Water Cooling the RTX 3090 is... More Complicated

Datum objavljivanja: 25. Lis 2020.
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We want to build some water cooled PCs with the RTX 3090, but just how small of a radiator can we use and still have reasonable temps?
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  • Literally i think Linus says puppy too much cause i got a puppy ad before this video

  • Where did the comparison to the shroud cooler on the ASUS 3090 go?

  • Am I the only one who does care about noise?

  • Linus:"Watercooling is basically useless" Also Linus trys to watercools 3090

  • I will ask... what case is that?? I love it’s look

  • Why not just measure water temperature?

  • Jake is now less cringe the Alex. Alex thinks he’s smart af but is really pretty incompetent.

  • Nice video thx for that info. Can i buy a 1,5mm thermal pad ? Or a 1mm pad?

  • Does anyone background music on their headset, but not on regular speakers? Or am i going crazy?

  • Noot noot

  • MICRO CENTER IS WHERE I BUILT MY FIRST PC!! It’s hands down my favorite pc store if you have one close to you I highly recommend going!! I bought a Radeon RX 590 there and I even got a FREE copy of my choice between Borderlands 3 or Ghost Recon Wildlands.

  • It sounds like the video is underwater, low pitched hum in the backround

  • He went full " Verge " on this card !

  • I'll never own a 3090 but I am planning on having a RXT 3070 summer of 2021 when they become available.

  • This for Christmas please 😭😭

  • This Guy Reminds me Of Choco Taco

  • 1:22 "You just say bingo." "Bingo! Oooohhhoooo how funnnnn"

  • 4:03 literally fell out of my chair because i thought that was the pcb not the block lmao

  • You had the side fans backwards.. They're supposed to be exhaust.

  • Why Don't you use double sided fan cooling if you trying to get the best performance?

  • I am usually looking forward to the sponsors in case it might be some of use 😂😂😂

  • so should we......

  • 6 fans, go 2 triple, top and front, or bottom and front. Do it

  • Try it with a blowie-matron

  • Is ridge wallet actually worth it?

  • I thought they were filing the 3090 at first😬

  • I use 5 units for a I5 6600k and a 1070, keeping it cold.

  • "best case scenario" lol get it

  • What case is that

  • Boys you need to learn about race cars... Rookie move on the ticker radiator that was denser. More expensive doesn't mean cooler..

  • 2:46 Shake that Alex. Something Linus could not confidently do without dropping. Great Video Alex!

  • 2:48 Looks like you’re pretty experience at that

  • Typical EK block - crap

  • “Should we...” Linus: “yes.” Immediately cuts to Riley manhandling it

  • My Alphacool st30 x-flow 360 rad is essentially silent with my fans, asus rog cpu/m.2 monoblock, and an alphacool cape Cora passive radiator so I don’t even need fans. And I only use 3 of the 6 cape Cora pipes, making it about the width of a regular radiator. I’m sure I could add my Gpu to the loop with no change in temps but I don’t have to, the whole system stays at room temp even with a blower style card. Open air case ftw.

  • Just get a 560 Monsta and call it a day (what I did). That cools just about anything possibly made even with just 800 rpm LL140's. Better to be overkill than underkill.

  • ok a massive fucking FILE being used on a 3090 PCB...big balls time Linus crew, damn

  • can somebody tell me pls what case was used here?

  • At firt I thought he was making clearance for the cooler on the 3090 and I almost had a heart attack 4:01

  • Alex: so should we... Linus: YES.

  • Premium members shouldnt have to listen to sponsor bits.

  • Had this running in the background and genuinely got confused about what he was talking about. Was half listening to it, could hear it was Alex, but he was talking about 'curd'. Why?

  • 1:54 talking about fans in the case best /case/ scenario XD nice.

  • 7:35 When you lose your 3090. smooth

  • Try using your 11k rpm fans

  • Which case is that is it Lian li or neo qube?

  • Have u thought of watercooling a 3D printer

  • Hey linus, what happens when u have both nvidia and amd graphic card in the same pc? Pls reply

  • Does the side glass fit with that card?

  • Maybe it's time to submerge your PC in oil again!

  • And I’ll just uhh...take one of those of ur hands..ur welcome and thank you for the card

  • Microcenter has 25 locations in the us? So that's why there are none near me xD

  • What's that case btw? Would be great if ya guys could put stuff like that in the description :)

  • anyone know what case is in that system?

  • I’d like to see 2 120 rads vs a 240 rad

  • has a Mill, "everything should be machined". Grabs a file.

