What Did We ACTUALLY Get? - $1500 PC Secret Shopper 2 Part 2

Datum objavljivanja: 12. Stu 2020.
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It's finally time again for PC Secret Shopper - where we document the entire experience of ordering a gaming system from your favorite PC system integrators. In this part, we find out exactly what we actually ordered!
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  • Packaging A-... Dude it came in a freakin crate! "Oh yeah, A+" 😂

    • 41st comment

    • 40th comment

    • 39th comment so none has to count again

    • @William Lin yeah i just realised i just recounted the entire thread lmaooo

    • @jojo p u meant 35th right

  • I bought my pc from best buy for $900 and it is better than most of these

  • Some guy got fall guys for "free", except Linus paid

  • my pc is so bad that its taking 1000 years to save pictures and crashes when i play other games than minecraft

  • Where is part 4?

  • Quit BANGING on the shit, and quit THROWING IT AROUND. You get this stuff for free and have no respect for it. Treat it like you EARNED the money for it. I have seen you do this with a lot of stuff that you review!!

  • Shoutouts to the Cowboy Bebop intro song, Tank, playing as background music. lol.

  • Does Linus drink at work

  • I finally found a video where beard Linus drops something. It happens at 31:32

  • I think if i had to buy these poverty spec's I'd just roll with a playstation+xbox combo lol

  • THAT DELL!!! There's a $1120 PC in there???????? What??? HOW?! When and where? I mean it looks like my first PC from 2002, it's disgusting. I wouldn't use it just because of how ugly it is, I'd be offended!

  • Wait so the white pc case has a solid front and “bad airflow” but the Origin pc case was “all perfect” and also has a solid front....how much did this Origin schill get paid huh 🤔

  • "I'm broken inside" was the funniest part of this video.

  • @Linus Tech Tips . maingear pc with 4x4gb ram sticks (1rank) - up to 10% faster then 2x8gb (1rank) sticks on ryzen systems-

  • I don't even have that dell specs rig fml.

  • "It Says challenger doesn't say winner" 😂

  • One day I'd be awesome to see Falcon Northwest make the list, don't see them very often... 😉

  • With the suits this feel like a much different channel lol It's Gentlemen Tech Tips

  • 111 111likes :D

  • so who won?

  • Did they get a skytech in this series?

  • I'd be happy with any of these computers

  • Aren't you working against yourself by using the AIO water cooler fan as an exhaust? Isn't the whole point to being fresh cooler air IN to cool the water before it returns to the CPU?

  • Oh my god... It's finally out... THE LINUS FACE PHONE CASE! (say that out loud)

  • 2020 gave us coronavirus and hot Linus, I have mixed feelings to say the least

  • Suited up enthusiasts dunking on corporate trash PCs

  • Please release the rest of the videos. Sheesh

  • 1:32 Holy shit old reference there

  • Next time can you throw in Ava direct

  • Drinking game: take a shot each time Linus drops anything.

  • That Dell is 100% just for IT guys to buy the manager because he needs "some pretty heavy hardware". That price and line item system is 100% what a Dell Rep would use for 1000's of PCs in a bulk order. I could get this through the Rep for 40% off most likely.

  • Added a 120mm AIO on top of that HP PC because the intel counter cooler would reach 90°C with that small intel cooler if it can be called a cooler.

  • Where is preformence tst

  • I just recently bought the EXACT same Hp Omen PC on sale for 1.300, really lovin it and the rtx 2070 super is more enough

  • Origins radiator was mounted up-side down.

  • Before I became a Builder 10 years ago, I used to buy from iBuypower. Nice to see the do well here(minus that sticker lol). They always seemed the least gouge-y.

  • Technically speaking, all of them came in a box made from wood...

  • 21:05 Linus the front panel has venting on both sides

  • My school has (6 of) that exact keyboard and mouse combo! (pretty good for general coding / schoolwork)

  • Glad to see cyberpower has been giving away the same 15 dollar keyboard for the last 5 years🤣

  • 17:35 *WATCHES ON A ASUS TUF GAMING FX504 (kinda stupid name lol)*

  • I wonder how many attempts were made to activate the fall guys xD

  • I just found out what LTT stands for. It stands for Linus Throw Tips.

  • The Red dragon brand peripherals aren’t really that bad - idk what happened to that Y key though..

  • 4 memory modules make sense if they only use single rank modules. because so you get dual rank.

  • I am surprised Linus missed the fact that the Origin PC watercooler was mounted upside down, it is going to be pumping air not water and the pump will die very fast like that not to mention it will make strange and annoying sounds while running (the portion of the pump that sits at the top of the cooling block mounted to the fan, that should sit at the BOTTOM of that block, not the top!!!) The way it is mounted now all it will be pumping is air, not water.

  • The one from hp is the same as my brothers

  • 1. Never buy a pre built 2. Build your own pc 3. Look for deals, my pc cost me 800 with a 5700xt and a ryzen 5 3600

  • Hey Linus and Co. Any chance you could do a build for KoolKingLogan? Kid loves gaming, is having a hard go of it and is a lil champion.

