This Sketchy AliExpress Cooler....

Datum objavljivanja: 20. Ruj 2020.
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Do you want better thermals on your laptop? Well one AliExpress seller has a water cooling kit to solve that very issue - so let's put it on the Alienware Area 51m.
AliExpress Cooler:
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  • Spend 5k on a laptop that throttles at 12pp0)

  • i understand people wanna make money but can we stop promoting shitty mobile games?

  • I mean, it didn't not work...

  • lol i was about to get on here talkin bout "Linus things like this exist for us poor ppl that life's basically sayin f u to, but then u said the price.. lol thats Fn ridiculous!!!

  • It hurts me to see them tear apart that laptop. I want one of those but I’m stuck with my Acer VX-15 that I regret buying (no thunderbolt, 2.8 GHz CPU, no 4K screen). My next computer will probably be an Alienware plus a dock

  • “Blockkudoku 61 Rikujokoro”

  • This water cooling kind of defeats the point of a laptop which is to be portable...

  • 13:15 in need of a peel

  • 4:42 For the love of God... Move the damn Camera!!!

  • Drop it into the pool, that’ll cool it down

  • Does linus ever like any of his comments

  • Aliexpress is Chinese Amazon if Amazon was trash and full of scams.

  • Hello Linus, I am full aware you are following orders online from CSIS or in this case GCHQ. I am here to inform you that you are firing shots regarding a myriad of subjects. I recently ordered vape products online. They used their clearance to ship it to the other side of the province and were using scan times at Canada Post to give me the middle finger. I also recently ordered a friend of mines, some NASA themed clothing online and had it shipped to them. Someone on Instagram was impersonating me in craft and gave them permission to open it ahead of Christmas. You are now relaying some very aggressive behaviour for them. To the person engaging in this type of behaviour. You will get what's coming to you.

  • wow, didn't expect Linus to sponsor such a trash mobile game.

  • Then whats the point of a laptop

  • Do Canadians talk like Irish ppl or is this dude Irish? The way he says part and hard etc.

  • Imaging paying 4000$ laptop and dell release a bios that reduce perf by -70% each time the gpu reach 75 degree oh shit, that me

  • Can't hear through the mask

  • Only way I can see this product get made in any real quantity is if Alienware themselves dabbled in making this a part of the laptop itself. Like a prototype water-cooling edition that got far enough to make test batches, abandoned, then sold as junk and someone decided to market them. Alternatively if it's a 1 off item than it's probably some boutique custom job that someone either rejected or canceled.

  • Linus is the tech version of Michael Scott

  • and LInux goes Brilliant!

  • I have an Area 51 m and when I saw you drilling it my laptop just kill herself

  • Why is a thermal paste spreader still being used in 2020? I though we all agreed those don't provide any benefits at all?

  • How is Linuses videos the only ones that fit iPhone X-12 screen

  • What if you made a gaming laptop into a gaming desktop?

  • Honestly I would like to know your thoughts about New "Alienware M15 R3"? yes R3!! If you can do a review about the laptop, It would really help most of us, who are thinking of buying the laptop. Thank you. 🙂

  • 4:02 Good news, our watercooled camera actually has the needed parts. Your watercooled what.....?!?

  • 0:31 that laugh lmao

  • Linus Sex Tips

  • Linus we have hit a new low :( getting mobile game sponsors on board now are we? RAID SHADOW LEGENDS INCOMING


  • Adding this defeats the purpose of a laptop

  • “Did you check for leaks” as it’s in the $5000 laptop lmao!!! 😂

  • thew transition into the sponsorship was the smoothest ever

  • linius buys 400$ cooler me THATS MORE THAN MY PC IS WORTH NEW

  • this laptop hurts me

  • Gotta say that Linus looks good with that leopard print mask

  • @ Linus Tech Tips Alienware should make to the next model of Alienware Area-51m R3 Tiny Internal Water Cooling in Laptops. Would be real a Cooling progress for laptops.

  • 0:26 They’re digital handcuffs?

  • Run liquid nitrogen thru the loop.

  • 4000

  • I skipped the sponsor part, coz i didn't want to hear that.

  • I have a request of my own. You guys should make a sleeper with ether a original hot weels case or a Mac Pro case

  • Wtf was that sponsor 😂😂

  • Can someone please tell me what that ¨red camera¨ thing is?

  • but one theoretically question: whats happening wheb you ship to the arctics and plug your watercooling system in a iceblock? 🤔


  • 10:46 Linus hits the desk and at the same time the laptop turns on

  • wonder if they actually checked it for leaks? box was pretty banged up!

  • stop funding shit companies and invest in me boss. oh wait why are you worrying, you get it back in taxes as a "job expense " at the end of the year. lol

  • Well at least he tested it out for everyone

  • The moment u realise that this cooling system is more expensive than your whole laptop.

