrous upgrade from my K6-2 533mhz. First time I ever experienced buttery smooth framerate on a 3d game. With my 100hz Sony Trinitron CRT monitor. The best days.

  • should have tried quake3a, maybe someone brought this up. NV bought the IP of 3DFX so SLI Scan-Line Interleave not what SLI means now. i do still belive that 3DFX's use of Scan-Line Interleave was the way to go for multiple cards. should look into the "The Quantum3D Mercury Brick " and "Quantum3D AAlchemy 8164"

  • Hello sir good morning, may i ask if it can be installed on my B450 DS3H V2 BOARD?

  • how about you would use old 586 processor?

  • I did some contract work for a company that had a rack system with these in it (8, I think). IIRC the guy I talked to there said each of those video cards cost about $10k EACH. I think the entire system cost about $250k. Evans & Sutherland was VERY top tier stuff. They even ran the U.S. Army's tank simulators where you could simulate and entire tank platoon with the tank crews crawling into these sim machines and doing battle on a virtual battle field (a multi-million dollar system - well over three HUNDRED million dollars in 2002). The nascent 3D market back then was pretty exciting. And getting in on the ground floor of that was an awesome experience. But, yeah, the advent of PCI-Express and PCI-X spelled the doom of those dedicated graphics powerhouse cards. I still have a bunch of old 3D cards from back then including some from companies that no longer exist. The voxel based renderers were very interesting because they took a completely different approach to 3D geometry, basically solid modeling rather than vector based graphics. My wife keeps after me to throw out all those old graphics cards and the old SGI systems I have. She has no idea the significance they hold for me. The SGI Iris and Onyx systems were very expensive when I bought them. And they're basically junk today less than 20 years later. But, as you all know, 20 years is an eternity in computers. It IS kind of amazing that a card that cost about $10k when new (the Evans & Sutherland 6500q) sold recently on eBay for almost $4k. So, they're not junk, really. People still covet them, not because of their amazing performance (which back in the day WAS amazing) but because of their history. I'm really surprised that anyone let Linus handle that video card given how prone he is to dropping and destroying technology, though.

  • Go to 8:25

  • 9800xt? that must be an insanely fast card! We only have 6900xt now

  • I wonder if you could run Minecraft on it, it uses OpenGL (to the bane of many of my modder friends).

  • 2:03 thats the texture of my skin

  • rate my specs, GA 990FX Gaming motherboard FX 8350 Radeon 550 series

  • "Brings back memories...this is like me literally sitting in my basement...or sitting in my girlfriends room, like you know, tuning my overclock 1 mhz at a time or whatever....". There is no need to lie about being a virgin until 40 Linus...literally nobody out there believes you were tuning your computers "in your girlfriends house".

  • Back in its day that was some SERIOUS god tier big daddy money flex right there lol

  • 69K likes Nice

  • i don't get it

  • 2:50 how do you get so fat? What are you feeding that thing? Is this real? 5:40 why is that thing wearing a mask? He cant breathe in it.

  • Anthony makes things happen

  • I has SLI by 3DFx back in 1998 - 1999 on a Pentium 400 Mhz, 256 MB of RAM, 20 Gig HD, 56k modem, I don't have those any longer but I still have my Diamond Monster 3D video card that I bought to play Quake II. After connecting it my son and I just watched the introduction for like 2 hours because it looked so damn good.

  • Boy I am glad this helped me in my history lessons..

  • Amazing! The oldest video card in my possession is one Micro-Tecnology Unlimited K1008-11 from 1981. It was needed for high resolution on Commodore PET and for KIM-1!

  • Pffft, Voodoo SLI ftw

  • Could you tell us more about windows 11, 20 and 21 concept

  • Smart fat guy should be working for DigitalFoundry.

  • NVIDIA (3DFX) used SLI way before this on the Voodoo cards.

  • Finds junked spaceship in the year 2432: Linus: It's not meant to do it but let's see if it can run games.

  • Looks like a video board for a simulator display setup. Such as a flight simulator...

  • shouldve connected to an online server with the common patch # Ut99... 200 ping brazilian madness

  • A GPU, that 4 times more powerfull than Quadro RTX 8000. Wow.

