Xbox Series X vs Series S

Datum objavljivanja: 15. Stu 2020.
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Xbox Series X and Series S have a few key differences in GPU processing power (TFLOPS), storage, and RAM- but how do these differences manifest in-game? We do some side by side comparisons using Assassin's Creed Valhalla to find out, and we're using the LG OLED CX48 TV as the display since it's a 4K OLED TV giving amazing picture quality and HDMI 2.1 for ultra-fast refresh rates. It's the perfect TV for console gaming! You can purchase it here:
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  • I wish there were more actual next gen games for a better comparison doom isn't a good example

  • so more expensive console looks better? unbelievable

  • did he make sure system settings on both consoles are the same?

  • This next gen is so underwhelming. I swear my pc is still better than both ps5 and series x

  • I’m disappointed in Microsoft with the series s because it’s going to hold games back until the next generation because the developers will be hard pressed to optimize games for it also PlayStation may have an advantage with exclusive games because the developers will not have to develop for a low in power console so they will be able to do what they want

  • I will be wait for ps5 slim

  • Glad MS came out with the XBSS cause my younger kids don't notice that stuff and no TV upgrades 👍 For me well got to keep MAMA Santa Very,Very HAPPY LOL

  • The Sony approach was better and less confusing. I wonder how many kids will ask for the new xbox for Christmas and get the shitty version.

  • massive criticism in the series s , I don't blame Linus though, i could see it the second you started the game

  • I'm more impressed by the LG panel than by either XBox variant.

  • Series S should have been a 1080p@60 deal tbh.

  • So here’s a good question. I’ve had a 360 for awhile. As you can imagine, I’m a few systems behind (this happens when you become a dad two fold) and haven’t played my 360 in probably a year. I have a ton of game discs for my 360. Could I get away with an Xbox one with the disc system, or what do you suggest? I’m not geeked out in the way where I need the best picture in the world. My favorite game is Gears, and I actually miss playing Gears and a few other games like Dead Space, etc. Suggestions?

  • My concern with the existence of the Series S with the scenario that developers at least first party are probably required to make games run on it, which may hurt developers ability to push the series X to it's limit; A lot of developers have expressed concerns. Best case scenario would be reducing polygon/textures for art, but this might cause some rework from artists...more dev $$/time. Worst case if the extra ram,speed,etc is used to drive a feature with AI, asset streaming,etc it could just be cut all together.

  • Does anybody else think he sounds like Fred but older and less annoying 🤔.

  • Nice video!

  • I'm watching this whilst still gaming on my PS2 XD

  • Please make mini ITX build in case of Series X... :D

  • Fk, I bought the tv instead

  • I can't believe he didn't try hooking it up to an 8k TV. He's like one of the only people currently capable of it and he didn't try it smh.

    • What will that prove? that neither console supports that resolution and looks like crap? We know this already.

  • This was a pretty uninformed comparison. The Series S is running One S games, which is why DOOM Eternal looked so bad. Series S for some reason doesn't use the X Enhancements of any games. The game could potentially be patched, especially since Microsoft just bought Bethesda. Anyway, this video was poor, and seemed more like an ad for the TV than a well thought out review of these two consoles.

  • Is this a TV ad?

  • Here’s a list of all the consoles I have ever bought. 1998: Nintendo 64 1999: Dreamcast 2000: PlayStation 2 2001: Xbox 2006: Xbox 360 2007: PC Core 2 Duo 2010: PC Core 2 Quad 2015: PC i5 2019: PlayStation 4 2020: Xbox Series S (probably) 2021: PC i9 (probably)

  • Fuck the console bruh gimme this tv

  • Wait, it takes 20 seconds to boot up? And 1 minute to start playing? 😝

  • he said one s and one x ive been lied to

  • Noot noot

  • Xbox X vs Ps5

  • so i’m getting the series s because all my friends use xbox but i use playstation so i’m keeping my ps4 and getting the s as it’s cheaper to play non crossplay games with them :)

  • love this TV

  • This was the video I needed to make my decision. Series X it is.

  • 0:52 Was drooling until I saw the TV price. No thx LG.

  • I may not like your voice but the concept of review is perfect. Perfect!

