Was I WRONG About Apple M1 Silicon - WAN Show November 13 , 2020

Datum objavljivanja: 13. Stu 2020.
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Timestamps (Courtesy of Jae Sok Surh):
00:35 - Topics
2:35 - Intro
3:30 - Apple silicon
9:08 - What Linus got wrong
12:03 - What Apple got wrong
16:14 - Luke's take
17:35 - Back to Linus
36:13 - Fanboyism - Intel vs AMD
49:22 - Huge games
52:40 - SPONSORS feat. Linus's ms paint banners
56:19 - Luke's correction about downloading games
57:42 - Dave Lee has entered the chat (apple silicon again)
1:14:02 - TL;DR
1:16:20 - New consoles, fake videos, and other more real issues
1:18:41 - AMD's Smart Access Memory isn't AMD's
1:21:00 - Who is Dave Lee? (Dave2D)
1:21:32 - Intel tech support challenge coming up
1:23:35 - Superchats
1:31:40 - Outro


  • Dave can’t win with linus. Jonathan should talk with this nutbag.

  • The thing is Linus this isn’t an iPad or a first gen new product. It is an iteration on 3 very old products, and all 3 of them perform much better than even high end previous models of the same products. Photoshop can still be used, and a lot intel based apps are actually still performing better via Rosetta than they do on the intel predecessors, even though they are not optimized for ARM. You’re ignoring a lot of important facts.

    • Here’s an example of an i7 Mac mini with 64gb of ram that underperforms the new m1 with 16gb of ram hugely in almost every way: hrwiki.info/plane/video/aZugpsy6i3Cm3qg

  • This is why it's cancer to be a fan boy. Windows or Apple

  • 22:56

  • 9:15 the funny face

  • 5nm is THE FUTURE!

  • The reason i like Intel is when they where in trouble financially the upper mangers went to there employees & told them how things are & ask if they had any ideas. The employees did & upper management did as the employees suggested & this puled Intel out of the financial troubles that they where in. Now I ask you how many upper corporation will ask the employees for advice? Ponder that. This is why I buy INTEL produces . This is who I would like to work for even if I pushed a broom. INTEL Knows how good there employees are . NOW THAT TAKES BALLS.

  • I like instant replays.

  • 1:15:00 please don't call something fake without checking source. First instance of smoke from xbox was from Poland and was true. Rn microsoft replaced broken xbox.

  • You were wrong about the performance but nothing else

  • This is coming from a PC user, if I wanted to do any type of creative professional work I would always go with a Mac, just because of security and reliability, never a PC, my PC is basically a web browser and a gaming machine. I have had too many shitty updates and blue screen to even trust windows with my material.

  • I could get behind a LTT Tech Rewind

  • Linus, you have the budget to pay someone who can actually do pixel art to do the intro now, this filtered google image of a swap is fucking disgusting

  • 1:21:32 - Intel tech support challenge coming up - WHAT WHEEEEEEEERE!!!!! ITS NOWHERE, AM ON EVERY PLATFORM, WHAT STREAM???!!! HE F-UP THE DATE???!!!! HE SAD 11.24.2020 10:30 AM PT - it's THAT TIME AND DATE NOW!!!!

    • Intel LTX Gold Sample Giveaway (the “Sweepstakes”) is open only to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States, the District of Columbia, Canada (except for the Province of Québec), and the United Kingdom who are at least eighteen (18) years old at the time of entry. Employees of Intel Corporation (“Sponsor”), its promotional partners, Cooler Master Co., Ltd. (“Cool Master”), Merkle, Inc. (“Administrator”), and their parent and affiliate companies as well as the immediate family (spouse, parents, siblings, and children) and household members of each such employee are not eligible. ---- If you are eligible to win, I suggest you check intel technology on Twitter.

    • Yeah, I am waiting for that too. Did I miss something?

  • Unfortunately these days even an honest critique can get you labeled as a hater and flamed to ashes. The times we live in are so polarized that this kind of divisiveness has crept into all things. I was interested in an M1 Mini to replace my 2011 iMac but I think I'll wait for more reviews.

  • Photoshop not ready, and you blame Apple? No Way Jose. Adobe has been CRAP with Photoshop for years, using single core most of the time, terrible spaghetti code. That is Adobe choosing features over good software. Call me a fanboi, whatever, but not getting the these entry level laptops with these specs show what a gamechanger this move to M-SOC is in the industrie? How can someone beeing as smart as you not get this?