  • I need to water-cool my RTX3090. It’s overheated 3 times on me during destiny on the highest settings. I’m running 3840x2160 resolution and it does fine until I start doing a strike or nightfall where there’s just a ton of stuff going down then it gets too hot

  • that's an idea water cooling something with dirty water

  • Every time he scrapes the 3090 uggh there goes 100$


  • The Luck i already have 2x480 and 1x 420 Radiator in my Corsair 1000D Case :D

  • Did Linus wake up and then hijacked the video?

  • What pretty decent gpu r u getting for 175

  • OMG.... YOU MONSTERS!!!!

  • cant you just run the both cpu and 3090 in a double but push pull?

  • Are the Bills a legit threat to the Chiefs in the AFC?

  • I have a 9700k and a 5700 XT in an NZXT 200i (ITX mini), both water cooled. I have a 2 fan rad in the front, and a single in the back. Both are the EK slims. I have the 5700 XT core pegging 2050 all the time and 9700k at 5.0. The CPU will sometimes get up to 65 and the gpu stays around 55. There isn't a lot of air flow in the case, so I'm pretty happy with results.

  • "Some room to grow" I don't think you can grow much more from a 3090

  • Wow his hair looks nice

  • Can you guys take a pic or two of the new strips cards and old strip cards for size comparison trying to see if it will fit in my case

  • Should have closed the case fully for the water cooled portion. Hardly a direct comparison to stock cooling.

  • So... how much do you get for a quad?

  • Best CASE scenario, huh?

  • Linus, do a parody of Henry Cavill's pc building wearing a tank top.

  • You should compare noise between the 240 and 360

  • Nvidia sucks

  • when you have enough money to buy a 3090, i dont think $175 for a Waterblock really matters anymore

  • Linus looks good with beard.

  • Can we just appreciate that all of Linus’ sponsor bits are exactly the right length to double tap skip them

    • ..that was perfect

    • That is honestly the only reason I watch the whole ad at times

    • yeah dont tell them, let the marketing teams keep wasting money

    • Shhhh don't mention it, they'll find out.

    • He mentioned it in a wan show he does it on purpose. As a rule they do sponsor slots for only 10-15sec with very few exceptions

  • EK is such garbage. They rush everything. Horrible quality too

  • Who else is now curious about sli water cooling?

  • stop lying to yourself ;) its gonna be radeon all the way throu :D

  • When he added 10x too much thermal paste, was it an inside-joke troll kind of thing or was that being serious?

  • 30-what? 30naughty? 30nani?

  • Why wouldnt you (having two cards) just link both card outputs to the single triple radiator... for the sweet spot

  • Mans said should we and than they started sawing tf out the card😂

  • Just don't Burn the #Shop down @Linus... 🔥🔥

  • Linus: in the future we are gonna use nvidias rtx 3000 series AMD: Are you sure about that ?

  • I dont think this applies to the founder edition

  • 4:00 - Dude, you should learn how to use a file. You have to use all the length the file offers and less pressure. And get a file with smaller teeth...

  • Linus you need to stop increasing the salaries, your staff are getting pretty well fed.

  • Taps forehead You don't need to worry about cooling a 3090 if you don't own a 3090

  • Water Cooling the RTX 3090 is... so esay

  • I'm from a studio in China. I think we have an all-in-one video card water-cooling solution that you are interested in

  • I'd love to see another video like this with a CPU included in the loop. From what I understand (and I could definitely be wrong, so if so please correct me) most people who do custom watercooling don't have separate loops for their CPU and GPU. I imagine most people who own this card pair it with a high-end CPU that's gonna dump another 100 watts or so into the loop, or more if you're overclocking, which makes me think the sweet spot is probably closer to 280mm or 360mm worth of rad, as opposed to 240.

  • Ok friends, im going to be building a dual pc streaming/gaming setup in a Phanteks Evolv X and its going to have a 6900k/3090 and a 7700/2070 combination. I am planning on building one custom loop to handle all the components. Will a single 420mm radiator in the front (the max size allowable) be enough to keep everything nice and cool? the 2070 and 7700 will not be overclocked and i doubt i will overclock the 3090, however the 6900k (engineering sample) is sitting at 4.5ghz. thank you for any advice.

    • No. You will need at least 3 large triple rads just to start. Best to just do two separate loops (2-4 rads total) so that you are not recycling hot water through the system. Also, that CPU will heavily bottleneck with a 1080, let alone a 3090. Dumb build and you should feel bad. Get 8/9-series cpus for the 3090 and 2070.

  • Why would I watch a video on a card I have no chance to even purchase?

  • that thing is so skinny holy compared to air cooling

  • Taps forehead You don't need to worry about cooling a 3090 if you don't own a 3090

  • 4:02 for a second there I thought they were sawing the card lol