We made the perfect couples PC!

Datum objavljivanja: 10. Ruj 2020.
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With a sweet custom paint job from Edzel on the P600s, and some tag team work between Jake and Linus to get Unraid running. We were able to throw together a one of a kind PC AND saved some money by building a single computer for two using virtualization and the SK hynix Gold P31 SSD!
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/PgGWp
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  • Next time, use proper terminology LINUS

  • Yumemi Riamu pc

  • Does anyone know what software they were using on the Laptop to monitor the machine?

  • simp

  • Would really love to see a proper Ryzen (5000?) follow-up. As that's what I'm planning to do with my GF. Though, no hurry, I mean. it will be a few more months before one could even get the parts :)

  • 4:12 I just saw a video where someone blurred out numbers on the CPU now they're blurring out numbers on the drives what is this about?

  • i actually need to do this with my sister coz she needs a pc so is there a paper for this that I can follow from

  • Linus Couple Clips ;p

  • First time I've seen Ed in a minute. One of the goats at LMG

  • 12:10 Ed just turned into Yvonne

    • Have we ever seen Ed and Yvonne in the same frame? 🧐

  • And they never used it again and disassembled 10 minutes after.

  • Honestly the best way to honor both of their cultures would be to get a bunch of cheap parts from ali express to reflect his wife's asian culture and then get a maple syrup coloured case and a maple tree air freshener to honor the Canadian side😂😂

  • Couple goals af

  • is that his boyfriend?

  • go to 3:15 if you want a funny joke

  • Why am I here

  • I would like to see a more in depth build

  • She a filipina?

  • haha happen to see a build on another channel and I got this wave of dejavu. it was uploaded a few days ago hrwiki.info/plane/video/eJKPq7ynrod3mKQ

  • "version 6.9" Nice

  • 3:13 nice

  • *Built a PC for couple Them - *Our PC*

  • SK? As in the Korean conglomerate SK? Since when did they make PC parts?

  • And after years of watching you Linus, I cant believe you wouldn't put in the effort for team red man. Smh :(

    • Well if it doesn't work as well, in the end it's just a company and they don't care

  • Very echo in Linus ' audio

  • those m.2s are major garbage, went through 3 of them.

  • Linus paint tip

  • Whats with the echoing/ reverbation


  • no linus 6.9 isnt nice, its a perfectly good thing ruined by a period

  • 10:30 what he was doing?

  • 4:49 I have that exact same zotac gt 730 someone threw it away so I took it from there trash can XD

  • acyrlic, poly, enamel, nah pick one type of paint matey. thats also a compressor not a sprayer

  • AKA the bitwit PC

  • Does the anticheat ban you for stupid stuff because its in a virtual machine?

  • You know your whipped when a man can't own his own gaming pc ;)

  • What program does linus uses to track the usage of the cpu ?

  • 14:55 vs 15:00 someone switched the cpu fan to the other side of the cooler...

  • Was there a joke about that PC is perfectly marked for a divorce settlement?

  • I installed yt vanced and it has auto skip promotional ads skip so i don't have to watch his irritating ads

  • I wondering if this possible for someone to order built by a local group... or if Linus has more knowledge than local home town designers.

  • But what if you´re a gay couple? Do you spray the PC all blue? Or in RAINBOW?

  • All that work for 10 seconds of B roll of the paint job

  • Linus gender reveal: The RGB is going to reveal the gender of our new baby but first a word from our sponsor

  • Haha i want this for me and my bro

  • i wonder what linus does when he does the pcs

  • 10:29 what web site did he open?

  • He used to much pcie lanes with dual m.2s

  • The perfect couples PC is "one for you and one for me" cause you ain't touching my shit

  • is she filipino?

  • "Its a game so raid 0" while I cry if my save file got lost ! so I took extra measure to save on cloud

  • The thumbnail looks like you're revealing your nexts kid's gender.

  • who could possibly want a pink ltt water bottle.

  • I fell poor

  • The color scheme on that fan is hideous

  • The virgin couples PC vs. the chad xbox 360 splitscreen

  • Best part @ 12:21

  • Yay finally got to see Edzel on camera for once.

  • no one: me: gets a linus ad on a linus video

  • couples pc update, 5900x and dual rtx 3090's

  • i wished to had a normal pc 😔

  • Just wanna say WTF is couples PC ?

  • disgusting cpu cooler

  • linus doesnt even try to style his hair he just wakes up and records a video because thats clearly bed hair

  • what was at 10:27??

  • You expect gamers to have girlfriends lol

  • Unfortunately Windows reports Virtual machine: YES Which will prevent you from playing some games :(

  • >It's pretty hard wang Excuse me??? _enables CC_ *>It's pretty hard wearing* _Oh._

  • "Fall guys not particularly demanding" PS4: sweats as it shows 25fps

  • is this legal?

  • @Linus Tech Tips So just a quick question: What is the base system OS. Are you emulating 2 windows 10's via a virtual machine?I got a little confused.

  • I don't know why my siege onager would ever need a OC, but I'll keep this build in mind

  • Can the users turn on and off their own pcs independently?

  • please stop with your loud intros

  • Possible? yes. Wanted? no

  • ESD much?

  • This video is not for me... im lonely

  • In the thumbnail you look so happy.... but underneath is the pain..

  • Linus be making us feel broke and single in one video

  • But only 1 person can see the rgb in the pc

  • But if only 1 person wanted to play both vm's would still launch thus wasting a gpu and 4 cores

  • You should really do a video on unraid hdd replacement on a non hot swap setup and usb drive failure (e.g. dead usb drive) :-)

  • No matter how i look at it, Yvonne's just so adorable. Like the perfect wife you can't find anywhere else in the world. Linus' just too damn blessed.

  • Im not a techy and i thibk this is cool. I think that this would save a bit of money on case and motherboard which u could put towards a better gpu or something which would be nice.

  • Case gives me darling and the franxxx vibes

  • Thank you! I would love for you to do more tuts or just videos on Unraid.

  • did I put everything into the calculator wrong. I got 3413 not 2920

  • 15:30 my father said the same if someone had told him 5 years ago that someday something like corona would happen.

  • 10:30 what was that about??!!

  • Next video. We made the pefect divorce pc :o

  • play game with wife life good

  • What hypervisor are they using

  • I wonder what jake looked up

  • This channel has NAILED the screen ratio for the video. Perfectly fits my Note9.

  • Linus, can you make a Video about, how to setup up and build a Pc for 2 users... I would like to know which Hardware and Software i should need... I cant find any proper Tutorial about this topic! Thank you in advance !!!

  • 3:14 nice. Man of culture....

  • I'm buying the SK hynix SSD just for the Zelda rupee on the box

  • I run an unraid gaming machine. Ryzen 3900x, 32GB's ram, 24tb storage and growing. Really cool setup, i don't think i could go back to a bare metal desktop again. Its so good to just fire up extra VM's for testing software without changing anything on my main gaming vm all while serving media to the house 24/7 through plex and emby.

  • now all i need is a girlfriend :)

  • btrfs?