  • performance matter not the numbers

  • omg did you say ..., was that wank show ..

  • First time and last time listener.

  • 98% first impressions of M1 macs: "wow apps launch instantly, it wakes up faster than any other laptop, lets try and open 25 tabs, the CPU seems faster while consuming a fraction of the power, lets try to run an iOS app here" Linus: "I saw a stutter on Google Earth, the MacOS installation process is stupid, and lets try some screen recording with a non-optimized third-party application" P.S. I love Linus and can't wait for the actual review of these machines, it just seems like he wasn't at his best in that Macbook Air first impressions video

  • I dont own a single apple product so NOT a fanoby but I have to say AT LEAST YOU CAN BUY an apple M1 equiped computer....unlike Nvidia and AMD. This beats graphs with numbers.

  • Yeah. I agree with alot what you are saying, but your tone and wording really creates picture that apple products are really goin to be really bad. And to that you didn't said to the word that, it doesn't change that at all.

  • Noot noot

  • I had a friend say the other day that Linus "oozes hatred for Apple!" My response was "Why, because he is objective?"

  • You really should get some of your less tech savvy crew and let them take the wheel for new Build guide. You always miss lots of problems we greenhorns struggle with, because you're you and quality hardware often does not suffer from problems we have to face.

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  • i had the base model mac pro 2013 back in 2014 ... i just got the mac mini and prefer it when editing video and we are talking about a 2300 dollar difference in price here.. so yea .. you were exceptionally wrong.

  • F*** INTEL. My 10900k is a piece of sh**. And they are keeping the best ones for stupid arrogant PR stunts.

  • www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/apple-is-lobbying-against-a-bill-aimed-at-stopping-forced-labor-in-china/ar-BB1bdeDL

  • Linus replying to Linus own statement 29:04 at his below video hrwiki.info/plane/video/i8idmMWxaaCLrXY I know its not geekbench, but its still very flipping tone though lol

  • Funny how fanboys get emotional defending their bare _trust_ in and don't think about specific numbers and independent testing. Under independent testing I mean the Scientific Method itself.

  • vheg

  • I use Cad on my Mac to make blueprints and its amazing The top 10 companies use cad for the Mac.

  • A typical PC tech Have no clue tunnel vision to the max.

  • Hahahaha! Wintel is now Won'tdo ! Intel down ! Next is the evil Microsoft !

  • I am looking forward, when Linus spiteful scepticism is disproven. Even though nearly all major are favourable to the M1 Macs, It is clear he will continue to defend his statements he has made before the release of Apple M1 products. It is sad he is not open-minded enough to take on board the benefits Apple's move to ARM based architecture can offer for Mac customers and the technology industry as a whole. He seems so bitter for past decision Apple has made that clouds him to see it fairly.

  • Interesting segment, I enjoyed listening to it. You make some great points regarding the corporate game play between the chip makers. With the recent apple silicone and past Microsoft ARM powered surface devices showing some viability for these chips in certain applications, what is your prediction on a full industry shift to these chips?

  • Linus will be the first to admit he is wrong if he sees the data, but until then he can give his damn opinion and speak his mind even if he does have a pair of nice warm sandals in his mouth.

  • With Apple you have to pay big money for the privilege of being a beta tester.

  • this guy is insufferable

  • My bad... The Intel site for ThunderBolt 3 was not updated to show the USB4 specification was released on 29 August 2019 by USB Implementers Forum, based on the Thunderbolt 3 protocol specification. Still feel that feel Apple needs to change spec page for Mac M1 products to read . . . Two Thunderbolt / USB4 ports with support for: Charging DisplayPort Thunderbolt 3/USB4 (up to 40Gb/s) USB 3.1 Gen 2 (up to 10Gb/s) Why is this important? It might be just a pipe dream of mine in that using the USB4 standard, and not having to pay Intel that device manufactures will bring able to bring out USB4 standard base devices that will be cost competitive.

  • My parents are going to buy me a Mac book for college. Should I get a m1 or the intel chip

  • The notch isn't completely bad! @35:00 I rather the notch over giant bezels

  • An entire WAN show dedicated to Apple, I never thought I’d see the day!

