We fixed Windows 10 - Microsoft will HATE this!

Datum objavljivanja: 5. Ruj 2020.
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Windows 10 is known to come with a lot of telemetry and other “features” that reduce privacy in order to work as “software as a service”. Thankfully, there’s an effort to ameliorate this…
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Check out Windows 10 Ameliorated: ameliorated.info/
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  • PSA: While it's possible to mimic what Windows 10 Ameliorated does through Group Policy without pulling features, Windows 10 Ameliorated directly removes the components responsible for phoning home.

    • Why aren't you talking about Windows 10 Pro for workstations? Or Windows 10 Debloater script?

    • $29.99 for a freaking water bottle? Are you insane?

    • i force uninstalled all the crap i guess that was illegal oh well , america sue me i like new york

    • GOT ONE MORE INTERESTING THIGN FOR U :) Get Wattmeter, some ryzens for start ...5 2600 2600x 3600 and few 7s ..., boot windows run some browser etc or dont run anything and stay on desktop.... loook at Power cons. ... and then !!! make magic - TURN ON TASK MANAGER AND CHECK WHAT DA FAK HAPPENS ... THEN RUN SOME GAMES OR STABILITY TESTS OCCT FOR EXAMPLE :) RUN IT WITH TURN ON TASK MANAGER AND WITHOUT IT .. THEN SAME WITH BENCHMARKS :> AND THEN TELL ME THAT IT STARTED JUST BEFORE A WHILE .. AND I NOTICED IT AS FRESH SHIT? .,.... COUSE STILL THINKING OF CHECK PC'S BOUGHT BEFORE SEPTEMBER... AND BILLS FOR POWER.....


  • Ameliorate The WeenDoze10? C'Mon Man! You Can't Make Chicken Soup From Chicken Sh!t. Do Yourself A Favor. #SwitchToLinux And, Get On With Your Miserable Life


  • Windowsfx. You're welcome.

  • I've tried going Linux a few times but it still lacks in the gaming department.

  • I don't understand this talk about cortana. i don't have cortana and my search works just fine

  • Can I assume this and ReactOS are the best, closest alternatives to the Windows operating system?

  • OK Millie. Not all Boomers are technically challenged. hehe

  • Windows 10 suck

  • This kind of seems to take windows back to windows 7 and more than anything else it's not user friendly. May as well go to Linux. 😉

  • have you got special link for windows 10 with out the activate windows in the corner of pc many thaks carl

  • win 10 tweaker...and no problems

  • That's great! Now can you remove the Windows 10 pop-up that wants to scan and repair (damage) my USB drives? I've lost valuable photos twice because of this "feature".

  • Can you just give Anthony his own channel already?

  • This thing just breaks so much things that it is just stupid to use it.

  • 6:26, that is actually my wallpaper too

  • Linus they should consider adding "everything.exe" to this version of windows... as it would double as a replacement search engine and it the only application I would use. if it were integrated then it would also be a great replacement for windows search(vomit....:))

    • side note I've been using the following for many years now maby time to scrub windows and look toward efficiency all the way.... ISLC(very useful for gaming) Windows10Debloater(hrwiki.info THANKS CHRIS!) MSIafterburner(Thank you btw!) Ccleaner(Reg cleaner mainly) TeamSpeak over Discord(Telmetry and Hardware usage hurts and overall better latency aswell) Nasa cores were sick btw

  • best windows 10 fix SHOOT BILL GATES

  • "Who uses Windows mail?? Just use a Web browser!" "Oh cool it has ThunderBird." 🙄🙄🙄

  • explorer is trash

  • Anthony needs a seperate channel. I am like minded about FOSS and its presentation to the wider audience

  • This is why I hate Microsoft so much. They've tied up Windows 10 so much that you can't really do anything without needing an internet connection EVENTUALLY. Heck, I've run into the issue of not being able to type anything in the search bar to look for something in the start menu because the store is unable to perform a specific update. It can't do that update because I worked hard at getting that particular copy of Windows to not phone home.

  • The lack of intuitive ui for everyday professional use is unfixable in windows, unfortunately. I am a long term Linux user, glad though people invest their time to offer such a Windows luxury to the users community. I wonder why Microsoft didn't chase them creating a third party distro or why there are "flaws" in their licences that allow such actions.

  • If games and software were made for Linux instead of Windows, windows would be obsolete.

  • That's why many people give Linux a try.

  • Exactly how much information do they need to catalog? For both spying and for security, keeping a history of people's device searches is over kill, and reduces the likelihood that any useful information will be found. It's just a straight up mistake. Windows employees and heads, if your seeing this, I ask you please update. It will help out your company.