  • Imagine puting a radiator on a exhaust fan, you will fuck up the air circulation all the hot air goes to that fan and heats up the fan then the CPU got fucked up by that heat and also it kills the air circulation that means hot air is trapped inside it would also kill GPU as well who the fuck did that PC?

  • Props to the person who redeemed the Fall Guys code 😂

  • Cyberpower always use external WiFi cards

  • Jake: "OK I'll wear a secret agent suit, but only if I can have shorts"

  • 200$ on case 100$ on parts

  • Steam: Why are so many people entering the same code. Edit: Thanks for the likes :)

  • honestly i should start a bussines where i sell pcs where i customize how they want it and charge 200 bucks for me making it and shipping and installing windows

  • It's a shame that the compression makes it really hard to see the dents on the Cyberpower system. It's obvious there's a dent there but I'm almost certain it would look far worse in real life thanks to the compression blurring

  • why are you so gay

  • should really say $1500 Usd cause im spending close too $3000 Aud

  • oh linus your so cool not

  • See like, I googled Alienware and the first result on Dells website was an R11 with a i7 10700k, 2060, 16gb at 2933, and 512+1tb. The sales person would have to be completely out to lunch to not pick what their website delivered immediately.

  • Packaging A-... Dude it came in a freakin crate! "Oh yeah, A+" 😂

  • i hope you returned most of these when they were that garbage

  • I bet a lot of kids here tried the fall guys ultimate knockout code.

  • What's with the cowboy bebop music in the background during the ibuypower unboxing? You guys gonna get hit with a music claim or what?

  • I’m finally about to buy and build my first pc and dream pc and thx to you I know almost everything I need to know thank you so much

  • options for buying a pc - build it your self - build it your self - get it from redux PCs - build it your self

  • DELL where is 1TB sata disk?

  • That first computer... they paid 2 GRAND for a fucking 1660 (ti, whoopdiedoo) ????

  • Guys i found linus tech tips deleted video :OOOO hrwiki.info/plane/video/mLOwmdmbjqCNyII

  • CPU cooling radiator upside down

  • is there something wrong with a 2.5 SSD???

  • 1:58 I don't need anymore my 9-5 because of, *g r e a t e a s y p a y .c o m*

  • "I'm broken inside" *Linus meme face* 😂

  • Jakes the fkn best the banter between him and linus is like they are arguing siblings

  • loving the soundtrack

  • I think they should also evaluate foam as it is very contaminant, so to reduce trash generated.

  • Cyberpower puts a 10700k and 5700xt rather than a 3600 and 2070 lol....

  • FYI: The case on the Maingear PC is custom made by Lian Li for Maingear and its actually the Lancool One but with a different front panel and front panel inputs on the side instead of on top. www.tweaktown.com/reviews/9039/lian-li-lancool-one-digital-mid-tower-chassis-review/index.html

  • Wheres part 4?

  • Ibuypower...i paid and got no cable management cracked fans..my front intake fans was installed as exhaust...aio had air bubbles in the line and I payed for 3 extra fans got none..I had 3 spots open for fans too...not to mention my gpu didn't work and bios was out dated....thanks ibuypower. Will find out if they fix it in the next 3 weeks.also doubt they will add my fans they missed cause they didn't add it to the rma.

  • on the side of the front panel for the cyberpower gaming pc, there was a bunch of holes/slits for airflow

  • The suit is a good look

  • i have opened those Ibuypower, and the foam spray support exploded out of the bag and into the cpu cooler and made the computer a brick,

  • They be there hating on the pcs and me being over here with a acer nitro 5 gtx 1050 3gb and 8 gbs of ram and super crap cooling

  • @ 22:50 to be fair to CyberPower the 5700XT is keeping up with (if not beating out) 2070 Supers these days with just driver updates

  • Dell is still a thing ?

  • Manufactures take note with these, I work in IT and I'm not ordering anything for our business from the companies that failed hard here, I'm sure others will do that same

  • GQWD4-GLK9C-5GK7B fall guys

  • Hey Linus, I think you should start your own pre-built PC business. Thoughts?

  • *Linus:* Imma gesture with this RAM stick in my hand. *Linus' hand:* Imma throw it.

  • Time to remove the ear rings, you look like a pirate for last 20 years

  • 24:04 A 1000 Nm Dewalt XR Impact Driver for screws. Linus Overkill LVL 999 :-D

  • 31:30 linus drop tips

  • 31:32 Linus drop tips

  • Anyone noticed that tank is playing in the background?

  • Noot noot

  • ps the hp omen pc psu is tied to the motherboard so it cant be interchanged i have tried and it does not work the psu will not power on without a omen stock mobo

  • I was surprised building a PC a few weeks back how competitive prebuilt systems have become. Especially when dealing with RTX cards. You can’t build a high end PC for what some of these places sell them for.

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max is the REAL Apple Flagship - hrwiki.info/plane/video/e5uTldKxgZ-LmaQ