  • I love watching this to go to sleep boring in a good way

  • "They made grand unsubstantiated claims" - consider them substantiated.

    • Linus doesn’t understand that Apples video wasn’t made for techtubers who like to release 5 videos within as many days. It was a marketing tool for selling the laptop to customers who won’t know what the numbers mean anyway. He should understand more than most that even if Apple released numbers techtubers would skeptical (just like he is now). Apples uses metrics that consumers can understand like 3x more time to watch video or 2x more power to play games, that doesn’t make then inaccurate and in fact Apple undersold this in most cases. Then there is the whole Rosetta thing. Right now Intel based apps are still performing better for the most part than on Intel hardware. So Linus stop being an ass you were/are wrong and you pc bias isn’t letting you see this.

  • It was 5C you moron! Not SE

    • And he corrected 15 seconds later.

  • Linus, the problem with your point of view about the new Apple Silicon machines is that you basically made a series of clickbaity hottakes about a product you haven’t even used yet. You’re whining about Apple’s “vague claims” with your own vague claims, before you can either verify or refute them with actual testing. Have you followed Apple before? Do you understand their marketspeak? They don’t share a lot of “spec” numbers because it’s hard to compare apples and oranges or Apples and Intels. Androids with TWICE the RAM are typically trounced time and time again by iPhones with half as much RAM. Why? Because integrating the hardware and software yields optimization that can’t be communicated in pure hardware specs. Apple typically gets way more battery life from devices with smaller batteries than Android devices with larger batteries. So talking hardware specs is just rarely a thing they do. And they are also known for being pretty conservative with their performance claims. When they say a device has 9 hour battery life, it usually gets around 9 hours of battery life. So for you to immediately reject their claims about the M1 simply because of some claims that AMD made about their chips defies logic. Hold Apple’s feet to the fire based on THEIR the track record of their previous claims, not AMD’s. And as far as Photoshop, were you aware of how successful the previous Rosetta campaign was? Warning everyone about a problem with Photoshop and Apple Silicon that doesn’t yet exist is the very definition of click bait. Turns out, the M1 chips are so fast, and Rosetta 2 is so well optimized that Photoshop actually runs FASTER on M1 machines than it did on the previous gen Intel machines. It’s OK to criticize Apple. They do a lot of amazing things, but also do some goofy and frustrating things. But criticizing them for unsubstantiated worries about products you haven’t tested yet seems like a bad take. Sure, some of their first gen products have gotten old quickly. But many have been great as well. And these new M1 machines aren’t replacing workhorse editing stations, they’re replacing entry level consumer machines. And from all accounts so far, the M1’s are delivering them heretofore unseen performance levels for that category of machines. I give Apple credit for NOT completely redesigning the whole computer with this first gen, so that the focus could be on the internals and new chips. Will their by more ports and better networking on future generations? Of course. but the assumption that this first gen will be hobbled, rather than a huge leap forward in computing (with a few drawbacks) seems like bias rather than sound reasoning based on track record. By not redesigning the entire MacBook Air, and using a well-tested and beloved baseline, they increase their chances of not having this new batch of M1 MacBook Airs go the way of the do-do any time soon. My prediction: as soon as you test the new machines yourself you’ll be issuing another round of concessions regarding your first batch of hottakes.

  • Wasn't mentioned but I'm pretty sure the record internet usage topis was from my post on the forum!

  • For god sake Stop your Ego while reviewing Linus 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • It is all he has.. I mean, he doesn't have insight based on relevant knowledge.

  • night linus my wife will be mad if i stay up all night.

  • i've built both pc's that are in my house. i went to collage for tech support but i didn't finish because of issues in the home.

  • her pc will be done when i find the parts then ill take it to her.

  • thanks linus for every thing you do. i watch you to keep up on current events in the tech world. but if you do this you wont like me how i am..... i dont need more ppl to worry about.

  • My wife: Linus sounds like a villain in comic

  • It's fascinating some people can't imagine life and existence with out exhibiting cultist or mob mentality behaviours.

  • I’ll just take my PlayStation to a Startbucks and use their WiFi to download updates.

  • When are people like you, Rene Ritchie and Johnathan Morrison ever actually going to have head-to head debates about the terminally selective marketing drivel perpetuated by these pathologically profiteering corporations. Instead, you all just ramble on for hours in your respective echo chambers shamelessly begging for subscribers and waiting for the next kindly donated five thousand dollar review sample. Getting stale very fast.