  • I fixed Windows 10 by installing LTSC

  • "Cripples windows search" -ROFL ! HOW ? How Do you cripple quadruple amputee with advance MS disease (sic!) ... that is also in coma ?

  • delete this

  • These chops though

  • Windows 7 4 life in the near future someone will release a update for windows 7 that will work on newer systems. Someone had made like 5 or 6 updates or windows 2000 for newer systems and newer software.

  • Windows will ALWAYS have built in backdoors. It started with 'NSA Keys' Intel CPUs also have built in backdoor. Other hardware does too, some is by law.

  • It'll only be truly fixed if Jamie Zawinski would be willing to port XScreenSaver to it.

  • Anthony is the type of person to purchase a game, read the entire user manual. Install the game, then go through every single setting before playing.

  • there is literally nothing wrong with windows mail, works great

  • windows tab doesnt cycle throw things anyway

  • Actually, the "system tray pop up" has gone because it seems it is tied to the notification center and the Ameliorated Edition apparently removes it.

  • I'm using 0&0 ShutUp10 and it's working perfectly.

  • 4.1k employee of microsoft disliked the video

  • Anyone else here to defend Windows mail? I get all my emails in one place. I have access to outlook but I think mail is better. Bite me 😜

  • Sounds nice, removed that bs manually until now ^^ Took that phone wire out of the wall and planted it into the phone itself, so that it makes a beautiful loop with no connection to the outside. Went i the Cortana files and couldnt delete all of them at once, so i messed some files up, so that it errored when i restart the PC and removed all of it. My start menu is still the same, just a missing Cortana. The "removing all files i can and then restard to let the unwanted programm crash" method works on everything, even if they dont want you to deinstall something. Tried to install Linux but had massive performance issues, even after trying to fix it over several days.. :/

  • if I remove all the unnecessary garbage from my computer then well who's gonna use it

  • Just revert to Windows 8.1.1, done...

  • Other app like spotify, didn't work if internet is not detected as well :/

  • Intriguing! I was just lamenting having to give up Win 7 soon... and dealing with switching all my apps to Linux equivalents. I imagine this would work with a dual boot setup with Linux, which would solve my problems.

  • Anthony: "We've evolved passed screensavers at this point as a species." Me: DIED LAUGHING LTT Store request - Put that on a shirt and I'll buy somewhere between 1 and.... 902837498274892. Probably closer to one.

  • Anthony reminds me of a dude i went to HS with. No matter how much you knew or thought you knew about PC's, once you spoke with him, you realized you knew nothing

  • Anthony is bae

  • OnlyOffice isn't a fork of LibreOffice, theses are two separated very good open source / free projects

  • Why is Linus shitting on software version of outlook? It operates WAY faster than in-browser version... Browser version is limited to your browsers power, while normal installed outlook uses all OS resources.

  • I was thinking about directx 12, you can install with an offline installer and if you have to update use Wsus, about user you can do a simple procedure from cmd, net user, control userpasswords2 then with ui clear the pass and set the user to admin (tried and works)

  • Ugh, no, thanks. Hard pass.

  • Linus : Who uses Mail for Windows? Me : I used it but it glitches a lot, so the question is correct

  • ?Questionable legality ?for the user. What about the programmers at Redmond. How can telemetry be even considered legal as it is now practiced under the privacy laws and 4th ammendment of this country when deep state spooks and crime-white washing local police contract out to Microsoft and social media platforms (using US tax dollars no less). Such alternative softwares are a completely legitimate (and necessary) form of civil disobedience from the illegality and immorality of Win10 and silicone valley softwares abuses in the first place. Even not looking at the privacy part, and HIPAA violations (Microsoft is on many hospital computers)...Microsoft is literally stealing CPU cycles on YOUR machine to do ITS business...and its apparently signficant enough to slow down all our machines and cost productivity of end users...if you decided to use Microsoft servers to bitcoin mine, it would be considered a theft of company resources and property. Telemetry as practiced and forced upon users is illegal by many laws already on our books and simple common sense of who should own what.

  • I use windows mail :(

  • Then why are you even using windows?!

  • Eh, some of this is like useful stuff.

  • Stop using "boomer" as a pejorative.

  • Probably (100% chance) this had already been said but the Window+Tab behavior is the same in that as in regular Windows


  • @13:58 LTT: "MS Paint is not spyware" Microsoft: "Not Yet..."

  • Can u run games on this ? (Pubg)

  • Windows search is so bad i still use cmd.. dir c: /b /s |findstr filename

  • Is pointless for me since i have upgraded whole machine with ssd drivers.I no have any problem with speed ,updates or something else.