  • I like the tv more 😂

  • TV ad

  • I'm looking for a monitor for a series x. What do you think would be best. Looking for 4k 144hz

  • Series S 🤩

  • Getting an X when they come in stock on a regular basis. I knew the stock would be super scarce after seeing what happened to toilet paper and hand sanitizer earlier this year.

  • To me the selling point of the X is the disc drive cause I can care less about graphics

  • I could care less about graphics I don't notice the difference. Especially because most TVs don't even support the extra graphics.

  • I just knew he was going to say 'Go for this puppy"

  • Welcome to 2020 where customer service and technical support is nonexistent from Microsoft and returning a defective console is impossible due to stock of replacement consoles being at ZERO. I never planned on transitioning to PC, but because of these issues, I now own a $3500 custom gaming PC and am never looking back. Congratulations Microsoft! You’re reverse psychology has lost your shareholder’s money. How sad these Publicly traded corporations have become.

  • Want to donate one of your Series X consoles to a good cause?

  • Or you could stop being a savage and play on pc where top tier hardware makes these issues disappear....

  • I would say, stick to your current console till you are fully able to buy series X without hurting your wallet.

  • Valhalla is a shit game to compare, poorly optimized you should see maxed out pc struggling to play this game.

  • My xbox one x looks amazing. No need to upgrade at all for a long time.

  • PC2

  • Bigger is better simple...

  • Doesnt the LG CX have VRR issues? idk if its perfect for next gen

  • Is loading a game in a minute rly something that's considered fast ? o.O

    • Assassin's Creed Valhalla is one of the slower games he could have tested. It's not really much of a showcase for load times.

    • @Trashloot In this case, yes. Xbox and PS was very slow in the past, but thanks to the space tech they just researched (SSD) they are blazing fast now. ^^ Well, better later than never I guess. :-D

    • @nupagagyi Switch loads pretty fast (never stopped time) and Snes loads instant. I just don't have an xbox one / PS4 right now and the last time i played on Xbox 360 was ages ago. So yeah compared to the two consoles i currently play on one minute does not seem that impressive. (yeah i have a pc as well but that's no comparison)

    • On a console? Yes. Remember, those things had only HDD in the past. So yes, 1 minute load time is considered fast on a console. I love that the PC guy comment a video about consoles, but don't know dog shit about them, or just want to show off. "Oh, 1 minute load time fast? I'm using SSD since the second world war, 1 minute is nothing. I'm beast, you are horse shit"...

  • I’m more of a fan of ps5 nice tv just sucks no one can get either consoles without paying twice as much because of all the bots and people price gouging

  • can u play next gen games on the s

  • Hair on your neck Linus, please get that trimmed. That is all I could see in the video.

  • Can you play the xbox one s series on and 15 year old 1080p tv

  • too bad they are purposely withholding stock , there is no point of watching these videos cause your not getting a hold of them anytime soon

  • Still cant believe on these tech reviews nobody mentions that the series s is only downloading the lower res packages. Which is a lot less memory than the 4k res packages. Hints the smaller SSD.

  • What about testing the ray tracing?

  • LTT D2!!!!!

  • Did he really just say one x and one s 🤦‍♂️

  • “This look likes dog crap” me with a 720p tv

  • I just nabbed an S because I need some exclusives on there, and I don't like physical much anymore. I'm a PS guy so still need my PS5

  • I mean the TVs nice 👍

  • How does both compare using same resolution? let's say 1440p gaming monitor, is there a difference in loading time, rendering, etc ?

  • Series S = cancer

  • Games play best on PS5

  • The only reason the image quality is so different on the series s compared to the x on doom is because the series s is running on the one s version of the game and the series x is running on one x version of the game. this will change when id software release the optimization patch on next gen consoles for the game. Many other backwards compatible games are getting optimization patches as well.

  • Glad that the days of jet engine sounding consoles are gone

  • Anyone tell you that you look like Sean Harris

  • Yeah, I'm getting PS5.

  • Linus the only real reviewer I listen to since he hates consoles in compared to our glorious PC master race lol.

  • I went to fucking 7 stores looking for the series x last night and nothing 😭

  • One big problem with this video is at Linus compares a next gen optimised version (Assassin's Creed) against a non-optimised version (Doom). So when it comes to Doom, the Xbox Series S is using the Xbox One S version of the game. It's completely unfair to put down the XSS over a past gen issue.