  • Linus is right about Apple quickly abandoning first gen products. Longtime Mac users will remember the first beige G3s who never got OSX support, while the 2nd gen b/w G3s did. Also, the first Intel Macs did not support 64bit x64, so they had to be abandoned quickly when Apple went all x64..

  • your hot

  • Bottom line: The M1 is a significantly faster and cooler than Intel equivalents on those products. It's a game changer for Apple gear, Intel will need to lift its game.

  • Linus..... Your extremely Objective ... You have the millions of Subscribers to prove it!!

  • well this video is not going to age well. The M1 is smoking the laptop competition in its price range.

  • Where's the evidence that these new Macs are going to be supported less than other Macs? Also where's the evidence of this being a 'compromise' and a 'downgrade'

  • It's always best to review a product's value AFTER it is released and tested.

    • It also helps if the reviews knows what the hell they are talking about, which is not the case with this click-bait clown!

  • Hey Linus. You know...Why is AMD only clocked at 4.2GHz and Intel is clocked at 4.9GHz and the AMD one is just as fast?

  • It looks like they work ok for video anyway if you check out a few channels here

  • Based on this review hrwiki.info/plane/video/rLCHubrGb26LvaA the M1 looks pretty good. Only downside for devs is no docker and other suppport yet. But that will be fast now that they are out. Buy one in about 6 months and those issues will not be an issue. Another more comprehensive review here: hrwiki.info/plane/video/irqgsaTDbKOc12k

  • The Apple cult in full force.

  • I smell just a smidge of crow coming in the coming days. A smidge.

  • Although I understand the tendency to be skeptic over vague claims supported by a trend of generally disappointing products on the one hand, Apple’s way of presenting new products in a vague way using unclear performance graphs with arbitrary values is nothing surprising and has been such for a very, very long time. Thus, whilst yours skepticism is justified in general, it very little applies to Apple as they had never under delivered their claims (which were and are vague, most times), which is a good enough indication of how confident they are in their product. Of course this all is just speculation and I’d be more than happy to see actual performance results under various workloads.

  • 1:13:30 I'm perfectly happy with my iPhone 8+. I don't like face id and notches

  • Dear Mr Linus and Mr Luke, I would like to debuk spreading wrong messege about original XBox video. It may not come accross on the other side of the pond, but Xbox Polska (Xbox Poland) came out with apologise to my Polish fellow and recognized his warranty. Apparently in his case smoke was real and his console actually bursy into flames inside itself. That just tragic that Microsoft went with the flow and downplayed this situation because of the memes that everyone started to make fun of poor guy. That situation could end up tragic if he left the room for longer than he did. And You also went with bandwagon (As a long term viewer/fan/LTT forum member I am disappointed). Also he described everything in interview with great independent and reliable Polish Tech HRwikir (Kuba Klawiter) in material posted on 13.11.2020. I was waiting to write the comment about that from last saturday, but I decided to wait because his case was in progress. Now we know that again media showed their incompetence (The Verge etc.) and socialmedia never fact checks any thing.

  • Seems like Linus got sold on the Nvidia lag measuring marketing gimmick. Sure they can be confident, but they also know that they can sell you in their confidence being equal to product performance.

  • Linus, late response but i have to challenge your airpods love. I bought the original airpods and loved them I use them for outdoor activities / exercise but they started giving me trouble with not charging properly. I recently upgraded to noise cancelling buds but opted for sony. Love the noise cancelling you should check them out and do a review. I really loved the wind noise cancelling function when im biking

  • I love how the last couple WAN shows are just "was I WRONG??"

  • I mean Linus did say as a conspiracy that Apple was sandbagging the performance of current Apple computers to make the ARM based macs seem better. Many thing are better than a laptop thermal throttling in the 1.5 is GHz range

  • Why do people pay 50 bucks for a superchat on these streams only for them not to be noticed lmao. Whats the fuckin point? Give your money to a charity or something useful, jesus

  • people keep telling Linus was wrong but he wasn't. M1 chip is a glorified iPad chip with better thermals. If you look at benchmark scores, iPad and MacBook's' scores are really close to each other

  • He just can't help himself. If it is Apple he always highlight the negatives.He can be critical of it without having tested it. But he can't give it credit without testing first.