  • I use windows mail :)

  • Doctors hate him

  • I don't care much about privacy, but where can I get that start menu ?!

  • Linus , help! I need to switch back to a administrative account & Windows won't let me !

  • Not worth it, I’ll give them my information.

  • Windows 10 Ameliorated is never going to go away..people are getting it somewhere and the torrents are flying..😂😂😂😂😂

  • "I should just switch to Mac..." - most pathetic statement of 2020.

  • There is a double spacing in 9:27 and I can't stop staring at it

  • God I miss MS-DOS together with PC-TOOLS, No privacy concerns back then.

  • Get a vpn...

  • Microsoft: Uhhhhh....... we didn't really like that either...........

  • Can't even remember last time I had Search Indexing turned on so I'm not losing much with this.

  • TY. /

  • Have you tried Windows 10 LTSB?

  • I got a new laptop and, from out of the box, the os and drivers always use 6gb of ram. I'm thankful that I got the 16gb version, but it still makes me mad. I'm reluctant to upgrade to this or Linux only because I'm scared of breaking proprietary things like the track pad and fingerprint login(and battery usage optimization).

  • Man, Anthony should be a voice actor or audible narrator or something.

  • Why does linus have a sponsor on evry video but not his first

  • God I feel your pain with the directory level / back BS!

  • ... I use windows mail

  • It's so funny that so many people cry about their privacy when they're using an OS made by a software company and then carry around a phone. Just use windows, what are you doing where you're THAT concerned anyway? I could give a shit if MSFT sees what I do.

    • Ok,give me all your private information as a reply to this message. All your emails,passwords,everything that you do on computer. You can just type txt file upload somewhere and share the link. If you not ready to do that,then stfu.

  • Did you buy a Mac? No? Then you didn’t fix it...

  • The only reason Micro$oft is getting away with windows 10 BS is because gullible clueless iDiots are giving them their money. They shit-tested the consumers with every single "new" version of windows after XP - slowly removing features and very slightly backtracking when they went too far (eg. win7) - which STILL has far less functionality and customisation, but was 'better' than Vista so "it was ok" as far as people are concerned. Sorry for the rant, but the Win10 thing pisses me off and angers me to no end. Would love to use Linux if I could run all my games on it (I can't with a lot of older titles etc.) instead.

  • The man-scape Lawn Mower....shave ya junk and love Linus! 😂

  • Ameliorating Windows is too complex, Linux is much easier to install and use. What misses me : Thrustmaster linux drivers (FFB on T500RS)

  • It's like a stock Android.

  • github.com/Sycnex/Windows10Debloater hey guys it's faster to ask here than going somewhere else... my new laptop arrived and it's my first time ever using Windows 10 (what a fucking ugly mess of a system... feels laggy too...) Any particular Win10 version that you guys recommend for games and less "issues" in general? Also, this Win10 Debloater thing says "it's best used BEFORE creating your user profile"... How do I do that? How do I boot into Win10 without having an "user profile"?

  • can't say how disappointed i am every time it takes that 10 seconds to load a fucking folder on my pretty fucking decent computer for no fucking reason. seriously... it was so much better around 2014 or whatever when it wasn't so bad. now as they say MS has to log info or whatever, and slows down my £1500 computer. what the fucking hell? :)

    • github.com/Sycnex/Windows10Debloater There's only one thing I don't understand about this Win10 Debloater thing. It says "it's best to be used BEFORE creating your user profile"... How do I do that? How do I boot into Win10 without having an "user profile"? Do I have to reinstall it again? Does this script run in Safe Mode too?

  • What an utter waste of time.

  • Do drivers work corect on it?

  • From a distance your Desktop background looks like Bill Clinton.

  • The real question is: is this a version of win10 that actually runs on a dual core cpu, 4gb of ram and... dare I say it... a mechanical HDD????

  • trying to sell male grooming products while sporting a beard #irony

  • Can’t lie windows mail is like the only built in app I use 😂

  • the segues to the sponsor... lol.

  • Been using this approach with trimmed down installs for old pc’s that shouldnt be able to run W10 so M$ say. 1gig P4 with 1 gb of ram runs well. Still managed to use the W10 start without Cortana. Gonna give this a try, as seems easier and has more config options.

    • github.com/Sycnex/Windows10Debloater I found, this Win10 Debloater thing but it says "it's best used BEFORE creating your user profile"... How do I do that? How do I boot into Win10 without having an "user profile"? Does it mean I have to reinstall Win10 again? How do I avoid an user being created at the install?

  • Just install and use "Everything" to do searches