  • felt proud watching this on my lg monitor :) ... also, pls can i have that desk Linus....

  • the xbox series s has more beauty than the xbox series x

  • Where is the PC secret shopper 2 part 4 video? I wanna see more sarah!

  • the stupidest thing I can think of is to test these on the same 4k tv.... I'm a playstation guy but I play on a 1440p monitor and it seems like the series S is the only next gen console to natively support that, that's why I'm in interested in it.

  • Ray tracing in gta caught me off guard. Had no idea that game could look so good.

  • I've been thinking to buy xbox series s as i'm a bit on a budget but I feel its not bad after all

  • Good video

  • Can anyone confirm that what Linus said about changing to VRR in ANY picture mode makes it just as low latency as GAME MODE? I'm getting this TV in the next two weeks and am just trying do a bunch of research before getting it. I have been searching for a while and can't seem to find any information on this.

  • The tv is a bloody sheet of paper

  • honestly, the reduced storage capacity and no optical drive makes the series S a non-option for a lot of people, more so than the reduced performance. if they release an optical drive addon for the series S, I think it would be a lot more popular.

  • People keep saying that xbox has no games (which is very true atm) but like do you guys consider that making games takes time ?? Microsoft bought a TON of new studios in the last years and they take a loooong time to make , Ghost of tsushima took 6 YEARS to make , don't expect amazing new titles for xbox for at least a year , I 100 % agree they barely have anything right now but LONG TERM wise , im sure they're gonna come out with bangers .

  • This should've been upload in 60 fps

  • series S is a rip off. Its a last gen system, but actually WEAKER than a one x. LOL. Whoever bought it is dumb.

  • Both next gen consoles seem released too early without having any good new games

  • LG sponsoring in a video where they're not the discussion point, but also get to flex their product is kind of genius.

  • when is the series x vs ps5 video coming tho

  • compare them in a 1080P TV and you will not notice difference. xl Better choice is Series S, with Series X you will need a new TV xl

  • Or upgrade to a digital edition ps5 and smoke the shit out of series S for only $100 in every category. Better cpu, better gpu, better and more ram, more storage, in time more storage expansion options, better controller. But if you're an xbox only xsx is the better deal. Xss you will have buyers remorse. Your current tv may be fine but what if you get a new one? Well now your sol. Your storage is a huge issue in more ways than you realize. As quick resume has less storage set off to the side means you can only quick resume a couple or so games vs xsx which is around 6+.

  • The real question is why would I buy a Xbox if I already have a gaming PC? All the games being released on the X will be on PC

  • cold booting to a Goldeneye level on N64 was like 20-25 seconds

  • what do you guys think about this: Mainboard Gigabyte b450 aorus elite 1x 82,40 CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600 1x 189,99 Ram G.Skll Aegis DIMM Kit 16GB DDR4 1x 51,70 GPU Gigabyte Radeon RX 5500 xt oc 8G 1x 199,80 Case Sharkoon RGB LIT 100 1x 56,80 PSU Corsair CX650 650W ATX 2.4 1x 74,71 for an midrange pc?

  • Mario and luigi

  • Finally a great segway into your sponsor (LG) 😂

  • Does anyone ever have thoughts about which one of these tech reviewers is an athlete? Surely one of these nerds is an absolute beast of an athlete but we just don't know it.

  • I guess one doesn't need to shave or get oil out of their hair once they hit the X million of subscribers mark. Keep it up.

  • Doom Eternal isn't patched for X/S, the Series X version is the One X version, while the Series S version is the One S version.

  • @Linus HELP! There is NO 1440P@120HZ the series S 100% an Xbox issue, NOT a monitor issue! Just tested this fully with my brand new Xbox Series S... I will show you my PC running 120hz @ 1440p over an 8k HDMI cable... THEN, when i plug my Xbox Series S into it, it'll ONLY let me do 1080 @ 120hz OR 1440 @ 60hz! Need a patch asap HRwiki proof here:

    • @BlazinNSoul totally, BUT, the @Xbox Series S DOES support it... It's the consoles BIGGEST selling point!

    • PS5 doesn't support 1440P either. I bit of an oversight I think. But should be easy enough to implement I would think. 🤔

    • Acer ED273UR

  • Never purchasing any hardware with AMD guts inside!!!