  • I didn't know Linus was a Paleontologist. Anybody who likes X86 must realize they like dinosaur technology. ARM RISC did a drive by smackdown on X86 and Linus doesn't even see it coming.

  • Linus HRwiki Tech Rewind would be the best!!

  • No wonder Linus is using Airpods Pro when not listening to music - would be more surprising if he used them for music as they suck at that on incredible level.

  • You would think linus would be used to getting picked on. He's a socks in sandals guy with classic nerd voice but he sure gets real fired up with ppl talk trash about him being a fanboy or a shill whatever that is.

  • I hate Apple but what they did with their new MacBook Air oh boy ! It’s just a freaking revolution !

  • You apple stans need to calm it. The problem is the graphs and apple not caring to show actual data

  • Intel: Blue Lives Matter! AMD: Red Lives Matter! NVidia: Green Lives Matter! Linus Tech: No Lives Matter! Not a single company gives a F&¢€ about the Customer! 💯

  • I think its pretty clear they still have business with intel and probably couldn't shame them in the presentation

  • The iPad comparison still seems weak. The suggestion is that the hardware can be separated from the software. But I think Apple’s deal is that you have to take the package as a whole.

  • Looking at some of the real specs behind Apple's M1 CPU, it will be a misunderstood CPU at first due to being among the first laptop CPUs designed in this fashion. The Apple M1 CPU is not a traditional 8 core CPU but a 4+4 Core CPU, as in 4 cores have one architecture designed for low power and 4 cores have a different architecture designed for performance. All 8 use the same ARM machine code, just function differently. As such, the performance will scale up to 4 cores and then drift off because the extra threads would be forced onto the low power cores. Intel and AMD are suppose to be building new laptop CPUs similar to this design, trying to squeeze more battery life. We should expect the low power ARM cores to be similar to the ultra-mobile cores, but the performance cores are the beasts we should watch. According to a Cinebench R23 score, the performance cores could rival AMD's Zen 3 cores while on the laptop CPU design. I would not doubt Apple probably has a full desktop CPU in the pipe with all performance cores and open power utilization. This is where the big upset is. There a a bunch of diehard "x86" supporters among the PC community. If Apple succeeds at making a more powerful consumer CPU that is not x86, these x86 fanatics are concerned that ARM will invade the PC landscape next. Linus is apparently one of them. A short history lesson on x86, it was designed for memory efficiency, not performance. The intents of x86 was to make affordable consumer computers for hobbyists, in which RAM was expensive. At that time, having the computer was more than enough. x86 only exists today because businesses want to be cheap.

  • Actually there are references to the graph on Apple website

  • In every other WAN show there is something wrong with sponsors, feels like LTT doesn't treat sponsors with respect.

  • I'm glad people are calling Linus out in the comments. A lot of people agreed with Linus in his last M1 video which is quite funny

  • Please do not disable Super-Chat, even if I get to watch it afterwards, I enjoy the Superchat section even when the show is done. The section afterwards is so good and summarize a few chats. And for surprise guests appear like pewdiepie answering to you via this is a good way for this too.

  • Linus definitely has his foot in his mouth. He's a lot more ambiguous than the graphs he's complaining about and 3x faster to defend himself than the M1 chips.

  • It’s surprising that Linus didn’t see this coming. Even the iPad Pro was beating a lot of intel laptops in performance. So naturally with the new 5nm fab tech and more TDP to play with, M1 was always gonna rekt. And dude, u can’t just blame Apple for not making their chart up to the standard of Tech Jesus. It’s meant for mass audience. A clean, less confusing chart was 100% the way to go for marketing. Why are M1 series not iPads? They run OSX. They got Rosetta stones for running x86 apps. You basically run all the apps on OSX. If your argument is that they run ARM chips, then you really are out of touch. But I feel like COVID isolation is hitting Linus. Get well buddy!

  • Linus, c'mon, im here to listen to you trashing on other people. Not to hear you defend yourself from other people trashing you... Please more anger and frustration, I really don't care at who

  • Please make an LTT Rewind! That's a great idea! Maybe you can make a holiday edition t-shirt with random highlight screen shots and quotes from the year. LTTStore.com

  • Linus your awesome don't let the haters get you down

  • Fact : Every tech influencer. Hates apple because they don't sponsor them