  • Lmao I have been watching him from so long, I can see the segues coming

  • I see you have plugged in an SSD. How did you make it work on a SATA1 connection (without speed negotiation)?

  • Yes, our FTPs contain a lot of important old stuff🗿

  • 2:48 "Over to you evil Chumlee"

  • "ARE YOU NOT INTERESTED?!? IM INTERESTED!!!.... in telling you about todays sponsor...." never stops making me chuckle at the ad segues after all these years.

  • During the same time, CAE (a flight simulator compagny) create the Raster 2.0. It was a system bridging together 4 video cards and 1 calligraphic card. On each video card, there was 4 GPU on it (ATI 9600 if I remember). Since the calligraphic card contain only 1 GPU, it's makes a total of 17 GPU working together. The output was 1 DVI port.

  • I had a Radeon 7990.

  • Shaved linus was better.

  • so for a nerd with no reasonable budget would this be a good graphics card for rs3 in openGL mode?

  • you pay 1000 dollars, get 1.5 million views, earn twice for the video... that's called perfect business

  • Who still playing UT99 in 2020? :D

  • Holy shit anthony is so smart.

  • @5:35 ... Hey where'd you guys get those REALLY tiny masks? I wanna gets me some!

  • Duuuuude shave

  • i want that thing

  • I believe 3DFx introduced SLI in 1998.

  • Daaang. Imagine playing Operation Flashpoint on this beast!

  • no. ur from 2004

  • "PC from 10 years ago" Me: looks under my desk at my i7 870 pc. (still runs everything, albeit at worrying temperatures)

  • I don't think that would fit in my PC case tbh, it's nearly the size of c64 mobo

  • Still waiting for that video card from bitboys. I'm told it will blow away every and any competition.

  • 3dmark 2001 on a 3090 vs a 1080 vs a 2080?

  • Should have tried Doom 3 with it. Used to play it with my 9800 Pro. Would be a good stress test.

  • Reminds me of the 7950 GX2. I used to have a 7900 GT KO that actually lasted 2 whole years lol

  • Please make a video about an Blackout (when the grid goes down). How would you sitll run a PC for gaming without power ? What power source would you use ? An Poweroak EB240 ? That would be interesting. And how would you power your whole house ?


  • I've seen one of these at an old failed business near where I live. It puzzled me when I saw it because I had no idea what it was.

  • That graphics card is older than me

  • Linus looks more and more like Chuck Norris xD

  • whats the mask for? LOL

  • I remember the voodoo 2

  • >OpenGL >No Q3 Arena Why

  • 6:47 really hurts my ears to hear him call it that.

  • I want to see y'all play old early 2000 year games like 4x4 Evo 2, or anything else you can think of, on the most high-end modern gaming PC.

  • Oh Linus, Unreal (and UT for that matter) was always a primarily Glide game, the OpenGL support was just a botched together pile of files that sometimes somehow somewhat worked...

  • I saw one of these for sale in a second hand pc store for 80$ I had absolutely no idea what it was... Kind of wish I had bought it now xD

  • I had one of these Dual processor gpu, was a beast at the time. 2 of these in crossfire would be godlike :). Can you try to pull out that one ?

  • Hey want my ATi Wonder 8bit CGA to trade ?

  • sounds like my old 6600gt reference i guess :D

  • I remember this graphics demo so darn well :') There was a cool PC store at a local store where this was running on loop and is was mesmerizes :D

  • Linus is on drugs xd

  • Anthony GOD almost Gaben status

  • "Here we have a 4xGPU AGP/PCI card tuned for OpenGL software... Let's fire up a bunch of D3D software and ONE OpenGL game!"

  • 1:00 i'm interested!!!!

  • When I heard you used the unofficial service pack 4, it was ruined as that update totally cripples performance and you would have had much better results in service pack 3. If you tried it on a regular computer from that time that didn't have multiple gpus and a second cpu, games that would have run above 60fps would often drop below 10fps and the windows interface would run like garbage which was the results I got whenever trying both. You should revisit it with just service pack 3 and no unofficial updates.