  • 3:10 I seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee................................. tubes have also genders.............. it makes me think one more time 🙄🙄😶😶😶😶😶😶

  • Linus: drills a $4000 laptop...... Me: drills a motherboard 😶

  • You did not mention, you can kiss your laptop warranty good bye.😂😂

  • 10:46 that's some timing goals there


  • Gaming laptops: what a waste of money as they don't use full power because of poor cooling and thermall throttling.

  • Linus: says the game is unplayable because it’s stuttering Me: playing Minecraft in 30fps and thinking it’s faster than usual

  • Just noticed every Linus video has at least a mill or like 800k plus dis nigga balling aswell as getting like i9 and shit for free I’m so jelous (Linus hook a nigga up)

  • keep it up

  • But can you chill it with the water chiller and get more performance?

  • Get some sleep Linus....

  • You know if you think a site is horrible, you generally dont consistently throw money at them 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • air cooling will become better than water cooling by some modifications, instead cooling pc components from water we can use radiator chilling technique by using it, so we will be able to provide up to less than 0 degree temperature air to pc for cooling and even no need to remove processor and graphic card fans. At low temperature we can use some technique not to freeze water below 0 degree in the radiators. The conclusion is that water will circulate inside the radiator and chill it below 0 degree centigrade and the fans pulls so much cold air from the radiator for pc.

  • Today's sponsor is!!!weird sponsor OFC!!!

  • Ah yes, a game is unplayable at 76 fps. I of course, as a clearly high class gaming individual, never accept such low standards. Such framrate is a travesty. Jk, my computer can run tomb raider at 30 fps on medium settings, and I'm fine with that

  • is there a video for laptop water cooler? I would like to see that lol

  • 7:28 "The bigger the gob, the better the job." Hmm, sounds like the words of another (HRwiki famous) citizen of the Great White North (aka Canuckistan)... The legendary "Uncle Bumble F**k"

  • mad ...

  • Have you heard of a gaming PC company called MSI if you have what do you think of their stuff

  • After watching his videos, i left the hope of assembling the CPU OF my specifications, so many compatibility issue to begin with...😅

  • 4:41 missed a perfect spot for 10:31 another one

  • smartass he knows how to bring up his sponsors in 500iq ways

  • He probably got more than 400usd from this video..well money spent wisely

  • 10:45 the laptop got scared by Linus hitting the table that it booted up right away lol

  • ROFL! WHY would someone who knows this channel insanely say to them "a bit expensive tho" to the BIGGEST "Paid Liar" on the internet!? This channel is known by EVERYONE that is capable of independent thought (the rest of the people that cant think, or technically "victims" are the subs, lol) as the worst tech channel in existence, u cant watch or take advice from someone who is in every way "paid" to Lie to you, thats HOW they make their millions. 12M subs to the WORST channel (& human being) on HRwiki? Really? But HOW do 12M people NOT know what is General Knowledge?? MORONS.

  • I love how the canadian accent/dialect just shines through at 3:23

  • Ali express sucks!, otherwise they also a scam.

  • Oh shit, Linus looks older...

  • To be honest Everytime I see Linus's Beard It reminds me of Thor xd

  • 10:46 we gonna ignore this?

  • Don’t try this not at home not anywhere

  • It went from linus tech tips to alex makes everything

  • Plz,can you donate me a gaming pc with monitor?

  • 14:05 please peel off that protective foil from that camera pleaseeee

  • And send me a hit up if you ever do use the idea I want to see how it goes k thank you

  • 2 million at least

  • Hey instead of using water why don't you use the ones they use in stores like Freon gas tanks now I know for sure that would work and just how everybody Angel Soto Shadow the Sandman reminder key taught you a lesson well known cuz it just barely hit me like cuz I'm God gifted and add that too please. please thank you

  • Any laptop should be mobile. This one was heavy and thick to begin with and you guys ruined the remains of what was called a mobile computer. Next time please don't listen to those comments where people ask you to test some unnecessary shit.

  • I think it's called newton meters, not psi of force, when it comes to pressures of screwing stuff down.

  • thes stupid tecnical to change this.

  • Skeptical about pressure on cpu for paste also complains about too much mounting pressure

  • Wow figure out out & stop whining

  • Oh Jeebus

  • It's uplayable. Shows 76 fps. Yeah.. looks totally uplayable to me, mhm.

  • ***did anyone notice that he used the power supply for laptop to tilt the power supply gets really hot....not sure if it would have made an difference or not but every little bit helps i guess.***

  • "I'm going to drink the water" Was waiting for LTT segway to Linus bathwater in a jar on the store.

  • Alex apparently doesn't know how to apply thermal paste. Interesting.